Finally, the time has come for the best items to dropship in August! As we do every month, we’re here to help you find winning products to boost your online store sales.

As dropshippers, choosing the right item for our store can sometimes be difficult. While selecting a niche sets us within a certain range of products, it can sometimes be challenging to determine which ones benefit us most.

That’s why, once a month, we carefully select a curated collection of trending products that can attract a large audience to your online business. Let’s review them!

Best Items To Dropship In August 2024

As dropshippers, it’s very important to understand what our customers want, as their preferences keep changing. We need to adapt to these changes to keep our business running smoothly.

Seasonal changes give us special chances to succeed. With summer in its prime time, people are in the mood for fresh, new things, affecting what they buy. Are you ready to boost your business and see real results? Join us as we explore the Top 10 Products to Dropship in August 2024.

  1. Inflatable Rainbow Sprinklers
  2. Summer Pet Cooling Mats
  3. Reusable Water Balloons For Kids
  4. Heatless Curling Rod Headbands
  5. Non-Adhesive Magnolia Cling Glass
  6. Baby Head Fall Protection
  7. Silicone Swimming Fins
  8. Mini Desktop Pool Tables
  9. Italian Design Bedroom Lamps
  10. Golf Swing Trainers

Please note that prices for the products mentioned in this article may vary over time due to market fluctuations, demand changes, and other factors. The potential profits provided are for reference purposes and may not reflect current market conditions.

1. Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler

Inflatable Rainbow Splinker best items to dropship

During these hot days, people tend to do more outdoor activities, and when it comes to keeping children entertained, some products are guaranteed hits! This Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler is in the top spot of the best items to dropship in August.

Cooling off is one of the main activities for almost everyone during the summer, so pool-related products tend to sell well this season. Their practicality, eye-catching colors, and shape make them a great addition to children’s birthday parties.

  • Item Cost: $27.21
  • Being Sold For: $87
  • Potential Profit: $66.18

Seller’s Website

Inflatable Rainbow Seller

How do you think this seller could have done a better job promoting a product like this? First, whenever possible, it’s good to show the product in its usual environment; in this case, a photo of the item in action in the yard would have been great. Additionally, the information could be a bit more concise and direct. Lastly, adding user reviews never hurts!

TikTok Ad

Inflatable Rainbow TikTok

As we can imagine, such a colorful and cheerful product is highly promotable on social media platforms like TikTok. While this post gathered over 7,000 likes, you can generate much more engagement with the right approach and a good marketing strategy.

Product img
Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 2 days

2. Summer Pet Cooling Mat

Summer Pet Cooling Mat best items to dropship

Did you know that the pet products niche is one of the most profitable in dropshipping? More and more people are adopting animals, and some dogs and cats are even treated like children! This, combined with the significant increase in consumer environmental awareness, makes this Summer Pet Cooling Mat one of the best items to dropship in August.

  • Item Cost: $4.59
  • Being Sold For: $33.95
  • Potential Profit: $31.11

Seller’s Website

Summer Pet Cooling Mat Seller

In this case, the seller added more product photos and organized the key information into an easy-to-read bulleted list. Evaluating how we promote our products is key to the success of our online store. We’re making things more difficult if we don’t provide enough information, overload the listing with too much information, or fail to address a buyer’s basic questions.

Facebook Ad

Summer Pet Cooling Mat Facebook

The cuteness and charm that pets often have open up many possibilities for promoting products related to this niche. By appealing to the emotional content we can create, we can make illustrative videos that people will watch, leading them to our online store. In this case, we can see that the Facebook ad did quite well, getting over 4,500 reactions.

3. Reusable Water Balloons For Kids

Water Balloons AutoDS best items to dropship

Let us explain why these reusable water balloons for kids are part of our list of best items to dropship in August. Essentially, they combine two things: fun and environmental consciousness. You probably played water balloon fights with your friends as a kid, right? Well, this is an improvement on that game because, being reusable, the customer only needs to buy them once. Not only do we help the planet, but we also create savings for the buyer, which always attracts more purchases.

  • Item Cost: $29.88
  • Being Sold For: $29.99
  • Potential Profit: $10.57

Seller’s Website

Water Balloons Seller's Website

In this case, we can see that the seller used illustrative photos to demonstrate how the balloons work. When we want customers to understand the practicality of something, including a video fully adds a lot of value. A positive aspect of this listing is that it includes user reviews, which, as mentioned above, are often crucial for sales.


Water Balloons TikTok

Of course, a colorful and summery item like this resonates well with the TikTok audience, which is why, as we can see, this video achieved good views and reactions. Concepts such as summer, the outdoors, fun, and sharing are extremely useful for creating organic and valuable content that helps us increase our sales.

4. Heatless Curling Rod Headband

Curling Headband Amazon best items to dropship

Everything related to fashion and personal care also falls under an evergreen niche, as these products are constantly in demand, and the field is continuously updated. This Heatless Curling Rod Headband can be a great addition to your online store. Ideal for a female audience, this product enables the creation of curls without the need for a lengthy treatment.

  • Item Cost: $3.82
  • Being Sold For: $21.77
  • Potential Profit: $20.78

Seller’s Website

Curling Headband Seller

In this case, the seller did an excellent job for several reasons. First, they included illustrative GIFs in their listing, adding value to products people don’t see often. Additionally, they included “before and after” photos to showcase its effectiveness. They even added a humorous touch by uploading a funny image of someone whose hair straightener exploded, highlighting how this Heatless Curling Headband would replace it.

TikTok Ad

Curling Headband TikTok

The likes on this post do not indicate what you can achieve with your own advertising on social media. For example, the person in the video has black hair and is trying a black Heatless Curling Headband, which prevents it from standing out. Additionally, for items like this, it’s a good idea to consider partnering with a beauty influencer to increase traffic to your store.

5. Non-Adhesive Magnolia Cling Glass

Non Adhesive Magnolia Glass best items to dropship

Do you like stained glass windows? Then you’re going to love this Non-Adhesive Magnolia Cling Glass. Offer your customers the opportunity to add some privacy to their windows with an item that also serves as a decorative ornament for beautifying the home. It fits stylishly in various places around the house, including doors, skylights, interior windows, and showers.

  • Item Cost: $14.90
  • Being Sold For: $95
  • Potential Profit: $94.01

Seller’s Website

Non Adhesive Magnolia Seller

This ad has an aesthetic that matches the product itself, making the post more organic. In this case, since we are talking about an item that requires installation, albeit a simple one, it would be beneficial to include brief instructions or an illustrative image showing how to apply the product to the windows.

TikTok Ad

Non Adhesive Magnolia Glass TikTok

Videos always help us sell products like these that aren’t fully understood with just a photo. That’s why, with the right tools, you can take advantage of TikTok to generate views, reactions, and visits to your page!

Beginner’s Tip: Check out the hack we have for you. With our TikTok Ads Spy, you can access a curated collection of successful videos and valuable information to create more successful content on your social media.

6. Baby Head Fall Protection

Baby Head Fall Protection AutoDS best items to dropship

Earlier, we discussed evergreen niches, and baby products definitely fall into that category. At this very moment, while you’re reading this article, hundreds of babies are being born worldwide. That’s why our list of best items to dropship in August continues with this Baby Head Fall Protection, a product designed for parents who want to keep their children safe without constantly hovering over them, allowing them freedom of movement.

  • Item Cost: $7.17
  • Being Sold For: $33.33
  • Potential Profit: $34.89

Seller’s Website

Baby Head Fall Protection Seller

This is a product that can be sold by highlighting its practicality. We are talking about something specifically designed to protect little ones, allowing them to walk and move without the risk of getting hurt if they fall. If we emphasize its comfort and practicality, especially for children taking their first steps, we can advertise it correctly, just like this seller did.

Tik Tok Ad

Baby Head Fall Protection TikTok

As you can see, this product is a huge success in terms of views and reactions on this TikTok video. Showing it used in different situations and by children of various ages greatly highlights the product’s versatility. Like with pets, content featuring babies and children doing cute or fun things tends to be a hit on social media.

 7. Silicone Swimming Fins

Silicone Fins AliExpress best items to dropship

Remember Aquaman? This product allows your customers to feel like the aquatic superhero momentarily! Jokes aside, these Silicone Swimming Fins are ideal for those who practice swimming as a professional sport. Just like “frog feet,” they help increase swimming speed and improve technique by adding propulsion for water sports enthusiasts.

  • Item Cost: $2.05
  • Being Sold For: $19.98
  • Potential Profit: $18.99

Seller’s Website

Silicone Fins Seller

As we’ve said throughout the article, adding user reviews to your listing is very beneficial. It helps build our brand identity and creates a connection with our audience. Customers often look at reviews before purchasing to see what others think of the product. In this case, having good feedback helps boost sales.

Tik Tok Ad

Silicone Fins Ad

Of course, another reason why this product is on our list of best items to dropship in August is because it’s summer. Items related to water, pools, and cooling off sell more during the hot seasons. By keeping this in mind, we can understand that demand for some products is seasonal, and we can get more profit from them depending on the time of year. This product has already hit TikTok!

8. Mini Desktop Pool Table

Mini Desktop Pool Table best items to dropship

Summer doesn’t just mean spending time outdoors and getting in the water! It also comes with more free time to share with friends and family. That’s why the next item on our best items to dropship in August is this Desktop Pool Table. Ideal for having fun on cloudy days or at night, this game brings all the fun of pool in the practicality and portability of a pocket-sized item.

  • Item Cost: $10.62
  • Being Sold For: $146.70
  • Potential Profit: $136.07

Seller’s Website

Desktop Pool Table Seller

This is a case to see what we can improve when promoting this type of product. While the post is relatively correct, being a game, it could have included images of people having fun or added more color in general. The ad only shows the product box, which tells us little about its size, how it fits on a table, or how it’s played.

TikTok Ad

Desktop Pool Table TikTok

Pool is about movement, fun, and color. These factors greatly help us when thinking about a video to promote this type of product. To brainstorm strategies, it’s very useful to order a sample product for ourselves and test its features to spark our creativity and apply it to the marketing of our listings.

9. Italian Design Bedroom Lamp

Design Bedroom Lamp AliExpress best items to dropship

Seasonal changes often bring about a change initiative among people. Updating the outfit or changing home decor is part of this initiative. As we can see in Google Trends, home decor is another one of those niches that trend throughout the year. However, if we can present products like this Italian Design Bedroom Lamp with a “renewal vibe,” we can increase sales.

Home Decor Stats

Beginner’s Tip: Google Trends is an excellent tool for researching trending products and niches, providing valuable insights for advertising our store’s products.

  • Item Cost: $28.89
  • Being Sold For: $137.15
  • Potential Profit: $114.48

Seller’s Website

Design Bedroom Lamp Seller

Products like lamps are promoted much better when we sell the atmosphere. They help create beyond just the physical product itself. While this seller’s listing includes several photos, only one has the lamp turned on. Nonetheless, they do well to include the different colors in which the product is available to attract various types of customers by offering variety.

TikTok Ad

Design Bedroom Lamp TikTok

While this TikTok didn’t get many reactions, it’s a well-made video. Showing the product unboxing and how it looks installed in different contexts is the ABC of showcasing products on social media. However, products like lamps give us plenty of room for creativity in promotion. It wouldn’t hurt to add books and rugs or show an entire room to properly reflect the atmosphere created by our number 9 item selected for this list of best items to dropship in August.

 10. Golf Swing Trainer

Golf Swing Trainer best items to dropship

Summer leads us to think about outdoor sports, and golf naturally comes to mind when we talk about such activities. That’s why the last product on our list of best items to dropship in August is this golf swing trainer. For athletes looking to improve their technique or beginners aiming to enhance their golf skills, this item is a great tool and, therefore, a good option to add to your online store.

  • Item Cost:$21.13
  • Being Sold For:  $51.49
  • Potential Profit: $35.59

Seller’s Website

Golf Swing Trainer Seller

Once again, this seller included reviews from satisfied buyers to showcase the product, which boosts the rating of their listing. With a wide variety of photos, graphics, and explanatory GIFs, this page maximizes the product’s functionality using different audiovisual formats. It’s a good example when posting the Golf Trainer on your online store.

Facebook Ad

Golf Swing Trainer Facebook

This video is good at showing someone how to use the device with their body; however, it didn’t get many reactions. For these niche-targeted products, it wouldn’t hurt to consider contacting an influencer or professional golfer who can help us create more organic content that appeals to the right audience.


Best Items To Dropship In July

As the summer sun blazes in July, it’s the perfect time to dive into the best items to dropship in July. Knowing what products are in high demand can make all the difference in maximizing your store’s sales. Thankfully, July brings various opportunities, from summer essentials to trending gadgets, that can attract customers looking for the best deals to complement their summer activities.

Here, we’ll explore the hottest dropshipping trends of the season. We’ll highlight items that cater to the summertime lifestyle, including must-have outdoor gear, fashionable accessories, and innovative tech gadgets. Our goal is to provide you with a curated list that aligns with current market trends and seasonal needs, helping you boost your dropshipping business during this vibrant month. So, let’s dive in and discover what products can heat your sales this July!

With the sun blasting and summer vibes all around us in July, you can feel how people are more open to buying online. We have to thank the sunny days for that! Therefore, this list of the best items to dropship in July has a little bit of everything. You can find home accessories, baby gadgets, perfect gifts, summer items, and more. Let’s jump right in!

  1. Tea Infuser Tumblers
  2. Car Seat Safety Neck Pillows
  3. Portable Juice Bottle & Electric Blenders
  4. Balance Stepping Stones Sets
  5. Cooking Oven Play House Toys
  6. Double Layered Satin Night Caps
  7. Ball Pit with Thickened Cottons
  8. Sea Moss Supplements
  9. Nails Spray AirBrush Compressor Kits
  10. Solar Fountain Pumps

1. Tea Infuser Tumblers

best items to dropship In July

Let’s begin with the best items to dropship in July with this Tea Infuser Tumbler. This is an ideal product for tea enthusiasts needing a convenient, portable solution. This innovative tumbler allows users to steep loose-leaf tea or tea bags directly in the tumbler, making it perfect for on-the-go use. With a built-in infuser, it’s easy to brew tea to the desired strength, ensuring a perfect cup every time. Its sleek and durable design makes it a stylish and practical accessory for tea lovers everywhere.

Product img
Tea Infuser Bottle
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 1 - 4 days

Dropshipping this tumbler in July is fantastic as people are more likely to be out and about enjoying summer activities. This product appeals to a broad audience, including health-conscious individuals and busy professionals who want to enjoy their favorite beverage wherever they go. The Tea Infuser Tumbler provides a solution for tea lovers and taps into the growing trend of portable and sustainable drinkware, making it a must-have item in your e-commerce store.

Seller’s Website

Seller's website tea infuser tumbler

On this website, there are several best practices to note. The seller has a very easy-to-navigate website, which is crucial for enhancing the customer experience. They have also included high-quality pictures showing how to use the product, which helps potential buyers understand its functionality and visualize its benefits.

Additionally, featuring customer reviews adds credibility and can significantly boost sales by building trust. However, there is room for improvement, such as incorporating a few videos. Videos can demonstrate the product in use, highlighting its features and benefits more vividly.

TikTok Ad

Tea Infuser Tumbler tiktok ad

The video is very aesthetic, with excellent lighting that showcases the product well. It’s clear and easy to understand, making it engaging for viewers. However, there are areas for improvement. The ad could benefit from a stronger hook at the beginning to capture viewers’ attention more effectively. Additionally, incorporating more relevant hashtags could help increase the ad’s reach and visibility to the target audience. While the ad has strong visual appeal, more opportunities exist to enhance its effectiveness.

2. Car Seat Safety Neck Pillows

best items to dropship in july

Second on this list of the best items to dropship in July is the Car Seat Safety Neck Pillow. This ingenious accessory provides essential support and comfort for both drivers and passengers, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride, even on the longest trips. Its ergonomic design holds the neck and head, preventing strain and promoting better posture. It is crucial for maintaining comfort and safety during travel!

Adding this product to your store in July is a strategic move, particularly as families and road trip enthusiasts gear up for summer adventures. Parents, commuters, professional drivers, and anyone embarking on a road trip will appreciate this pillow’s support. With a profit margin of $58, it presents a lucrative opportunity for your business! You can position it as a must-have accessory for anyone hitting the road this summer by highlighting its benefits for posture, comfort, and safety.

Seller’s Website

neck pillow seller's website

The seller presents the Car Seat Safety Neck Pillow with effective strategies. It features great pictures of the product and, importantly, showcases the product used in a car. These images help customers visualize how the neck pillow can enhance their travel experience. Additionally, they include customer reviews to build trust and provide social proof.

The website’s clean and clear design makes it easy for customers to find information and make purchases. Together, these elements create a nice presentation that ensures potential buyers are well-informed and confident in their purchasing decisions.

Facebook Ad

neck car pillow facebook ad

This Facebook Ad showcases several strong points. The short video effectively demonstrates how the pillow works, featuring it being used by an actual baby. This hands-on approach best showcases the product’s benefits and functionality, reassuring potential buyers. It effectively delivers its message and engages viewers without any notable shortcomings, making it highly effective in promoting one of the best items to dropship this month.

3. Portable Juice Bottles & Electric Blenders

best items to dropship in july

Staying healthy on the go has never been easier than with the Portable Juice Bottle & Electric Blender. This versatile appliance lets users extract nutritious juice from fruits and vegetables, ensuring they enjoy fresh, homemade juice everywhere. Its compact, portable design makes it perfect for busy professionals, health-conscious individuals, and parents wanting to provide their kids with healthy, delicious beverages.

Adding this blender to your offerings in July is a fantastic opportunity. You can target consumers looking to enhance their health and wellness routines, as well as people who love fancy kitchen solutions. Summer is a prime time for fresh produce, and this juicer allows people to make the most of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Highlight its convenience, health benefits, and versatility to attract customers eager to maintain healthy lifestyles during summer!

Seller’s Website

seller's website juice blender

The seller effectively uses an aesthetic that reflects an environmental commitment, with the green color scheme resonating with eco-conscious consumers. However, there is room for improvement in a few areas. Adding a video or tutorial on using the product would greatly enhance customer understanding and appeal. Additionally, a more detailed description of the product’s features would help potential buyers fully appreciate its benefits and functionality.

Facebook Ad

juice bottle blender facebook ad

The clear and concise video provides a quick demonstration of how to use the product. This approach effectively communicates the product’s functionality. However, there is room for improvement. While the ad is well-executed, it could leverage adding copy that speaks directly to its target audience. Incorporating messaging that addresses the specific needs or preferences of the target persona could further enhance the ad’s effectiveness.

Google Trends

Top 10 Products To Dropship In July google trends

As you can see, this is definitely one of the best items to dropship in July.  The spike in Google searches for this blender reflects a growing trend among consumers during summer. With people increasingly prioritizing health and wellness in the warmer months, the convenience of a portable juice blender becomes particularly appealing. Whether for refreshing smoothies on beach outings or nutritious drinks, this product aligns perfectly with consumers’ lifestyles in July!

4. Balance Stepping Stones Sets

best items to dropship in july

The Balance Stepping Stones Set is next on this list of the best items to dropship in July. This great addition to any playground gives children an engaging and beneficial outdoor activity. These colorful, durable stepping stones promote physical activity, balance, and coordination, making them perfect for active playtime. The set is also an excellent tool for educators and occupational therapists, who can use it to create therapeutic activities that improve spatial awareness and motor skills.

Introducing it in your e-commerce store this July is smart, as families look for ways to keep children active and entertained during the summer break. Parents will appreciate providing their kids with a fun, healthy activity that gets them moving outdoors. The educational benefits also make it appealing to schools and therapy centers. By highlighting its role in promoting physical development and active play, you can attract a broad customer base, from parents to professionals in child development fields.

Seller’s Website

balance set seller's website

The website is clearly child-oriented, which is ideal for attracting parents and caregivers. They provide pictures of the product in use, helping potential buyers visualize the fun and developmental benefits for children. However, these site could benefit from incorporating customer reviews. Reviews add a layer of credibility and trust, showing potential buyers that others have had positive experiences with the product. Overall, while the current presentation is strong, adding customer feedback could significantly boost engagement and sales.

TikTok Ad

balance stepping stones set tiktok ad

This set ad on TikTok stands out for its effectiveness in engaging its target audience (moms). The video showcases how the product works and why it’s beneficial, effectively highlighting its features and advantages. The ad’s success is evident in its impressive results, with over 26k likes showing strong viewer engagement! Overall, it effectively delivers its message and engages its audience on TikTok.

5. Cooking Oven Play House Toys

best items to dropship in july

The Cooking Oven Play House Toy is definitely one of the best items to dropship this month. It’s an interactive kitchen playset that brings the magic of cooking into children’s hands. This educational toy mimics an actual air fryer, allowing kids to pretend-cook their favorite meals while fostering creativity and imagination. It encourages imaginative play and helps children learn about cooking and healthy eating in a safe, fun, and engaging way.

Selling the Cooking Oven Play House Toy in your e-commerce store is a brilliant choice for several reasons. It appeals to children and parents who value toys that blend fun with educational benefits. As we can see, the trend towards educational toys that promote life skills is growing, and this toy fits perfectly into that niche. This product provides entertainment and encourages children to understand basic cooking concepts, making it a sought-after product likely to drive consistent sales throughout the summer.

Seller’s Website

cooking oven toy seller's website

The website features a clean and attractive aesthetic. However, the seller could improve it by including more real toy pictures instead of just a montage. Potential buyers want to see what the product looks like in real life. Additionally, the product description could be more detailed. Providing more information about the toy’s features and benefits can help customers make an informed decision.

TikTok Ad

toy air fryer tiktok ad

This ad on TikTok has several strengths. It shows how the product works, allowing viewers to see the materials and size. This transparency helps potential buyers understand the product better. However, there is a possible area for improvement: The ad could be more impactful if it showed the toy being used by a child instead of an adult. This would better resonate with the target audience and highlight the toy’s appeal to kids.

Google Trends

Top 10 Products To Dropship In July google trends

You can clearly tell that the Cooking Oven Play House Toy is becoming one of the best items to dropship in July. Google Trends shows that more people are searching for it, which means it’s getting popular. This makes sense because it’s summer, and kids want fun toys to play with during their break! This toy is a great option for families looking to boost independence and fun in their kids this season. 

6. Double Layered Satin Night Caps

best items to dropship in july

The Double Layered Satin Nightcap is a luxurious and practical accessory to protect hair while sleeping. Made from high-quality satin, this nightcap is soft, breathable, and skin-friendly, helping to reduce friction between hair and pillow. This prevents hair from drying, breaking, and falling out. The unique double-layer design features two colors, allowing users to match it with different outfits, and its wide, soft elastic band ensures comfort without leaving marks.

Dropshipping the Double Layered Satin Night Cap during July is a fantastic idea, especially as people focus on maintaining their beauty routines during the summer. Its one-size-fits-all elastic band and adjustable strap offer a comfortable fit for everyone. You can attract a wide range of customers by highlighting its benefits for hair protection and its multiple uses. Its practical design and high-quality material make it a desirable product that addresses common hair care concerns, making it a must-have accessory for those looking to maintain healthy hair effortlessly.

How To Market This Product?

To market the Double Layered Satin Night Cap, highlight its benefits for hair care and its versatile uses. Here’s how:

  • Influencer Collaborations: Work with beauty and hair care influencers to show how the nightcap protects hair, prevents breakage, and keeps hair shiny. Influencers can show it in their nightly routines.
  • User-Generated Content: Ask customers to share their experiences and photos using the nightcap on social media. Feature these testimonials and pictures on your website and social channels.
  • Video Demonstrations: Create short videos showing how to wear the nightcap, its reversible design, and its different uses, such as sleeping, skincare routines, and housework.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of features like the AutoDS TikTok Spy Tool to know exactly what’s trending at the moment in TikTok!

TikTok Ad

saten nightcap tiktok ad

This TikTok Ad excels at various levels. By featuring an actual woman using and discussing the product, the ad feels organic and authentic. The comparison to a different version of the nightcap further highlights its superiority, effectively showcasing its benefits.

The ad’s success is evident in its impressive engagement—over 225k likes! However, there are opportunities for improvement. Adding subtitles could make the ad more accessible, and including a clear CTA could prompt viewers to purchase quickly. 

7. Ball Pits With Thickened Cotton

best items to dropship in july

Adding the Ball Pit with Thickened Cotton to your e-commerce store is a brilliant way to appeal to parents and caregivers. This ball pit offers a soft, cushioned environment that provides endless entertainment while promoting active and sensory play. This toy is ideal for the summer, which makes it one of the best items to dropship this month.

Parents will appreciate the safety features of the thickened cotton design, ensuring that kids can play without risks. Daycare providers and early childhood educators will find it an invaluable interactive play area that encourages physical activity and social interaction among children. With this product, you can attract customers eager to provide engaging and safe play options for their little ones. This versatile product is sure to be a hit.

Seller’s Website

ball pit seller's website

The Ball Pit with Thickened Cotton is well presented on the website. The site has a colorful and vibrant design that matches the fun nature of the product. The descriptions provided are clear and informative. However, there is room for improvement: Adding a few videos could greatly enhance the product listing. Videos can show the ball pit in action and help customers better understand its size and features. This simple addition can make the product more appealing and easier to visualize.

Facebook Ad

ball pit facebook ad

This Facebook Ad showcases several strengths. The ad effectively shows the joy and fun associated with the product by featuring a happy baby playing in the ball pit. Also, using subtitles to explain the product’s features and benefits improves comprehension for viewers, ensuring they understand its value. It effectively delivers its message and engages viewers, making it highly effective in promoting the product in a few seconds.

8. Sea Moss Supplements

best items to dropship in july

The Sea Moss Supplement is an all-in-one formula that enhances overall wellness with a potent blend of 15+ super ingredients. Each serving packs a powerful punch with 19,445 mg, substantially boosting health. Key ingredients such as Sea Moss, Black Seed Oil, Ashwagandha, and Turmeric offer a range of benefits, including improved digestion and immune support.

Dropshipping the Sea Moss Supplement in July is strategic as people often focus on health and wellness during summer. By mentioning its high potency, trusted third-party validation, and the multitude of health benefits it offers, you can attract health-conscious customers looking for effective and natural supplements. Promote the supplement as a versatile addition to anyone’s wellness routine, and watch as it becomes a staple product!

How To Market This Product?

To market the Sea Moss Supplement, focus on its health benefits and unique ingredients. Here are a few ideas:

  • Educational Content: Create simple blog posts, videos, and infographics explaining the benefits of Sea Moss. Show how these ingredients help with digestion, boost immunity, and improve overall health.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Share testimonials, user reviews, and before-and-after results on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Partner with health and wellness influencers to reach more people.
  • SEO Optimization: Make sure your product pages and content are easy to find on search engines. Use keywords like “Sea Moss benefits,” “natural supplements,” and “immune support.”

Beginner’s Tip: Check the marketing section on our blog for the best tips, tricks, and strategies for marketing your dropshipping store.

TikTok Ad

sea moss supplement tiktok ad

Featuring a guy giving an honest product review adds authenticity and credibility to this TikTok ad. This genuine and organic approach resonates well with viewers and contributes to the ad’s success, which is evident in its impressive engagement with almost 140k likes. In essence, the ad effectively leverages authentic testimonials to promote the product, engaging viewers and instilling trust. Human testimonials are always a great way to promote products on TikTok!

9. Nails Spray AirBrush Compressor Kits

best items to dropship in july

The Nails Spray AirBrush Compressor Kit is a must-have for anyone passionate about nail art. This kit includes a high-quality airbrush and a reliable compressor, enabling users to precisely create stunning nail designs. This kit simplifies the process of applying detailed designs and gradients, bringing a professional touch to every manicure.

The appeal of creating salon-quality nails at home will attract a broad audience, from DIY enthusiasts to professional nail technicians. By highlighting its ease of use, professional-grade results, and the creativity it enables, you can draw in customers eager to enhance their nail art capabilities. This innovative and efficient tool promises a steady demand, making it a lucrative addition to your product lineup.

Seller’s Website

airbrush kit seller's website

The presentation of the Nails Spray AirBrush Compressor Kit has many positives. The description is super clear and easy to understand. There are plenty of pictures and examples showing how to use the kit, which is very helpful. However, it could be improved by adding customer reviews!

TikTok Ad

nail spray airbrush tiktok ad

This ad on TikTok effectively shows the product in action, with a nail technician using it to create a pretty design on a nail. This hands-on demonstration adds credibility and proof of the product’s functionality. However, there are areas for improvement. The ad could be a little longer to give viewers a more detailed look at the product. Additionally, since the product isn’t clearly visible in the video, showing it more prominently could help viewers better understand its features and benefits. 

10. Solar Fountain Pumps

best items to dropship in july

The 3.5W Solar Fountain Pump offers any backyard aesthetic appeal and environmental benefits. This solar-powered fountain features vibrant LED lights, adding a touch of magic to outdoor spaces. Also, it’s eco-friendly, harnessing solar energy to operate, and is easy to install.

Adding it to your e-commerce store this July is an excellent idea, as people spend more time outdoors enjoying their gardens and patios during the summer. Combining a beautiful water feature and energy-efficient design will appeal to eco-conscious consumers and garden enthusiasts. This product enhances the ambiance of any garden and aligns with the growing trend of sustainable living, ensuring it will be a popular choice among your clientele.

Seller’s Website

solar fountain seller's website

The product is well-presented and has several strong points. It includes customer reviews, which add credibility. The product description is good and provides the necessary details. However, the pictures could be better. More real and high-quality images would help customers better visualize the product and its features.

TikTok Ad

solar fountain tiktok ad

Lastly, this TikTok ad displays the product in use, set in a real backyard environment, creating a pretty visual presentation. However, the ad could benefit from showing how the product works at night or from different angles to provide a more comprehensive view of its features. Additionally, demonstrating the fountain’s installation process could help viewers understand its ease of use and installation requirements.


Best Items To Dropship In June

Keeping up with market trends and consumer preferences is essential for the growth of our dropshipping venture. Identifying the most opportune products to sell based on seasonal demand enables us to distinguish ourselves. That’s why we want to share with you the Best items to dropship in June!

Navigating the myriad factors influencing our dropshipping operations, such as fluctuating markets, evolving customer behaviors, and sourcing reliable suppliers, is undoubtedly challenging and time-intensive.  That’s where we come in: to streamline your efforts by revealing the best items To Dropship In June, empowering you to update your online store with lucrative and trending products.

As summer approaches, it presents an optimal occasion to revitalize your online store’s inventory. By integrating these sought-after products, you can significantly enhance your sales performance. Let’s delve into the curated list of the best items to dropship in June.

As dropshippers, understanding our customers’ ever-evolving preferences is paramount. With public demands in constant flux, adapting to these shifts is essential for the seamless operation of our business.

Seasonal transitions offer unique opportunities for us to thrive. With summer on the horizon, the atmosphere of rejuvenation extends to consumer purchasing habits. Are you prepared to elevate your business and achieve tangible results? Embark with us on a journey to explore the  Best Items To Dropship In June 2024.

  1. Diamond Glitter Mascara
  2. Heart-Shaped Earphones
  3. Portable Camping Shower
  4. Grill Brush Replaceable Barbecue Cleaner
  5. Seashell Display Box
  6. Inflatable Water Spray Pad Mat
  7. Garden Sculptures
  8. Multi-Purpose Big Hat
  9. Flower Hair Claw Hairpin
  10. Summer Cat Bed

1. Diamond Glitter Mascara

Glitter Mascara best items to dropship

Seasonal changes bring about changes in appearance. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why one of the best-selling items we recommend considering this June is the Diamond Glitter Mascara. It is an ideal product for makeup and beauty enthusiasts looking to add a glamorous touch to the eye area.

Furthermore, it is a product that can be used daily, making it versatile and appealing to a wide range of audiences. Fashion-conscious and trendy customers are definitely a target audience to focus on.

  • Item Cost: $2.91
  • Being Sold For: $24.99
  • Potential Profit: $22.08

TikTok Ad

Glitter Mascara TikTok Add

As seen in the likes, shares, and comments of this TikTok video, this glitter mask is a product with significant potential for visibility and sales. Makeup offers numerous opportunities for marketing strategies, especially when showcasing its use, as demonstrated in this advertisement. Considering partnering with an influencer in this product category is definitely not a bad idea at all.

Seller’s Website

Mascara Seller's Website

This advertisement does a good job of displaying high-quality images that showcase the color of the mascara and its application, along with appropriate descriptions. However, as mentioned earlier, this type of product offers a wide range of creative ideas for promotion. Including fewer “computerized” photos and showing more of the actual usage of this makeup and its results can help us sell it much more effectively.

Product img
Eyelash Glitter Mascara
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 2 days

2. Heart-Shaped Earphones

Heart Shaped Earphones best items to dropship

The introduction of Bluetooth technology into the audio systems realm has come to stay. The comfort and practicality of not having to untangle cables constantly have turned Bluetooth devices into a sales hit. The Google Trends graph below shows how interest in Bluetooth devices remains steady. These Heart Shaped Earphones are no exception!

Heart Shaped Earphones Google Trends

Featuring a charming design and wireless connectivity, these headphones offer a stylish and convenient way to enjoy music. They’re essential for fashion-forward individuals who value both style and practicality. By blending fashion and technology, these earphones appeal to a broad audience eager to listen to their favorite music conveniently while showcasing their style simultaneously.

  • Item Cost: $6.14
  • Being Sold For: $97
  • Potential Profit: $90.86

TikTok Add

TikTok earphones Heart Shaped

As we can see in the screenshot, these headphones are a hit on social media! Being a product that offers a practical advantage and showcases an attractive design and color, we can advertise it in various creative ways to maximize its potential.  These headphones are presented in a very aesthetic and subtle manner, which is why an unboxing video like this can be a strategy that significantly assists us with sales.

Seller’s Website

Sellers' Website

Just as it’s a good idea to do an unboxing to promote this type of product, as we saw in the TikTok ad, announcing it on your store and showing the different accessories it comes with is very helpful. This seller uses photos for each of the different colors the headphones come in, which is better than showing it in just one color. It would also be very helpful if they showed user reviews or comments from satisfied customers.

3. Portable Camping Shower

Portable Camping Shower Amazon best items to dropship

There is a large number of people who love camping and outdoor adventures but also value the comforts of everyday life. For that specific niche, we have this hand-picked product, the Portable Camping Shower, which offers a very original practicality: the ability to give yourself a good shower anywhere! Ideal for camping enthusiasts and explorers of all ages.

Furthermore, the versatility of this shower allows it to be promoted to different audiences. Not only does it serve for showering while camping, but it can also be comfortably used by pet lovers to bathe their dogs or assist in thoroughly washing their vehicles. Its many uses and practicality solidify it as one of our best items To Dropship in June.

Beginner’s Tip: This type of product belonging to such a specific niche allows us to bundle it with other products from the same niche to sell them as a pair. Don’t miss adding this Outdoor Camping Picnic Stainless Steel Spoon!

  • Item Cost: $23.05
  • Being Sold For: $45
  • Potential Profit:  $21.19

Facebook Ad

Portable Camping Shower Add

While this Facebook Ad isn’t filmed in the highest quality or the most aesthetic manner, it shows us this product’s potential due to its practicality. With a simple video showing a person demonstrating the various uses of this shower, we already get many interactions from users. This demonstrates that sometimes products almost sell themselves! Especially if they present a practical versatility like this one.

Seller’s Website

Seller's Website portable shower

In the photo album included by this seller in the product advertisement, we can see the different uses we were talking about earlier, leveraging the various niches we can exploit with the versatility of this shower. Additionally, it provides added value by showcasing the positive reactions of those who purchased this product. Including this type of reviews and ratings is key to the success of our dropshipping store.

4. Grill Brush Replaceable Barbecue Cleaner

Grill Brush Replaceable Barbecue Cleaner best items to dropship

The fourth spot on our list of best items to dropship in June goes to this Grill Brush Replaceable Barbecue Cleaner because, as we’ve said before, practicality sells. For barbecue lovers and grill enthusiasts, this item can save them a lot of headaches. In everyday life, some things are very difficult or impractical to clean, especially when it comes to an item on which we will be cooking food. We can’t use just any type of cleaning product or tool.   

Offering the BBQ Grill Brush in your e-commerce store addresses the escalating worry surrounding grill brush safety while providing a premium, eco-conscious solution. By emphasizing safety and sustainability, you meet the demands of grill enthusiasts in search of dependable and eco-friendly tools and establish your store as a reliable destination for innovative and responsible outdoor cooking accessories.

  • Item Cost: $3.63
  • Being Sold For: $82.49
  • Potential Profit:  $78.86

TikTok Ad

Grill Brush Replaceable Barbecue Cleaner TikTok Add

This TikTok ad has a unique approach that captures people’s attention. It’s a story about a nurse recounting how a patient suffered from various ear ailments due to exposure to tiny metal fibers from a conventional grill cleaner. Besides the nurse, we can see a man showing us the difference between those cleaners and this one, which is more eco-friendly and prevents risks and damage like the nurse’s story.

Even when it’s not the happiest, storytelling resonates differently with the audience as people can relate to what they see. Although it has some likes, this product has much more sales potential. Let’s try out some strategies!

Seller’s Website

Grill Brush Replaceable Barbecue Cleaner Seller's Webste

As we can see in the screenshot, this seller not only added the necessary information, such as illustrative photos, price, and shipping details but also included a high-quality video below showcasing the uses of this grill cleaner. This is part of our best items to dropship in June because, in addition to practicality, it aims to prevent household accidents and contribute to the environment.

5. Seashell Display Box

Seashell Display Box AutoDS best items to dropship

If there’s a hobby, there’s a niche to sell your products. The fifth position on our best items To Dropship in June proves it. We offer you the opportunity to boost your sales by adding this Seashell Display Box Acrylic Magnetic to your online store: an ideal product for collectors or sea lovers who want to bring a bit of the beach to their homes in an aesthetic way.

With a large number of transparent compartments to display seashells, this box makes the activity of walking along the beach collecting small treasures much more enjoyable. It’s an item appreciated by adults of all ages and can be used to store various items one intends to collect.

  • Item Cost: $3.40
  • Being Sold For: $24.26
  • Potential Profit:  $20.86

Facebook Ad

Seashell Display Box Add

As we can see, this product is a success on Facebook. In an aesthetically pleasing video showcasing the sea, we can see the exact use of this item. When we market products with a specific theme like this, we can leverage that theme for our advertising. The ocean and things related to the sea offer numerous alternatives to sell more and more in our online store!

Seller’s Website

Seashell Display Box Sellers Website

Look how clever this seller was in adding to the necessary product information the interactions that this box has on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This is complemented by high-quality photos, user reviews, and a concise, clear description of its uses. This is an example of a job well done, and we recommend you consider it when promoting this Hand Picked Product in your store!

6. Inflatable Water Spray Pad Mat

Inflatable Water Spray PAd Mat Walmart best items to dropship

Dropshipping pet products implies almost guaranteed success. Its niche can be capitalized on due to its creativity, practicality, and pet care opportunities. As mentioned earlier, animal lovers take the well-being of their furry friends very seriously, which is why this Inflatable Water Spray Pad Mat could be a hit in your store!

This Dog Splash Pad presents an inflatable pool tailored for canine enjoyment and cooling off. Ideal for scorching summer days, its shallow pool offers a secure and fun environment for relaxation. Crafted from durable, easy-to-clean materials, it ensures a lasting delight for pets and effortless upkeep for owners. 

Moreover, remember that due to its size and functionalities,  this product can also be marketed for babies and toddlers, which leads us to another successful niche since Baby Products is an evergreen niche.

  • Item Cost: $14.85
  • Being Sold For: $55.96
  • Potential Profit:  $47.83

TikTok Ad

Inflatable Water Spray PAd Mat TikTok Add

As mentioned above, this niche offers various creative ways to promote products. In this case, for example, the account that uploaded the video is dedicated to portraying the lives of two sibling dogs. Creating organic and genuine content and alternating that content with advertising and videos focused on selling a product is a valuable strategy. However, while the video had some impact, it could reach many more people.

Seller’s  Website

Inflatable Water Spray PAd Mat Website

This seller does an excellent job of including several key points when promoting these products. Not only do they provide a suitable description, but they also add high-quality photos, user manuals, and reviews from satisfied customers. 

Beginner’s Tip: If you like the appearance of this online store, remember that you can create a similar one in less than five minutes with our AI Shopify store in less than 2 minutes feature!

7. Garden Sculptures

Garden Sculptures AutoDS best items to dropship

For those who love tending to their garden, decorating enthusiasts, or anyone with an outdoor venture they want to embellish, these Garden Sculptures can be highly sought. Good news for your store: garden statues have never gone out of style! According to Statista, the Lawn & Garden market worldwide is projected to generate a revenue of US$0.35 trillion in 2024. 

Clearly, these statues are not your typical garden gnome. Their finishes and design showcase high artistic and creative value, often highly appreciated by various audiences. This is a product that is not only attractive in itself but also for the warm and magical atmosphere it creates.

  • Item Cost: $9.84
  • Being Sold For: $36.98
  • Potential Profit:  $27.14

TikTok Ad

Garden Sculptures TikTok Add best items to dropship

As we can see in the likes, shares, and comments on this TikTok post, promoting these products correctly can be an absolute success. The audience reacts positively to content that authentically and organically captures originality. Remember that on social media, there are many followers of things related to fairies, fantastical creatures, or simply art who could snatch this product from your hands.

Seller’s Website

Garden Sculptures Website

This advertisement overall is done correctly, adding videos to showcase the movement of the statues and their various models. However, we believe that since it’s such a unique object, it would be beneficial to show it in different settings, such as in an outdoor restaurant or gardens of various styles.

User reviews indicate buyers develop an emotional and nostalgic connection with these objects, so we recommend leveraging that to approach marketing strategies.

8. Multi-purpose Big Hat

MultiPurpose Big Hat AliExpress best items to dropship

There are things one doesn’t know they need until they see them. This summer, we have the Multi-Purpose Big Hat in the number 8 spot on our best items to Dropship in June. We already know that clothing is another one of those evergreen niches that can always boost our sales. We can set ourselves apart from our competition by adding technological advancements like those in this garment.

This hat includes a small installed fan that operates using solar energy. This way, the hat provides the wearer with a constant cool breeze, ideal for staying at a comfortable temperature during outdoor walks or sports. Of course, it also serves the primary function of any hat by protecting you from the sun.

  • Item Cost: $21.80
  • Being Sold For:$51.98
  • Potential Profit:  $36.72

Facebook Ad

MultiPurpose Big Hat Facebook Add

This hat performs well on Facebook, especially in the videos showcasing its design and functionality. However, an item constructed in such a creative manner has significant potential for promotion in various ways. With such products, it’s always beneficial to consider partnering with an influencer. In this case, for example, it could be someone related to professional fishing or mountain activities.

Seller’s ’ Website

MultiPurpose Big Hat Website

The seller’s page meets the requirements for advertising a product. It provides clear information and discusses the various uses for a hat like this. Although the photos are of good quality and effectively showcase the product, such a versatile garment could be displayed in different settings and with different models to explain all that it can offer to the audience fully.

9. Flower Hair Claw Hairpin

Flower Hair Claw Hairpin AutoDS best items to dropship

Spring and winter seasons allow us to add color and sparkle to the products in our online store. That’s why this Hair Claw Hairpin can help you increase your sales. With a high-profit margin, this product is highly sought after by women of all ages who appreciate fashion and the world of style.

For those who want to add a touch of nature to their everyday wardrobe, this Hair Claw is ideal! Striking a perfect balance between delicate and bohemian, this Hair Claw comes in different colors and designs.

  • Item Cost: $3.42
  • Being Sold For: $32
  • Potential Profit:  $28.58

Tik Tok Ad

Flower Hair Claw Hairpin TikTok

This TikTok ad is unique; it employs an ironic tone by first showing someone speaking ill of the product, only to demonstrate how good it actually looks. While seeking original approaches to promote a product is always positive, a colorful item like this could be promoted with some other strategy to increase its views. For example, unboxing or showcasing how it looks when worn in different places on the head could be effective.

Seller’s ’ Website

Flower Hair Claw Hairpin Sellers Website

This is an example of a minimalist post, which looks very nice in terms of the different colors the brooch comes in. However, we could add that it would have been beneficial to include more photos and videos of how it looks when people wear it to appreciate the size and usefulness of the hair claw in its entirety.

10. Summer Cat Bed

Summer Cat Bed AliExpress best items to dropship

Last but certainly not least, we have this original Summer Cat Bed. As we’ve seen in some of the other products on our top of best items to dropship in June, the niche of pet products continues to rack up sales and generate profits. Animal lovers seeking the comfort of their pets adore these kinds of products, especially if they prioritize an eco-friendly approach when purchasing accessories.

Letting your furry friend climb onto the bed and generate more heat becomes difficult during summer. With this bed, your pet can sleep comfortably due to its practical design and eco-friendly materials. Although it’s mainly for cats, small dogs can also enjoy it. We recommend emphasizing its durability, materials, and easy maintenance when selling it in your store.

  • Item Cost: $14.03
  • Being Sold For: $32
  • Potential Profit: $59.63

Facebook Ad

Summer Cat Bed Facebook Add

Kitten videos tend to go viral very easily. This is the kind of factor to consider when promoting these products. This article is doing relatively well on Facebook, but we believe it could have much more potential on Instagram or TikTok due to its theme.

Seller’s Website

Summer Cat Bed Seller's Website

This seller could have done a much better job. A product as attractive and fun as a pet bed allows us to unleash creativity. Presenting the product cropped against a white background, in a way completely devoid of color doesn’t help much. The post also lacks user reviews, videos, photos of the other colors the product comes in, or any additional information. These posts help us learn how to do things a little better.


Best Items To Dropship In May

As the spring blooms into full swing, so does the e-commerce scenario, offering boundless opportunities for dropshippers to flourish. May arrives with airs of change, fresh trends, and a wave of eager shoppers embracing the spirit of renewal. With that in mind, we curated a special list of the best items to dropship in May.

For those navigating the world of dropshipping, May presents a canvas ripe with potential. In this article, we embark on a journey through dropshipping, unveiling the top ten products set to dominate the market in May 2024. Each product promises lucrative returns and unparalleled growth opportunities for your online store, from innovative gadgets to seasonal essentials. Join us as we explore carefully selected products to fuel your success in the month ahead. Strap in, and let’s embark on a voyage toward profitability and prosperity in dropshipping.

  1. Memory Foam Cloud Pillow
  2. Mosquito Repellent Pet Collar
  3. 3pc Emerald Stone Jewelry Set
  4. Foldable & Portable Baby Chair
  5. DIY Wooden Flower Bouquet
  6. Summer UPF 50+ UV Coat
  7. Sofa Cushion Slipcover Protector
  8. Electric Hair Brush
  9. Luxury Feather Floor Lamp
  10. Universal Car Phone Holder

1. Memory Foam Cloud Pillow

memory foam pillows best items to dropship

The first product to make it to this list with the best items to dropship is a very cute pillow. Enhance your customers’ sleep experience with the Memory Foam Cloud Pillow, an essential addition to any dropshipping store. This pillow isn’t just about comfort; it’s a solution for optimal neck and head support, whether your customers are at home or moving. Crafted with plush memory foam and designed ergonomically, it offers soothing relief for neck pain and stiffness, ensuring a restful night’s sleep or a comfortable travel experience. As a dropshipper, offering the Memory Foam Cloud Pillow in your store lineup can significantly elevate your offerings. With its broad appeal and potential to address a common need for comfortable sleep accessories, this pillow is a lucrative addition to your inventory.

  • Item Cost: $6.65
  • Being Sold For: $70.99
  • Potential Profit: $64.34

Facebook Ad

Memory Foam Cloud Pillow Facebook Ad

The visual storytelling effectively communicates the product’s promise of comfort and relaxation. Showing the sleeper in a cozy bed provides a relatable scenario that resonates with viewers, enticing them to imagine themselves experiencing the same blissful rest. However, to enhance the ad’s impact, it could benefit from a clearer focus on the pillow itself, emphasizing its unique features and benefits.

Seller’s Website

Memory Foam Cloud Pillow Sellers Website

The inclusion of high-quality pictures showcasing various angles of the product enhances the viewer’s understanding of its design. Additionally, the incorporation of star ratings based on the number of reviews gives credibility regarding the pillow’s quality. The presentation of different pack offers based on quantity caters to varying customer needs, making the product accessible. Furthermore, the detailed product description of this best item to dropship highlights its key features, benefits, and potential uses, ensuring that potential buyers are well-informed before purchasing.

Product img
Memory Foam Cloud Pillow
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 4 days

2. Mosquito Repellent Pet Collar

Mosquito Repellent Pet Collars best items to dropship

Looking for a unique product to enrich your dropshipping store? Look no further than the Mosquito Repellent Pet Collar. This innovative collar is a practical solution for pet owners concerned about their furry friends’ well-being during outdoor adventures.

As spring transitions into summer, pets need extra protection from mosquitoes and potential diseases. By including these eco-friendly collars in your store lineup, you’re providing a valuable solution and tapping into a niche market of health-conscious pet owners.

  • Item Cost: $4.78
  • Being Sold For: $53.99
  • Potential Profit: $49.21

Facebook Ad

Mosquito Repellent Pet Collar Facebook Ad

The ad features captivating video content of a beautiful dog outdoors for over 4 minutes. With over 21k shares, it’s evident that the ad resonates strongly with pet owners. The heartfelt description reinforces the ad’s message of care and concern for pets’ well-being. Overall, the ad effectively promotes the collar’s effectiveness in protecting pets from mosquitoes and appeals to pet owners’ emotions and values.

Seller’s Website

Mosquito Repellent Pet Collar Sellers Website

This website is a great example of a well-done job. Not only do the site’s aesthetics match perfectly with the products they offer, but everything is strategically placed. The pictures are of great quality and super descriptive, and the description is concise but clear. Also, the site provides customer reviews and offers discounts on buying more than one collar. Congrats to this seller!

3. 3pc Emerald Stone Jewelry Set

Emerald Stone Jewelry Sets best items to dropship

Our third best item to dropship is ideal to introduce a touch of elegance to your e-commerce store with the 3pc Emerald Stone Jewelry Set. This ensemble, featuring an Emerald Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelet, offers customers a timeless and sophisticated jewelry collection. Emeralds are renowned for their green hue and symbolic significance, making them highly sought-after gemstones for special occasions.

You provide customers with a complete and coordinated jewelry ensemble by showcasing this set in your store. With its luxurious appeal and versatility, the Emerald Stone Jewelry Set will captivate your customers, driving sales and fostering satisfaction with your product offerings.

  • Item Cost: $2.73
  • Being Sold For: $80.00
  • Potential Profit: $77.27

Facebook Ad

Emerald Stone Jewelry Facebook Ad

The ad for this best item to dropship excels in its visual presentation. The video showcases the product in use, providing viewers with a close-up look at its elegance and allure. However, there’s room for improvement in the ad’s description, as a more detailed and compelling narrative could attract potential customers.

Seller’s Website

Emerald Stone Jewelry seller's website

There are opportunities for improvement in its presentation on the seller’s website. The product could be showcased more closely, allowing customers to appreciate its intricate details. Additionally, adding more product pictures and customer reviews would enhance credibility and give shoppers a better understanding of the product’s quality and appeal. The website can create a more engaging and informative shopping experience for potential buyers by addressing these areas.

4. Foldable & Portable Baby Chair

Portable Baby Chairs best items to dropship

This functional baby chair follows the list of the best items to dropship. Ensure mealtime comfort and safety for little ones with the Foldable & Portable Baby Chair, an essential addition to any e-commerce store catering to parents. Designed with adjustable height and secure straps, this chair is perfect for toddlers transitioning from a high chair to a regular seat at the table. Its sleek design and easy-to-clean features make it a practical choice for busy parents seeking convenience without compromising safety.

Offering the Baby Seat Booster High Chair in your store can be lucrative for several reasons. Firstly, it caters to a niche market of parents seeking safe and convenient seating solutions for their toddlers. Additionally, its versatility and durability ensure customer satisfaction and potentially foster repeat business and positive reviews. By including this product in your store, you can attract a specific demographic and enhance your store’s reputation for providing quality childcare products.

  • Item Cost: $27.57
  • Being Sold For: $79.95
  • Potential Profit: $52.38

TikTok Ad

Portable Baby Chair TikTok Ad

This TikTok ad has garnered 7k likes. The ad effectively showcases the product’s practicality by featuring babies using it in various settings. The video is descriptive, giving customers a clear idea of the chair’s size, functionality, and potential uses. Overall, the ad captures attention with engaging content and effectively communicates the product’s features and benefits.

Seller’s Website

Portable Baby Chair website

The seller’s website offers a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. The images showcase the product in different colors and contexts, giving customers a good understanding of its versatility. However, the website could benefit from a more detailed product description, including measurements, materials, and other relevant details. By enhancing the description, the website can provide a more informative and compelling shopping experience, boosting confidence and conversions.

Google Trends Performance

Portable Baby Chair google trends

The Portable Baby Chair has had a steady rise in interest since March, becoming a highly searched term this season. This growing trend indicates a strong demand for convenient and practical baby seating solutions. As more parents seek versatile and portable options for mealtime and on-the-go use, the popularity of portable baby chairs continues to soar.

5. DIY Wooden Flower Bouquet

DIY Wooden Flower Bouquets best items to dropship

Embrace creativity with the DIY Wooden Flower Bouquet, a charming addition to any e-commerce store. This wooden puzzle appeals to a wide audience, from children to adults, who enjoy hands-on activities and creative projects. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and crafters seeking unique decor pieces, as well as homemakers looking to add a touch of charm to their homes.

Presenting the flower puzzle in your e-commerce store is a good opportunity for your customers to express their creativity and enhance their living spaces with a personalized touch. Definitely, the puzzle holds a well-earned place on this list of the best items to dropship.

  • Item Cost: $11.99
  • Being Sold For: $56.99
  • Potential Profit: $45

Facebook Ad

DIY Wooden Flower Bouquet Facebook Ad

The Facebook ad for the puzzle presents a concise 35-second video that effectively showcases the product. The video’s quality is exceptional, allowing viewers to appreciate the details of the flowers. However, extending the video’s duration slightly could provide additional time to highlight the product’s features and benefits. Also, the post’s description could benefit from improvement, becoming more descriptive and marketing-oriented to captivate potential customers and drive engagement.

Seller’s Website

DIY Wooden Flower Bouquet sellers website

The seller’s website offers a stellar presentation of the product. With abundant high-quality pictures showing the product and its uses, customers can understand its versatility. The description is thorough and complete, offering valuable information about the product. To further enhance the website, adding a few customer reviews would provide social proof and improve credibility. Overall, the website presents a compelling and informative shopping experience for potential buyers.

6. Summer UPF 50+ UV Coat

Summer UV Coats best items to dropship

An essential for the sunny season: a UV ray shield. The Summer UPF 50+ UV Coat is the ultimate sun protection clothing for outdoor enthusiasts. Crafted from high-quality, UPF-rated fabrics, this coat provides reliable sun protection while keeping users cool and comfortable during their adventures.

Ideal for those hiking, gardening, or beaching, this coat is a must-have addition to your store. Selling the Summer UPF 50+ UV Coat presents a profitable opportunity to cater to health-conscious consumers seeking stylish and functional sun protection solutions for the summer. With increasing awareness of the dangers of UV exposure, offering this product positions your store as a trusted destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking to stay safe and stylish under the sun.

  • Item Cost: $21.36
  • Being Sold For: $78.27
  • Potential profit: $56.91

Facebook Ad

Summer UV Coat Facebook Ad

The Facebook ad for this best item to dropship has almost 5k likes, indicating positive engagement from viewers. The video shows the product’s functionality by featuring people using it under the sun, highlighting its UV protection capabilities. Furthermore, including a direct link to purchase makes it convenient for interested viewers to take action. While the ad succeeds in capturing attention and demonstrating the product’s benefits, there is potential to enhance the description for increased clarity and marketing appeal.

Seller’s Website

Summer UV Coat Sellers website

The seller’s website for this best item to dropship offers a visually appealing presentation of the product with diverse and high-quality pictures. While the description provided is adequate, there is room for improvement by adding more specific details to inform potential customers further. Additionally, integrating customer reviews and perhaps a video demonstrating the product in use would provide valuable social proof. Overall, the website offers a solid foundation for selling the product, with opportunities for optimization to maximize conversion rates.

7. Sofa Cushion Slipcover Protector

Sofa Cushion Slipcovers best items to dropship

The Sofa Cushion Slipcover Protector can improve any living space. It is an excellent addition to any home decor enthusiast’s collection. This versatile cover appeals to individuals seeking practical solutions for protecting their furniture while enhancing the aesthetics of their living space.

Whether targeted to homeowners or interior decorators, this slipcover is the perfect way to refresh any sofa without investing significant time and effort. Offering the Magic Sofa Cushion Slipcover Protector in your e-commerce store caters to a wide demographic of individuals looking for quick and easy home improvement solutions.

  • Item Cost: $10.45
  • Being Sold For: $44.11
  • Potential profit: $33.66

Facebook Ad

Sofa Cushion Slipcover Protector facebook ad

The Facebook Ad has a total of 13k likes, indicating strong engagement from viewers. It effectively demonstrates how to use the product, highlighting its features and benefits. Notably, the video showcases the fabric’s texture, which is crucial for this kind of product. Overall, the ad provides a comprehensive view of the slipcover protector and makes it look like a great addition to living spaces.

Seller’s Website

Sofa Cushion Slipcover Protector Sellers website

The website offers a fantastic product presentation, with pictures showcasing it in every available color. While the images are abundant, adding a close-up picture to display the fabric details better could improve the shopping experience. The website’s design mirrors the charm and vibrancy of the product, creating an engaging and visually appealing browsing experience. Additionally, the presence of customer reviews, coupled with a stellar rating of 4.6 stars, adds credibility and reassurance. In summary, the website provides a delightful shopping experience.

8. Electric Hair Brush

Electric Hair Brushes best items to dropship

Meet the Frizz Wand. This innovative Electric Hair Brush is a game-changer, equipped with advanced technology to tame frizz and effortlessly create sleek, smooth hair. With this product, your customers can say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to salon-worthy results.

The Frizz Wand solves a common beauty problem, making it one of the best items to dropship in May. It appeals to a wide demographic of women who desire polished, frizz-free hair. With its convenience and effectiveness, this product caters to busy individuals seeking quick and easy ways to achieve flawless hairstyles. By offering the Electric Hair Brush in your e-commerce store, you position yourself as a go-to destination for premium beauty care solutions, attracting customers seeking high-quality grooming products.

  • Item Cost: $15.12
  • Being Sold For: $45.94
  • Potential Profit: $30.82

TikTok Ad

Electric Hair Brush TikTok AD

The ad stands out as an exemplary piece of marketing, resonating with the platform’s younger audience by showcasing a young girl using the product in an organic and relatable manner. This authentic approach to TikTok content resonated well with viewers, which is evident from the ad’s 31k likes. Despite its brevity, the video efficiently demonstrates the effectiveness of the hairbrush, making it an engaging piece of advertising.

Seller’s Website

Electric Hair Brush Sellers Website

While the Electric Hair Brush’s seller website has potential, several areas could benefit from improvement. The website lacks videos of the product in use, which could give potential customers a better understanding of its functionality. Additionally, incorporating photos of the product in use, rather than displaying it alone, could help customers visualize its practical application. Furthermore, the website lacks a detailed description of how the product works, which could leave potential buyers with unanswered questions.

9. Luxury Feather Floor Lamp

Luxury Feather Floor Lamps best items to dropship

This exquisite Luxury Feather Floor Lamp is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. This is undoubtedly one of the best items to dropship for this month. As a statement piece, this product has a high value. It adds unparalleled elegance and sophistication to any room. The soft, feathered shade diffuses warm light, creating a cozy ambiance perfect for relaxation or entertaining, ideal for home-decoration lovers.

Selling the Luxury Feather Floor Lamp in your store offers several advantages. Firstly, this high-ticket item caters to a niche market of individuals who prioritize luxury and style in their home decor. The unique design of this product sets your store apart, attracting customers in search of distinctive pieces to adorn their living spaces. Additionally, with its timeless appeal and universal charm, the Luxury Feather Floor Lamp presents an opportunity for substantial profit margins.

  • Item Cost: $619.36
  • Being Sold For: $1,659.64
  • Potential Profit: $1,040.28

TikTok Ad

Luxury Feather Floor Lamp tiktok ad

The ad for the Luxury Feather Floor Lamp exudes sophistication and elegance, effectively showcasing the lamp in a luxurious setting. The video illustrates how the lamp can elevate any room, whether illuminated or turned off, highlighting its versatility. The ad adheres to TikTok’s style and format, with seamless editing and attention to detail. With nearly 13k likes, the ad has resonated positively with viewers, further validating its effectiveness in capturing attention.

Seller’s Website

Luxury Feather Floor Lamp Sellers Website

The seller’s website is a testament to great presentation and attention to detail. The site’s aesthetic perfectly complements the lamp’s luxury, creating a cohesive and visually appealing browsing experience. The thorough and informative description offers potential customers valuable insights into the lamp’s features and benefits. Moreover, the website boasts plenty of high-quality pictures, allowing customers to admire the lamp from various angles and perspectives. With the addition of customer reviews, the website would undoubtedly earn five stars, further solidifying its reputation as a premier destination for luxury lighting solutions.

Google Trends Performance

Luxury Feather Floor Lamp google trends

The Floor Feather Lamp has also experienced consistent growth in search interest since March. It shows intermittent spikes indicating periods of higher attention, possibly thanks to viral social media content. This pattern suggests that the product has captured a lot of interest and continues to generate buzz online. With the spikes likely to persist throughout the season, the lamp will remain a popular choice for those seeking elegant and eye-catching lighting solutions for their living spaces.

10. Universal Car Phone Holder

Universal Car Phone Holders best items to dropship

Last but not least on this list of the best items to dropship is the Universal Car Phone Holder. This is a must-have accessory for every driver. This versatile phone holder offers customers a safe and convenient solution for securely mounting their smartphones on the road. Equipped with adjustable arms and adhesive solid bases, these holders provide stability for smartphones of various sizes, ensuring a secure grip even on bumpy roads.

By featuring this product in your e-commerce store, you provide drivers with a practical accessory that promotes hands-free usage, reduces distractions, and enhances road safety. The Universal Car Phone Holder drives sales and fosters satisfaction among car accessories lovers, making it a valuable addition to your store lineup.

  • Item Cost: $3.28
  • Being Sold For: $25.98
  • Potential profit: $22.07

Facebook Ad

Universal Car Phone Holder Facebook Ad

The ad has garnered significant attention with an impressive 35k likes and 5M views. It effectively showcases the holder in various uses and positions, demonstrating its practicality for users. Overall, the ad effectively captures the attention of potential customers and communicates the product’s utility, but there is room for improvement in the written description.

Seller’s Website

Universal Car Phone Holder Sellers Website

The seller’s website offers a comprehensive presentation of this best item to dropship. It features great pictures and customer reviews. The inclusion of customer reviews provides valuable social proof and reassurance for potential buyers. However, the website could benefit from a more detailed description, providing additional information about the holder’s features. By enhancing the description, the website can encourage confident purchasing decisions. Overall, the website offers a solid foundation for selling the product, with opportunities for further optimization through improved product descriptions.

Google Trend Performances

Universal Car Phone Holder google trends

The Car Phone Holder has shown a consistently high search interest over the past few months, indicating its status as an evergreen product. With steady performance, this item remains a reliable choice for dropshippers seeking products with enduring popularity and consistent demand. Without a doubt, the Car Phone Holder represents an intelligent option for inclusion in any dropshipping lineup.


Best Items To Dropship In April 2024

Staying abreast of market trends and consumer preferences is key to growing our dropshipping business. By knowing the best items to dropship according to the time of year, we can make a difference and stand out from the competition.

It is challenging to pay attention to all the factors influencing our dropshipping business: the constantly changing market, customer trends, and finding the right suppliers. It is also very time-consuming! That’s why we’re here to help you: discover the best items to dropship for this April and update your online store with trends and profitable items.

The beginning of spring is an excellent opportunity to refresh your online store’s offerings. By incorporating winning products, you can exponentially increase your sales! Let’s take a look at the 10 best items to dropship in April.

As dropshippers, we cannot overlook the dynamics of our customers’ preferences. Public demands change rapidly, and knowing how to capitalize on this constant change is a must to ensure our business runs smoothly.

Seasonal changes are part of those specific moments we can leverage. Spring is approaching, and the spirit of growth and renewal also influences purchasing trends. Ready to make your business flourish and yield results? Join us on the journey of reviewing the 10 best items to dropship in April 2024.

  1. Self-Groom Cat Toy
  2. Sunflower Coffee Mug Set
  3. Cloud Wrist Rest Cushion
  4. Foaming Heavy Oil Stain Cleaner
  5. Jellyfish LED Lamp
  6. Chunky Hoop Earrings
  7. Cute Shark Slippers
  8. Coconut Fiber Coir Pellet
  9. Pregnant Car Seat Belt Adjuster
  10. Smart Solar LED Outdoor Lights

1. Self-Groom Cat Toy

Cat Toy best items to dropship

Looking for the purrfect product to boost your sales this April? Look no further than the Self-Groom Cat Toy. As spring brings a sense of renewal and joy, capitalize on the seasonal shift by offering your customers a product that embodies the spirit of the season.

This innovative cat toy offers dropshippers a golden opportunity to tap into the pet-loving market. With its unique design and functionality, this toy promises to be a hot seller this month. As pet owners seek ways to pamper their furry companions and foster their well-being, this self-grooming toy provides the ideal solution.

As you curate your dropshipping inventory for April, prioritize products that resonate with the season and cater to the needs and preferences of your target audience. The Self-Groom Cat Toy checks all the boxes, offering both functionality and fun for cats and their owners alike.

Prices & Profit Margin:

  • Selling Price: $47.78
  • Source Price:$10.44 
  • Potential Profit: $42.34

Seller’s Website

For being a fun and functional product, this advertisement could be enhanced by adding more features. To start, you always reach the audience better using high-resolution photos. For this type of item, it’s beneficial to leverage the “cuteness” strategy to gain more visibility.

Tik Tok Ad

TikTok Cat Toy Ad

Everyone loves cats on social media, so there are definitely more people to reach than the over 400 impressions this advertisement achieved. While this TikTok ad isn’t bad, there is plenty of room to brainstorm strategies and initiatives to leverage better the engagement this product can generate.

Product img
Self-Groom Cat Toy
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 5-10 days

2. Sunflower Coffee Mug Set

Sunflower Mug best items to dropship

If we talk about the best products to dropship directly related to the season, this is one of the most prominent ones. Each time of the year has its characteristics; spring is usually associated with flowers, colors, and joy. This Sunflower Coffe Mug Set combines all these features, transforming an everyday product into an item that blends functionality with an original and genuine design.

This unique design mug set allows coffee enthusiasts and home-decore lovers to add a colorful tableware item to their breakfasts. Furthermore, those who run a coffee business, a snack spot, or similar establishments can enhance their branding with a cup that raises the bar in terms of presentation. It’s no coincidence that these types of items are trending, as they attract attention by applying innovative and sophisticated designs to usually overlooked elements. Those in the know say that the magic lies in the details.

Prices & Profit Margin:

  • Selling Price: $49
  • Source Price:$13.19
  • Potential Profit: $41.98

Seller’s Website

Seller Website Sunflower Coffe Mug

The seller above did a great job adding pictures of the different colors in which this mug set can be purchased. Also, it added photos of the item in its typical use: filled with coffee and close to good-looking food. This is always helpful and provides more significant sales potential compared to the cold photo of the product on a white background.

Tik Tok Add

TikTok Sunflower Coffee Mug

Although TikTok advertising is well-targeted and shows the functionality of the cup through an unboxing that ends with the mug full of coffee, this product offers the possibility of exploring different creative approaches to reach more potential buyers. Get yourself a cup of coffee and let your imagination fly!

Other Supplier’s option

coffee mug set from AliExpress

Pro Tip: AutoDS connects and supports AliExpress as a supplier, providing a comprehensive automation solution.  

3. Cloud Wrist Rest Cushion

Cloud Wrist Rest best items to dropship

Our next best item to dropship is another “springtime” item, so to speak. Take a look at those colors and shapes! 

Of course, it’s advantageous for a product to be visually appealing, but functionality is paramount, and that’s where this Cloud Wrist Rest Cushion stands out. We’re talking about an ergonomic item that provides comfortable support for those who spend long hours in front of the computer. That’s why it’s ideal for gamers, home-office workers, designers, or writers.

With a target audience of males and females from 18 to 35, adding this product to your online store can be a golden opportunity to grow your sales. Keep in mind that many of your buyers will see your product from a computer, so you can be sure that most people who come across this product may think, “Yes, I would need this right now.”

Seller’s Website

Seller Website Cloud Cushion

As you can see, adding pictures that show how to use the product is visually appealing and complements the item description, providing clarity to our buyers. This seller also added videos and incorporated buyer’s reviews into their ad. These resources usually enhance the customer experience and build trust with your audience.

Prices & Profit Margin:

  • Selling Price: $30.98
  • Source Price: $9.65
  • Potential Profit: $29.99

TikTok Ad

TikTok Cloud Wrist Cushion

The TikTok ad with over 14k views goes straight to the point, showing how the product is used in less than ten seconds. Of course, it is an item that leaves room for innovative ideas when it comes to promoting it, as it is an attractive element for a wide range of audiences.

4. Foaming Heavy Oil Stain Cleaner

Heavy Oil Cleaner best items to dropship

Of course, the Foaming Heavy Oil Stain Cleaner must be one of our best items to dropship in April. Everybody loves practical solutions to daily problems. Adding this Stain Cleaner to your online store can capitalize on the growing demand for cleaning products.

As you can see, in the last three months, this type of product has remained stable in search statistics, increasing without experiencing a significant drop.

Oil Cleaner Google Trends

Also, we must highlight that this is a non-toxic product that offers a sustainable solution for consumers increasingly concerned about environmental care. By offering your customers the ability to clean grease, oil, dirt, and stains with an eco-friendly formula, you can solidify their trust in your brand.

Prices & Profit Margin:

  • Selling Price: $24.99
  • Source Price: $4.94
  • Potential Profit: $$18.45

Seller’s website

Seller website cleaner

This seller’s ad successfully shows the product’s versatility by demonstrating the different surfaces the buyer can clean. As it is a product that diminishes with daily use, the idea of offering promotions in packs with savings potential can influence in favor of your sales. Adding user reviews and illustrative images is always a good idea to build the trust of our customers.

5. Jellyfish LED Lamp

Jellyfish Lamp best items to dropship

Next on this list of the Top 10 Best Items to Dropship In April is the Jellyfish LED Lamp, another product that embodies the spring spirit with brightness and color. Ideal for children who like to sleep with the lights on or sophisticated home decor lovers, this Jellyfish LED harmonizes the room, creating a calm atmosphere. Reach buyers who love unique and original decoration with this item that will leave you with high profit margins!

Prices & Profit Margin:

  • Selling Price: $82.16
  • Source Price: $16.60
  • Potential Profit: $69.76

Seller’s Website

Seller website jellyfish LED lamp

The seller did a great job adding a wide range of pictures showing the lamp placed on different settings and enumerating a bulleted list of the product’s advantages and its ideal uses. Since it is an interactive element, this ad could be improved by including a video or a gif of the lamp. 

Keep in mind that the home goods niche is one of the most profitable to dropship since it has a nonseasonal demand and offers a wide variety of shapes, styles, designs, etc. If you complement that with a reliable supplier, you could find a golden ticket to make your dropship business stand out from the competition.

Other Supplier’s Option

Jellyfish Lamp from Amazon

Pro Tip: You can source from Amazon and add products to your Shopify Store using AutoDS. 

6. Vintage Gold-Plated Chunky Earrings

Earrings best items to dropship

Seasonal changes are a great opportunity to renew your wardrobe and accessories. That’s why these Vintage Gold-Plated Chunky Earrings can help your dropshipping business sales, especially in your female audience from 18 to 60. The style and elegance of these earrings seduce not only influencers but many people interested in the fashion market and trending accessories.

Prices & Profit Margin:

  • Selling Price: $69.90
  • Source Price: $1.54
  • Potential Profit: $68.92

If you did your homework on investigating the profitable niches for dropshipping, you already know that jewelry is a perfect venture to jump into. As you can see in the trends graphic below, we’re talking about an evergreen product.

Jewlery google trends

By the way, it never hurts to remember the advantages of using Google Trends for your dropshipping business. The opportunity to search for different products to find out which one is more profitable allows us to advance several steps in consolidating our store.

Seller’s Website

Seller website earrings

When it comes to jewelry, it is important to advertise the product sophisticatedly and stylishly. Remember that we are selling a fashion trend element, so it’s important to keep it cute and minimalistic, as this seller’s website.  Showing the jewelry being worn by a model is always a pro!

TikTok Ad

TikTok Chunky Hoop Earrings

This ad exemplifies how appealing and captivating this accessory could be for your audience. 86K views are an absolute hit! We know it can be challenging to believe, but yes, these earrings will leave you with a high-profit margin and allow you to reach a vast audience. Don’t miss the opportunity to add them to your store!

Other Supplier’s Option

Chunky hoop earrings from Shein

Pro Tip: Shein is another one of our supported suppliers – it’s the perfect option for your fashion store.

7. Cute Shark Slippers

Shark Slippers best items to dropship

Spring comes with the opportunity to increase your store’s sales by adding color, comfort, and brightness to your product catalog. These Cute Shark Slippers are one of our best items to dropship, as they are captivating for people who love comfort and design. Ideal for people who enjoy being at home and wearing cozy outfits, these slippers will leave you with a considerable profit, so you shouldn’t overlook adding them to your store.

Prices & Profit Margin:

  • Selling Price: $34.95
  • Source Price:$16.53
  • Potential Profit: $28

Seller’s Website

Seller website Shark Slippers

Everything goes through the eyes. That’s why, just like this seller does, it’s key to present high-quality photos that showcase the variety of styles and colors of the same product it offers. Additionally, the seller added customer reviews, videos, and graphics. You should consider these resources when selling products in your online store.

TikTok Ad

TikTok Cute Shark slippers

This ad with an influencer showing the shark slippers and getting more than 44K impressions is another example of the number of people you can reach with this type of product if you advertise them with the right strategy. TikTok can be very useful if you learn how to use it to scale your business!

8. Coconut Fiber Coir Pellet

coconut coir pellet best items to dropship

Spring is coming, so how can we not include a specific product for plants in one of our best items to dropship? With the Coconut Fiber Coir Pellet, you can offer your customers the opportunity to care for their plants with a sustainable product! This alternative to traditional soil-based growing mediums is an excellent addition to your store, as it appeals to your eco-friendly audience.

Prices & Profit Margin:

  • Selling Price: $21.98
  • Source Price: $5.63
  • Potential Profit: $16.36

Seller’s Website

Seller website coconut coir

On the seller’s website, we can access the measurements of the coconut coir in a simple graphic, which adds clarity to the advertisement. Additionally, the seller has attached instructions for its use and reviews from satisfied customers to build brand credibility and trust. Since it’s a “springtime” product, we recommend adding color and warmth when advertising it.

Pro Tip: To gain your customer’s trust, you can always add to your store reviews that are on the supplier’s product listing by using an app like Judge.Me Product Reviews on Shopify! Nice opinions about what you sell always help build a genuine relationship with your audience. 

Facebook Ad

Facebook Ad Coconut Coir

The Coconut Fiber Coir Pellet is one of those products whose functionality becomes fully understood when seen in action. That’s why adding videos can significantly boost your sales. In this case, the reach of this Facebook advertisement was over 9K people, but this item allows you to unleash creativity to create original ads that captivate your audience.

9. Pregnant Car Seat Belt Adjuster

Pregnant Car Seatbelt best items to dropship

Ranking #9 on our best items to dropship in April 2024, we bring you the Selling Pregnant Car Seat Belt Adjuster. Ideal for expectant mothers, this item ensures safety and a pleasant journey, adapting to the body’s shapes during pregnancy and reducing risks and discomforts.

Baby products are a very interesting niche to consider for your dropshipping business. Offering your customers safety and care can make your online store stand out from the competition, demonstrating an interest in products that the audience buys with specific criteria.

Prices & Profit Margin:

  • Selling Price: $39.95
  • Source Price: $7
  • Potential Profit: $38.96

Seller’s Website

Seller Website Pregnancy Seatbelt

While technically, this item is an auto part. We’re talking about a product that aims to protect mothers and unborn babies from the pressure a seatbelt can exert in unforeseen circumstances. That’s why it’s smart to advertise it by showing a pregnant belly, attempting to give the ad a maternal feel. In this case, we can see an example, although adding a graphic or a video explaining exactly how the adjuster works would be quite beneficial.

Facebook Ad

Facebook Ad Pregnancy Seatbelt

According to the impressions of this Facebook ad, this item could be a hit! By showing future mothers using the product and animations that show how the seat belt adjuster works in a car crash, we can fully understand the advantages of this product. That’s why it is one of our best items to dropship in April 2024!

Other Supplier’s Option

Walmart's Pregnant Car Seat Belt Adjuster

Pro Tip: With our product-sourcing feature, you can always find different, better, and more profitable suppliers.

10. Smart Solar LED Outdoor Lights

Smart Solar Lights best items to dropship

The change of season implies outdoor activities. Offer your audience the opportunity to enjoy spring nights with this Smart Solar LED Outdoor Light. This product creates pleasant atmospheres, adding style to any patio, garden, or backyard. And most important, it offers an extremely convenient profit margin for your online store.

Prices & Profit Margin:

  • Selling Price: $52.78
  • Source Price: $7.63
  • Potential Profit: $51.79

Seller’s Website

Seller's website smart solar LED outdoors

This seller is smart to showcase how the light looks when installed and in use, as this is a product that is intriguing on its own and changes the ambiance where it is placed. For this type of product, we recommend adding a “before and after” montage to emphasize how the light enhances the places it’s applied.

Scale Your Store With Automation

Automation is a powerful tool that can propel any dropshipping business to new heights. As you gear up to identify the best items to dropship, embracing automation can be a game-changing move that sets you apart from the competition. By streamlining repetitive tasks and processes, you can focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth and profitability.

Automation is all about leveraging technology to handle mundane, time-consuming tasks that would otherwise require manual effort. By automating various aspects of your dropshipping business, you can:

  • Eliminate the risk of human error
  • Reduce costs
  • Ensure consistent, reliable operations

All of this, in turn, can contribute to a better customer experience, enhanced efficiency, and ultimately, increased sales and revenue.

Think about it this way: instead of spending countless hours researching products, manually listing them on your store, and fulfilling orders one by one, automation can take care of these tasks for you. With the right tools and systems in place, you can focus your energy on identifying emerging trends, fine-tuning your marketing strategies, and providing exceptional customer service – the key factors that can set your business apart in a crowded market.

Here Comes AutoDS

AutoDS is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and optimize dropshipping operations. In essence, it makes it easier than ever to scale your business. Here are some of AutoDS’s key features:

  1. Trending Products: This tool gives dropshippers real-time insights into the latest trends in e-commerce. This section’s products update automatically, tracking social media trends and translating them into actionable data for your business. 
  2. Bulk Product Importing: With just a few clicks, AutoDS allows you to import thousands of products simultaneously from various suppliers. This feature saves you countless hours of manual effort by automatically extracting product details, including titles, descriptions, images, and variants, ensuring accurate and optimized listings.
  3. Inventory Management: AutoDS’ one-screen inventory management system allows you to monitor stock levels, track sales performance, and make data-driven decisions.
  4. Automated Order Fulfillment: AutoDS’s Automatic Orders and Fulfilled by AutoDS features handle the entire order fulfillment process for you, from processing payments to providing tracking updates, significantly reducing your workload.

By using automation, you can work much more efficiently. This frees up your time to focus on important tasks like:

  • Finding new product trends
  • Understanding what customers want
  • Creating effective marketing campaigns

As you start taking advantage of the best items to dropship, don’t forget that automation can really help your store succeed long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dropshipping Worth It In 2024?

Yes!  According to sites like Statista, dropshipping is worth it in 2024 and is also experiencing a sustained period of exponential growth.

What Is A ‘Hot Selling Product’?

A “hot-selling product” refers to an item that experiences high demand and rapid sales within a specific market or niche. These products often capture the interest of consumers due to factors such as novelty, usefulness, or trends.

How Do I Find Winning Dropshipping Products?

Finding the best items to dropship can be achieved through various channels. Use AutoDS Marketplace to find winning products, where top-performing products await. Additionally, you can explore the Hand-Picked Products Hub, where real people meticulously select the best products for you. Beyond AutoDS, you can scour platforms like Google Trends and watch popular videos on TikTok to uncover emerging trends and validate potential winners.

What’s The Difference Between Hand-Picked And Winning Products? 

The Hand-Picked Products Hub features the best items to dropship carefully chosen by real individuals based on their expertise and intuition. These products are curated for their potential appeal and relevance. In contrast, AutoDS Marketplace’s Winning Products showcase top-performing products that consistently generate sales and profits. These products have undergone rigorous analysis and validation to ensure their profitability and market demand.


At the end of the day, the key to a thriving dropshipping business lies in your ability to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. Remember, each season brings its own unique opportunities. As the months roll by, stay curious, keep exploring, and don’t hesitate to pivot your product offerings to align with changing customer interests!

Of course, remember that automation tools can be your secret weapon. They can help you find the best items to dropship while freeing up your time to focus on what really matters: delighting your customers and growing your business. So, keep investigating, keep innovating, and enjoy the journey of building a thriving dropshipping empire!