In the last years, online sales have increased immensely, driving the overall growth of the US eCommerce market. According to Digital Commerce 360, eCommerce in the US grew by 3.8% in 2023. This demonstrates the overall increase in demand for online retail shopping and an increase in profit margins for dropshippers. That said, we must ensure we work with the best US dropshipping suppliers.

Best US Dropshipping Suppliers Key Takeaways

Online sales have increased immensely, driving the overall growth of the US eCommerce market.

Sourcing from the best dropshipping suppliers is essential for the success of our dropshipping business.

When working with US dropshipping suppliers, we can benefit from higher quality products and faster shipping.

Choosing the best suppliers depends on dropshipping niches you want to sell in, product variety and quality, shipping times, and customer service.

AliExpress, Walmart, Target, and eBay are some of the best US dropshipping suppliers. Similarly, Etsy, Sam’s Club, Pure Formulas, and Shein are also notable dropshipping companies.

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In this article, we will overview the 25+ best US dropshipping suppliers to work with for our dropshipping venture.

The 25+ Best USA Dropshipping Suppliers

While many dropshippers opt-in to work with Chinese suppliers due to their low pricing, there are other important factors to consider when choosing a supplier for the US market. Such as higher quality products and faster shipping, both of which are often included when working with US dropshipping suppliers.

Please note that while not all listed suppliers are US-based companies, they all have warehouses in the US. This ensures excellent shipping times and practical returns.

Now, with that said, let’s learn about the best USA dropshipping suppliers that will prompt loyal customers along with higher profit margins that we can start working with today:

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Let’s look at them individually.

1. Walmart

Walmart best dropshipping suppliers

If you’re selling to the US market, then you can’t go wrong with choosing Walmart as your dropshipping supplier, especially if your store sells classic American goods.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of products
  • Affordable prices
  • Special discounts and deals
  • Next-day delivery
  • Excellent customer service

Walmart is known for discounts, great prices, and overall deals, but if this isn’t enough for us, they will also price match products to ensure we’re optimizing our profits. All we need to do is notify Walmart’s customer service that the price dropped after our purchase, and they will send us a refund for the difference.

Furthermore, with a vast selection of products, not only can we offer a wide range to our customers, but we can also guarantee them next-day delivery.

However, there’s a lack of payment options. For instance, we’re limited to the standard payment methods with no PayPal payment option.

2. AliExpress

Based in China but with warehouses in the US, AliExpress is a large online retail platform offering various product categories for dropshippers. Dropshipping from AliExpress means we aren’t restricted to any specific niche.

Additionally, we can change the “Ship To” option to the United States in the top right corner. Then, we can run a search for any product or niche.

Also, on the top, we can change the “Ship from” option to the US. Now we can see all the products that ship from and to the US. We can do the same from the AliExpress Dropshipping Center to help with our product research.

Key Features:

  • Large product catalog
  • Low-cost pricing
  • Worldwide shippingaliexpress
  • Dropship Center

With an unlimited product range, we have a world of opportunities when selecting which products to sell through our dropshipping store. Not to mention the low cost and domestic warehouses, which allows us to offer fast shipping to our US customers.

On the other hand, low cost often comes with lower product quality, so we must check the product reviews diligently. And although there is fast shipping, there are no bundle options meaning products are shipped separately.

Lastly, the customer support is not up to par with other suppliers as there can be language barriers considering their main location is China.

However, we should read the reviews to ensure we pick one of the more reliable sellers on AliExpress as one of our US dropshipping suppliers.

3. Banggood

Banggood best dropshipping suppliers

Similar to AliExpress, Banggood is a China-based supplier with US warehouses. And just as with AliExpress, we can change the Ship-To/From option to the USA when searching for products. With low pricing and various product categories, Banggood is another great  US dropshipping supplier.

Key Features:

  • Diverse niches
  • Competitive pricing
  • Local warehouses
  • Fast shipping 
  • Dropshipping perks

As we now know, with domestic warehouses we gain a competitive advantage by offering our customers fast delivery. Moreover, Banggood is dropshipping-friendly, demonstrated through their dropship center, where we can access product recommendations, cashback, images without watermarks, etc.

Additionally, this supplier offers dropshippers special programs, including professional product videos to optimize from, affiliate programs, coupons, and a “Refer a Friend” incentive.

At the same time, Banggood’s warranty policy is flawed as it often doesn’t cover basic electronic parts on certain products. Their return policy is also somewhat complicated, and there are no free returns.

Lastly, their repair process for faulty items can take much longer than other suppliers. However, the pros certainly outweigh the cons making Banggood one of the more reliable US dropshipping suppliers.

4. CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping best dropshipping companies

Designed by dropshippers for dropshippers, CJDropshipping is an optimal supplier for us. With 8 global warehouses, including ones in the US, dropshipping from CJDropshipping is quick and reliable.

Key Features:

  • Multiple domestic warehouses
  • Product sourcing 
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Print-on-demand products
  • Private labeling

One of the unique things about CJDropshipping is their product sourcing solution which allows you to put in product requests if they don’t have what you’re looking for. Along with this, CJDropshipping performs quality control for each item before they’re shipped out, ensuring our customers’ best possible quality products.

And if you thought it couldn’t get more personalized, well, brace yourself because they also offer a print-on-demand solution, allowing you to customize certain products. And why stop there? With their white label branding options, we can package our products with our store logos, increasing our brand awareness while scaling our business to new heights.

However, their user interface can be overwhelming and less user-friendly than other suppliers. This is why we recommend checking out the CJDropshipping full overview and learning how to work with this supplier. Also, even with USA warehouses, CJDropshipping has very limited shipping carriers, which can cause concern when promising quick delivery times to our customers.

5. The Home Depot

The Home Depot best dropshipping suppliers

Now, let’s learn about a niche supplier, Home Depot, where we can find home improvement products. Located in the US, the platform offers construction tools, essential home improvement products, and home-related services.

Key Features:

  • Home improvement tools 
  • Local distribution centers
  • Two-day shipping & free shipping 
  • Price match policy
  • Exceptional customer service

With over 90 distribution centers and 2,000 physical stores, Home Depot has a massive network of warehouses to enable fast shipping in the US. Hence, they offer a 2-day shipping option for over one million products available. Additionally, they have free delivery for orders over $45.

Furthermore, Home Depot gives us a partial refund if we find an exact item elsewhere at a lesser price. Overall, Home Depot has remarkable customer service, competitive prices, convenient shipping, and high-quality products.

6. Etsy

Etsy dropshipping suppliers

If we are looking for handmade, vintage, and crafted items to dropship, Etsy is one of the best in the business. This American e-commerce platform offers various product categories, such as home decor, furniture, jewelry, bags, clothing, toys, and more.

Key Features:

  • Custom-made and vintage products
  • Extensive product catalog 
  • High-profit margins
  • Free and fast shipping

With Etsy as our supplier, we have access to an extensive product selection of unique products, specialized crafts, and handmade commodities. The uniqueness of these products pulls a distinct audience, allowing us to gain a competitive edge against other sellers.

Also, specially-made products can give us high-profit margins because they are impossible to find just anywhere. Furthermore, Etsy offers quick delivery within 1-3 business days for domestic shipping, and most Etsy sellers provide free shipping.

7. eBay

eBay top dropshipping suppliers

We can never go wrong with dropshipping from one of the pioneers of eCommerce. And eBay is a pioneering platform that promotes consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer commerce through its website.

Key Features:

  • Worldwide warehouses
  • Fast shipping times
  • Enormous selection of products
  • Amazing customer service
  • Buyer/Seller protection

With millions of products in many different categories, there’s always something to find on eBay. Furthermore, eBay enforces its sellers to be highly customer-oriented and provides both buyer and seller protection, so we’ll always get what we order on time.

Also, it’s easy to spy on the competition and see what’s trending on eBay. By simply searching for a product/niche, we can see how many sellers are selling it and how many sales they make.

On the downside, eBay is an open marketplace. Meaning there are thousands of sellers with different shipping/return policies. Since the competition is so big, finding trending products from eBay to dropship is more challenging. Nonetheless, due to its massive product catalog, eBay is a top US dropshipping supplier.

8. Costco

Costco best dropshipping suppliers

Utilizing an exceptional business model, Costco is an American multinational company well-known for offering a unique membership club. Unlike other platforms, its revenue and profit come from monthly membership fees, not product sales.

Key Features:

  • A diverse selection of products
  • Low-cost products
  • Wholesale suppliers
  • Fast and reliable shipping
  • Strong customer support

As one of the largest wholesale suppliers, Costco provides a diverse selection of products. Also, it provides tons of discounts and perks. Furthermore, Costco offers reasonable prices and good deals in its online stores.

Finally, the shipment of products is fast and reliable, and it also takes 3-5 days for delivery which attracts customers to keep coming back. Dependable customer support also distinguishes Costco from the rest, especially when dealing with tracking, cancellation, and return issues.

9. Wayfair

Wayfair dropshipping suppliers

Created by a group of dropshippers, Wayfair is a dropshipping-friendly supplier that highlights the home niche. It offers all possible products that a home needs, ranging from furniture, appliances, décors, and even more.

Key Features:

  • Massive product variety
  • Dropshipping perks
  • MYWAY program
  • Two-day shipping
  • Diverse payment options

With over 14 million items, Wayfair has a massive selection of exclusive products. Additionally, Wayfair offers dropshipping perks such as free shipping, the MYWAY Program, and cashback offers.

Under the MYWAY Program, we can enjoy free shipping for all on-site products and one-day shipping for multiple products. On top of that, Wayfair has a 2-day shipping option without any additional payment for orders over $49.

10. Overstock

Overstock best dropshipping suppliers

Specializing in the home niche, Overstock is an American online retail company. However, as one of the 10 largest retailers, Overstock’s product variety also includes clothing, jewelry, and bath products.

Key Features:

  • Club 0 Program
  • Free shipping
  • Quick shipping 
  • Flexible return policy
  • Outstanding customer support

First and foremost, Overstock has the Club 0 Program, which provides the fairest price on the market. Additionally, it also offers 5% cashback on any purchase. Also, most of the products on this platform include free shipping.

Besides that, customers can receive their orders after 1-2 days through major mail carriers, eliminating expensive shipping costs. Furthermore, this dropshipping supplier also has a 30-day return policy that our customers can benefit from.

11. Lowe’s

lowe's best dropshipping suppliers

Another dropshipping supplier specializing in the home improvement niche is Lowe’s. Comparatively, it is the second biggest hardware chain in the USA.

Key Features:

  • Fast and efficient shipping 
  • Excellent customer service
  • Pro loyalty program
  • Business credit cards

Lowe’s has three shipping options on their site, all of which offer fast and efficient shipping options. Also, their exemplary customer service caters to customer concerns in the fastest and most convenient ways possible.

Furthermore, the platform provides the “My Lowe’s” loyalty program, from which dropshippers greatly benefit from. Aside from this, we can also acquire our very own Lowe’s credit card, which can give us as much as 5% daily discounts.

12. Target

target best dropshipping suppliers

As the 8th largest retailer in the US, Target is a great dropshipping supplier. Having around 2,000 stores in North America, Target manages 45 warehouses, so there is something for everyone at Target.

Key Features:

  • Multiple warehouses and distribution centers
  • High-quality products
  • 2-day shipping on orders above $35 
  • Target “Red Card”
  • Great return policy

As one of the major players in the dropshipping industry, Target offers tons of quality products from various niches. Additionally, Target provides a 2-day shipping option for orders above $35.

Also, with Target’s special program Target Red Card, cardholders can get free 2-day shipping without a minimum purchase. On top of this, we can receive a 5% discount on most purchases upon checkout. Also, they extend their excellent customer service by having a 90-day return period with full refund benefits.

13. Costway

Costway best dropshipping suppliers

Since its establishment, Costway has continued to be one of the vital dropshipping suppliers by providing premium products and competitive prices.

Key Features:

  • 8000+ products
  • Dropshipping program
  • Dropshipping Agreement
  • Multiple warehouses in the US and Europe
  • Good return policy

With over 8,000 items, Costway offers an extensive product selection from more than 10 categories. And it also offers free standard shipping on all items. Additionally, Costway has a dropshipping program with features like wholesale pricing, two-day shipping, and a three-month product warranty.

Furthermore, it offers 90 days for returns and refunds if items do not work for our customers. On top of that, Costway’s dropshipping agreement enables us to dropship branded products legally. Therefore, we can leverage well-known brands and offer high-quality products to increase our sales and profits.

14. Sam’s Club

Sam's club best dropshipping companies

Among warehouse clubs, Sam’s Club is the second-ranking dropshipping supplier in terms of sales volume. Owned by Walmart Inc, this American retail chain offers membership-only warehouse clubs.

Key Features:

  • Customer perks and rewards
  • 365-day return window
  • Fast and free shipping
  • Diverse choice of products

Being a Sam’s Plus member gives us access to lots of perks. For instance, dropshippers can enjoy free shipping on most products with no minimum purchase and a 2% cash reward

One main benefit of sourcing products from Sam’s Club is their 365-day return window. Hence, we can extend the same benefit to our customers, increasing our chances of sales.

15. VidaXL

VidaXL best dropshipping companies

VidaXL is a rapidly expanding international retail company composed of young and enthusiastic employees. The success of this dropshipping supplier revolves around the belief that things can always be better and cheaper because no one wants to pay too much for poor-quality products.

Key Features:

  • 90,000+ Products
  • Free shipping
  • Dropshipping XL program

Regarding product variety, VidaXL has an extensive catalog of more than 90,000 products. Also, their product range mainly includes hardware, sporting goods, and garden accessories. Also, the platform offers free delivery for most items. Besides, 24/7 deals and auctions are available on-site, enabling us to gain higher profits.

Furthermore, VidaXL has a “Dropshipping XL” program specially designed for dropshippers. With benefits like speedy shipping and translation for over 20 languages, these services allow us to operate our dropshipping business smoothly.

16. Gearbest

Gearbest dropshipping supplier

Another exceptional US dropshipping supplier on our list is Gearbest. This Chinese online platform lets us dropship electronic products with excellent customer service.

Key Features:

  • Electronic products niche
  • 46 warehouses worldwide
  • 3-day price protection

While Gearbest offers products from various categories, it specializes in electronic products and gadgets. Additionally, with 46 different warehouses, including in the US, Gearbest ensures that all the products ship within 1-2 business days.

Furthermore, Gearbest offers 72-hour price protection. Similar to the price matching policy, it ensures we get our products at competitive market rates.

17. Wish

Wish Dropshipping suppliers

As a popular mobile-friendly online marketplace, Wish is an American online e-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers. This dropshipping supplier utilizes browsing technologies to personalize each buyer’s shopping experience.

Key Features:

  • Vast product selection
  • Low prices
  • Express shipping 
  • Exclusive offers and gift cards

With around 1 million products, Wish has a great variety of items at affordable prices. Additionally, this US dropshipping supplier provides express shipping, which delivers orders quickly.

Furthermore, Wish incorporates exclusive offers such as the Wheel of Fortune-style game ‘Blitz Buy.’ This attribute uses a gamification feature to entitle buyers to extra discounts on chart-topping commodities.

18. RedbubbleRedbubble Best dropshipping companies

Next up, we have Redbubble, one of the print-on-demand dropshipping suppliers with warehouses in the USA. This global marketplace accepts user-submitted works of art, which we can use on products like t-shirts, mugs, and more.

Key Features:

  • Print-on-demand products
  • Huge art database
  • Global delivery options
  • Easy return policy

The main feature of Redbubble is the print-on-demand feature, which allows us to sell unique products. As such, products with prints on this site consist of shirts, hoodies, cushions, duvet covers, leggings, stickers, skirts, scarves, and more. Moreover, this dropshipping supplier offers a vast range of artwork from thousands of independent designers and artists.

Primarily, Redbubble is an Australian company. However, they have warehouses around the world, including the US. On top of that, their return policy offers free returns for all products.

19. LightInTheBox

LightInTheBox best dropshipping suppliers

Catering to online customers, LightInTheBox is an online retail organization. Today, it reaches about 200 regions, with warehouses in China, North America, and Europe.

Key Features:

  • Low-cost products
  • Large selection of products
  • Flexible payment
  • Reliable shipping

This dropshipping supplier offers low-cost lifestyle products ranging from electronics, apparel, home, garden, and more. With thousands of product listings, we can always find something to sell and profit from.

Also, it accepts PayPal and major credit cards as payment methods. In addition, LightInTheBox fulfills orders using popular shipping couriers such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx.

20. Pure Formulas

Pure Formulas best dropshipping suppliers

Offering health supplements, vitamins, and minerals, PURE Formulas is an online retail store for nutritional supplements. Its vast selection of products comes from a variety of manufacturers.

Key Features:

  • Health supplement niche
  • Affordable prices
  • Pure Rewards
  • Hassle-free returns

Essentially, Pure Formulas is prominent in the online health and supplement arena, offering GMP-certified quality items, including nutritional supplements and organic foods. Besides that, it offers beauty, sports, nutrition, and pet products.

Additionally, Pure Formulas, as a dropshipping supplier, presents vast options for every customer’s needs at competitive prices. Also, offers and rewards like “Pure Rewards” help us gain discounts and maximize our overall profit.

21. Kmart

Kmart dropshipping supplier

Established in 1899, Kmart is one of the biggest retail chains. Currently, they are present in many countries, such as the UK, Germany, the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Key Features:

  • Large catalog of products
  • 60-day returns

Since Kmart is one of the largest retail chains, it has a huge selection of products from multiple categories. Some of its product range includes furniture, fashion, home improvement, electronics, and more.

Furthermore, Kmart accepts returns for up to 60 days which we can extend to our customers. Therefore, we gain a competitive edge in the market as most US dropshipping suppliers limit return periods to 30 days.

22. DHGate

DHGate best dropshipping companies

Another leading e-commerce platform that provides direct access to wholesale products is DHGate. Due to its wholesale pricing and network of Chinese suppliers, dropshipping from DHGate means we can save money on large orders.

Key Features:

  • A massive network of warehouses
  • Large product variety
  • Affordable products

DHGate has a massive network of suppliers with 16 warehouses in the US, UK, Australia, Europe, and other regions. Hence, we can ship products to our customers within a few days. On top of that, it has over 20 million products from different categories, such as electronics, kitchen appliances, clothing, furniture, and more.

And like most Chinese suppliers, DHGate offers products at affordable costs. Therefore, we have plenty of room for profits. Overall, DHGate is a viable US dropshipping supplier.

23. Shein

Shein best dropshipping suppliers

Committed to making fashion inexpensive and accessible to all, SHEIN is a global fashion dropshipping supplier. Connecting us with reliable dropshipping suppliers, Shein offers us access to a variety of affordable products.

Key Features:

  • Local warehouses 
  • Massive range of fashion products 
  • Fast and low-cost shipping 
  • Easy return policy
  • Promotional offers and discounts

Shein specializes in the fashion niche and has fast shipping times. With US warehouses, we can instantly ship products to customers in the USA.

Furthermore, Shein has a flexible return policy that allows customer returns up to 60 business days. Finally, Shein offers plenty of promotional offers and special discounts we can offer our customers. Hence, it can help us achieve huge profits.

24. Printful

Printful is one of the most popular print-on-demand suppliers. Their product variety is among the largest of POD companies, with over 300 products waiting for your print ideas.

Printful also has powerful integrations, including major marketplaces like Shopify, eBay, Wix, WooCommerce, and even your personal store website.

Like other POD companies, Printful offers printing, order fulfillment, and shipping for your dropshipping store.

Key features:

  • Design maker
  • Printing options
  • No order minimums
  • Free to use
  • Integrations

Printful has two production facilities in the US and three in Europe, which ensures quality and reliability. Of course, it comes with higher product prices than alternatives. On the other hand, the platform is free to use.

With high-quality and fast shipping, Printful is among the top US dropshipping suppliers if you are into selling white-label products.

25. Amazon

Amazon best dropshipping suppliers

Last but not least, we have Amazon. As this company offers millions of products, thousands of sellers use Amazon as their US dropshipping supplier.

Key Features:

  • Massive product range
  • Amazon Best Seller section
  • Fast shipping
  • Reliable customer service

With over 100 million products available, we can offer our customers an endless product catalog. On top of that, dropshippers can analyze Amazon’s Best Seller section to find trending products that are selling well.

Furthermore, Amazon has reliable customer service that we can extend to our customers, including free 30-day returns and a convenient order report summary to help with our finances.

So, there we go! These 25+ best US dropshipping suppliers can help our eCommerce business grow instantly. With these suppliers at the helm, we don’t have to worry about what to sell in our stores.

What Selling Channel Should I Use When Working With US Dropshipping Suppliers?

Now that we know about the best US dropshipping suppliers, let’s learn what selling channels we can use. In general, there are two types of selling channels: eCommerce marketplaces and customizable eCommerce platforms.

To elaborate, eCommerce marketplaces are platforms where buyers and sellers connect. Additionally, we sell alongside other sellers, and these selling channels have readily available traffic, which can be beneficial.

On the other hand, customizable eCommerce platforms allow us to build a dropshipping website store from scratch. Here, we can add a custom user interface and design unique to our brand.

With that in mind, here are the six selling channels that we can utilize to sell our products from our US dropshipping suppliers:

While many selling channels are available in the market, these six are the best options. And the good news is that they all work flawlessly with AutoDS. To clarify, AutoDS is a dropshipping software that automates our daily operations, helping us remain more productive.

In essence, we can instantly connect the above-listed selling channels with AutoDS and start importing from the 25+ best US dropshipping companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are The Best USA Dropshipping Suppliers?

AliExpress, Walmart, Target, and eBay are some of the best USA dropshipping suppliers. Similarly, Etsy, Sam’s Club, Pure Formulas, and Shein are also notable dropshipping companies.

How Do I Know If A Dropshipping Supplier Is Good?

In general, we should go for US dropshipping suppliers with massive product variety, standard quality, and exceptional customer support. Also, look out for suppliers with plenty of positive reviews and flexible business policies.

Can I Work With Multiple USA Dropshipping Suppliers?

Absolutely, it is a huge advantage. When we work with multiple USA dropshipping suppliers, we can offer our customers a wide range of products. On the other hand, if a supplier faces supply chain issues, we can simply dropship products from another supplier.


Making it this far only shows that we are eager to select the best USA dropshipping suppliers for our business.

Now is the right time to choose the best supplier for our business. As such, we can start by importing products to our store and experimenting.

Undeniably, all the hard work will pay off when we finally find the right supplier and products for our business model. With testing and endurance, sales and profits will follow.

However, we should always continue learning as we go. With that said, here are some resources that will help us gain valuable dropshipping knowledge.