Everyone needs home decor products to make their house a home. So, demand for home decor products is always high. On top of that, oftentimes home decor items can be high-ticket items where we can add a big markup and make lots of profits. This is where the lucrative world of dropshipping home decor products comes in. In fact, the home decor market is expected to reach $161 billion by 2029, showing just how much sales opportunity we have in this niche.

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at the best home decor products for us to dropship. On top of that, we’ll also dive into which are the best home decor dropshipping suppliers to source from and the benefits of automating your dropshipping business. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

Dropshipping home decor products is lucrative since it’s a profitable niche year-round with lots of high-ticket items to boost profits.

Best-selling home decor products: tiger eyes street art, wall letter signs, non-slip bathmat, picture frame set, bedside lamp, and many more.

Best home decor dropshipping suppliers: AutoDS, Home Depot, Wayfair, Costway, AliExpress, CJDropshipping, Amazon, Walmart.

Scale your business by automating your entire dropshipping business with AutoDS, relevant marketing and offering great customer service.

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Why Start Home Decor Dropshipping?

Before listing the items, let’s understand why the Home Decor category is worth dropshipping. Essentially, the home decor niche is estimated to reach 202 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. This is a 20% growth from the home-decor market value in 2019, which means this niche has a large profit potential.

Moreover, during Covid, DIY projects were prevalent, with people trying creative and innovative ideas to decorate their homes. As such, this led to an increase in demand for home decor products.

Even after Covid, the home-decor niche remains popular. And catering to this enormous market size combined with the dropshipping model is a recipe for a successful business.

On top of that, we can quickly test products and replace them if they are not selling well. All in all, home decor dropshipping is a lucrative business venture that will help us make a lot of money.

23 Best Selling Home Decor Products

Now that we know the profitability of the home decor niche, let’s learn about the 23 best-selling home decor dropshipping products:

  1. Luxury Feather Floor Lamp
  2. Tiger Eyes Street Art
  3. Luminous Luxury Chandelier
  4. Outdoor String Lights
  5. Wall Letter Signs
  6. Mini Wood Decorative Books
  7. Throw Pillows
  8. Thermal Insulated Curtains
  9. Picture Frame Set
  10. Rug Pads Grippers
  11. Non-Slip Bath Mat
  12. Reversible Sofa Slipcover
  13. Scented Candles 
  14. LED Moon Lamp
  15. Rustic Wall Sconces
  16. Vintage Bathroom Canvas
  17. Digital LED Clock
  18. Ceramic Flower Vase
  19. Artificial Hanging Eucalyptus Plant
  20. Over The Door Hooks
  21. Food Storage Containers
  22. Woven Laundry Hamper
  23. Bedside Lamp

Below, we’ll see an in-depth overview of each product.

1. Luxury Feather Floor Lamp

Kicking off the list of best home-decor dropshipping products is the Luxury Feather Floor Lamp. This product is a floor lamp designed as a luxury home decor item.

How significant is the profit potential of selling the luxury feather floor lamp?

  • Selling price: $1,930.00
  • Source price: $870.86 
  • Potential profit: $1059.14

Product img
Luxury Feather Floor Lamp
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 5-12 days

Target Audience 

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 21 to 65 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Interests: Furniture Collectors, Luxury Items Lovers
  • Economic Status: Mid to High-income class

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Let’s delve into Venetto’s luxury feather lamp Facebook Ad. By looking at the engagement, we can assess the success of the advertisement. First of all, the ad has a massive 3 million views. Also, it has garnered over 24,000 reactions and 2.2k comments. Additionally, the ad shows pictures of the lamp in high-end backgrounds to display it as a luxury item.

However, as this is a high-ticket item, we expected to see a marketing video instead of a compilation of photos with background music. So, here we can improve our marketing efforts by providing a high-quality video showing how the lamp works.

Seller’s Website

Now, let’s analyze Venetto Design’s online store. Upon entering their website, we see the product listed for $1,930.00. Also, Venetto Design has done a perfect job creating an upscale feel for the store. By having a minimalistic website, they are focusing on the products to make them stand out.

When we enter their website, we immediately receive a popup titled “spin to win,” which offers extra perks to customers. To clarify, these marketing techniques help to increase engagement and, ultimately, our website’s conversion rate. Additionally, Venetto Design uses a special offer countdown that encourages customers to buy the product before it’s too late.

Supplier’s Website

Upon researching, we found the same product on AliExpress. Here we can see the original price for the floor lamp is $870.86. While the supplier provides some pictures of the lamp, most of them don’t look professional. To attract more customers and differentiate ourselves from the competition, we must use high-quality images and in-depth descriptions in our stores.

Moving ahead, we can see other details like specifications, product certifications, and composition materials. This is an excellent way to determine if the product is high quality and durable. Besides that, AliExpress offers discount coupons up to $120. Plus, the supplier has an overall rating of 5/5 stars, which means they are reliable.

2. Tiger Eyes Street Art

The best way to add a theme to a room is by having a signature picture or artwork. Then, everything else can be added around it later. With that in mind, the Tiger Eyes Street Art home decor product can be a defining piece in our customer’s homes.

So, how high is the profit potential of selling the Tiger Eyes Street Art?

  • Selling price: $119.99
  • Source price: $41.78
  • Potential profit: $78.21

Target Audience 

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 20 to 50 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Interests: Home-decor, Art Lovers

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

First, let’s look at the Tiger Eyes Street Art FB Ad by the Kanvas Kingdom seller. Upon analyzing their ad, we can find attractive images and a catchy headline. On top of that, the ad post features a call to action (CTA) button.

To clarify, we should optimize our titles, descriptions, and images as they help us differentiate our products. And finally, we can increase our conversion rate with the CTA button. Additionally, they have garnered 6.8k reactions, 401 comments, and more than 309 shares, demonstrating a massive interest in the product.

Seller’s Website

Next, let’s head over to the Kanvas Kingdom, where the Tiger Eyes Street Art is priced at $119.99. Immediately after entering the website, viewers are greeted with a popup displaying a 15% discount in exchange for emails. This is called email marketing, where we can use customers’ emails to promote our future products.

Plus, the Kanvas Kingdom’s website has a minimalistic theme, which gives it a professional look. Besides that, the website also features a “Buy 2 Items Get 1 Free” banner at the top. These banners can increase the average order value (AOV), ultimately meaning more profits in our pockets.

Supplier’s Website

Moving to the supplier’s website, we can find the same item for $41.78. Plus, they are giving a discount of $3 for every $30 spent. On top of that, they are offering 2% off on orders above five pieces. Additionally, they are offering the art piece in 5 different sizes. That means they are suitable for different sizes of rooms.

Moreover, the supplier has 91.2% positive feedback. Thus, we can rest assured that the supplier is reliable. While the product has a long title on AliExpress, Kanvas Kingdom has optimized the product title and description to make it look more professional.

3. Luminous Luxury Chandelier

If your customers want something extravagant in their dining room, the Luminous Luxury Chandelier is a perfect product. It is suitable for people who want a high-end interior look to give their home an elegant feel. 

So, how high is the profit potential of selling Luminous Luxury Chandelier?

  • Selling price: $707.95
  • Source price: $213.15
  • Potential profit: $494.80

Target Audience 

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 20 to 50 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Interests: Home-decor, Art Lovers

Let’s take a look at the seller’s website, FB ads, and source:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

While luminous luxury chandeliers are a high-ticket product, Noosh Decor’s Facebook ad has an average title and description, and the seller is missing a link to their website. As a result, many people thought the store was a physical store. So, we should provide a direct link to our store or product page for an optimized shopping experience.

Now focusing on the positives, they have an excellent video that showcases the product in a high-end dining room along with pleasant music. Overall, the video performs well, with over 420K views, 4K comments, and 73 comments, meaning the seller attained at least a 2% conversion rate.

Seller’s Website

Heading over to Noosh Decor’s website, they are selling the Luminous Luxury Chandelier for  $707.95. Additionally, the website offers different designs and colors. To elaborate, offering a wide variety of products increases our sales and customer satisfaction.

On top of that, they offer free worldwide shipping along with easy shipping and return policies. In essence, an easy and detailed shipping and return policy provides clarity for customers and credibility for our stores.

Supplier’s Website

Finally, let’s look at the supplier website for the Luminous Luxury Chandelier. On AliExpress, we can source this product for a discounted price of $213.15, including shipping costs. Additionally, on top of the 50% discount, the supplier is offering a $3 discount coupon code.

However, there are no product descriptions. In such cases, we must fill in product descriptions by researching the product or contacting our supplier. That’s because product descriptions help our customers know more about the product, further persuading them to purchase.

Beginner’s Tip: When listing Luminous Luxury Chandeliers, we should add as much variety as possible in our stores, such as a Chandelier with 8 heads, 12 heads, or a different color lighting.

4. Outdoor String Lights

As lighting accessories are perfect for any event, Outdoor String Lights bring out the best of every occasion. This attractive product includes several small bulbs attached via a string. Besides its beautiful design, the bulbs are available in multiple designs and sizes. Since wide selection increases customer satisfaction, we should provide as much variety as possible.

According to Marketwatch, the global String Lights market is expected to reach $637.4 million by 2026, which is a 6% increase yearly from 2018. As for its cost, the Outdoor String Lights are available for $15 to $60 on AliExpress. With the proper selling strategies, dropshipping this best-selling product will result in big profits.

Beginner’s Tip: When selling Outdoor String Lights, ensure the bulbs are weatherproof and won’t easily shatter. As these bulbs are placed outdoors, we should ensure that we provide a durable product.

5. Wall Letter Signs

Whether for personal or professional use, Wall Letter Signs are an in-demand home decor product. Wall Letter Signs are made of various materials such as plastic, vinyl, and wood. Plus, they are straightforward to install using adhesives.

Furthermore, the wall decor industry is currently worth US$58.2 billion and is expected to reach US$70.9 billion by 2027. As the demand for wall letter signs is massive, we need to start sourcing immediately! With that said, we can find this product on AliExpress for $5 – $30.

6. Mini Wood Decorative Books

Up next, we have Mini Wood Decorative Books. This home decor item is designed to look like a collection of books. Plus, we can find them in different designs, sizes, and colors. On top of that, they are made up of high-quality wood that deters termites and other wood-eating insects.

Additionally, Mini Wood Decorative Books are available in different sizes and frames. As for its cost, we can source the product for $4 – $50. Because of its popularity, Mini Wood Decorative Books are among the best products to dropship in the home decor niche.

7. Throw Pillows

If we want to sell a product that adds a mix of comfort and cuteness to our home, then Throw Pillows will not disappoint. In essence, these products enhance the looks of bedrooms, sofas, and living rooms. Plus, throw pillows are made of down-feather, fiber, or foam, which makes them soft and comfortable to rest on. Furthermore, they can be covered with materials such as cotton, burlap, velvet, satin, and more.

Due to their comfort and elegant look, throw pillows are highly in demand. In fact, the average expenditure on decorative pillows in the United States was $9.6 per consumer unit in 2022. With this in mind, we can source this product from $3 to $30 on Amazon. With marketing efforts, this home decor item can skyrocket our sales.

Beginner’s Tip: To increase our profit margins, we can sell throw pillows made of high-quality materials that provide extra comfort. Similarly, list throw pillows covered with high-end textiles such as faux fur, leather, velvet, and silk to increase the perceived value.

8. Thermal Insulated Curtains

What better way to keep cold air from entering rooms than Thermal Insulated Curtains? These curtains are designed as an insulation layer that doesn’t let cold or hot air enter our rooms. Since they are used to insulate rooms, the curtains are made of heat-resistant and cold-resistant materials.

Furthermore, some thermal curtains also feature a double and triple layer of acrylic foam to provide better insulation. Plus, the curtain can vary primarily in fabric type, energy efficiency capacity, and price. Regarding pricing, thermal insulated curtains cost between $15 – $90 on AliExpress.

Beginner’s Tip: While we can offer cheaper options to our customers with PVC thermal insulated curtains, we can also provide high-range catalogs such as wool curtains which are more aesthetic and eco-friendly.

9. Picture Frame Set

Although photos are stored in devices nowadays, physical frame sets are still trendy. That’s because Picture Frame Sets are an excellent way to display unforgettable memories or unique pictures. When it comes to designs, picture frame sets have an endless selection. For example, customers can choose modern or contemporary frames according to their interiors.

Similarly, we can sell picture frame sets made of different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, or glass. According to reports, the picture frame market revenue is expected to reach US$8.8 billion by 2029 at an annual growth rate of 5.2%. With that in mind, we can start dropshipping this product from Walmart for $5-$50. Overall, offering high-picture frames at competitive prices will help us gain customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

10. Rug Pads Grippers

Another home decor product on our dropshipping list is Rug Pads Grippers. This product is mainly used to attach rugs and carpets to the floor to stay in place. Additionally, they are made of durable slip-resistant latex rubber. Plus, the grippers are versatile enough to function on different types of floorings, such as tiles, hardwood, parking, and others.

On top of that, Rug Pads Grippers can be easily removed once used. So, there’s no hassle like taking off adhesives from the floors. Along with that, the grippers are washable and have a long shelf life. Whether people need to decorate or protect the floor with rugs, Rug Pads Grippers come in handy. Thus, we can find these products in the price range of $2- $20 to start making profits. 

11. Non-Slip Bath Mat

There is a severe risk of getting hurt in bathrooms with tiles or marble floors. So, the Non-Slip Bath Mat is designed to protect people from slippery bathroom floors while adding visual appeal to the bathroom. Generally, we can find Non-Slip Bath Mats in all shapes and sizes, such as oval, circular, square, or rectangular.

Additionally, the non-slip bath mats are made of different materials, such as rubber, bamboo, and polyester. Moreover, the non-slip bath mats are currently priced at $4 – $40 at Walmart. With proper marketing showcasing its sturdy grip and pleasing design, we can increase our conversion rates to maximize our profits.

12. Reversible Sofa Slipcover

Whether it’s an old sofa or a new one, customers can maintain and enhance the look of their sofas by buying a Reversible Sofa Slipcover. Essentially, Reversible Sofa Slipcovers are protective covers for sofas that can be used again by turning them inside out. As it is used as a protective layer, some sofa slipcovers are water repellent, whereas others can be resistant against coffee stains, dirt, scratches, and more.

These slipcovers can come in various designs specific to types of sofas, such as a three-seater or two-seater. While some slipcovers are simple, we can find high-end sofa slipcovers with a luxury feel. Therefore, if we wish to dropship this item, its current market prices range from $5-$50 on Wayfair.

13. Scented Candles

For people seeking to create an ambiance of well-being and relaxation, Scented Candles are a great option. Typically, scented candles are made by mixing fragrant oil with wax, and when lit, they give off a pleasant aroma such as apple, vanilla, chocolate, jasmine, or sandalwood. Plus, the candles do not emit smoke, meaning there is no health concern.

As for its demand,  private label brands of scented candles generated around US$906.6 million in sales in the United States. Meanwhile, scented candles range from $1 to $20 on AliExpress. Although the product has high market demand, they are low-cost products. So, there is plenty of room for profit.

Beginner’s Tip: Since health and well-being products have a huge demand, we can focus our store on aromatherapy. In this niche store, we can sell scented candles and other relevant products such as hand-crafted body soaps, essential oils, incense, and bath bombs.

14. LED Moon Lamp

Another excellent home decor addition that is popular is the LED Moon Lamp. This home decor product is a LED Lamp that resembles a glowing moon. The LED Moon Lamp is also easily portable and has long battery life. Plus, the lamp has different light modes, adjustable brightness and comes with a stylish wooden stand.

Currently, we can source LED Moon Lamps for $5-$100 on AliExpress. Since this product is already viral on TikTok, customers are interested in these items. So, we can attract more traffic to our online stores by marketing and dropshipping this item.

Beginner’s Tip: Remember to list an automated LED Moon Lamp in our store. The automatic one comes with a remote control that allows customers to operate it from a distance. When we list both types of lamps, we can increase our revenues.

15. Rustic Wall Sconces

Are you tired of dropshipping ordinary lights with narrow profit margins? If yes, then Rustic Wall sconces are a great product to dropship. Essentially, this product is a great lighting option to add light layers to bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms. But the primary specialty of these lights is their unique designs.

With that in mind, a wide selection of rustic wall sconces is made of metal, plastic, glass, and wood. Additionally, the sconces are available in different retro, modern, or classic designs. So, we should offer a diverse selection of rustic wall sconces to ensure customer satisfaction. Through our market research, we found the same product available for $4 – $100 on Wayfair.

Beginner’s Tip: Since most lighting products come with a warranty, look for a supplier that provides warranties on these products. This way, we can offer a warranty to our customers, which helps us gain a competitive advantage over our rivals.

16. Vintage Bathroom Canvas

Besides living rooms and bedrooms, bathrooms are an essential space people seek to upgrade. As such, the Vintage Bathroom Canvas can bring the best out of bathroom walls. In general, bathroom canvases can be a painting or printed images. As they are quite similar to picture frames, most are composed of wood, whereas we can also find ones made of metal, vinyl, or plastic.

With that being said, this small yet significant home decor product is highly in demand and comes in a price range of $2 – $25 on AliExpress.

17. Digital LED Clock

Next, we have the Digital LED Clock, a modern watch that shows time digitally. These clocks can be attached to any wall, desk, or table, which instantly adds elegance and a modern feel to our rooms. Additionally, the Digital LED clock is made of durable plastic, which lasts for a long time. And, to complement their durability, they are powered by a rechargeable battery with a long shelf life.

Moreover, some of them can also include USB ports, mini speakers, and adjustable brightness settings. According to research, the global digital clock market is estimated to reach US$239 million in 2028. So, if we’re ready to earn big bucks, then we can dropship this product for $5 – $50 from Amazon. As such, we can reach a broad audience and increase sales by providing a durable, multi-functional Digital LED Clock.

18. Ceramic Flower Vase

If our customers are after the latest home-decor items, Ceramic Flower Vases are perfect for our catalog. With that said, the Ceramic Flower Vase comes in different colors, styles, and shapes. That means we can add different variations, such as vases with contemporary, modern, or minimalistic designs.

On top of that, ceramic vases are durable, high-quality, and long-lasting. They are perfect for decorating tables, shelves, mantels, dining rooms, bathrooms, or patios. Upon our research, we found that the Ceramic Flower Vases are available on AliExpress for $8-$100.

19. Artificial Hanging Eucalyptus Plant

While Eucalyptus plants are beautiful home-decor items, growing a real one can be a hassle and impractical. But, there is an easier way. Artificial Hanging Eucalyptus Plants provide the same features as their authentic counterparts yet are much easier to maintain and care for.

As this product is artificial, these plants are made of high-quality plastic and fabric such as polyester. That means the plants are long-lasting and easy to clean. Moving on to the source of this product, we can find it on AliExpress for $3 – $30. Once we sell Artificial Hanging Eucalyptus Plants, we can scale our business to dropship more artificial plants and flowers.

Beginner’s Tip: When selling this product, use a product bundling marketing strategy. With this strategy, we can offer a pack of 4 or 5 artificial plants for a discounted price. As a result, it encourages customers to buy more.

20. Over The Door Hooks

Most people find wearables or clothing items hectic to manage. That’s why Over The Door Hooks is a popular product that comes to the rescue. This product comes in a set of hooks that helps to manage garments, kitchen utensils, and other accessories. They are made of metals such as aluminum or iron, making them durable and long-lasting.

If we want an affordable option, we can sell door hooks made of plastic or wood. Furthermore, these door hooks can come in different sizes and color options. Currently, Over The Door Hooks are selling for $2 – $20 on Walmart. Overall, if we provide a wide variety at competitive prices, we can see a massive increase in our store sales with this product.

21. Food Storage Containers

As a home improvement product for the kitchen, Food Storage Containers are one of the most trending products. Essentially, Food Storage Containers are airtight containers that keep moisture out. Furthermore, storage containers are water and cold resistant as they must be stored in refrigerators. Plus, they come in multiple colors and shapes.

According to Statista, the market value of food storage containers in the US has reached around 570 million US Dollars in 2021. Moving on to the source of this product, we can find it for $3 – $40 on AliExpress.

22. Woven Laundry Hamper

Essentially, the Woven Laundry Hamper is a functional home decor product in high demand. In general, the woven laundry hamper is made of jute and cotton threads. As such, they are eco-friendly and very durable. While some laundry hampers are machine woven, others may be hand woven. On top of that, they are very soft; they can be folded when not in use, which saves storage space.

As for its demand, the Home and Laundry Care market amounted to 32.17 billion US Dollars in 2024. Moreover, the market is predicted to rise by 2.51% per year from 2024 to 2029. Additionally, these attractive Woven Laundry Hampers are priced at $3 – $40 on AliExpress.

Beginner’s Tip: While AliExpress has a huge variety of Woven Laundry Hampers, we can also source unique designs from Etsy. This will help differentiate our product from the competition, resulting in higher sales.

23. Bedside Lamp

Last but not least, we have the Bedside Lamp on our list of best home decor products. This lamp has a graceful design that creates a pleasant ambiance in the bedroom. Additionally, they are available in different designs and shapes, such as spherical, mushroom-shaped, cylindrical, and more. Plus, these lamps can be made of metal, glass, wood, and ceramic.

As for its demand, the market revenue of the Lamps and Lighting segment is around 75.40 billion US dollars and is expected to reach $95 billion by 2026. Plus, we can find bedside lamps for $5 – $100 on Amazon. As such, we can price this product competitively and reap the rewards!

Wow! That sums up our list of best home decor dropshipping products. With this list, we have 23 high-potential products that can skyrocket our store sales this year.

Top Home Decor Dropshipping Suppliers To Source From

Great! Now we have in-demand home decor product ideas for our dropshipping store, so what’s next? We need reliable suppliers to source the items. So, here are five trusted suppliers we can source products from:

  1. AutoDS
  2. The Home Depot
  3. Walmart
  4. AliExpress
  5. CJDropshipping
  6. Amazon
  7. Wayfair
  8. Costway

Let’s look at them individually to learn about their features.

1. AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers

The AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers is a great home decor dropshipping supplier to source from since it houses lots of private home decor dropshipping suppliers. This gives us a competitive edge since our competitors don’t have access to these private suppliers. We can access the AutoDS Warehouse through the AutoDS marketplace by choosing it as an option in the supplier list. Once we filter out the results from the Warehouse, we can easily import our chosen products to our store. 

Notably, AutoDS is also a home decor dropshipping supplier with a warehouse. It offers fast shipping, making it a great source from which to source. Apart from AutoDS, the AutoDS Warehouse keeps adding new private suppliers and growing the list, enabling us to enjoy more diversity. And, since it’s linked to the platform, all orders will be fulfilled through the automatic order fulfillment system, Fulfilled by AutoDS. 

Uniquely, unlike other suppliers, we have suppliers that offer the option to send a branded Thank You card. By shipping out our orders with a branded card, these suppliers help us build brand recognition. Lastly, we can enjoy the benefit of getting discounts. This allows us to add a higher profit margin while remaining competitive.

2. The Home Depot

The Home Depot is the perfect home decor dropshipping supplier for the American consumer. It has as many as 90 distribution centers across the States and a huge variety of items in the “Home Niche.” 

With that said, let’s dive into some of The Home Depot’s key features:

  • Tax exemption program 
  • 2-Day delivery

One of the most notable and unique aspects of this home decor dropshipping supplier is its tax exemption program. The Home Depot has a unique program where we can be exempt from purchase taxes if we have a state/country or federal tax ID

In addition, they have an excellent shipping policy. The Home Depot has a free 2-day delivery policy for over a million products and free delivery for orders $45+.

3. Walmart

To begin with, Walmart is a great home decor dropshipping supplier for the American shopper. Notably, it has delightful perks like a wide range of diverse home decor products and next-day delivery. It also gives the option to send your product in gift packaging.

Key Features: 

  • Price match policy 
  • Free & fast shipping
  • Savings and deals

One of Walmart’s most attractive features is its price match policy. If a product goes on sale within the return period, we’ll be able to get a refund of the price difference. Continuing the theme of affordability, with Walmart’s big sales and daily deals, we can earn higher profits while remaining competitive.

Additionally, with this home decor dropshipping supplier, we’ll be able to offer next-day delivery and free shipping options for our US consumers.

4. AliExpress

Kicking off the list, we have AliExpress, one of the beloved platforms to source products. This supplier is an online retail marketplace that connects us with many Chinese home decor manufacturers and suppliers.

Key Features

  • Massive variety of home decor products 
  • Low-cost products
  • Domestic warehouses
  • Dropship Center
  • Buyer/seller protection

As AliExpress is one of the largest eCommerce platforms, it provides a considerable catalog in the home decor niche. Additionally, this supplier has affordable pricing for all its products, which can boost our profit margins. Plus, AliExpress has global warehouses in major regions like the US, UK, and Europe. So, with domestic warehouses, we can offer fast shipping to our customers around the globe.

Additionally, the AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a product research platform. By adjusting the search filters such as price, supplier location, and the number of times sold, we can research and find in-demand home decor products. Besides that, AliExpress also has buyer/seller protection. This feature guarantees the quality and delivery time of home decor products as per the agreement terms with our AliExpress suppliers.

Overall, dropshipping from AliExpress allows us to boost our profits with a large variety of affordable home decor products.

5. CJDropshipping

Up next, we have CJDropshipping, an online dropshipping platform. This platform is designed and built by a team of experienced dropshippers, which helps us source home decor products from reliable suppliers. 

Key Features

  • Product sourcing platform
  • Quality Assurance
  • Domestic warehouses
  • Private Labeling

CJDropshipping is one of the dropshipping-friendly suppliers that offer product sourcing. That means we can request for products to be made available for us that are not yet listed on the platform. Additionally, CJDropshipping performs quality assurance tests on every home decor product before shipping them out from their warehouses.

Furthermore, CJDropshipping has warehouses in 30+countries, including significant regions like the US, Europe, and Canada, which enables faster shipping. Finally, CJDropshipping offers private label services. With this service, we can customize products according to our specifications and sell them under our brand name.

With that in mind, dropshipping from CJDropshipping helps us build a strong brand identity, allowing us to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

6. Amazon

Sourcing from the world’s largest eCommerce company can only work in our favor. Not only is Amazon a leading retailer, but they are also a reliable dropshipping supplier for home decor products.

Key Features

  • Massive selection of products
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Quick shipping speed
  • Domestic warehouses

As Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world, we can find a large selection of home decor products. Moreover, Amazon has exceptional customer service. Therefore, they are available 24/7 via phone or email if our customers encounter any issues with their orders or returns. Besides that, Amazon is also famous for its super fast delivery times.

On top of that, Amazon has multiple warehouses and distribution centers in major countries, meaning even faster shipping for our customers. Hence, we can start dropshipping from Amazon to scale our business as soon as possible.

7. Wayfair

If we want to source home decor products, Wayfair is one of the best options. That’s because they are a niche dropshipping supplier that offers over 15 million home improvement products from 11,000 global suppliers.

Key Features

  • Vast product catalog
  • Domestic Warehouses
  • MYWAY program
  • Flexible payment options

With a specialization in home improvement products, Wayfair offers a massive variety of products from furniture to bedding and bath. Plus, Wayfair has local warehouses in the US, UK, Germany, and more. So, we can offer faster shipping times to our customers, giving us a competitive edge over our rivals.

Furthermore, Wayfair’s “MYWAY” program offers instant access to thousands of exclusive items only available to members and free and same-day shipping for most of the products. Finally, Wayfair accepts various payment methods such as major credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, Wire Transfer, etc. With all these features, dropshipping from Wayfair is very much worth it.

8. Costway

Last but not least, we have Costway, another niche dropshipping supplier focusing on home-decor products. Despite having humble beginnings as sellers on Amazon and eBay, Costway has become one of the top retailers in the US.

Key Features

  • Dropshipping program
  • Multiple domestic warehouses 
  • Dropshipping agreement

Although Costway is one of the largest retailers, they offer a considerate dropshipping program. This program includes dropshipping-friendly features such as affordable pricing, two-day shipping, and a three-month product warranty for most home-decor products.

Generally speaking, dropshipping copyrighted gift products is illegal. However, we can legally dropship branded products with Costway’s dropshipping agreement. To clarify, we can use this program to leverage reputed brands. Furthermore, Costway has more than nine warehouses which means faster delivery to our customers. Therefore, dropshipping from Costway can help us maximize our profit potential.

These five dropshipping suppliers are some of the best choices for home-decor products. But they are not the only ones. We can enjoy various products from other reliable home decor suppliers. Additionally, we can also learn about the best free dropshipping suppliers if we want to dropship products from other categories. 

Beginner’s Tip: Remember that working with multiple suppliers is essential for our business. That’s because we need a backup if our supplier is out of stock or faces shipping issues. Moreover, we can offer a huge variety of products to our customers.

The Best Selling Channels For Home Decor Products

After finding reliable suppliers to source products from, we need to list our home decor items on a selling channel. Essentially, selling channels are platforms where we showcase our products to our customers. Plus, it is also our first point of contact with our customers.

In general, there are two types of selling channels: eCommerce marketplaces and customizable dropshipping stores. To clarify, marketplaces like eBay and Facebook Marketplace (FBMP) are buying and selling platforms with many users. Due to this vast user base, our store generates organic traffic, which allows us to save marketing costs.

Conversely, customizable eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Wix enable us to build our home decor dropshipping stores from scratch. That means we create our custom domain and personalize our website with ready-made store templates, themes, images, logos, and more. Due to this, we can create a brand identity to increase our customer base.

With that in mind, let’s look at the features of different selling channels to find out what they offer.

Features of Shopify

  • Professional eCommerce templates
  • 3000+ app integrations
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Built-in blogging feature

Due to its customization features, Shopify is one of the most popular selling channels among dropshippers. Generally, Shopify allows us to use professional eCommerce templates for our online stores and improves our store’s user interface and visual attractiveness. Additionally, Shopify has its own App Store with 3000+ dropshipping tools and apps to level up our business.

On top of that, Shopify offers exceptional customer service, available 24/7 and in all languages. Hence, we can rely on Shopify to solve our issues swiftly, should they arise.

Finally, with Shopify’s built-in blogging feature, we can optimize our website content with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To clarify, blog posts combined with SEO are a great marketing tool that generates organic traffic to our website. 

Features of Wix

  • Fully customizable platform
  • Wix App Market
  • Easy-to-use interface

Similar to Shopify, Wix is also a customizable platform. We can personalize our dropshipping store with the Wix platform with custom designs, templates, and logos.

Additionally, the Wix App Market has many dropshipping apps and tools to help us in our dropshipping operations. Furthermore, the Wix platform is excellent for beginners because of its user-friendliness. We can manage our website’s content with convenient features like the drag-and-drop tool. Thus, we can enhance our website’s visual appearance without requiring coding or designing skills.

Features of eBay

  • Free organic traffic 
  • Simple and easy interface
  • Zero upfront investment

As eBay is one of the eCommerce giants, it has more than 109 million visitors every month. With such a massive number of visitors, our eBay stores have the potential to generate organic traffic, helping us save money on marketing.

Furthermore, dropshipping on eBay is so easy that we can start selling as soon as we create an eBay account. Besides this, selling on eBay requires zero upfront investment, so we can start quickly!

Features of FBMP

  • Free organic traffic  
  • No monthly subscription
  • Smooth buying & selling process
  • Low selling fees

Facebook Marketplace (FBMP) is another trading platform that caters to a massive number of monthly visitors. With this vast user base, our stores can generate free organic traffic. This expands our audience reach and helps us generate high sales.

Plus, unlike other selling channels, FBMP doesn’t have subscription fees, so it requires zero investment upfront. Additionally, buying and selling on FBMP is a straightforward process.

Finally, dropshipping on FBMP requires a low selling fee. The cost of selling products is a 5% selling fee or a flat fee of $0.40, whichever is higher. And the best part is that we only pay the fees after we sell the products.

Overall, these four selling channels are some of the best platforms for our home-decor products. Once we find our winning products, we can select the most suitable selling platform to increase sales. After we succeed with one selling channel, we can start dropshipping on other platforms to multiply our profits.

Scale Your Home Decor Dropshipping Business

Before we understand how to scale our business, let’s understand what scaling means. In general, scaling simply means expanding our business to make it more profitable. With the dropshipping model, we don’t have to limit ourselves to narrow profit margins. In fact, we can keep maximizing our profits with different strategies. Let’s go over key ones.

AutoDS Dropshipping Automation

autods dashboard

Manual dropshipping is tedious, time-consuming, and laborious. On top of that, it allows room for error in the processes of running our dropshipping business.  These responsibilities require a lot of time and effort when done manually. Notably, this is where AutoDS comes in to save the day.

One of the best aspects of dropshipping is that we can automate our tasks! As such, dropshipping automation allows us to automate the entire dropshipping process. As a result, we save a bunch of time and effort while reducing errors in any of the steps. Plus, by automating our dropshipping processes, we can optimize our business and boost profits. 

With this in mind, the best all-in-one automation tool to use is AutoDS. AutoDS has a myriad of tools that allow us to scale and grow our dropshipping business:

  • Price/Stock Monitoring
  • Product Importer 
  • Price Optimization
  • Complete Order Fulfillment
  • Easy Inventory Management 
  • Automatic Tracking Updates

Market Your Home Decor Products 

One of the ways to grow the sales and profits of our dropshipping business is through marketing. We are making our business more visible online by marketing our products and stores. As such, more customers will come across our home decor products.

With that in mind, let’s see the marketing strategies we can implement on different selling channels:

Shopify & Wix Marketing

  • PPC Ads 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Influencer Marketing

As the Shopify and Wix platforms do not have readily-available traffic, we can use pay-per-click (PPC) ads to drive traffic into our stores. Using PPC Ads, we can market our products/stores on popular platforms like Google, Youtube, and Facebook.

As people start to see our ads on these platforms, they will click on them. Afterward, they are redirected to our website, where they can buy our home decor products. As the name suggests, we must pay whenever a customer clicks on our ad.

Additionally, we can use email marketing to promote our online store. To elaborate, an effective email campaign includes sending emails with promotional offers and discounts along with our home decor products to our customers.

Finally, the last marketing method for Shopify and Wix stores is influencer marketing. Since influencers have a significant following on social media, we can pay them to review and market products to increase our store’s traffic and sales.

eBay Marketing

  • Promoted Listings Standard
  • Promoted Listings Advanced (eBay-PPC)

One of the reliable marketing methods on eBay is Promoted Listings Standard. With these promotional tools, we can feature our products on eBay. As a result, more customers can find our store when they search for relevant products. As for its cost, we have to pay a promotion fee after the product sells.

Similarly, like PPC ads, eBay has introduced Promoted Listings Advanced, which works on a pay-per-click basis. This feature allows us to run ad campaigns on eBay, which boosts our home decor products to the top spot on search results. Since this marketing feature functions like PPC ads, eBay charges us a certain fee every time a customer clicks on the ad.

FBMP Marketing

  • Boosted listings
  • Sharing our listing in buy/sell groups

As one of the largest social media platforms, Facebook Marketplace has over one billion active users. Therefore, it is an excellent platform to promote our home decor products at a low cost.

One of the ways we can market on FBMP is by using their boosted listings feature, which helps products rank on top when customers search for similar products. As such, customers are more likely to buy from us because we are more visible.

Besides boosted listings, we should share our listings in Facebook’s buy and sell groups. With this technique, we can get our home decor products in front of as many customers as possible. Therefore, this strategy helps us increase our sales; the best part is that it’s free.

Customer Service

Once we have marketed our products, we should focus on improving our customer service to scale our business. Plus, providing excellent customer service is crucial in creating a successful dropshipping business. So, here are some tips to provide exceptional customer service:

  • Respond to customer messages and inquiries daily.
  • Handle returns/refunds/exchanges on time.
  • Ensure that every customer is answered to.
  • Offer promotions/discounts/cashback whenever possible to attain customer loyalty.
  • Use a customer support management system where we can easily track, manage, and answer all of our customers’ messages.

With these methods, we should provide the best experience to our customers. By doing so, we can easily attract new customers while retaining our existing customer base, which is crucial to scaling our business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Home Decor Dropshipping Profitable?

Absolutely! Home decor dropshipping is profitable because the demand for home-decor products is constantly rising.   

How Can I Start A Home Decor Dropshipping Business?

To start a home decor dropshipping business, we need to find in-demand and trending products. Then we should select reliable dropshipping suppliers and selling channels to source and list the products, respectively. Finally, we should market our products and provide excellent customer service to increase profits.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Home Decor Dropshipping Business?

We can start a home-decor dropshipping business with a minimal budget. For beginners, subscription costs of eCommerce platforms like Shopify/Wix amount to around $15- $30 per month in addition to domain name costs. On the other hand, selling fees on eBay/FBMP are also very low. However, since we don’t have to pay for products in advance, home decor dropshipping has no starting capital.

Is Decor Dropshipping From Suppliers Profitable?

Of course! Home decor is a high-demand niche with lots of high-ticket items. By working with a reliable and quality supplier, we can add huge markups to our prices and make great profits. 

How Do Home Decor Dropshipping Suppliers Typically Handle Returns, Refunds, And Customer Service Issues?

Most home decor dropshipping suppliers have unique return and refund policies, but most of them allow returns and refunds within a set number of days. However, we can only make returns for home decor products that have not been used or damaged by the customer. On top of that, most home decor dropshipping suppliers offer great customer service that makes it easy to handle any issues.


And there we have it! We have the 23+ best home decor products to dropship that will boost our sales. Running a dropshipping business requires knowing your target market and what is popular and in demand in that market. And, since home decor is a profitable niche year round, we can expect solid profits consistently when selling these proven home decor products. On top of that, now we know the best home decor dropshipping suppliers to source from.

And, to help us out further in our dropshipping journey, we can check out these helpful articles: