There has never been a better time to dropship furniture. Global demand for these products increased immensely over the past year when many spent time at home. Coupled with the growth of e-commerce in general, more people now shop for furniture online than ever before.

With medium to high price tags, dropshipping furniture also offers us higher profit margins. For example, the most basic sofa starts at around $140 on Amazon but goes as high as $2000 or more.

Like in any niche, product research is one of the most important components of a successful dropshipping store. Therefore, in this article, you’re going to learn about the best furniture products for dropshipping. We use our special algorithms and personal experience to bring you the bestsellers that will sell for a profit.

At the end of this article, you will know exactly what furniture products and subcategories to dive into to get your next winning products.                                

Top 10 Furniture Dropshipping Products

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the action with our top 10 furniture products to dropship in our stores. 

Before we begin with the list, remember to add 15-20 products from each product idea we’re passing on. This way, you’ll be able to analyze and test the market correctly and find your bestsellers.

1. Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

outdoor patio dropshipping

First up on our list of furniture to dropship are outdoor patio furniture sets. This category of furniture is a growing trend in recent years. Many households and families have created a mini oasis outdoors to be able to relax. Some are even using patio sets as indoor furniture!

Needless to say, the demand for these products is high, especially after a long winter. Who doesn’t miss being outside, right?

This type of product has a lot of variants depending on what the customer wants. Having many options would allow your clients to buy themselves furniture that fits their needs perfectly.

Your clients will be critical of the type of material your furniture has. Make sure to have available wood, metal, and plastic options in your list.

As a bonus, you could upsell other niches such as dining sets, bistro sets, conversation sets, and many more. 

2. Computer Desk

computer desks ecommerce

Another winning furniture category to dropship is computer desks. It’s a known fact that demand for laptops and computers has arisen. Nowadays, many people rely on working from home, way more than before. Thus a good working environment is a must.

People now invest in having a computer desk at home because they want to replicate the feeling of working in their offices. Others simply want to improve an existing work-from-home setup.

Computer desks vary in colors, sizes, and designs. Remember to give your clients more options like offering a regular desk or corner desks to test more products and get more sales.

3. Sofas and Couches

dropship sofas furniture

If you are going to dropship furniture, don’t miss out on the most important part of every families’ living room, the sofas. It’s a staple for every family to stay and bond in their living room.

People who want to relax and watch their favorite Netflix show usually choose a reclining sofa. At the same time, some want to have a simple and elegant leather sofa.

However, most families invest in having a good sofa that best fits the design of their house. For example, a family might want to use the living room corner to place an L-shaped couch. With such varied interests in sofas, you can’t go wrong when you dropship this furniture category.

4. Bookshelves

bookshelves dropshipping ecommerce

Next on the list are bookshelves. There are many incentives to dropship from this category. Virtually every house has some form of a bookshelf, large or small. This is especially true for those who like to read books.

Furthermore, according to NPD BookScan, there was an 8.2% increase in print book sales by units in 2020, making bookshelf one of the most sought furniture products to dropship on the list.

There are thousands of designs to choose from in this category. People often look also at the color, storage space, and material of every bookshelf. What’s important to remember is that buyers want variety.

5. Dining Tables

dropship dinning tables

Fifth on the list of best furniture products to dropship is dining tables. In every house, dining tables are an essential component of household activities. It is where families sit together to dine, play, meet, or work on art projects.

We could offer dining tables of different varieties. Your clients would appreciate different choices between round tables, rectangular tables, and other shapes. Likewise, you could offer stand-alone tables or full dining sets with chairs.  

Finally, note that the materials used in every table might be a deciding factor for your customers.

6. Nightstands

nightstands droshipigging sales

As we move down the list of furniture to dropship, don’t forget about nightstands. These cute products are getting a great deal of attention from customers. Some come with drawers for hidden storage with varying colors and designs, some are open, and some are a combination of both.

Additionally, these nightstands serve as a coffee table for home offices. As a multi-use product, it also comes with added interest. Either way, we recommend offering nightstands with plenty of storage since many customers are looking for those.

7. Round Side Table

roundtables furniture dropshipping

Since we mentioned multi-use furniture, it’s always a good idea to dropship round tables. They are a good addition to any furniture set. These tables are usually partnered with a flower vase, plants, or even a magazine rack to add more aesthetics.

Furthermore, Adding more than the quantity of one for each product will help us get more sales. That’s because buyers are usually looking to buy more than one unit of round tables. 

8. Office Chairs

office chairs products

If you plan to dropship computer desks, it’s a great idea to add office chairs to your furniture mix. It’s known that people who order a computer desk or office tables usually order office chairs as well.

These chairs are crucial furniture for people who usually work long hours. In fact, studies suggest that choosing a comfortable office chair affects the risk of acquiring back-related problems.

Make sure to add ergonomic office chairs to your options as more clients know how important it is for their back and overall health.

9. Kids Storage Table

kids storage tables

Kids storage tables are a hot selling furniture category to dropship these days. These tables hit two birds with one stone—a table and storage for kids. Parents purchase them, so their kids have a drawing surface and storage for art supplies or toys.

Hot products like these are perfect for the dropshipping business model, so make sure to add 15-20 different variants. Then, test them out and find your next best-seller.

10. Bathroom Cabinet

bathroom storage products

Not every bathroom comes with enough storage space. With many people looking to optimize their bathroom storage, bathroom cabinets are a great furniture category to dropship. Keeping the bathroom organized is something that people are looking for, and we can sell it to them.

There are two types of bathroom cabinets: free-standing and those that we mount on our walls. Be sure to offer both variations, along with the different material types and colors, to get the most out of this best-seller.

Make sure to offer more than 20 variants of this bathroom cabinet in your store.

Multiple Suppliers

multiple dropshipping suppliers

Working with multiple suppliers can greatly benefit your business if you decide to dropship furniture. Since products vary from each supplier, you’re offering your clients more options. Also, it gives you time to adjust if one supplier suddenly runs out of stock, increases its pricing, or even closes down.

In general, we recommend working with three different suppliers. Having more than just one expands your dropshipping knowledge overall. You get to learn what suppliers have the best products and quality based on the feedback from your clients.

While working with more than one supplier can increase your workload, AutoDS solves that problem by doing most of the work for you. Plus, AutoDS supports over 25 suppliers, so you’ll have plenty of options and be able to offer your clients millions of different products.

In Summary

It’s no longer a secret that furniture is one of the most attractive niches to dropship from. Aside from increasing demand from clients, furniture products also have a bigger profit margin for every product sold, thanks to the high-ticket prices.

Now that you know the top 10 furniture products to sell focus on adding 15-20 products from each product recommendation to analyze and test the market correctly. In time, you will start hitting those sales and profits.

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