Pets are more than just cheerful little creatures to greet us when we come home. They are pure and loving companions that hold an exceptional place in our hearts.

Every animal has its necessities, so pet products are not new; however, there are plenty of “extra” accessories that pet owners invest in for their furry friends. That’s exactly where you come in with the best-selling pet dropshipping products and supplies.

Want to see just how trending pet products are in 2022? In the hectic last 12 months (to put it lightly), while most other industries/niches experienced significant upheavals, the pet market remained stable and profitable.

Here is a quick look at Google Trends results for “Pet Products” below. It is very visibly seen just how consistent this niche has been.

Additionally, this is a niche packed with all sorts of products; it creates endless possibilities. To save you time, we researched this niche and its best-selling products for you. So, without further ado, let’s give you the 10 most trending Pet Products that are a must-have in your dropshipping store! 

The 10 Best Dropshipping Pet Products To Sell In 2022

1. Paw Plunger 

pet paw plunger dropshipping

First up, we have the Paw Plunger. Every pet owner knows the hassle of coming home from a trip or even just a walk in the park and getting mud or sand all over their house. This device has been designed for dogs but can be used on other paws too. 

Great way to quickly and easily wash the paws of our four-legged friends. Fill it up with water, dip, twist, and let the soft silicone bristles do their thing, and dry off. Due to the different sized paws, make sure to offer a few sizes. Don’t forget color variations are just as important. 

Product img
Paw Plunger
Item Cost
Retail Price
Shipping time: 2-3 days

2. Novelty Pet Beds

dropship novelty pet beds

Next, we have Novelty Pet Beds. Combining basic needs with cuteness is one of the best ways to find best-sellers. Domestic animals are a part of the family and always get their own spot in the house. Pet beds are the most common choice when it comes to providing comfort for our furry babies. Novelty beds stand out since they are a more trendy version rather than the traditional “floor pillow.” 

They come in all different shapes and “themes.” From sushi shaped beds to pyramid-like designed beds. The best part about this product is that the bigger sized beds come with a big price tag, therefore big potential profit. 

3. Dog Raincoats

sell dog raincoats

Third on the list of trending pet products, we have Dog Raincoats. Just like you wouldn’t want to have to walk through the rain without an umbrella, or at least a proper coat, dogs don’t either. Furthermore, although most people would prefer to stay in while it’s gray and rainy, dog owners don’t get that “luxury.” 

Dropshipping this pet product item kills 2 birds with 1 stone for your customers, since it keeps the pup warm and shielded from the rain, and its ma or pap don’t need to worry about them getting drenched and making a mess when they get home. Like with the previous items, consider the different sizes and offer a variety of styles and colors. 

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4. Doggie Travel Bag

doggie travel bag online shopping

Perfect for a doggo on the go, Doggie Travel Bag makes traveling with our pets so much simpler. There are also a few types of travel bags to choose from. The classic old school bags for easy transport of the floor and the upgraded version in more recent years. 

The new and improved travel bags come almost as a bundle package. Some come with leashes, collapsible food and drinking bowls, food boxes, and even frisbees. We highly recommend selling a variety since there are so many to choose from. 

5. Cat Litter Mats

selling cat litter mats

Up next, we have every cat owner’s dream product. Even if you haven’t owned a cat before, chances are you know that unlike dogs, cats do their business indoors. Of course, they have their own designated spot for that and a litter box and all, but those can be messy and smelly. 

These mats are designed to prevent litter from getting stuck to cat paws, which leads to it spreading all over the house, and keep the litter box area clean in general. Just like us, humans have doormats we wipe our shoes on before entering the house; now we have something similar for our snuggly kitty cats. 

6. Car Seat Protectors

dropshipping pet seat covers

Sixth on our list of trending pet products is the handy dandy Car Seat Protectors. For those car rides when coming back from the beach with your dog all wet and full of sand, or to protect the seats from being scratched by the cat, this product is essential. 

Save your buyers time on clean-up and, worse, the hassle of car seats getting damaged. If you’re selling pet products, then this item is indispensable.

7. Pet Grooming

pet grooming products to sell

With number seven, we bring to you a product that unravels itself greatly. Grooming entails several things. Let’s break down the product options this one category within the niche has. 

First up, fur & coat products: 

  1. Brushes/Combs 
  2. Scissors 
  3. Electric Trimmers 

Then we have accessories such as:

  1. Ties
  2. Clips
  3. Bows/Ribbons
  4. Bandanas 

And lastly, nail clippers. 

Grooming products start with necessity and end with fashion. Provide both sides of this category and track their performance and optimize accordingly. 

8. Pet Molar Bite

pet molar bite dropshipping

Now onto a playful product. Remember earlier; we mentioned basic needs and cuteness? So here is the perfect example of fun and useful. These toys are perfect for indoor play as they come with a suction cup and string that act as resistance. This is a good toy to have around when your little one stays home alone. 

The innovative mix this toy brings is that it’s actually a tooth cleaner too! The layered tooth ridges are designed to remove the dog’s calculus, tartar, and bad breath. This will not only entertain your buyers’ dogs but also help keep their mouths clean and healthy. 

Speaking about toys, we highly encourage you to go and check our article about the best toys dropshipping products to sell.

9. Pet Fur Remover

dropship pet fur remover removal

Second to last, another product which technically can be counted as three or four. Pet fur removal items are a necessity. For clothes, furniture, or cars, this is a lifesaver. This dropshipping pet product comes in different styles. 

One for cleaning the fur once already shed, which is called a Lint Roller. Then we have the Fur Grabbing Glove, which is used to brush through the animal’s fur and remove excess but can also be used to clean fur off furniture. Additionally, there is also the Fur Roller, which is like a mini vacuum but not electric. 

Check out the different options, as there are even more than the ones mentioned. Make sure to offer various and sell products from multiple suppliers for different price points and higher potential profit. 

10. Treat-Dispensing Ball

selling pet treat dispenser balls

Last but most definitely not least, the IQ increasing toy that both pets and pet lovers can’t get enough of. Perfect for a lazy day when you don’t have the power to play fetch.

Your furry friend gets smarter as they play with this interactive dog toy ball, learning how to roll the ball to get treats to fall out. 

This dog treats dispensing balls creatively to limit the number of treats your dog gets while encouraging extended playtime. Different designs and colors are available, so variations are important for this dropshipping pet product. 

Dropshipping With Multiple Suppliers

dropshipping from multiple suppliers

If you aren’t yet using multiple suppliers, now is the time to start! It’s ok to dropship through just one supplier, but why limit your store? The optimal number of suppliers to work with is three. Working with more than that can get messy and confusing. This can stop you from reaching your full potential.

Expanding to multiple suppliers is not only easy, but in a lot of cases safer for you, but also tremendously helps scale your business!

There are plenty of benefits of working with multiple suppliers. Diversity. You automatically get a wider range of products. Not every product you come across is widely available; some are through specific suppliers. This also lets you differentiate yourself from your competitors since many stick to one supplier. 

Another reason is safety. Sticky situations happen. What if a best-selling item of yours goes out of stock, or the supplier suddenly changes their shipping time? If you have only one supplier and this happens, you either have no choice but to stop selling the item and lose sales and if you had sales come in just before this happened, you need to cancel orders. No one wants that. 

Lastly, this is a great way to gain more dropshipping experience. Different suppliers mean different policies, prices, products, and niches! AutoDS supports over 20 suppliers, which is more than enough to reach millions of products and balance your business. 

Tagging Products Optimization

tag products autods

With our AutoDS platform, we offer a super useful feature called “Tagging” Make sure to take advantage of it if you’re a member. 

Once you start adding trending Pet products to your store, make sure to create a “Pet Products” tag and add all your gadget products to analyze and optimize their performance in the future.  

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Save Time With The AutoDS Extension

autods helper extension

Our goal is to save time and simplify your every action. AutoDS offers an advanced importer that supports single product imports, bulk, scheduled, and variations. Use our bulk importer to add products most quickly and easily.

Additionally, we have our very own Chrome Extension called the AutoDS Helper Extension

Our Helper can be used for adding tens, hundreds, and even thousands of products to your store with just a few clicks. 

Once you’ve downloaded our extension, simply go to your desired supported supplier, search for your product, click on the extension icon in the bottom right corner, then click “extract” to grab all featured items. A CSV file will be automatically created for you.

Import that CSV file to the AutoDS product importer – and that’s all there is to it!


There are niches such as this one that is this very broad one very broad. This one, in particular, can be split up in a few ways. Let’s break it down. 

Pets = Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Snakes, and so on. The two main categories are definitely cats and dogs, but there are more. 

So let’s say we take dogs as an example. You have the general best-selling dog products like those mentioned in this article and many more; however, you can narrow them down even more. “Golden Retrievers,” for example. 

Without a doubt, this is a fun and profitable niche. Take advantage of the wide variety of products by checking multiple suppliers. 

Last but not least, enrich your dropshipping product research even further in our product finding blogs and add more successful niches to your store!