Not too long ago, transforming a home with beautiful furniture was a tedious process. People had to visit multiple shops to find the perfect fit for their needs. However, with the advent of eCommerce, furniture shopping has become a hassle-free experience. Moreover, dropshipping furniture has emerged as a lucrative business opportunity.

So, in this article, we’ll highlight the 30+ hottest furniture products to dropship. We will also go over reliable dropshipping suppliers to source furniture items. Let’s get into it!

Is Dropshipping Furniture Profitable?

Profit factors of Dropshipping furniture

Yes, dropshipping furniture is highly profitable because of the enormous market demand. According to a report by Statista, the furniture market is projected to generate a revenue of US$770.00 billion in 2023, with an annual growth rate of 5.31% from 2023 to 2027.

Moreover, with dropshipping, we don’t need to hold inventory beforehand. This means it is a low-risk, high-reward business model. Furthermore, there are no overhead expenses such as rent, storage fees, and employee salaries. Plus, as a high-ticket dropshipping niche, dropshipping furniture offers vast profit potential.

30+ Best Dropshipping Furniture Products To Sell 

After considering the profitability of dropshipping furniture, we will now delve into specific categories that offer the most potential for profit. We’ll start by analyzing a single furniture product in-depth, and then expand our focus to the most popular subcategories of furniture products.

This approach will provide a comprehensive understanding of the dropshipping furniture market and will help us identify the best products for our business. Without further ado, here are the 30+ best dropshipping furniture products to sell:

  1. Luxury Feather Floor Lamp
  2. Bedroom Furniture
  3. Living Room Furniture
  4. Kitchen & Dining Furniture
  5. Office Furniture
  6. Kids Furniture
  7. Patio Furniture

Let’s take a closer look at what each category has to offer.

1. Luxury Feather Floor Lamp

Luxurious Feather Lamp dropshipping furniture

To kick off the list, we have the Luxury Feather Floor Lamp. This exquisite furniture piece will elevate any room’s aesthetics and upscale its feel. Let’s see a detailed analysis of this product.

Product img
Luxury Feather Floor Lamp
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 3-7 Days

Prices & Profit Margin:

  • Selling Price: $1987
  • Source Price: $686.66
  • Potential Profit: $1300.34

Seller/Supplier Links:

Target Audience:

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 25-60
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Interests: Furniture, home decor, luxury items

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Luxurious Feather Lamp FB ad dropshipping furniture

Let’s examine Venetto Design’s elegant feather lamp Facebook ad and evaluate its effectiveness based on engagement. The ad has achieved impressive results with 3.2M views, 25K reactions, and 2.2K comments. Also, the seller interacts with potential customers in the comment section.

While the ad successfully gains an audience, it only uses product images and simple music in the background. However, we can enhance our marketing campaign by creating a premium video ad showcasing the lamp’s features. This increases customer trust and increases the conversion rate.

Seller’s Website

Luxurious Feather Lamp seller's website dropshipping furniture

Moving on to Venetto Design’s store, we’ll notice the product is priced at $1987, including shipping costs. The seller is offering the product in eight different colors and two sizes. Looking at their website, the store is designed to be sophisticated and clean with a minimalistic layout.

Additionally, a discount coupon code offers 10% off on top of the page in a banner. Along with it, we can also see a countdown timer, which creates a sense of urgency for potential buyers. Moreover, they have a Frequently Bought Together section which offers a further discount if customers purchase multiple products. 

Supplier’s Website

Luxurious Feather Lamp Supplier's website dropshipping furniture

Now, let’s explore the supplier’s website for this product on AliExpress. The supplier offers the Luxury Feather Floor Lamp at $686.66, which includes free shipping. Remarkably, the supplier sells the product with a 70% discount on the marked price.

Meanwhile, they have a detailed product guide and high-quality images. This is essential for dropshippers as they help us promote the product accurately. As such, we can also offer our customers detailed product descriptions, optimized images, and free shipping. 

2. Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture dropshipping

Next up, we have Bedroom Furniture. These furniture items are specifically designed for use in a bedroom, such as beds, dressers, nightstands, wardrobes, and mirrors. With consistent demand and substantial profit margins, bedroom furniture is a high-ticket dropshipping category. In 2023, the bedroom furniture market is predicted to generate a revenue of US$136.50 billion.

The main target audience for selling bedroom furniture includes people who are furnishing their bedrooms, moving into a new home or replacing worn-out furniture.

Offer these exquisite furniture selections to elevate the ambiance of bedrooms:

  • Nightstand With USB Ports 
  • 3 Drawer Wood Dresser 
  • Metal Platform Bed Frame
  • Bookcase Bed Headboard
  • Modern Rustic 3-Piece Bedroom Set
  • Vanity Table With Lighted Mirror 
  • Jewelry Cabinet With Mirror 
  • Comfy Reading Accent Chair

3. Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture dropshipping

The living room is often considered the heart of a home, where family members come together to relax, socialize, and spend quality time with one another. As a result, Living Room Furniture is a highly sought-after category.

In 2023, the living room furniture market is projected to generate a revenue of US$227.70 billion. Plus, it is anticipated to experience a yearly growth rate of 5.77% from 2023 to 2027. This showcases how profitable this product category is for our stores.

The main target audience for selling living room furniture includes families and individuals who love entertaining guests and bringing an aesthetic feel to their living rooms.

Provide these thoughtfully crafted furniture selections that will compliment the living room:

  • L-Shaped Sofa
  • Split-Back Futon
  • Loveseat With Rolled Arms
  • Lounge Chair
  • Accent Chair With Ottoman 
  • Entryway Console Table 
  • Recliner Chair
  • Round End Table
  • Lift Top Coffee Table 
  • TV Stand With Mount

4. Kitchen & Dining Furniture

Kitchen and Dining furniture dropshipping

Kitchen and dining spaces are the hubs of family gatherings, so it’s important that they are beautiful and functional. As such, Kitchen and Dining Furniture is designed to give a stylish design for kitchen and dining rooms.  As the popularity of modern kitchens is growing, the demand for stylish kitchen and dining furniture has increased, making it a highly competitive market.

The target audience for the kitchen and dining product category is homeowners, restaurants, and cafes.

These innovative kitchen & dining furniture pieces are selling well in the market:

  • 5-Piece Dining Set
  • Bistro Style Dining Chair
  • Wooden Dining Chairs 
  • Square Dining Table
  • Full Back Bar Stools
  • Wood Bar Stools
  • Tufted Fabric Upholstered Bar Stool
  • Folding Dining Chairs
  • Round Folding Table
  • Sideboard Buffet Cabinet 
  • Dining Bench
  • Kitchen Island Cart 
  • 4-Tier Bakers Rack
  • Rolling Bar Cart 
  • Multi-Tier Wine Rack

5. Office Furniture

Office furniture dropshipping

Another popular sub-category of the furniture niche is Office Furniture, a vital piece of every workspace. As the popularity of remote work continues to grow, home offices have become an increasingly important space in many households. This has created a market for stylish and ergonomic office furniture that can provide a comfortable and efficient workspace.

When dropshipping the office furniture category, our main target audience are students, working professionals, offices, and remote workers.

Here are the trending office furniture items that will bring in plenty of revenue:

  • Home Office Desk With Drawers
  • Ergonomic Office Chair 
  • Freestanding Storage Bookcase 
  • Adjustable Standing Desk
  • Cube Storage Organizer
  • 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet 
  • Printer Stand With Wheels
  • Sensor Trash Can

6. Kids Furniture

 Kids furniture dropshipping

Kids’ Furniture has become a household necessity. These furniture items are specially crafted to suit children’s needs. This has led to a surge in the popularity of kids’ furniture among online sellers. In 2021, the global market for kids’ furniture was valued at USD 38.82 billion. It is projected to experience significant growth of 18.9% from 2023 to 2030.

The main target audience for kids’ furniture products are parents, grandparents, and people with kids looking to build child-friendly areas.

Here are the best kids’ furniture products to dropship and earn high profits:

  • Plastic Bin Organizer For Toys 
  • Floating Bookcase Shelves 
  • Cubby Toy Storage Cabinet 
  • Metal Bunk Bed
  • Kids Wood Table And Chairs Set 
  • Bean Bag Chair

7. Patio Furniture

Patio furniture dropshipping

Last but not least, we have Patio Furniture. This consists of outdoor furniture designed for patios, decks, and other outdoor living spaces. There is a growing demand for patio furniture due to the increasing popularity of outdoor activities, such as barbeques, pool parties, and gatherings.

Patio furniture appeals to homeowners who like to entertain guests outdoors. Additionally, businesses such as restaurants and bars also seek patio furniture products.

Here are excellent Patio furniture pieces to boost our sales:

  • Outdoor Patio Set 
  • 3-Piece Patio Sectional Sofa Set 
  • Recliner Lounge Chair
  • Swing Glider Hammock 
  • Hanging Egg Chair 
  • Portable Hammock Stand 
  • Metal Patio Dining Table
  • Gazebo Tent
  • Patio Umbrella 
  • Round Patio Umbrella Base 
  • Outdoor Storage Cabinet 
  • Portable Bar Table

To sum up, we’ve got over 30 dropshipping furniture items that are perfect for today’s customers. And the best part? They’re making us some serious cash! 

The Top Dropshipping Furniture Suppliers

Now that we have identified the hottest dropshipping furniture items, we must find a suitable dropshipping furniture supplier. The top dropshipping furniture suppliers offer a vast selection of high-quality furniture products and provide reliable and efficient services to their customers.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 dropshipping furniture suppliers:

  1. Walmart
  2. Costway
  3. Overstock
  4. Wayfair
  5. Costco

Let’s examine each of these suppliers in more detail.

1. Walmart

Walmart dropshipping furniture supplier

Let’s begin with Walmart, the world’s largest retail chain. It is a renowned brand globally that provides plenty of dropshipping furniture products.

Key Features

  • Huge catalog of products
  • Free next-day delivery for US customers
  • Price match policy

As one of the largest retailers, Walmart offers a wide selection of furniture products from various categories, such as living room, bedroom, and kitchen. As such, we can offer the same variety of furniture to our customers.

Additionally, Walmart’s price match policy allows dropshippers to benefit from the lowest prices possible. If a product is available on another platform at a lower selling price, Walmart matches that price and refunds the difference. As a result, dropshippers can offer their customers the best rates while maximizing profits.

2. Costway

Costway dropshipping furniture supplier

Next up, we have Costway. Originally, Costway sold its products on third-party platforms like eBay and Amazon. However, after ten years of eCommerce experience, Costway has now become one of the leading furniture retailers in the US and Europe.

Key features

  • White label products 
  • Costway Plus membership
  • Dropshipping program
  • Domestic warehouses in the US and Europe

With Costway’s Plus membership, we can access exclusive products and the lowest prices for clearance items. By joining, we also receive notifications about special deals, helping us offer our customers affordable prices. Additionally, discount coupons are also available to help us save even more.

Furthermore, Costway offers fast shipping times due to having domestic warehouses worldwide. Overall, Costway has warehouses in more than nine locations, enabling them to deliver to broader audiences swiftly.

3. Overstock

Overstock dropshipping furniture supplier

Another excellent dropshipping supplier for furniture products is Overstock. Established in 1999, Overstock has a massive collection of furniture to choose from.

Key Features

  • Huge product range
  • Price match guarantee
  • Club 0 Program
  • Fast shipping

What’s excellent about Overstock is that they offer a price match guarantee. That means if we find the same furniture at a lower cost elsewhere, we can ask for a refund for the difference. Plus, they have a Club 0 program that provides free shipping and a 5% cash back on every purchase.

Furthermore, they have fast shipping times, typically taking only 1 to 3 days within the US. As such, we can offer quick shipping in our dropshipping stores and gain customers’ trust. 

4. Wayfair

Wayfair dropshipping furniture supplier

Specializing in home goods and furniture, Wayfair is an online retail platform with unique pieces of furniture. With a network of over 11,000 suppliers across the globe, Wayfair has one of the largest collections of furniture products online.

Key Features

  • Huge product range
  • Free 2-day shipping
  • Domestic and international warehouses
  • MYWAY program

With domestic warehouses, Wayfair offers free 2-day shipping on all US orders above $49. Even for orders below $49, the supplier charges a flat fee of just $4.99, regardless of the order size.

Furthermore, the MYWAY program is a fantastic benefit that offers free shipping for all online products and same-day shipping for most products. By leveraging the MYWAY program, we can offer our customers the same service and benefits as Wayfair, thereby improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Costco

Costco dropshipping furniture supplier

Finally, we have Costco, a membership-based wholesaler offering discounted bulk products. It generates most of its revenue from its monthly membership fee rather than product sales.

Key Features

  • Wide range of furniture
  • Exclusive furniture products 
  • Huge discounts
  • Excellent customer support
  • 90-day return policy

Due to its unique membership model, Costco gives us access to exclusive products that are not readily available. Plus, we can also take advantage of daily deals and discounts offered by Costco. This helps us save on costs and increase our profit margins.

Additionally, Costco’s customer support team is highly responsive and efficient in resolving any issues related to tracking, returns, and refunds. They also offer a convenient return policy with a window of 90 days. This makes it easier for dropshippers to handle returns and exchanges.

All in all, these five dropshipping furniture suppliers provide a wide range of benefits to dropshippers, including fast shipping, extensive products, and competitive pricing. Plus, all of them are supported by AutoDS. By leveraging these suppliers, we can offer high-quality furniture to our customers while maximizing our profit margins and growing our businesses.

Beginner’s Tip: Work with multiple dropshipping suppliers. This will allow us to expand our product offerings and have a backup option if our primary supplier cannot fulfill orders.

How To Scale Your Dropshipping Furniture Business With Automation

Awesome! We now know where to source furniture products from. So, let’s look at how to scale our dropshipping furniture business. One of the critical ways to scale our business is through dropshipping automation.

Let’s find out why automation is crucial for our dropshipping store. In general, we can run our dropshipping business in two ways: manually or automatically. Manual dropshipping can be time-consuming and repetitive since we have to perform similar daily tasks. For instance, when we fulfill orders, we must fill in product details and shipping information and upload product images.

On the other hand, dropshipping automation tools like AutoDS enable us to streamline and optimize our business operations. Check out what another highly successful dropshipper says about AutoDS:

In the case of order fulfillment, AutoDS fills in the product details and orders it from our suppliers. This saves our time and effort, helping us accelerate the growth of our business. Here are more features of the AutoDS dropshipping software:

  • Advanced Product Research Hub
  • Quick Product Imports
  • Complete Order Fulfillment
  • Price/Stock Monitoring 
  • Automatic Price Optimization
  • Easy Inventory Management
  • and much more!

With these helpful tools, AutoDS enhances the operations of our dropshipping furniture business. As a result, our efficiency improves, thus enabling us to scale our business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Find Trending Furniture Products? 

We can find trending furniture products by performing product research either manually or automatically. Automatic methods such as the AutoDS product research tool helps us instantly find winning dropshipping furniture products. Plus, it also offers an in-depth analysis of the products on its winning products hub.  

On the other hand, we can manually search for products with Google Trends, supplier’s best seller sections, and more.

Who Is The Best Dropshipping Furniture Supplier? 

Companies like Walmart, Costco, and Wayfair are some of the best dropshipping furniture suppliers. That’s because these suppliers offer fast shipping, an extensive product range, and competitive pricing on furniture.

What Is The Most Profitable Furniture Product To Dropship?

Bedroom furniture, Living room furniture, and Office furniture are some of the most profitable products to dropship. As the demand for these sub-niches rises, selling them gives us plenty of profits. 


Undoubtedly, the furniture dropshipping niche provides a lucrative opportunity. And, the 30+ hottest dropshipping furniture products listed above offer a high chance of success in this market. Once we start making sales, we can work with multiple suppliers and focus on scaling our store.

With a strategic approach, diligent research, and customer service, we can establish a thriving furniture dropshipping business that generates huge profits. As we bid farewell, remember that we are committed to supporting your success with high-quality resources. So, here are some informative articles that offer a wealth of valuable information: