As one of the most profitable eCommerce business models, dropshipping brings several benefits to our business. One of the advantages of dropshipping is the generation of passive income, even while we sleep. So, why don’t we scale up a level and sell high-profit margin products that can turn our passive income into long-term success?

With that in mind, dropshipping allows us to sell products anywhere in the world, without holding a physical inventory of items. As a low-risk business model, we can start dropshipping with little to no capital. For us to thrive in dropshipping, we should sell trending and lucrative products, such as high-profit margin goods.

Therefore, we’ll explore the top high-profit margin products and the platforms that will help us find them. Also, by analyzing the sellers’ websites and suppliers’ pages, we’ll gain insights on how to dropship high-profit margin products profitably.

What Are High-Profit Margin Products?

High Profit Margin Dropshipping Products

Before we proceed to the best products to dropship, let’s first have an overview of high-profit margin products. Essentially, selling high-profit margin products lets us earn more profit when selling high-ticket items, in contrast to offering basic commodities like t-shirts.

To better understand, here are the key characteristics to look for when dropshipping high-end products:

  • High-profit margins
  • Top-quality items
  • In-demand products
  • Flexible pricing
  • Low volume, high profits
  • Minimal competition
  • Reliable shipping arrangements

Remember that our dropshipping profits are on a percentage basis of every item that we sell. As a result, dropshipping high-profit margin products lets us gain considerable profits, even with a few items sold.

Regardless of the prices, customers are willing to spend on high-profit margin items. In return, they expect to receive excellent quality products that are valuable in exchange for the cost.

10 Best High-Profit Margin Products For Dropshipping 

Now, for the highlight of this article, we’ll uncover the top products to sell in our eCommerce stores. With that said, here are the ten best high-profit margin products for dropshipping:

  1. Case, Stand & Wallet Snap Set
  2. Golden Cutlery Set
  3. Windproof Leather Jacket
  4. Crystal Layered Chandelier
  5. Tactical Pants With Knee Pads
  6. Luxury Bedding Sets
  7. Crystal LED Table Lamp
  8. IPL Hair Removal Device
  9. Luxury Feather Floor Lamp
  10. Wonder Wedge Pillow

Are you ready to discover the products that will bring high profits to your store? Let’s get started, with the first product on our list.

1. Case, Stand & Wallet Snap Set

Dropship Case, Stand, & Wallet Snap Set

Let’s begin our product-finding adventure with the Case, Stand, and Wallet Snap Set. This high-profit margin product is a functional item that serves as a phone stand and cardholder. Due to its portability and convenience, this item will surely bring in sales from iPhone users.

Next, we’ll discover how selling the case, stand, and wallet snap set works for our dropshipping stores.

How much profit can you gain from selling the case, stand, and wallet snap set?

  • Selling price: $69.99
  • Source price: $29.70
  • Potential profit: $40.25 

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 16 to 26 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Device Used: iPhone users 

Facebook Ad

Case, Stand, & Wallet Snap Set FB Ad

Beginning with Moft’s Case, Stand, and Wallet Snap Set Facebook Ad, we’ll see the video ad clearly demonstrating the value of the product. Additionally, the ad has a decent engagement rate, with one hundred reactions, as well as some comments and shares.

Moreover, a straightforward call to action (CTA) is present through the ‘Shop Now’ button. Aside from this button, the ad provides an accessible direct link to the product page, which customers can simply click.

Seller’s Website

Moft Dropshipping Website's Case, Stand, & Wallet Snap Set

On Moft’s website, we’ll find the Case, Stand & Wallet Snap Set – MagSafe Compatible in Windy Blue (iPhone 13 Pro/iPhone 13 Pro Max/iPhone 13) at $69.99, including shipping. Upon entering the website, a 10% discount offer pops up when customers opt-in for the email sign-up. Thus, this is a good marketing strategy that lets the seller collect a substantial customer base for email product promotions.

Besides that, a top banner offers free shipping for orders above $69. Meanwhile, the website looks professional, which corresponds with the value of the high-profit margin product the seller offers. Also, the product receives an average rating of 4.9/5 which not only represents customers’ satisfaction but also increases the brand’s credibility.

Notably, the seller presents the product features through high-quality infographics and animation. However, the seller can try adding variations for other iPhone models that are compatible, so more users can purchase the product. Thus, maximizing the store’s sales.

Supplier’s Website

AliExpress Dropshipping Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder

Moving to the supplier’s website, AliExpress provides the Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder at $29.70, shipping fees included. Here, the seller advertises the iPhone 12 variation of the product, while the seller highlights the newer version which is for iPhone 13. Therefore, the seller altered the product title to reflect the most relevant iPhone model to attract more customers.

For the product presentation, the supplier uses different photos and videos. Although some images showcase the product features clearly, others have texts in different languages that can confuse customers. Moreover, the product description below is too wordy and has redundant images, but the seller revised these aspects to have an optimized product page.

On the supplier’s page, the seller, Youpin Mijia Support Store, has 92.5% positive feedback and 120 followers. Through this information, we can verify the reliability of the product’s source. All in all, with this in-demand product, we’ll surely establish a good flow of income in our online stores.

Beginner’s Tip: Aside from iPhones, we can explore other phone variations so other users can also enjoy the benefits of the Case, Stand, and Wallet Snap Set.

Product img
Case, Stand & Wallet Snap Set
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 2-7 days

2. Golden Cutlery Set

golden cutlery set dropshipping

Next on our high-profit margin products list is the Golden Cutlery Set. This set of elegant utensils will surely bring your customers’ dining experience to the next level. Likewise, these classy dining accessories are perfect for everyday meals or when hosting parties.

So, let’s evaluate the benefits we can get from selling this excellent kitchen set.

What is the expected profit if you sell the golden cutlery set?

  • Selling price: $160.00
  • Source price: $50.87
  • Potential profit: $109.13

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 25 to 65 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married 
  • Interests: Cutlery collectors, Dinner parties
  • Economic Status: Middle to high income

Facebook Ad

golden cutlery set facebook ad dropshipping

Alright, let’s begin by checking out Venetto’s Luxury Cutlery Facebook Ad, where we’ll see a classy presentation of the product. By complementing the photo set-up with the product features, the cutlery set appears unique and luxurious.

Additionally, potential buyers can directly go to the seller’s website by clicking the ‘Shop Now’ button on the ad. Through this direct call to action, we can easily convert viewers to buyers.

Seller’s Website

golden cutlery set seller dropshipping

Proceeding to Venetto’s website, the Cutlery Set sells at $160, shipping fees added. Upon entering the page, a pinwheel newsletter invitation welcomes us. While customers enjoy the perks, the seller benefits from attaining their email addresses for future promotions.

At the top banner, we’ll also notice a countdown timer that offers up to a 50% discount. On top of that, the product is also available at a marked-down price. Then, when we scroll down the page, we’ll find a ‘Frequently Bought Together’ section, which is a cross-selling strategy that increases our average order value (AOV). 

However, the product navigation can be confusing because of the scrolling feature. And as we know, providing an optimal customer experience is crucial for the success of our store. Thus, we should remember to optimize every part of our website. Nevertheless, buyers give an average 5-star rating to the product. Thus, customers are generally satisfied with the product quality and service of the seller.

Supplier’s Website

AliExpress golden cutlery set dropshipping supplier

Are you interested in selling the gold cutlery set? Here’s the good news: we can source the same item from AliExpress at $50.87, including shipping. Plus, store coupons up to $3 off are up for grabs.

Generally, most images are professional, however, the description box appears wordy. Perhaps, we can create infographics to show details about shipping, payment, and more. In this way, the product description will be more enticing to read.

Overall, the cutlery set attains an average of 4.7/5 stars from customers. Besides that, the store which sells the product has a 94.8% positive feedback rating. All these figures tell us that this item is indeed worth dropshipping.

3. Windproof Leather Jacket

Dropshipping Windproof Leather Jacket

The third superb product that will help us gain significant profits is the Windproof Leather Jacket. This premium outwear creates a masculine vibe while remaining fashionable. Also, the leather jacket is great for the colder and windier weather.

In the following sections, we’ll uncover what makes this high-profit margin product a must for every online store.

How much do you gain from selling the windproof leather jacket?

  • Selling price: $94.95
  • Source price: $50.82
  • Potential profit: $44.13

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 20 to 50 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Occupation Type: Motorists, Outdoor workers, Travellers

Facebook Ad

David Outwear's Leather Jacket FB Ad

Now with David Outwear’s Leather Jacket Facebook Ad, the ad has 30+ reactions. Regardless of the number, we can see that the engagements are recent ones, thus, the product is still profitable.

On the other hand, the ad has a “Shop Now” button but the link redirects us to the website rather than the specific product page. This is something we need to keep in mind because we should always redirect our customers to the page of interest.

On another note, the product is shown on a model which can increase the sale potential as users can see how the product looks when worn. Moreover, the seller can improve the ad by showcasing the product’s features, attracting more viewers to check out the leather jacket.

Seller’s Website

David Outwear's Bonanza Leather Jacket

On the seller’s website, David Outwear’s Bonanza Leather Jacket in XL is available at $94.95, including shipping fees. To entice buyers to purchase the item, the seller presents the ‘Warehouse Clearance Ends Today’ banner. In addition, David Outwear markets the leather jacket as a limited edition, thus, increasing the urgency to buy it while it’s available.

Below the product description, the seller uses an upselling technique by suggesting accessories to ‘Complete The Look.’ Also, when we continue scrolling down the page, we’ll see the product’s features. For instance, the leather jacket is tailored to fit, waterproof, built to last, and other benefits.

While the seller provides several size options and a size measurement chart, the product presentation can be improved. In particular, we can add more photos and a comprehensive description of the item. Nonetheless, the leather jacket gets an average 5/5 rating from buyers, which means that its quality is satisfactory.

Supplier’s Website

AliExpress' Leather Jacket Dropshipping Product

Let’s move to the supplier’s website, where we can source the same item at $50.82, including shipping. AliExpress also offers the jacket on sale, with additional store coupons that buyers can use upon checkout.

On the other hand, several images highlighting the parts of the jacket are available, but without explanations. Meanwhile, it’s advantageous that the supplier provides a size chart, but the rest of the description can be better. As such, we should add direct explanations of how each product feature works for the user.

Overall, the leather jacket obtains an average rating of 3.9/5 from buyers. Additionally, Mountainskin Official, the AliExpress seller, gets 92.2% positive feedback from customers, adding to the credibility of the item. So, if we want to sell the leather jacket, we can get it from AliExpress at a reasonable price.

4. Crystal Layered Chandelier

Dropship Crystal Layered Chandelier

Another over-the-top dropshipping product that will lead to high-profit margins is the Crystal Layered Chandelier. This luxurious decoration will light up any room with elegance and style. Therefore, dropshipping this product will provide great value to chandelier enthusiasts, homebodies, and designers.

So, let’s see what the current seller is doing.

How much profit can you receive from dropshipping the crystal layered chandelier?

  • Selling price: $1,048.00
  • Source price: $654.50
  • Potential profit: $393.50

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 25 to 65 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Economic Status: Upper-Middle class

Facebook Ad

Josenart's Crystal Layered Chandelier FB Ad

Let’s begin to explore  Josenart’s Light Luxury Crystal Chandelier Facebook Ad. Noticeably, the ad offers ‘Free Shipping Now.’ On the flip side, the ad doesn’t provide a CTA button that will bring viewers to the store’s website. As such, this reduces the amount of traffic going to the website.

Furthermore, the video mentions the worthwhile features of the chandelier, however, the ad doesn’t appear too professional. Remember that when offering a luxury item, our marketing techniques must convey the value of the product.

Seller’s Website

Josenart Dropshipping Crystal Layered Chandelier

Now, let’s take a look at the seller’s website. Josenart, an online store, sells the Crystal Layered Chandelier (8-light) at $1,048, including shipping. Additionally, the seller presents the chandelier through professional-looking photos, along with the item’s dimensions.

However, the scroll feature of the product description is disorienting which causes a poor user experience. As such, we should ensure to optimize every part of the product page. In general, the seller can enhance the website to exude a more elegant branding, in line with the nature of the products it sells.

Furthermore, the customer review section is missing, which is an important part of proving the quality of the product. Nevertheless, Josenart provides clear policies on returns, refunds, shipping arrangements, and damage compensations.

Supplier’s Website

Dropship Luxury Chandelier From AliExpress

Moving on, we’ll find the same item on AliExpress (8-light, Warm White) at $654.50, shipping fees included. We’ll score a great deal when buying the chandelier due to its discounted rate. Unlike the seller’s website, AliExpress offers different bulb colors, such as warm white, cold white, and interchangeable.

Aside from several photos, the supplier provides a video to demonstrate the product features. However, the texts are in a different language, so the captions are confusing to viewers. In addition, the description box is cluttered with images having different sizes, thus, the seller changed these details on their website.

Next, in spite of the zero customer reviews on the product page, the BenWuTre (AliExpress store) attains 100% positive feedback and 700 followers. Generally, we can say that we’re sourcing from a reliable store on AliExpress.

5. Tactical Pants With Knee Pad

Dropship Tactical Pants With Knee Pad

Next in line on our high-profit margin products list are the Tactical Pants with Knee Pads. These outdoor combat pants are weatherproof, flexible, and wear-resistant. Thus, making it a perfect fit for armed personnel and outdoor enthusiasts.

In the next sections, we’ll discuss how selling the tactical pants with knee pads will help us stay ahead of the competition.

What is the potential profit when offering tactical pants with knee pads?

  • Selling price: $89.99
  • Source price: $34.83
  • Potential profit: $55.16

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 20 to 50 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Hobbies: Outdoor activities, Extreme sports 

Facebook Ad

FrogManGlobal's Tactical Pants FB Ad

As we can see in the Tactical Pants Facebook Ad of FrogManGlobal, different types of pants are available. However, if we want to sell certain variations, we should focus on highlighting one product at a time.

In addition, the ‘Shop Now’ button brings the audience to the ‘Tactical Pants’ section of the store, and not directly to a specific product page. As we saw earlier, this creates a negative user experience and is something we should avoid doing for our own business ads.

Nevertheless, the ad obtains 2.8K reactions, with several comments and shares. One factor that can help engage the audience is the free shipping perks, as seen in the ad.

Seller’s Website

FrogManGlobal Dropshipping Tactical G3 Pants With Knee Pad

Now, onto the seller’s website. FrogManGlobal sells the Tactical G3 Pants with Knee Pads. The Multicam Green, Size XL variation is available at $89.99, shipping fees included. On the lower-left corner of the page, we’ll find a button that prompts a newsletter subscription, in return for a 10% discount.

Interestingly, the seller displays trust badges, such as ‘Guaranteed Quality’ and ‘Accredited Business.’ Remember, displaying trust badges emphasizes the quality of business we’re offering, and helps boost our store’s integrity. Additionally, the store provides worldwide shipping and a money-back guarantee.

Although we can find the description and specifications of the pants, the seller can improve the product presentation. For instance, we can add infographics about the features of the product or incorporate an in-depth explanation of the images. Overall, the item gets an average rating of 4.8/5 from the seller’s customers.

Supplier’s Website

Dropship AliExpress' Tactical Combat Pants

From the seller, we’ll go to the supplier’s website. Here, AliExpress offers the same tactical pants at $34.83, including shipping. But unlike the seller that focuses on pants, the supplier offers both tops and pants.

On AliExpress, we can find the product features, size reference charts, and other technical specifications relating to the product. It is also worth mentioning that other photos show people wearing the pants, which can help buyers to visualize their actual look when worn. However, the descriptions need organization and uniformity, such as the font styles and colors.

Now, to verify the product’s reliability, the Outdoor Combat Gear Store on AliExpress has 93.9% positive feedback and 3.2K followers. Besides that, the tactical pants have an average customer rating of 4/5. Once again, it’s important to see what buyers have to say about the product, for us to gain insights into the item’s quality.

6. Luxury Bedding Sets

Dropshipping Luxury Bedding Sets

Who can say no to comfortable sheets while you sleep? Definitely not us, so we’re listing the Luxury Bedding Sets among the best items to dropship. Aside from the comfort they bring, these elegant bedding sets offer beauty benefits to users.

With that being said, we’ll take a look at how the luxury bedding sets help dropshippers to attain high-profit margins.

How much is the possible profit you can obtain from dropshipping the luxury bedding sets?

  • Selling price: $448
  • Source price: $302.5
  • Potential profit: $146

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 20 to 45 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married

Facebook Ad

Venetto's Five-Star Luxury Bedding FB Ad

When analyzing Venetto Design’s Luxury Bedding Sets Facebook Ad, we can see various designs of the product. In addition, its call to action button directs viewers to the bedding category on the seller’s website. However, we should remember that when selling a particular item, our link must bring the viewers directly to the product’s page.

Moreover, the ad promotes free shipping for the five-start bedding sets. Ultimately, the ad has 12K reactions, 300+ comments, and 600+ shares. As such, we know that many people take interest in the product’s ad.

Seller’s Website

Venetto Dropshipping Khronom Luxury Satin Cotton Duvet Cover Set

Then, examining Venetto Design’s website, we’ll see a one-time 10% promo code on the top banner of the page. For the product advertised in the FB ad, the seller offers the Khronom Luxury Satin Cotton Duvet Cover Set (King, 10in1) at $448, shipping included.

Furthermore, the store sells four-size options that come with sets of four, six, or ten bedding items. Additionally, we can see the set inclusions in the product description section. In relation to this, the seller utilizes upselling techniques by offering add-ons, such as duvet cover sets at bundled prices.

On the product page, Venetto Design clearly presents its shipping and returns policies. Besides that, the care instructions for the duvet cover set are also accessible to guide users. Perhaps, the seller can improve users’ experiences by including the photos of the various sets the store offers.

Supplier’s Website

Dropship Bedding Set From AliExpress

Now, finding a reliable source of high-profit margin products is important. That’s why, we found a store on AliExpress that offers the Baroque Bedding Set at $302.5, with shipping fees added.

Notably, the product price is 50% off, enticing viewers to purchase the item. Remember, the less money we spend sourcing the item, the more profit we can keep in our pockets.

In addition to the seller’s size and set choice, AliExpress also provides thin and thick variations of the duvet set. While it’s good that some images highlight the material details of the product, other parts of the description need improvement. For instance, the seller uploaded a set of certifications, however, they are in a foreign language, so we won’t be able to offer the same on our websites unless we translate them.

Even though the duvet set doesn’t have any customer reviews, the source, SVETANYA Amgo Store still has 95% positive feedback. Lastly, we should market luxurious items elegantly, so they don’t lose their value.

7. Crystal LED Table Lamp

Dropshipping Crystal LED Table Lamp

Another highly profitable dropshipping product that we can sell is the Crystal LED Table Lamp. The lamp exudes a sophisticated vibe, while it projects brightness in any area. Therefore, selling this item will surely captivate lamp lovers or interior designers to visit our stores.

Here, we’ll analyze the profitability and popularity of the table lamp in the market.

What is the profit potential of selling the crystal LED table lamp?

  • Selling price: $486.00
  • Source price: $368.90
  • Potential profit: $117.10

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 21 to 40 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Activities & Interests: Studying, Working, Relaxing at home.

Facebook Ad

Josenart's Crystal Table Lamp FB Ad

For Josenart’s Crystal Table Lamp Facebook Ad, the video shows actual lamps on tabletops. However, the ad could be more stylish to properly portray the quality of the product it showcases. The video caption is also confusing to the viewers since the statement is not structured properly.

Looking at the engagement rate, the ad has 170+ views, with less than ten reactions. In contrast, we can improve the ad by adding a clear call to action button, so customers can directly see the product in our online store.

Seller’s Website

Josenart Dropshipping Postmodern crystal Light Luxury Table Lamp

Let’s proceed to the seller’s website, Josenart, an online store which sells the Postmodern Crystal Light Luxury Table Lamp. With its Cuboid variation, customers can get the lamp at $486, shipping fees included.

Moreover, the product details are available, such as dimensions, materials, lights, and other relevant product information. On the downside, it’s a bit challenging to go back and forth on the page, because of the different scrolling sections of the website. Because of the complexity of navigation, some viewers might get disinterested, which can reduce the chance of purchase.

Another important feature that’s missing on the website is the customer reviews section. With customers’ testimonials about their purchases, we can verify the worthiness of the item. Nevertheless, the seller presents straightforward policies on returns, shipping, and damages.

Supplier’s Website

Dropship AliExpress' Luxury Crystal Lamp

After assessing the seller’s website, we can find the exact item on AliExpress at $368.90, shipping costs included. On the supplier’s page, we can enjoy an additional 5% off for orders of two pieces and more.

Next, the description box includes photos from real users, however, the images look cluttered. Therefore, we need to change the photos into more professional-looking ones when importing the product.

Moreover, we’ll notice that some captions are in Chinese characters, so other viewers will not understand what the descriptions say. Thus, we can optimize the product presentation by changing the texts to English and presenting the images in an organized manner.

Moreover, the product doesn’t have any customer reviews available. However, the AliExpress store that sells the lamp gets 96.1% positive feedback from its customers.

Even so, we need to ensure we’re sourcing high-quality products before we offer them in our online stores. But with a score like that, we can rest assured that the product will also satisfy our customers.

8. IPL Hair Removal Device

IPL hair removal device

Next up, we have the IPL Hair Removal Device. This multifunctional product can replace hair wax appointments, as it can serve as a permanent hair removal device. Typically, this product is popular with women, but remember, men have facial hair to shave too.

Thus, let’s start exploring what this dropshipping product can offer our online business.

How much profit do you get from selling the IPL Hair Removal Device?

  • Selling price: $249.00
  • Source price: $43.58
  • Potential profit: $205.42

Target Audience

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 21 to 35 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Related Activities: Shaving, Waxing

Facebook Ad

IPL hair removal device FB ad dropshipping

We’ll begin with assessing Kenzzi’s Facebook Ad. Right away, we see a buyer’s review about the product. Along with the highlighted review, the ad showcases the 5-star review, which further entices viewers to buy the item. Additionally, the ad has an engagement rate of 850+ reactions, portraying the popularity among the wide consumer base. 

Moreover, the ad has a clear call to action (CTA) with its ‘Shop Now‘ button. Aside from this, the seller promotes free shipping to customers. Thus, the customers can easily purchase this product from the seller’s website. However, we should keep in mind that our ads should clearly display the product name, to ensure an optimal customer experience. 

Seller’s Website

IPL hair remover selller

At this point, let’s examine Kenzzi’s website, a dropshipping store that offers the IPL Hair Removal Handset for $249, including shipping costs. At first, when we enter the page we are immediately greeted with a newsletter promotion offering $50 off and free standard shipping. As such, customers benefit from the discount and the seller benefits from a substantial email list that can be optimized for email marketing.

Correspondingly, the seller presents important features of the device clearly, through comprehensive explanations. Additionally, several high-quality photos depict how the item works, providing even more value for the customer. 

On the flip side, the seller doesn’t provide any other item variations. Doing so can help us increase our average order value and, thus, multiply our profits. Nevertheless, customers gave this product an average rating of 4.8/5. 

Supplier’s Website

AliExpress IPL device

If you wish to dropship the IPL Hair Removal Device, then you’re at the right spot. Here, we found the same hair remover on AliExpress.

From here, we can see that the supplier sources the item for $43.58, including shipping. Notably, the supplier offers store coupons up to $5 off, allowing us to save on expenses and increase our profit-margins. Unlike the seller, AliExpress provides variations in terms of color and plug types. Moreover, the product features and how-to-use instructions are given through infographics, which we can also optimize for our dropshipping store.

Conclusively, the average customer rating for the hair remover is 4.6/5. On top of that, the AliExpress store receives an overall positive rating of 87.3%. Thus, we can ensure we’re sourcing a high-profit margin product from a credible supplier.

Beginner’s Tip: Since the IPL Hair Removal Device is a portable product, we can offer variations like rechargeable, battery-operated, or wire-connection ones, especially for traveling purposes.

9. Luxury Feather Floor Lamp

Dropship Luxury Feather Floor Lamp

One of the best high-profit margin products on this list is the Luxury Feather Floor Lamp. This state-of-the-art floor lamp will add elegance to any room. Definitely, furniture lovers will have their eyes set on this stylish piece.

With that in mind, let’s see what the current seller is doing to gain profits from this dropshipping product.

How much profit can you gain from dropshipping the luxury feather floor lamp?

  • Selling price: $1,645.95
  • Source price: $638.00
  • Potential profit: $1,007.95

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female 
  • Age: 30 to 60 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Economic Status: Upper-middle class
  • Interests: Furniture collectors, lamp lovers

Facebook Ad

Venetto's Luxury Feather Lamp FB Ad

The first thing we’ll check out is Venetto Design’s Luxury Feather Lamp Facebook Ad. In the ad, it shows different variations of the lamp, however, the video fails to highlight the sophisticated item it presents. Hence, the seller can enhance the ad by providing high-quality photos or videos, depicting grandeur.

Furthermore, being a sought-after item, the engagement collects a substantial audience, resulting in 24K reactions, 2.2K comments, and 3M views. With these figures, we’ll surely convert many viewers to buyers. Fortunately, the ad has a direct link to the product page, where customers can easily purchase the product.

Seller’s Website

Venetto's Palmera Luxury Feather Floor/Table Lamp

Our next task is to evaluate how the seller, Venetto Design, markets the product on its website. So, on the product page, we’ll see the Palmera Luxury Feather Floor Lamp in Khaki at $1,649.95, shipping costs considered. On the page’s top banner, we’ll notice a 10% off promotion for first-time buyers, which encourages customers to purchase the product while the discount is still valid.

Further exploring the seller’s website, we’ll see that some product photos are good, while others don’t look too professional. Remember, when selling premium items, we must showcase the value of the items through our marketing materials. Likewise, product details, care instructions, and shipping & return policies are well provided.

On the lower portion of the page, we’ll find the reviews section, however, the seller has not received any rating yet. Meanwhile, we’ll notice an upselling strategy, where the store suggests cutlery sets in bundled prices with the table lamp. Although upselling is a good technique to increase our average order value, we should remember to offer relevant items to the main product, like floor mats.

Supplier’s Website

Source Feather Floor Lamp From AliExpress


Back to the source of the product, AliExpress sells the same item at $638.00, including the shipping costs. Noticeably, a special discount for new users is available, offering the item at a much lower cost. On top of that, we can get as much as a $120 discount coupon from the supplier.

Even though the description specifies the product dimensions and quantity of feathers, the section needs to be arranged. Since we’re talking about an expensive and made-to-order product, it’s important that we present it attractively. Therefore, we should use uniformly-themed images, regardless of the lamp variations.

All in all, this high-end dropshipping product gains a perfect 5/5 rating from buyers. Plus, the AliExpress store, Victory Lighting, gets 97% positive feedback and 46.9K followers. With these massive figures, we are confident that we’re dropshipping a high-quality item from the supplier.

10. Wonder Wedge Pillow

Dropshipping Wonder Wedge Pillow

Who doesn’t love a comfortable pillow while binge-watching TV or when having a good night’s sleep? That’s why we have the Wonder Wedge Pillow that can bring wonders to our beds or sofas. This dropshipping product provides back support while sitting or head elevation when sleeping.

Now, we’ll uncover the success behind dropshipping this wondrous pillow.

How much can you earn from selling the wonder wedge pillow?

  • Selling price: $85.00
  • Source price: $26.14
  • Potential profit: $58.86

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 25 to 65 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Health Condition: Back pain, Acid reflux, Sleep apnea

Facebook Ad

Kingdomium's WonderWedge Pillow FB Ad

First and foremost, we’ll analyze how effective Kingdomium’s Wonder Wedge Pillow Facebook Ad is in attracting the audience. To begin, the ad engagement includes 100+ reactions and a few other interactions. Plus, there’s a ‘Shop Now’ button for customers that leads them to the seller’s product page.

Generally, the ad image is clear and professional along with the description that compares the wedge pillow to regular ones. In addition, the ad entices customers to shop now because of the free shipping they can enjoy.

Seller’s Website

Kingdomium Dropshipping WonderWedge Pillow

Up next is the seller’s website, Kingdomium. In this store, the WonderWedge Pillow in Gray and Kingsize is available at $85, shipping costs added. Aside from Gray, we can find color options like White, Blue, Orange, Brown, and Black. Similarly, other sizes include Twin and Queen.

Interestingly, the seller has some buttons we can utilize to automatically share the product on 100+ platforms. On the other hand, the uniformity of the photos and the organization of the description can be better. For instance, we can integrate the product images with the explanations, for clearer visualization.

Nevertheless, Kingdomium offers free shipping, a 100% money-back guarantee, and 24/7 online support. Finally, if we scroll down the page, we’ll see a newsletter subscription bar, where we can submit our emails to receive the latest updates on promotions. Having this section helps the seller create a long list of email addresses, which can help optimize the business’ marketing.

Supplier’s Website

Dropship AliExpress' Cushion Cover Long Pillow

Then, we’ll assess the Cushion Cover Long Pillow from AliExpress. Here, we can source the product at $26.14, including shipping, which is 30% lower than the original price.

Moreover, the supplier sells three color choices: Blue, Gray, and Khaki. Also, the long pillow is available in five different sizes. On the other hand, customers give an average of 4.1/5 rating to the product.

Meanwhile, the description section provides instructions, material details, filler suggestions, and other information pertaining to the product. However, some images don’t look too professional. Therefore, if we want to dropship the pillow from AliExpress, we need to utilize high-quality photos that will depict the importance of the product.

How To Find High-Profit Margin Products

AutoDS Supported Dropshipping Suppliers

Awesome, we now have product ideas for our dropshipping stores! The next question is: How do we find high-profit margin products?

As presented in the previous section, we can source top profitable items from AliExpress. However, we must not limit our online stores to only one supplier. Hence, we can explore other high-profit margin product sources, such as CJDropshipping, Wayfair, and more.

Subsequently, here are the best techniques we can utilize in finding high-profit margin products:

Google Trends is an accessible tool that analyzes customer activities and provides important insights. Through this tool, we can discover the current trends, such as the popularity of high-profit margin products on the market. Thus, we’ll know what items to sell according to our audiences’ needs.

Social Media Platforms

Another prominent source of product ideas to sell is social media. On these platforms, the public shares their product preferences and wish lists, so ensure to monitor relevant hashtags and groups. From this information, we can focus on our target market and uncover the products they post or search online.

Searching On Suppliers’ Websites

As mentioned above, we can search for items like high-profit margin products on our suppliers’ websites. Some suppliers have special sections for in-demand products, where we can get ideas on what to sell. For instance, we have Amazon’s ‘Movers and Shakers’ or Banggood’s ‘Top Sellers.’

AutoDS’ Reliable Dropshipping Suppliers

For convenience, AutoDS provides a selection of 25+ reliable dropshipping suppliers for our business. From these suppliers, where we can source best-selling high-profit margin products and easily automate our dropshipping business (more on this later). 

Spy On Competitors

The next product-finding strategy is spying on our competitors. As such, monitoring what products work for other sellers will give us insights into the top items that customers frequently purchase. For example, we can utilize Koala Inspector for Shopify stores or we can manually search on marketplaces like eBay.

AutoDS Product Research Tool

For product finding, AutoDS offers its Product Research Tool that will help us search for high-profit margin products. This all-in-one program lets us filter items according to prices, shipping, warehouses, popularity, and other metrics. All in all, we’ll gain valuable information about what products are trending and will benefit us with the best profit margins.

AutoDS’ Product Finding Blog Section

Finally, we can search for trending items in the market by checking out the AutoDS blog section on product finding. Here, we’ll find articles, eBooks, courses, and other relevant content to help us pick the most profitable products to dropship.

Multiply Your Profit Margins With Dropshipping Automation

AutoDS Dropshipping Automation Features

What better way to scale our profits than by automating our business processes? Dropshipping automation allows us to multiply our profit margins by enabling a more efficient way of running our business’ everyday tasks.

In contrast, manually managing the different dropshipping procedures can substantially consume our time and effort. Therefore, we need to automate our business, so we’ll have faster and more accurate means of managing our everyday store operations.

With that being said, AutoDS is a top dropshipping automation tool in the eCommerce industry. Thus, it offers automated features that save time and resources, such as:

Now, let’s focus on the product importing feature. For product importing, AutoDS provides quick and easy methods that let us conveniently add high-profit margin products to our stores. Here are the four time-saving importing techniques:

  • One-click Importer
  • Single Product Uploader
  • Multiple Product URLs/IDs
  • Bulk Products Importer

Among these straightforward methods, let’s highlight the one-click importer.

One-Click Importer

The one-click importer allows us to import a product from our supplier’s website to our selling channel with just one click. To start utilizing the one-click importer, we need to install the AutoDS Helper Chrome Extension first.

AutoDS One-click Importer Button

Then, begin the import process by searching for a product we want to import from the supplier’s website. On the product page, we’ll see a button ‘Import to AutoDS‘ just above the product name.

AutoDS Platform's Drafts Section

Clicking this button will automatically copy the product details from the supplier’s page to the drafts section of the AutoDS platform. When the transfer is done, we can check out the product in the ‘Drafts’ section.

Optimization Of Dropshipping Product

Next, we’re ready to optimize our product, by assigning the title, collections, tags, automation, location, and other relevant settings. Doing so will improve the search engine optimization of the item. As a result, customers can easily find the product by searching for relevant keywords.

AutoDS Platform's Product Page

Once we finish the optimization process, we can click the ‘Import‘ button to transfer the product from the ‘Drafts’ section to the ‘Products’ page. After the product moves to the ‘Products’ section, it becomes live on our selling platform. By this time, customers can start buying the product in our dropshipping store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A High-Profit Margin Product? 

Essentially, a high-profit margin product lets us receive at least 30% profit per every product sold. In general, a high-profit margin product is an item with a larger profit in consideration of all business expenses.

What Products Have The Highest Profit Margins?

Among the vast selection of high-profit margin products in the market, the best ones include Case, Stand & Wallet Snap Set, Square Polarized Sunglasses, and the Windproof Leather Jacket.

How Do I Find Products With High-Profit Margins?

Aside from sourcing on AliExpress, we can find high-profit margin products through different platforms and techniques. For instance, we can search on Google Trends, spy on competitors, and utilize AutoDS’ product research tool.


Way to go! Selling high-profit margin products enable us to gain massive profits. With high-quality and best-selling products, we can attract the market and obtain huge sales.

So, what are you waiting for? Start optimizing your dropshipping processes through business automation, and expand your eCommerce venture in no time.

Bear in mind that when growing our online business, we need to explore more profitable niches. As such, here are some product finding articles that will give us the perfect ideas for our dropshipping stores: