For any Amazon dropshipper, finding converting items and best-sellers is the key to success. However, product research is tedious and can take up hours of our day, especially if we want to find profitable products. So, to help us out, we can go through Amazon’s best-selling niches and find Amazon’s best products to sell. 

With that said, in this article, we will cover the best-selling niches on Amazon for 2024 and some proven products. Plus, we’ll learn great ways and tips for finding Amazon best-sellers. This will help us create a converting product catalog and build a successful dropshipping business.

What Is a Niche on Amazon?

First and foremost, we need to clarify what a niche is. A niche is a specific category of products often geared towards a smaller target audience. For example, rather than selling any product under the sun, we can nicheify by selling only women’s clothes, electronics, or home improvement products. This way, it’s easier for us to identify products since it’s targeting a particular need and/or audience.

On Amazon, a niche basically means a specific category of products grouped according to Amazon’s specifications. Here are some examples:

  • Electronics
  • Home and kitchen
  • Makeup
  • Toys
  • Book
  • Pet supplies
  • Automotive
  • Extreme sports
  • Gardening
  • Smartphones
  • Baby

Notably, a niche helps us establish a loyal customer base, since we are targeting a smaller audience. Thus, by focusing our efforts, we can better optimize our dropshipping business. 

However, choosing to niche down doesn’t mean we’re limiting our potential. For example, sub-niches under women’s fashion could include jewelry, lingerie/sleepwear, bags & accessories, etc. While choosing just one sub-niche can be lucrative, there’s also room for us to expand and include other sub-niches if we choose to.

When dropshipping on Amazon, we need to consider which niche we want to enter. As such, we need to take into consideration a few deciding factors:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Suppliers
  • Warehouses
  • Shipping
  • Business policies

Ultimately, we need to be diligent when looking for an Amazon best-selling niche and take into consideration the following key factors.

How to Find a Niche on Amazon

AutoDS TikTok Spy Tool

To find Amazon’s best-selling niches, we need to do some research and dig through Amazon to see what is trending. This is integral when dropshipping on a competitive platform like Amazon. The key to effective research is to use data-driven methods to identify winning niches.

  • Amazon Best Sellers page
  • Amazon web search bar 
  • Tik Tok Spy Tool and Other product research methods 
  • Google keywords search  

The Amazon Best Sellers is a list of the top-selling products across various profitable categories. The list shows us which niches are popular among customers based on their sales volume. Based on this, we can get a clear insight into which niches are trending on the platform and adjust our product catalog accordingly. 

We can also use the Amazon web search bar to find best-selling niches. It’s very straightforward: once we type in a certain niche, we can set the Average Customer Review filter. Then, we’ll be able to see what’s selling well and getting good reviews. 

Moreover, we can utilize tools like AutoDS’ TikTok Spy and AutoDS Winning Products Hub to discover in-demand products and find profitable niches. For example, this reusable food preservation tray is currently among AutoDS’ winning products.

AutoDS Food Preservation Tray

From here, we can find the same product on Amazon. Then, we can determine which niche the product belongs to and find other related products we can sell. Easy!

Amazon Food Preservation Tray

Lastly, the simplest way to do a bit of research and find Amazon’s best-selling niches is through a Google keyword search. That way, we can see which keywords related to which niches are getting a lot of traction. As a result, we can find the niches with the most search volume

All in all, finding a good strategy to identify Amazon’s best-selling niches is crucial for our dropshipping success. 

Tips on How to Find Profitable Niches On Amazon

Now that we know a few ways to discover Amazon’s best-selling niches, let’s see some tips to help us out. Before anything else, when searching for a profitable niche, we must consider the following:

  • Spy on the competition
  • Identify Trends
  • Determine non-seasonal niches
  • Check demand for products within the niche
  • Calculate Profit Margins

A simple way to discover lucrative niches is by keeping an eye on what other dropshippers are up to. If you see fellow dropshippers diving into specific industries, it’s a sign that those niches might be worth exploring for profits. Similarly, we can use Amazon’s Best Sellers list and  AutoDS’ TikTok Spy to identify trending products and niches.

AutoDS TikTok AdSpy Amazon best-selling niches

Next, choose niches with consistent demand throughout the year. This strategy ensures we can sell and earn without relying on the peaks and troughs of seasonal products. For this, we can use tools such as Google Trends, which analyzes trends in search queries across various regions and languages over time.

Similarly, we need to find best-selling products from these in-demand niches. Ideally, we should go for niches where products can sell more than 300 units a month. On Amazon, we can see this data easily, along with product ratings. This information gives us a good idea of which products to add to our store when identifying a niche.

Amazon Product Rating/Items Bought

Moreover, it’s important to maintain healthy profit margins after considering all costs, including sourcing, fulfillment, and advertising expenses. How? Simply make sure the cost of goods sold plus Amazon fees don’t exceed the selling price while staying competitive.

In conclusion, we can effectively identify profitable Amazon niches by monitoring our competition, identifying trends, and selecting year-round niches with profitable products.

Avoid Selling These Amazon Niches

Amazon Niches and Products to Avoid Selling

Notably, it’s crucial to avoid specific Amazon niches and products to ensure compliance with Amazon guidelines and maximize our sales potential.

First and foremost, we need to steer clear of Copyrighted Items. With Amazon’s strict policies to protect intellectual property rights, we could risk the removal of our listing and suspension of our account.

We also want to avoid age-restricted products such as alcohol. There are a lot of measures in place to ensure that products are only sold to their intended age range. It’s best to avoid the hassle, especially if we’re still starting out. 

The same goes for selling dangerous or hazardous materials such as choking hazards, flammable materials, lead-acid batteries, etc. In addition, the sale of firearms and ammunition is strictly prohibited. Such transactions violate Amazon’s policies and implicate various local, state, and federal regulations.

Similarly, selling unauthorized or unregulated medicines and supplements is strictly against Amazon’s policies. This includes prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and dietary supplements that haven’t been properly vetted for safety and efficacy. Selling these items can be harmful to customers and result in severe penalties.

Additionally, it’s wise to avoid dropshipping products that are excessively heavy, as they are more challenging and expensive to ship. It’s also best to avoid products with shipping times exceeding 7 days to maintain a positive customer shopping experience.

Furthermore, selling in overly popular and trending niches should be approached with caution. The intense competition makes it difficult to increase profits. Conversely, stay away from low-demand products, as these items often result in low sales volume that limits potential revenue.

In summary, being mindful of prohibited items, shipping challenges, and market demand is vital for a successful and compliant Amazon business.

The 11 Best Amazon Niches For 2024

To see great success on Amazon, we need to follow trends and in-demand products. That way, we can find our niche and build a product catalog. As such, we can attract more customers and boost sales.

With that said, let’s look at the 11 best Amazon niches for 2024 to add to our store:

  • Skin Care & Selfcare Products
  • Pet Supplies 
  • Gaming Setup
  • Home Decor 
  • Baby Products 
  • Kitchen Supplies 
  • Men & Women Fitness Niche
  • Cellphone Accessories 
  • Office Supplies
  • Jewelry and Watches 
  • Sports & Outdoors

Skin Care & Selfcare Products

Skincare Amazon best-selling niches

Starting off, we have one of the most profitable Amazon dropshipping niches in 2024, skincare and self-care products. Products from this niche are continuously in high demand, making them a great Amazon niche to sell in.

Skincare Google Trends

Within this Amazon niche, there are many suppliers to source from, which offers us flexibility. To clarify, by having the option to source from multiple suppliers, we can offer a good variety of skincare and self-care products. However, we need to be mindful and offer high-quality products because these products are for personal use. As a result, we can mark up our products and enjoy higher profits.

We also need to explore which products are the best-sellers within this niche. So, the Amazon best products to sell in the skincare and self-care niche are: 

  • Skin Care Headbands
  • Acne Pimple Patches 
  • Green Tea Mask Stick
  • Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set
  • Collagen Lip Mask

Beginner’s Tip: Offer bundles of multiple complementary products since people often follow a skincare and self-care routine. As a result, these purchases will increase our average order value and our profits.

Pet Supplies

Pet supplies are one of Amazon’s best dropshipping niches, with huge profit potential. In truth, the pet supplies market is massive and growing every year. Pet owners are always looking for products that make their pets content. For example, this viral Facebook ad for a pet bed has over 2 million views already, showing vast interest in the niche.

Viral Cat Bed FB ad

Thus, the pet and animal supplies market offers owners an endless amount of products to choose from. Actually, there are numerous varieties and categories available within all sections of this market. And they include pet and animal food, health and hygiene products, toys, furniture, collars, bowls, and feeders. 

The best Amazon products to sell in this category are: 

  • Pet Hair Remover
  • Dog Poop Bags
  • Dog Travel Water Bottle
  • Cat Window Hanging Bed
  • Donut Pet Bed

Gaming Setup

Gaming Setup Amazon best-selling niches

With a global community of passionate gamers, there is a constant demand for high-quality gaming setup products. By selling products for a gaming setup online, we can offer the latest and most innovative products that enhance the gaming experience. With the gaming market constantly expanding, it’s expected to reach $33 billion in 2024.

As such, we can tap into a growing market that is already in demand. Plus, there are countless models and variations of gaming equipment that we can offer. These are also high-ticket items giving us space to mark them up more.

The best products to dropship in this Amazon best-selling niche are:

  • Gaming Headset
  • LED Mouse Pad
  • RGB Gaming Keyboard
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Gaming Headset Holder

Home Decor

Home Decor Amazon best-selling niche

One of Amazon’s best-selling niches is home decor. Essentially, home decor products can range from a poster to a chandelier. This category includes items that personalize space, allowing people to express creativity.

Some home decor product examples are furniture, wall art, mirrors, lamps, rugs, curtains, and lighting. As it is an evergreen niche, home decor is a constantly active category. This is a 20% growth from the home decor market value in 2019.

Home Decor Google Trends

Unreliable, by selling these products in the home decor market, we can maximize our sales:

  • Floor Lamp
  • Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Set Wall Art Prints
  • Decorative Pillow Covers 
  • Key Holder For Wall

Baby Products

Baby Products Amazon best-selling niches

Next, one of the most trending Amazon dropshipping niches is baby products. Parents tend to focus a lot of energy and attention on their kids. As such, most of their money goes towards baby products. 

Furthermore, parents now have less time to shop, so they turn to online shopping, which is where we come in. Plus, this is the sort of niche that will never die down since there will always be a need for baby products. As a matter of fact, by dropshipping high-quality baby products, we are catering to our target market’s needs. 

Here are the best Amazon products to sell in the baby products niche:

  • Teething Toys
  • Diaper Bag Backpack
  • Baby Plush Bathrobe
  • Baby Play Floor Mat
  • Silicone Chew Spoon Set

Beginner’s Tip: In this niche, we should only sell high-quality products. This is to avoid selling anything with dangerous or bad materials for children. 

Kitchen Supplies 

Kitchen Supplies niche

Kitchen supplies are indispensable for culinary enthusiasts and home cooks alike. With an increasing focus on convenience, efficiency, and creativity in the kitchen, the demand for kitchen supplies has skyrocketed. At the very least, a lot of people are regularly looking into potential kitchen items to add to their home.

Kitchen Supplies Google Trends

Plus, kitchen supplies are essential for any household, making them an Amazon best-selling dropshipping niche. The niche also has a wide range of products, allowing us to create a large and diverse catalog. Notably, it’s crucial to curate a selection of high-quality and durable products that offer practicality, versatility, and functionality. 

On that note, let’s take a look at some products in this category that have these traits and have proven to be profitable: 

  • Kitchen Cutting Boards Set
  • Under Sink Organizer
  • Silicone Cooking Utensils Set
  • Kitchen Knife Set With Block
  • Measuring Cups & Spoons Set

Men & Women Fitness 

Men & women's fitness niche

The men’s and women’s fitness niche has emerged as one of Amazon’s best-selling niches.  With people becoming more conscious of their health, the demand for products from the men’s and women’s fitness niche is booming. This niche offers a diverse range of products, from workout gear and activewear to nutritional supplements and fitness trackers. As such, this appeals to individuals across multiple demographics.

Amazon’s extensive reach and efficient e-commerce platform provide a perfect avenue to tap into this market. Plus, we can oftentimes mark up our prices since products in the fitness niche tend to run more expensive. A great example of the increasing popularity of the niche includes viral ads for fitness products such as shoes on social media platforms like Facebook.

AutoDS Winning Products Hub Viral Fitness Shoes FB ad

On that note, let’s see which are the best Amazon products to sell in the Amazon men and women’s fitness niche:

  • Cross Back Sports Bra
  • Workout Bands
  • Shaker Bottle
  • Running Belt
  • Workout Gloves

Cellphone Accessories

Cellphone accessories Amazon niche

People rely on their phones for different things – from communicating and connecting with friends to playing games and ordering food. Because phones have become indispensable in our lives, there is a vast market for phone accessories. Plus, new trends always build up demand for more new products. Consequently, cellphone accessories are one of Amazon’s best-selling niches.

According to trends, there is high demand for phone accessories, and the interest continues to grow. To cater to demand, there is a myriad of cellphone accessories that we can dropship. Therefore, this is a worthwhile trend for our Amazon dropshipping business.

Cellphone Accessories Google Trends

With that said, numerous types of products are very profitable within this category, but the best Amazon products to sell are: 

  • Desk Phone Stand 
  • Cellphone Ring Holder
  • Phone Tripod & Selfie Stick
  • Cellphone Holder For Car
  • Universal Cellphone Lanyard

Beginners Tip: Ensure to list phone accessories for every type of mobile device. Many cellphone models are available, increasing our chances of making sales.

Office Supplies

Office Supplies Amazon best-selling niches

Next up, we have the office supplies Amazon niche. Interestingly, this has been a profitable niche to leverage even before the eCommerce boom. That’s because office supplies always have a massive demand from all over the world, year-round. 

Plus, there is a large variety of products in the office supplies niche. There are a lot of subcategories that we can leverage. Plus, the demographic for this niche is very broad. We can target almost anybody if we are selling office supplies. 

From entrepreneurs and students to working professionals, everyone needs office supplies at some point. Most office supplies get exhausted over time. Thus, we can’t deny the possibility of returning customers. As a result, we can enjoy repeat sales and even build customer loyalty. 

Undeniably, office supplies encompass a myriad of things; however, Amazon’s best products to sell are

  • Lined Sticky Notes
  • Paperclips Set
  • Desk File Organizer
  • Copy Printer Paper
  • Cord Organizer

Jewelry and Watches

Jewelry & watches Amazon niche

The next best Amazon niche for dropshipping in 2024 is jewelry and watches. Actually, it’s a great niche to leverage because the global jewelry market is predicted to grow to $19.88 billion by 2024. In truth, products from the jewelry and accessories niche will always be trending. 

Moreover, jewelry and watches are massive go-to purchases during holidays. But, they are also a classic gift to treat ourselves, a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and much more. So, there is always a demand for them year-round. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just a Tuesday, you can never go wrong with jewelry. 

Plus, jewelry and watches are high-ticket items that can boost our profits. So, marketing them properly to target our ideal demographic is vital. Additionally, we need to ensure we are offering the trendiest items, like: 

  • Travel Jewelry Organizer
  • Smart Waterproof Watch 
  • 36 Pairs Gold Earrings Set
  • Small Huggie Hoop Earrings Set 
  • Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring

Sports & Outdoors 

Sports & outdoors Amazon best-selling niche

Who doesn’t love outdoor fun? That’s why the sports and outdoors category is an Amazon best-selling niche. Notably, people are looking for more ways to get out of the house and enjoy themselves. This has led to an increase in the demand for sports and outdoor products.

Sports & Outdoors Google Trends

However, outdoor entertainment is a niche that’s not easy to get into. That’s why it’s important to research the competition before we start our own business in this niche. Plus, our outdoor entertainment products need to be good quality and durable. But, at least we can enjoy high profits since we can afford to mark up our products a bit more. 

With that said, let’s take a look at the Amazon best products to sell in this niche:

  • Waterproof Lighter 
  • Reusable Travel Utensils Set
  • Microfiber Travel Towel
  • Camping Cutting Board 
  • Water Shoes

Automate And Scale Your Best-Selling Niche Store

Generally speaking, manual dropshipping can get complicated, laborious, and time-consuming. In contrast, using an automation tool like AutoDS will save us a ton of time and effort that goes into running our dropshipping business. In fact, one of the best ways to scale our dropshipping business is by automating it.

That way, we can focus on growing our business while the software does the work for us. As a result, we save a bunch of time and effort while reducing errors. Plus, by automating our dropshipping processes, we can optimize our business and boost profits. 

As a demonstration, we’ll take a look at one of AutoDS’ tools – the Product Importer. To illustrate the simplicity of AutoDS’ product importing methods, we will concentrate on the Multiple Product Uploader.

Multiple Product Upload

As the name implies, this feature allows us to import multiple products at once. 

AutoDS Add Multiple Products

Navigate to the AutoDS platform and access the ‘Add Products‘ feature on the top left menu. From the available options in the dropdown menu, opt for the ‘Multiple Products‘ selection. Then, simply input the ASIN code or product URL of items from the selected Amazon best-selling niche in the space provided.

Add Products ASIN and URL

Once we’ve identified and added all the products in the Amazon best-selling niches we want to in our store, we simply click ‘Add As Draft’ to proceed. This redirects us to the Drafts Page, where we can further optimize our product listing before importing to our store. The draft page is where we can fine-tune and optimize our listings before publishing them in our stores. The optimization procedure involves editing various elements, such as the product’s description, tags, images, and more.

AutoDS Drafts Page

Once we feel satisfied with the product’s optimization, click on ‘Save and Import‘. Consequently, that initiates the product’s import to our dropshipping store. Then, the system will transfer the items from the draft page to the ‘Products‘ page.

AutoDS Import Draft

Voila! We’ve finished importing our products with just a few clicks. A quick product-importing process is just one of the benefits of using automation for our dropshipping business. Furthermore, AutoDS has a myriad of other tools that allow us to scale within any of these Amazon best-selling niches:

… and much more!

Numerous dropshippers have streamlined their dropshipping businesses with AutoDS and have managed to see real results and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most selling niches on Amazon?

Amazon best-selling niches include cellphone accessories, pet supplies, and home decor niches. However, there are a number of other Amazon best-selling niches you can take advantage of.

How do I find a successful niche?

To find a successful niche, we can utilize Amazon’s best-sellers list. However, another great method for finding profitable niches is through a Google keyword search. 

What is an example of an Amazon niche?

Some examples of Amazon best-selling niches in 2024 are Skin Care & Selfcare Products, Pet Supplies, and Home Decor. 

How can I find best-selling products for my niche?

To find the best Amazon products to sell in your niche, you can utilize AutoDS’ Marketplace or Winning Products Hub. With these tools, you can save a bunch of time on product research and find your best-sellers in minutes.


There we have it! Let’s start dropshipping in these Amazon best-selling niches to maximize our sales. Ultimately, this helps us as a guide to figuring out which Amazon niches are profitable in 2024. By knowing what is trending, we can see what is in popular demand. Now, we can understand what to sell to attract the most customers and maximize our revenue. 

With that said, let’s dive into some additional articles to learn more about Amazon best products to sell: