After the last eBay’s update about the new eBay’s returns policy and defects rate policy,
eBay has released the early seller’s update of 2019 this March. Here is a list of the new features that we can find from now on:

  1. Send offers to buyers
  2. Edit your active listings directly in Seller Hub
  3. Download an Orders Report directly in Seller Hub as well
  4. The listing duration for all fixed-price listings will be Good ‘Til Cancelled from now on
  5. Provide item specifics to list items without the eBay catalog
  6. Automatic updates of “New other” condition listings
  7. Terapeak subscription is now available on eBay
  8. State sales tax requirement update

All of these new features are very important for our stores, but the one that will really help us with our sales, is the first one, the option to “Send offers to Buyers”.

Make sure you end your Good Til Cancelled listings automatically and don’t overpay for their relisting

“Send Offer to buyers” and why it’s good for your eBay dropshipping business

This feature has already been applied since March and exists in Seller Hub. What it does, is opening the option for some of your listings, to send an offer to its watchers which could turn them into potential buyers. This feature can really improve your listings’ visibility, something that can significantly increase your sales, and make your eBay dropshipping business even more profitable.

How can this feature improve our listings’ visibility? It’s simple.

If you have a listing that has watchers but doesn’t have a good selling rate, you can send an offer to its watchers, which is lower than the price you sell it for. This may convert some of your watchers to buyers, even if it lowers your profits, but it will improve the ranking of the listing.

How the “Send offer to buyers” work?

You can find this option in your eBay account’s Seller Hub, under the active listings. Here is how it appears:

You will need to simply click the option “Offer to buyers” and this will show you the listings that are eligible to send offers.



Once you select the listing that you want to send an offer for, you will be taken to this screen :



Here you select the offer price and the number of items you want to give the offer for and send it. The potential buyers are notified that the offer applies to a limited quantity and that more people can also buy this offer so they will need to hurry. The offer expires in 48 hours.


Pro tip!

Be aware that sometimes you can’t send offers for some of the watchers, or for some of the products.

What can we do in these cases?

There is one small trick and all you need to do is to take this link:

And replace the ITEMID with the item id that you want to send the offer for.
And… BOOM, it will send you to the send offer page 😉

For more information on how to work with this feature you can watch our video:


Till now, this is one of the most useful updates that eBay has released. It can really help to increase your sales for your items, which will skyrocket your eBay dropshipping business. Make sure to use AutoDS dropshipping tool which will help you manage your sales with all its automation and other unique features, that will save you a huge load of time.


So how did this eBay update affect your eBay dropshipping business? Comment down below if you have used this extremely useful feature, and let us know how it worked for you. If you have more suggestions on what you’d like us to write about, write it in the comments 🙂