While dropshipping, having high-quality suppliers is one of the essential factors that can define the success of your business.

Additionally, choosing the right supplier is critical in dropshipping. Your selected supplier will not only provide the items that you want to sell, but it will also help you build the trust of your customers by providing quality products and reliable service.

These suppliers primarily take charge of the manufacture, inventory, and shipment of the products. Instead of spending your time and money on these processes, you can allocate it to expanding your market.

Furthermore, high-quality suppliers offer more diversity and convenience while running your dropshipping business. Such suppliers can present a wide range of products and offer an extensive reach of markets worldwide.

Now that we know the importance of having the finest dropshipping suppliers, this article will give us an overview of the best dropshipping suppliers to work with for your dropshipping venture.

Who Are The 22 Best Dropshipping Suppliers?

Right before we get to the list, keep in mind that suppliers are available in different regions worldwide. This allows us to connect with target markets, both locally and internationally.

Local and international shipping pave the way for our business to reach a wider coverage worldwide so that more high-quality suppliers can help you augment your dropshipping business. We can utilize these dropshipping suppliers on any selling channel like eBay, Shopify, and Facebook Marketplace. As such, these companies cater to multiple regions worldwide, including:

  • USA
  • China
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Australia
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Belgium
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic

The expanded reach of these well-known suppliers can help our eCommerce business grow. People can see and buy our products, allowing our sales and profits to go up. In addition, having diverse suppliers allows us to access millions of products that we can re-sell.

Now that we know why it’s crucial to partner with top-grade suppliers in multiple regions, here is our list of the 22 best dropshipping suppliers that you start working with today:


AliExpress Ecommerce platform

AliExpress, owned by the Alibaba Group, is a popular online retail platform that offers flexibility to sellers to market their products to different regions worldwide. It renders less competition, worldwide shipping, and low prices.

The shopping experience in AliExpress is cheaper versus other alternatives because this China-based organization exists in a business-friendly environment with low taxes, reasonable duties, and competitive currency practices.

Also, the sellers in this platform target more sales even with less profit. They aim to establish a wide range of customers by selling at competitively low prices.

AliExpress showcases more than 100 million products on their site. The platform also translates to several languages making it more user-friendly, especially for native speakers.

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Amazon Ecommerce platform Dropshipping supplier

Amazon is one of the five biggest companies in the US. Thousands of dropshippers use Amazon as their supplier, as it   offers millions of products in every category with ultra-fast 2-day shipping in the US.

Furthermore, Amazon has reliable customer service that we can extend to our customers. Including free 30-day returns and a convenient order report summary to help with our finances.

With over 100 million products available, the business community recognizes its entry into the global arena of long-established industries. It sets its name for constant technological innovation and consistent mass production.

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Banggood Ecommerce platform Dropshipping supplier

Banggood is a Chinese dropshipping-friendly supplier which offers a selection of more than 250,000 products. It establishes its reputation in the dropshipping community by having more competitive prices than many other suppliers.

Moreover, the Banggood can host diverse niches ranging from electronics, fashion, auto parts, home supplies, outdoor equipment, and many more.

Banggood follows a systematic logistic structure with over ten warehouses, which makes its dropshipping service cater faster shipping to different regions in the world leading to greater profits from more sales.

As a one-stop shop, it boasts lower competition, thus resulting in greater profits. Also, the prices of the items in this platform are competitive – pulling more customers in the long run.

As a supplier, Banggood provides perks to dropshippers, such as free membership, personalized product suggestions, a credit point accumulation system, and the use of images without watermarks. Also, VIPs enjoy discounts and cashback up to 20% and 9%, respectively.

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CJDropshipping Ecommerce platform

CJ Dropshipping is a thriving dropshipping supplier from China. With over 400,000 varieties of products and eight warehouses worldwide, the company continues to grow and expand its market.

Additionally, the company offers a free US warehouse inventory to allow faster, safer, and better shipment to the consumers. Also, one of the best attributes of CJ Dropshipping is its sourcing solution that will help you find a product that you’re looking for in 24 business hours or less.

Furthermore, the platform can help you produce high-caliber photos and videos for your dropshipping stores for product presentation. The shipment of various products can also come as only one package for convenience.

On top of all these features, CJ Dropshipping also provides print-on-demand and white label services. Dropshippers love this supplier because of its flexibility, reliability, and profitability.

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Walmart Ecommerce platform Dropshipping supplier

Walmart, an American multinational company, is one of the large-scale business producers in terms of revenue. It manages a line of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores in the US. Today, it extends its market to other regions in the world as well.

For the dropshipping business model, Walmart offers multiple sets of products at reasonable prices. All year round, it gives out discounts and deals – which attract a substantial customer base.

Walmart offers a next-day delivery shipping option that allows delivery of orders faster and better than any other supplier. Also, with around 46.1 million products across 921 stores, dropshippers have the liberty to choose from various options.

Finally, the benefit of reliable customer service also makes dropshippers choose Walmart as their supplier. For example, when a product price decreases with a specified return period, Walmart customer support can help you match the price according to the new price and receive the difference back.

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The Home Depot

Home Depot Ecommerce platform

Home Depot Inc., also called Home Depot, is the biggest home improvement retailer in the US. The platform is offering construction tools and products and even extending up to home-related services.

The Home Depot has over 90 distribution centers and 2,000 physical stores all over the US.   

Many dropshippers opt to get their supplies from Home Depot as it extends remarkable customer service, competitive prices, convenient shipping, and high-quality products.

To add to these perks, Home Depot further attracts various markets because of the variety of products it offers – generally focusing but not limited to home improvement. It also has a 2-day shipping option for over one million products available. Orders $45 and above enjoy free delivery too.

Further, Home Depot gives its customers a partial refund if, within 30 to 60 days, you find an exact item elsewhere at a lesser price. To top all these, the company also provides a tax-exempt purchase program. If you pass the eligibility requirements as a tax-exempt shopper, you can save as much as 5% on your purchases.

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Etsy Ecommerce platform

Etsy focuses on handmade, vinted, and crafted items. This American e-commerce platform offers a vast selection of product categories, such as home decor, furniture, jewelry, bags, clothing, toys, and more.

Etsy rapidly grows its market. It does not only attract dropshippers but also helps artists and creators to showcase their crafts worldwide.

In the beginning, long shipping duration and limited stocks are the most significant concerns of Etsy. Today, it continues to thrive in the global market, and it raises the trend of assisting small businesses, specialized crafts, and handmade commodities.

Choosing Etsy as your dropshipping supplier can lead to so many benefits, such as room for creativity. Craftsmanship is of value in the items on this platform. The uniqueness of these products pulls a distinct audience and not just the average shopper.

With this nature of the products, you can easily stand out from your competitors as customers will not find these personalized products elsewhere.

Also, Etsy provides a diverse choice of niches for trending items. Finally, specially-made products can give you high-profit margins, as people spend more on specialty items because they are impossible to find just anywhere.

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eBay Ecommerce platform

eBay promotes consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer commerce through its website. This American multinational company is a dropshipper-friendly supplier that caters to the demands of products and services worldwide.

The platform facilitates fast shipping not just from the US to the US, but also to other regions such as the UK, Germany, France, and Italy. This arrangement allows anyone shipping from those marketplaces to their target market to enjoy fast domestic shipping times.

eBay holds the integrity in putting its sellers to high standards. Sellers can enjoy excellent customer support by tracking the seller metrics, and this experience also extends to a great customer experience.

Additionally, even though a number of dropshippers utilize eBay as their selling channel, we can also utilize such a platform to become our supplier for our Facebook or Shopify stores.

Since eBay as a dropshipping supplier is vast, an enormous selection of products is available on site. You can score great deals on any category on eBay meaning, its wide range of items can cater to any niche.

Other businesses emulate eBay’s feedback system as a tool in helping buyers to know the right sellers for their stores and which ones are not too good for their success.


Costco Ecommerce platform Dropshipping supplier

Costco is an American multinational company and is well-known for offering a unique membership club and utilizes an exceptional business model. Unlike other platforms, its revenue and profit come from monthly membership fees and not product sales.

The product margin is relatively low, so they offer reasonable prices and good deals both in physical and online stores.

Costco, being one of the largest wholesale suppliers worldwide, makes it an outstanding choice for dropshippers. Its unique business model allows tons of discounts and perks. (A) In addition, their return policy offers dropshippers 90 days for items with issues.

Also, Costco provides a diverse selection of products – which includes unique preferences of items that are not available anywhere else.

Finally, shipment of products is fast and reliable, and it also takes 3-5 days delivery time which attracts customers to keep coming back. Dependable customer support also makes Costco stand out from the rest, especially when dealing with tracking, cancellation, and return issues.

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Wayfair Ecommerce platform

Wayfair Inc. is a dropshipping-friendly supplier that was created by dropshippers themselves, and highlights the home niche. It offers all possible products that a home needs, ranging from furniture, appliances, décors, and even more.

This digital platform now presents over 14 million items coming from around 11,000 suppliers worldwide.

Dropshippers can enjoy the following benefits when choosing Wayfair as your supplier: free shipping, MYWAY Program, Paypal Support, and a vast selection of home commodities.

Wayfair has a 2-day shipping option without any additional payment for orders over $49. (,) For products under, it requires a fee of $4.99.

Under the MYWAY Program, at a $29.99 yearly membership, you can enjoy free shipping for all on-site products and one-day shipping for multiple products while having access to thousands of exclusive items.

Additionally, Wayfair supports Paypal as one of its payment options, allowing for smoother cash flow when customers pay us using the same payment method.

Dropshippers have various products to choose from for their online stores, as Wayfair provides millions of equitable and quality home items.

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Overstock Ecommerce platform Dropshipping supplier

Overstock is an American online retail company that specializes in the home niche.

Dropshippers are confident in this supplier because of its top-notch products, competitive prices, fast shipping times, and outstanding customer support.

Also, as one of the 10 largest retailers in the US, Overstock renders a vast selection of excellent products. This variety does not only include home goods but also clothing, jewelry, and bath products.

Most of the products on this platform include free shipping. Customers can receive their orders after 1-2 days shipping days through major mail carriers. This feature eliminates expensive shipping costs and makes your business more competitive.

To add, Overstock also accepts payments through PayPal, which minimizes cash flows or the use of physical cards. This dropshipping supplier also has a 30-day return policy that customers can benefit from.

On top of all these, Overstock vows to provide you with the fairest price on the market. Also, you can get 5% cashback on any purchase through the Club 0 Program aside from the free shipping on all orders.

Since Overstock does not utilize several warehouses, it pays fewer taxes which is beneficial for dropshippers. Finally, customer service aims to provide the highest standard and the best service to your customers.

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Lowe's Ecommerce platform

Lowe’s is the second biggest hardware chain in the US. This American retail company focuses on home improvement.

Lowe’s presents thousands of product choices and offers efficient shipping to US customers.

The platform as well provides the “My Lowe’s” loyalty program where customers greatly benefit. Aside from this, you can also acquire your very own Lowe’s credit card, which can give you as much as 5% daily discounts.

On their site, Lowe’s suggests three different shipping types: Standard Delivery in one to four days; Two-Day Delivery within two business days; and Next-Day for the next business day. Orders at $45 and up can also get free standard shipping.

The exemplary customer service of Lowe’s also caters to customer concerns in the fastest and most convenient ways possible.

Further, shopping at Lowe’s can entitle you to obtain a protection plan. This feature is beyond what the usual manufacturer’s warranty can provide. In this program, there are no deductible or extra fees, the new owner can assume the coverage at any time, and it protects your wallet and products from day one. Filing a claim through their website is also easy peasy.

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Target Ecommerce platform

Target is the 8th largest retailer in the US and is a component of the S&P 500 Index. Having around 2,000 stores in North America, Target manages 45 private labels, so there is something for everyone at Target.

This e-commerce platform operates in five main product categories that make up around 15% to 25% of the total profits, and it does not end there.

Target continues to exemplify its goal as one of the major players in the dropshipping industry by providing tons of quality products. All possible niches such as fashion, home, outdoor, toys, electronics, and more are available on the platform.

Additionally, the company offers a swift and efficient service. One of the pros of selecting Target as your supplier is that it provides a 2-day shipping option for orders above $35. Also, it has a unique program you can sign up to enjoy same-day delivery.

Target extends its caliber customer service by having a 90-day return period with full refund benefits. Further, if you pay with RedCard, you can obtain an additional 30 days for refunds.

Speaking of the Target Red Card, holders can get free 2-day shipping without a minimum purchase. On top of this, you can receive a 5% discount on most purchases upon checkout.

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Costway Ecommerce platform Dropshipping supplier

Costway continues to be one of the key dropshipping suppliers by providing premium products and competitive prices since its founding. Today, it is one of the top retailers in North America and Europe.

Higher profits that Costway provides makes it pull a greater reach of the market. It gives redeemable coupons and hot offers. Also, you can earn as much as 3% of your store sales as a rebate.

Another feature of this selling platform is that it gives customers 90 days for returns and refunds if items do not work or conform to your expectations.

Costway supports dropshippers by providing them with CSV files daily after certification. These files include links to images, description suggestions, and stock management. With the help of this platform, you can register and have the approval for dropshipping.

Furthermore, Costway has over 8,000 self-branded items from more than 10 categories to select. It also offers free standard shipping on all items. Depending on the destination and carrier, product handling is within 24 hours, and shipping time is around 3-5 days.

Plus, AutoDS members can avail of a pre-arranged 3% discount exclusively for their purchases.

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Sam’s Club

Sam's Club Ecommerce platform

Sam’s Club is the second-ranking among warehouse clubs in terms of sales volume. This American retail chain offers membership-only warehouse clubs owned by Walmart Inc.

Being a Sam’s Plus member gives you access to lots of perks.

Dropshippers can enjoy free shipping on most products with no minimum purchase. Also, you can receive a 2% cash reward on qualifying items – which can accumulate up to $500 yearly.

Your membership can also entitle you to instant savings through special offers on top of lower member prices.

Sam’s Club has a diverse choice of products and their benefits. One of these is access to five free prescriptions, plus over 600 generics for only $10 or less.


VidaXL Ecommerce platform

VidaXL is a rapidly expanding international retail company composed of young and enthusiastic employees. Unending eagerness and entrepreneurial spirit are at the core of the organization.

It is a flat-structured business that paves the way for notable innovations, developing insights, and continuous growth.

The success of this dropshipping supplier revolves around the belief that things can always be better and cheaper because no one wants to pay too much for poor-quality products.

VidaXL continues to diversify its product ranges and offer the most competitive prices in the market.

Also, the platform offers free delivery for most items, and 24/7 deals are also available on site. You can also score great finds in auctions on the platform too.


Alibaba Ecommerce platform Dropshipping supplier

Alibaba is an affiliate of the Chinese holding company Alibaba Group. This online selling platform has an extensive selection of products under hundreds of categories that offer market-competitive rates.

Dropshippers love using Alibaba for their business because of its lower prices. Fair prices pave the way for higher profit margins. Also, this allows you to acquire more competitive trendy items that will make you stand out in the dropshipping industry.

Alibaba brings you hundreds of millions of items in over 40 major product lists. It is easy to find what you are looking for and import these great finds into your online stores.

In addition, this dropshipping platform also ensures efficient customer support by letting you connect with different suppliers fast. It also assures buyers of reliable and trustworthy trade. There is a verification program for specific suppliers to know that your payments are safe on the platform.

Now, when it comes to fulfilling your orders, various options are available in Alibaba. The payments can either be through PayPal, credit or debits cards, or online transfer.

To take your dropshipping venture to the next level, you can brand your products through personalized logos or designs to attract buyers with the help of Alibaba suppliers.

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Wish Ecommerce platform

Wish is an online e-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers. This American organization utilizes browsing technologies that allow the personalization of each buyer’s shopping experience.

Wish transacts with payment service providers to manage payments. Also, it does not deal directly with returns of items because it does not have physical stocks of the products.

With around 1 million product lists, Wish is a suitable avenue for sellers to market their products directly to buyers, without unnecessary distributor fees and at the same time offering consumers fair product prices.

Wish has express shipping which delivers the orders in 5 days or 6–8 days. Also, it has standard shipping that takes 2–3 weeks for buyers who choose savings over the speed of delivery.

Further, Wish incorporates a Wheel of Fortune-style game, Blitz Buy. This attribute fuses a feature of gamification to entitle buyers to extra discounts on chart-topping commodities. The game is available for download on iOS and Android.


Redbubble Ecommerce platform

Redbubble is one of the Print-On-Demand online shopping avenues. This global marketplace accepts user-submitted works of art.

The organization mainly relies on the internet, and it gives its members the platform to sell their compositions as decorations on a selection of items. Redbubble will print the art piece on a specific product and ship it to the buyer.

The products of this dropshipping supplier come from thousands of independent designers and artists who want to showcase their art pieces on the site.

Products with prints on this site consist of shirts, hoodies, cushions, duvet covers, leggings, stickers, skirts, scarves, and more.


MiniInTheBox Ecommerce platform

MiniInTheBox is a global online platform that presents a wide selection of gadgets, electronics, accessories, watches, and other lifestyle products at lower costs.

With millions of available items on-site, this dropshipping supplier offers free shipping options to anywhere in the world and site-wide discounts of as much as 50% for shoppers.

The platform satisfies  customers’ needs for everyday items, and at the same instant, offers 60%-80% cheaper prices than buying at their local stores.


Lightinthebox Ecommerce platform

LightInTheBox is an online retail organization that caters to buyers worldwide. Today, it reaches about 200 regions in the globe, meaning we can ship quickly to different regions throughout the world and avoid long international shipping when possible.

This dropshipping supplier offers lifestyle products that range from electronics, apparel, home, garden, and a lot more.

LightInTheBox’s website is available in 26 major languages – making it easier to connect with buyers from all over the world.

With hundreds of thousands of product listings, we can always find something to sell and profit from.

Also, it accepts PayPal and major credit cards as payment methods. In addition, LightInTheBox fulfills orders using popular shipping couriers such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx.

PURE Formulas

PURE Formulas Ecommerce platform Dropshipping supplier

PURE Formulas is an online retail store for health supplements, vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements. Its vast selection of products comes from a variety of manufacturers.

This platform is prominent in the online health and supplement arena. It focuses on giving consumers GMP-certified quality items, including nutritional supplements and organic foods. Also, it offers beauty, sports, nutrition, and pet products.

Today, it boasts an average of 400,000 active customers and more than 80 service professionals.

Pure Formulas, as a dropshipping supplier, presents vast options for every customer’s needs. Also, its prices are competitive.

On top of these, they also offer free shipping options nationwide.

What Selling Channels are Available for these Suppliers?

A selling channel or sales channel is a way for a business to enter into an existing market and offer products to consumers.

It is a platform, like a website or an online marketplace, where we can list our items with the help of the suppliers above. A selling channel assists the target customers to find our stores and access our products.

AutoDS supports all of the suppliers above with the online marketplaces that we will learn about below. The AutoDS platform can obtain products from these suppliers and import them swiftly to our online stores.

Furthermore, the automation of our dropshipping business through AutoDS will help monitor stock changes and price fluctuations and automatically apply the changes respectively to our selling channels.

Moving forward, let’s learn about the selling channels that we can utilize to dropship our products from our dropshipping suppliers. These are none other than eBay, Facebook, and Shopify.


eBay Platform Selling channel

eBay is a selling platform that offers tons of free organic traffic, but new seller accounts are limited.

You can start slow and gradually build your market here. You don’t need an initial investment to start dropshipping on eBay, because the platform provides you with 50 free listing insertions – this can further increase if you join the eBay managed payments system. So, it’s easy to start and learn your way up on dropshipping.

Step up your dropshipping business with The Beginner’s Guide to Dropshipping on eBay  eBook with 170 pages worth of free education.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Platform Selling channel

Facebook is an untapped marketplace with lots of free organic traffic and low fees. This selling channel works best for US citizens residing in the US since they’ll have shipping options. Anyone in the 50 states will be able to access their listings, so this will result in higher chances of selling than those listings in just one city or state.

Save time with the world’s most advanced automation partner for Facebook Marketplace dropshipping, using the AutoDS software: Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Software.

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Shopify Platform Selling channel

Shopify is a selling site with no organic traffic, thus pulling the target audience to come into your store often requires paying traffic sources or building an email list. Nevertheless, there is no limit as to the number of products that you can list, there are no starting seller limits, and you have the liberty to create your domain name and play by your own rules – as long as you sell authentic items.

If you want to learn how to dropship on Shopify, we have a free A-Z Shopify Course with everything you need to go from beginner to expert.


Making it this far only shows that you are eager about selecting suitable suppliers for your dropshipping business.

Now is the right time to choose the supplier that befits you and your business best. Take action and put your dropshipping career in the global arena by starting with the importation of products to your store, and try them out while checking on other supplies, too.

All of the hard work will pay off when you finally find the right supplier and products for your business model. With testing and endurance, sales and profits will follow. All the best in the search for your dropshipping suppliers!