Interested in taking your dropshipping profits to a whole new level? Then get ready to learn about high ticket dropshipping.

Standard dropshipping is already one of the most lucrative eCommerce ventures worldwide. It allows us to sell a high volume of cheap products for a profit without the need for physical inventory. However, some sellers focus on selling high-ticket products which increases their profit margins subtantially.

To help us understand how to profit from selling high-priced products, we’ll soon explore the basics of High Ticket Dropshipping. Additionally, we’ll learn about the best niches and latest the tips that will help us maximize our earnings.

What is High Ticket Dropshipping?

High ticket dropshipping is an eCommerce business model centered on selling premium products for more than $100. Given that dropshipping profits margins work on a percentage basis, high ticket dropshipping can become a highly profitable venture, earning us a sizable profit on each item sold.

Like any dropshipping business, we don’t need to hold a physical inventory of products. Instead, we work with suppliers who process and ship customer orders on our behalf.

So what’s required of us in this process? All a high ticket dropshipper needs is a laptop and an internet connection. Then, they can set up an online store offering high-priced items for sale.

Here is how high-ticket dropshipping works:

  • Step 1: Shopper buys a desk for $150
  • Step 2: Dropshipper forwards the order to the supplier and pays $100
  • Step 3: Supplier packs and ships the desk to the customer
  • Step 4: Dropshipper gains a profit of $50 from the order

It’s as simple as that! And when we repeat this process enough, the sky is the limit.

High Ticket Dropshipping Pros and Cons

Now that we know how high ticket dropshipping works, let’s go over the benefits and drawbacks of this business model:


  • High-profit margins
  • Pricing flexibility
  • Less volume, more profits
  • Minimal need for customer support
  • High-quality products
  • Low competition


  • Less marketability
  • Requires huge availability of capital
  • Returns and refunds risks
  • Beginner difficulty

Benefits Of High Ticket Dropshipping

Dropshipping high ticket items can help us gain substantial profits on every sale that we make.     

For instance, say you find an air conditioner on your supplier’s website for $260 and decide to dropship it at a 10% mark up. You’ll end up selling it for $286 and gaining an extra $26 on each unit sale.

Moreover, high ticket dropshipping requires only a low sales volume to start gaining high profits. It is because each sale results in considerable profit.

Furthermore, high-ticket dropshipping saves us the hassle of dealing with multiple customer service issues. That’s because we’re selling premium products that lower the chance of problems arising. What’s more, high ticket dropshippers deal with, on average, fewer customers than standard dropshippers.

Finally, there is low market competition when selling expensive items. It is because most dropshippers prefer to work with low or medium-ticket dropshipping products.

Drawbacks Of High Ticket Dropshipping

After knowing the benefits of high ticket dropshipping, we’ll now proceed to the drawbacks of this eCommerce venture.

For one, high ticket dropshipping requires us to secure substantial capital since our business involves expensive products. Also, we’ll need to have enough funds available to pay out refunds on returns.

In addition, we must set aside a higher marketing budget to entice more customers to buy premium items. It is because the more expensive a product, the harder it is to sell it in the market.

Finally, high ticket dropshipping is challenging for beginners, as it has a steeper learning curve. You have to know the right products to sell, how to market them effectively, and more.

The Verdict

High ticket dropshipping entails higher risks because it requires a considerable amount of money to start. On the other hand, it results in high profits with relatively few sales. 

High Ticket vs. Low Ticket Dropshipping – Which Is Better?

Since both high ticket and low ticket dropshipping have advantages and disadvantages, choosing a suitable business model may seem tricky.

However, the best idea is to focus on a combined approach of high ticket and low ticket dropshipping. That way, we’ll make higher profits from our high ticket products while simultaneously keeping a steady flow of sales from the low ticket items.

High ticket dropshipping alone does have its benefits. It enables us to offer more expensive items that increase profits even with fewer sales.

Additionally, with high ticket dropshipping there is minimal competition in the market since fewer sellers venture into this eCommerce scene. However, it is difficult to maintain reliable flow of orders.

In contrast, low ticket dropshipping involves selling more affordable products, making it easy to get sales but challenging to achieve high profits.

Additionally, because of the presence of several sellers, there is more competition in the low ticket dropshipping market.

Therefore, the way to go is to have the best of both worlds: offer a mix of high ticket products and low-ticket items in our online stores to maximize profits.

The Basics Of High Ticket Dropshipping

Conviced of the great value high ticket dropshipping offers? Great! Now it’s time to discuss the basics of how to operate such a buisness with the best possible outcomes.

When venturing into high ticket dropshipping, we have to remember the following guidelines:

  • Sell products from evergreen niches
  • Focus on high-quality products with good reviews
  • Work with reliable dropshipping suppliers
  • Use fast shipping methods

Sell Products From Evergreen Niche

To achieve a constant sales flow, we need to find high ticket items in demand year-round. Also called evergreen, picking out such products ensures that our store does not depend on the ebbs and flows of the seasons. For example, in warmer climates, a t-shirt can be worn at any time of the year, while adding a sweater is a must only during winter.

Focus On High-quality Products With Good Reviews

Once we have determined which high ticket categories are evergreen, our next step is to find top-quality products from our chosen niche.

We need to check customer reviews before adding expensive products to our stores. Remember that people who buy expensive products want to get the best out of their purchases. So, to justify the high prices of products that we sell, we need to choose only the best items on the market.

Work With Reliable Dropshipping Suppliers

To ensure high-quality evergreen products and excellent client support, we need to work with reliable suppliers. The quality of products and services that we get from our suppliers determines what we can deliver to our customers. It makes it all the more critical that we pick out only the most reliable suppliers to maintain a good reputation.

Moreover, working with dependable suppliers also enables flawless order fulfillment, with fewer delays in shipping. As a rule, dropshippers have minimal control over the order fulfillment process. Therefore, we must choose reliable suppliers that can complete this process for us reliably.

Use Fast Shipping Methods

Lastly, the shipping time of customers’ orders is vital to the success of our business. Buyers who spend more on high ticket items don’t want to wait too long for their orders. By delivering packages in the fastest time possible, customers feel that their significant investment is worthwhile.

Top 10 Product Niches For High Ticket Dropshipping

Since we just discussed the importance of selecting the best items for our high ticket dropshipping store, let’s now look at some practical examples.

Here are ten of the best high ticket dropshipping product niches on the market:

1. Furniture
2. Projectors
3. Surveillance DVR Kits
4. Electric Fireplaces
5. Telescopes
6. Electric Bikes & Scooters
7. Trampolines
8. Inflatable Play Centers
9.  Graphics Drawing Tablets
10. Power Station Backup Batteries

Let’s discuss each niche, starting from the top.

1. Furniture

The first high ticket category on our list is furniture.

Sets of furniture are movable equipment that every home or any establishment uses daily. Since the demand for furniture is constant all year round, they are good high ticket products to dropship.

The furniture niche includes couches, tables & chairs, massage chairs, cabinets & dressers, desks, and a lot more. When dropshipping these product ideas, make sure to sell only the most durable and best-crafted ones.

In addition, offer furniture made from various materials, such as wood, plastic, metals, and more. Also, sell sets of furniture that every home needs at reasonable rates.

Product img
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 2-3 days


2. Projectors

Next on our top high ticket dropshipping categories is projectors.

Projectors are optical devices that project images on screens, walls, or flat surfaces. This technology is used in offices and schools during presentations or discussions. Also, a projector can serve its purpose at home, such as when watching movies.

With their extensive functionality, projectors are in-demand all year round.

We should consider offering display variations such as LCD, CRT, and DLP. There are also projector types that are portable and wireless, so make sure that you add them to your store too.

Finally, consider adding different projectors compatible with phones, computers, and other devices.

3. Surveillance DVR Kits

Third on our list of top high ticket dropshipping niches are Surveillance DVR Kits.

This technology is a set of surveillance tools that enables users to remotely monitor activities in different areas. Most customers want to ensure safety and security in homes, offices, and other places. Therefore, selling Surveillance DVR Kits can lead to high profits for your online store.

When dropshipping this high ticket product, you must consider that customers’ needs vary. So, ensure that your shop offers variability, such as the number of cameras in a set.

Additionally, different DVR kits come with several accessories, such as pre-installed storage drives. As such, we can offer extra storage capacities along with the kits that buyers can choose from.

Finally, offer DVR sets that can connect to various gadgets such as phones, televisions, computers, and more.

4. Electric Fireplaces

The electric fireplace makes it to the fourth spot of high ticket dropshipping niches.

Electric fireplaces are portable and versatile alternatives to conventional fireplaces. These items can conveniently simulate a real fireplace, doing away with the hassle of installing a real one at homes.

When selling items under this category, make sure to add variations like portable, free-standing, wall-mounted, and more. Also, add different designs that fit different kinds of rooms.

Furthermore, we can offer options like adjustable heat settings and changeable flame colors.     

5. Telescopes

Telescopes are the fifth high ticket niche that we should consider dropshipping.

This high ticket product idea serves different purposes, from home stargazing to astronomical investigations. Telescopes can cost anywhere between hundred of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, making them profitable items to sell.

Types of telescopes you can sell include optical, refracting, reflecting, infrared, x-ray, radio, and others.

Additionally, we can dropship telescopes of different capacities and sizes. Don’t forget to include portable choices for buyers who are on the go.

Finally, when selling telescopes, take note that you can also add accessories to give more value to these items. Examples of these add-ons are tripods, protective bags, repair tools, and more.

6. Electric Bikes & Scooters

Our sixth high ticket dropshipping category is electric bikes and scooters.

Today, an increasing number of consumers go with more sustainable product choices. These high ticket products are versatile, environmentally friendly, and stylish transportation modes. By dropshipping electric bikes and scooters, you can gain significant sales from the environmentally-conscious market that prefer these alternatives.

We should consider offering variations of electric bikes and scooters, such as three-wheeled or four-wheeled ones. In addition, we can add electric scooters for adults and kids.

For safety-oriented customers, we can offer variations that come with GPS trackers, adjustable lights, and side mirrors.

Finally, we can add more value to our products by suggesting accessories complementing electric scooters or bikes. These accessories can be helmets, shin guards, baskets, grips, and more.

7. Trampolines

Trampolines are another example of a high ticket niche that’s worth dropshipping.

Customers buy trampolines for recreational purposes or training necessities. Therefore, this dropshipping product idea serves many functions that attract more buyers willing to spend big bucks.

Trampolines come in various shapes, such as the oval, round, rectangle, square, etc. Also, they come in several sizes to accommodate users’ different ages, weights, and preferences.

Moreover, you can add water, bungee, springless, caged, and more trampoline variations. The mats, springs, and frames of trampolines are made of different materials too. So, give your customers the best choices by offering several kinds in your online store.

8. Inflatable Play Centers

The eighth high ticket dropshipping category on our list is the inflatable play center.

Due to their functionality, inflatable play centers are becoming a popular item to sell. These products can be used at homes, parks, parties, and other places.

Additionally, inflatable play centers come in varying sizes appropriate for indoor set-up or outdoor uses. Similarly, we can offer varieties in colors, patterns, and shapes. Consider offering types that cater to both kids and adults.

Furthermore, inflatable play centers can come with multiple functions. For instance, we can sell options that come with slides, pools, safety nets, and more.

9. Graphics Drawing Tablets

Graphics Drawing Tablets are the next high ticket dropshipping niche worth looking into.

A graphics tablet is a computer input device that allows users to create drawings, graphics, animations, and other crafts. Since this gadget is widely popular with students, professionals, or hobbyists, you can sell these items at high ticket-worthy prices.

Ensure that you add different sizes and capacities of these tablets to accommodate buyers’ varying needs. Moreover, you can offer simple tablets, tablets with screens, and standalone tablets.

Lastly, we can also offer accessories that maximize the functionality and value of graphics drawing tablets. For example, we can bundle tablets with stylus pens, smudge guards, screen protectors, and tablet cases.

10. Power Station Backup Batteries

Last but not least are power station backup batteries.

These products enable the storage of electrical energy. Thus, power stations become essential for facilities that require uninterrupted power even during power outages.

When selecting the battery types to sell, ensure that you provide buyers with energy input and output variations. Also, different backup batteries come in several sizes, including portable options for those who want to carry these items around.

Finally, we can sell power stations with built-in LED lights or those with different cords to connect to cars and other devices.

Finding High Ticket Dropshipping Products

Now that we know the ten proven niches for high ticket dropshipping, it’s time to find products under these categories.

Among the several methods available for finding high-quality items, here are the most convenient ones:

Method 1: AliExpress Dropshipping Center
Method 2: Amazon Best Sellers
Method 3: AutoDS Product Research Tool
Method 4: Research Your Competitors
Method 5: Google Trends

1. AliExpress Dropshipping Center

AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a free product research solution for dropshippers. The website helps us find hot high ticket dropshipping items for our online stores.

Moreover, the AliExpress dropshipping center provides detailed analytics of the products we want to list. Its item suggestions can be sorted by product demand, client ratings, and sales performances.

When utilizing this product finding tool, search for a product or select from the list of products on-site. Additionally, filter your search by setting prices ranges, delivery times, and more to optimize the results.

Because we’re searching for high ticket dropshipping items, remember to apply price filters for products costing at least $100.

2. Amazon Best Sellers

Another way of finding high ticket dropshipping items is by checking out Amazon’s Best Sellers.

In the Best Sellers section, we can look for trending high ticket items to offer in our stores. Some of the high ticket categories available in this section are appliances, automotive, electronics, and much more.

To get the most out of the best sellers section, we should take care to dive into subcategories of high ticket departments. That way, we can zero in on the most worthwhile high ticket items for our dropshipping stores.

3. AutoDS Product Research Tool

The third method that we can utilize to find high ticket dropshipping items is the AutoDS Product Research Tool.

This product-finding tool lets us find hot-selling items in a few seconds. Plus, it provides comprehensive product analysis by including item specifications, reviews, variations, sales performance, and more.

Additionally, we can set search filters, especially if we specifically want to find high ticket dropshipping items. For example, we can choose desk chairs and add a price range of 100 to 1000 US dollars.

Additionally, with the help of this product research software, we can easily import items to our stores in a matter of a few clicks.

4. Research Your Competitors

The next strategy in finding high ticket products is to research what our competitors offer. We can look at what high ticket items other sellers offer in their stores. Then, we can adopt similar product ideas and test if they work for us.

Remember that each selling channel has a different method for spying on competitors. So, we’ll discover the techniques of spying on competitors on various selling channels below.

Competition Research On eBay

Those of use dropshipping on eBay can spy on competitors by first looking up trending high ticket products on supplier websites. Then, we should search eBay for sellers who offer the same products. Finally, we have to know whether those eBay dropshippers make significant sales from selling these products.

Here is an example of a high ticket dropshipping product, a convertible sofa bed that costs $209.99 on Amazon.

Searching for the same product on eBay, we’ll find a dropshipper selling it for $334.71.

From this example, you can see the price difference between the supplier’s price and the selling price on eBay.

Before listing this product to your online store, you must first check if the product sold. When the product gains sales, it is good to copy and implement it in your eBay store.

Competition Research On Shopify

On the other hand, spying on Shopify stores is a different story. It requires us to utilize specialized spy tools like Koala Inspector that reveal competitors’ successes.

The Koala Inspector is a powerful dropshipping spy tool that lets us uncover what’s behind any Shopify business. The application allows us to see our competitor’s products, pricing, ad campaigns, store traffic, and other features.

To use this competitive research tool, we must download the Koala Inspector Chrome extension. Then, we need to search the web for high ticket Shopify dropshipping stores.

Once we land on an online store, we have to verify first whether it is a Shopify store by opening the Koala Inspector.

After doing so, the application will give you comprehensive information about the store, including the high ticket dropshipping products that sell best. Then, we can try to sell similar high ticket products in our own Shopify store. 

Our fifth and last method of searching for high ticket dropshipping products is Google Trends.

Google Trends is a website that gives us information on popular trends across the web. The service allows us to enter any search term and measure its performance worldwide or in specific countries. Additionally, we can visualize the performance of a search term over time using the attached graph provided by Google.

Therefore, Google analytics serves as an effective tool to help gauge the interest in any high ticket product. We can see the current level of interest in the product and whether the interest is increasing or decreasing.

Try it out today by heading to the Google Trends website and inputting the name of the item or category you want to sell. Then, apply location, period, categories, and other filters for more accurate results.

High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers

Another essential component of high ticket dropshipping is product sourcing through quality suppliers.

To start working with high ticket dropshipping suppliers, select 5-6 suppliers from the AutoDS supplier database. Then, source high ticket dropshipping items by searching for trending products on their websites and filtering by price from high to low – or by a minimum price range.

Furthermore, several dropshipping suppliers offer high ticket products. However, we have to pick only the best for our dropshipping ventures. Additionally, we need to check that the items have lots of positive reviews.

Below, we’ll be discussing the factors that we have to look out for when choosing high ticket dropshipping suppliers.

Qualities Of A Good High Ticket Dropshipping Supplier

To find the best high ticket dropshipping suppliers, look for those that offer:

  • High-quality products
  • Good customer reviews
  • Practical return policy
  • Efficient communication

For starters, we must select suppliers that offer top-grade products.

Next, ensure the supplier offers products with good customer reviews. When buyers give good ratings on high ticket products, we can confidently sell these items in our stores.

Moreover, a practical return policy is crucial when dropshipping high-ticket products. Note that these items are expensive, and when customers file for refunds, we extend the refund policies that our suppliers offer to our customers.

Finally, a high and fast level of communication with the supplier is vital. It minimizes language barriers so we can connect with our suppliers easily.

How To Make A Profit From High Ticket Dropshipping

Now that we understand the fundamentals of high ticket dropshipping, let’s learn how to convert that knowledge into profits in six clear steps:

Step 1: Find A High-Ticket Niche To Sell
Step 2: Find A High-Ticket Dropshipping Supplier
Step 3: Choose A Selling Channel To Dropship Your Products
Step 4: List Your High-Ticket Dropshipping Items
Step 5: Fulfill Your Orders
Step 6: Add More Winning Products & Scale

Next, we’ll discuss how to go about each step one at a time.

1. Find A High-Ticket Niche To Sell

The first step towards our dropshipping success is finding the best-suited high ticket niche.

Since we’re dealing with expensive goods, we must ensure that what we’re selling is according to our target markets’ needs. We can start by selling items from popular categories such as furniture, telescopes, projectors, and more. Also, we can utilize product research tools like AliExpress Dropship Center or AutoDS Product Research Tool to find winning items.

Additionally, we can find a hot selling niche by testing multiple categories in our store.

Ultimately, employing the right techniques will land us our winning niches and products.

2. Find A High-Ticket Dropshipping Supplier

After selecting trending niches for our dropshipping businesses, we need to find top-notch suppliers that give us diverse choices of items in our chosen niche.

As discussed earlier, the best suppliers offer high-quality products, fast shipping times, practical return policies, and clear communication abilities.

Remember, the service that our suppliers give us is the same quality that we can extend to our customers. So, make sure to work with only the most reliable suppliers.

3. Choose A Selling Channel To Dropship Your Products

Now that we have entities where we can source high ticket products, we are ready to choose an online selling platform to display our products on.

The most popular selling channels to utilize are:

Now, let’s discover what each of these selling platforms offer our high ticket dropshipping business.


eBay is a high-traffic selling channel, boasting about 187 million users across the globe.


  • Free organic traffic
  • Free account opening
  • List up to 250 products without added fees


  • High selling fees
  • Limited customization
  • Huge competition

One of the significant advantages of selling on eBay is its free organic traffic. With millions of daily visitors on eBay, there is a decent chance that buyers will come across our high-ticket products.

Another feature that eBay offers is a free account. It includes 250 free listings without added insertion fees. We can always increase that limit by choosing a low-cost subscription.

Lastly, the downsides of selling on eBay are the high selling fees and limited store customization options. Also, with millions of sellers already on eBay, we’ll likely face increased competition.  


Shopify is a popular dropshipping platform used in 175 countries.


  • Fully customizable store
  • No selling limits
  • Create a customer database


  • Little to no organic traffic
  • Store subscription fees

Shopify allows the full customization of our websites. Since we’re selling expensive products, we need to present them in the most marketable way for our target audience. And Shopify has all the designs and options necessary to make that happen.  

Also, Shopify has no selling limits, giving us more freedom to list as many high ticket products as we want.

In addition, Shopify enables the collection of visitors’ information, such as their email addresses. Later, we can use these details to connect with consumers and send them offers, deals, promotions, etc

However, to maintain the operations of our Shopify stores, we’ll need to pay monthly subscription fees after the free trial period. Additionally, unlike eBay, Shopify is not a marketplace and has little to no organic traffic. Therefore, we need to set aside a budget for marketing to pull more audiences to our stores.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an emerging player in the dropshipping scene and is an excellent platform for selling high ticket items.


  • Minimal competition
  • No subscriptions required
  • No starting budget required


  • Must be a US citizen

Selling high ticket products on Facebook Marketplace is promising because customers usually trust doing business with a real person they can easily reach who is bound by community guidelines. That is especially true when making a big purchase of a high-ticket item. 

Moreover, Facebook makes finding buyers for our high ticket dropshipping products easier because of the platform’s tailored product suggestions feature.

Additionally, there is low competition on this platform because it is an untapped marketplace that relatively few dropshippers use.

Another feature of this selling channel is its free subscription. We can start selling as long as we have active Facebook accounts.   

However, we must be US citizens to enable shipping to all the US states. If not, then Facebook limits our transactions to only one region.


Wix is a website creation and eCommerce sales platform utilized by around 200 million entrepreneurs globally.


  • Easy to use templates
  • Numerous payment methods
  • Personalization of business email


  • Full of ads on free plans

Wix offers many different templates to design a store, allowing us to find one that our high ticket audience will love. Also, it enables us to accept multiple payment methods, removing any final hurdles in the sale of expensive items. These methods include PayPal, gift cards, and more.

Moreover, Wix offers a personalized email address with our domain names, keeping our business professional and easy to reach.

However, expect to see several ads popping up on your websites when using free plans.

4. List Your High-Ticket Dropshipping Items

After choosing selling channels, it’s time to list our high ticket dropshipping products for sale.

Commonly known as product importing, the process entails collecting a product’s info from a supplier’s website and transferring it to your selling channel. The importing process can be done manually or automatically.

Manual importing requires us to input a product’s data on our selling channel and upload images one by one. Doing this consumes a significant amount of time and effort.

To address this issue, we can opt for automatic importing of products instead. This method calls for automation software to do the laborious tasks of listing products on our behalf.

In this regard, AutoDS is a widely-used automation dropshipping software that offers efficient automated importing methods, such as:

  • Using the one-click importer
  • Adding the single or multiple product URLs/IDs
  • Importing products in bulk   

5. Fulfill Your Orders

Once our high ticket dropshipping products become live in our selling channels, sooner or later, we’ll start receiving orders that we’ll need to fulfill.

There are two ways to fulfill customers’ orders: manually or automatically. The manual fulfillment of orders requires us to purchase the item from our supplier’s website. Upon check out, we’ll input the shipping details of our buyer.

On the other hand, automating the order fulfillment process helps speed up dropshipping processes and make them more efficient. With automation, a dropshipping software automatically processes orders for us. It also helps monitor orders by updating tracking information in our stores.

One of the most popular means of automatic order fulfillment is utilizing Fulfilled by AutoDS. This feature manages customers’ orders on a single platform and fulfills them quickly as they come in. 

By utilizing this service, you don’t have to worry about manually managing orders the whole day. Instead, the system does that job for you 24/7, even while you are asleep. Also, you can log in anytime on the AutoDS platform to monitor the status of customers’ orders.  Aside from managing customers’ orders, Fulfilled by AutoDS also provides tracking updates and processes return labels.

Additionally, the service doesn’t require us to create buyer accounts since it uses AutoDS’ buyer accounts. Meaning, you won’t have to worry about using your credit line at the bank or buyer accounts getting locked. Simply opt-in for Fulfilled By AutoDS, load balance to pay for your orders and you’re good to go!

Furthermore, the service works with multiple quality dropshipping suppliers like AliExpress, Amazon, The Home Depot, and Walmart.

As a result, this excellent feature helps us save a significant amount of time and enables us to turn our high ticket business into a passive income source.

6. Add More Winning Products & Scale

Dropshipping business scaling

Now that we’ve set up our high ticket dropshipping stores, all that’s left is to scale our business.

Scaling our high ticket dropshipping business means expanding our product listings and market reach to increase sales and profits. As a leading dropshipping tool in the market, AutoDS is an excellent platform to utilize for scaling your business.

AutoDS gives us access to 25+ reliable suppliers where we can source millions of trending high ticket products and add them to our online stores. We can take advantage of the feature to add similar high-ticket products to those selling fast. Moreover, we can utilize AutoDS’ tagging feature to tag our high ticket items and help us monitor each category in determining the top-selling products. 

Another way to scale our business is by automating the everyday tasks in our eCommerce ventures. As an all-in-one dropshipping platform, here too, AutoDS does a phenomenal job.  For example, AutoDS helps us monitor prices/stocks efficiently, import products quickly, and fulfill orders automatically. 

The time we save from automation enables us to process more customer orders and scale our business successes. 

High Ticket Dropshipping Products To Avoid

While dropshipping high-ticket products is both fun and profitable, we should not forget that there are certain restrictions on the kind of products we can sell.         

Here are some product categories that we’re not allowed to dropship:

  • Copyrighted products
  • Dangerous items
  • Age-restricted products
  • Medication or supplements

Remember not to sell any copyrighted products; this is especially applicable to branded or high-end items. To ensure fair business, eBay’s VeRO Program enforces the protection of the copyrights and trademarks of certain brands. Therefore, the eBay VeRO database is excellent high ticket dropshipping resource. It helps us find out if a product is copyrighted and its list is applicable to any selling channel. 

Another category of prohibited dropshipping products is dangerous items. This category includes weapons, explosives, chemicals, and more.

In addition, we must avoid age-restricted items like expensive alcoholic beverages, pornographic materials, tobacco, and others.

Finally, medications or supplements are not fit for dropshipping since they are heavily regulated. Needless to say that selling these items defeats the purpose of making your business uncomplicated.

Final Thoughts

We have come a long way in understanding how to succeed in high ticket dropshipping. Our efforts to learn will pay off once we start implementing our newly acquired skills.

Remember, there will always be challenges, especially when selling expensive products. But as long as we offer the best quality of items, we shouldn’t worry much about attracting the clientele.  

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