Today, online shopping is becoming more prevalent as the internet significantly influences how people carry out daily tasks. As sellers, entering the eCommerce industry promises high rewards, but we must brace ourselves for the tight competition. So, the key is finding the right niche and working our way towards scaling our business. 

Having that in mind, one of the most promising eCommerce niches is books. And combining this niche with the dropshipping business model will result in a profitable online venture. 

Generally, the dropshipping model is as follows. It starts when a customer buys a book from our store. Then, we purchase the book from our supplier, and we gain a profit from the sale.

Bear in mind that attaining success while dropshipping books requires us to sell the right products and work with reliable suppliers. Therefore, this article will help us explore different book ideas along with discover the best dropshipping books suppliers. Lastly, we’ll discuss the benefits of automating our books dropshipping store, which will help us scale our business to new heights.

Are Books A Profitable Dropshipping Niche?

Today, the digital world seems to be taking over the book industry, especially with the rise of eBooks. However, in contrast to popular belief, physical books remain popular and in demand. With the innovations in publishing technologies and expansion of reading interests, the book industry continues to thrive.

That’s why even the rise of electronic readers doesn’t hinder physical books from continuously growing in popularity. In fact, a report by Grand View Research, Inc. forecasts that the book market size will increase up to 159.3 billion USD come 2028.

Generally, the first thing that comes into our minds when we speak about books is novels. However, books are more than just pieces of fiction. Whether to supply knowledge or to foster hobbies, there’s a wide array of books that customers love.

To give us hindsight, we’ll go over different types of books that consumers enjoy reading in this article. Plus, keep in mind that we can source books for lower costs, meaning we can earn higher profit margins.

11 Best Books Products For Dropshipping

Now, we know that the book industry is far from being dead. Therefore, let’s jumpstart our book dropshipping business by identifying the best products to sell. Here are the top book choices that made it to our list:

  1. Stress Relief Coloring Book For Adults 
  2. Multi-Book Sets
  3. Anti-Tear Cloth Books For Children
  4. Anime Books
  5. Geography Books
  6. Writing Practice Books
  7. DIY Memory Books
  8. Reusable Water Drawing Books
  9. Math Workbook For Children
  10. Sketchbooks
  11. Fiction Novels

Let’s get started, beginning with our first book dropshipping product.

1. Stress Relief Coloring Book For Adults

Beginning our book search adventure is stress relief coloring books for adults. Colouring books don’t only entertain children, but can also produce a feeling of calmness for adults. Oftentimes, adults are stressed from daily tasks, so they need a mental health break too.

Therefore, we can help our customers ease their minds through art therapy by selling coloring books. When offering these books, make sure to consider variations in paper types and page drawings. Also, since customers have different skill levels, include choices that range from simple patterns to complex designs.

In addition, we can dropship various options of stress relief coloring books suitable for alcohol-based pens, colored pencils, gel pens, and other art materials. Moreover, these dropshipping books products come in different binding options, such as perforated edges or perfect bound. Remember, some customers tend to tear pages to have them framed or displayed, so the binding type is important.

Beginner’s Tip: Upsell by adding art materials along with coloring books, as this technique can help us increase our average order value (AOV).

2. Multi-Book Sets

Well, who doesn’t like seeing a complete set of books from their cherished author, or perhaps from their favorite series? By offering multi-book sets, we provide our customers with a great deal and in exchange, we gain loyal customers. Dropshipping books in sets will entice buyers to check out our stores, as most often those who enjoy reading often read various book series.

In relation to that, the perceived value of multi-book sets will help increase our sales. With that in mind, we can offer deals like “3 for the price of 1” to attract customers to buy from us. Bear in mind that strategic marketing will help us scale our books dropshipping business.

Furthermore, to add more value and protection, we can sell book sets in unique boxes. Lastly, some book series also come with freebies, such as posters and cards. So, make sure that we add these features too.

3. Anti-Tear Cloth Books For Children

Our next trending books dropshipping product is a fun and safe solution for stimulating children’s imagination. With the anti-tear cloth books for children, parents can now bid farewell to paper books that turn into shredded pieces in seconds. More so, this top-notch product serves as a toy that attracts the attention of young ones.

Essentially, anti-tear cloth books help develop children’s cognitive abilities and thinking skills. With that said, we can sell varieties of this product showing shapes, animals, colors, and more. Also, don’t forget to add different book sizes and designs.

Additionally, ensure that we offer high-quality, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic fabrics. Plus, parents would love to find durable and washable anti-tear cloth books in our stores.

Beginner’s Tip: Aside from visual and tactile stimulations, we can sell anti-tear cloth books with talking pens, so we can also help improve the auditory senses of children.

4. Anime Books

Next up, anime books are highly sought-after reading materials. These books are based on animes that show dynamic plots and vibrant characters. Generally, anime books are popular with teens and adults, who go out of the way to secure a copy of these worthwhile reads.

When dropshipping these top book products, ensure that we include several genres. For instance, we have fantasy, romance, comedy, and other interesting themes. Also, make sure that you market the correct type of anime to your target audience.

Moreover, we can test various niches for our diverse customers. In doing so, we can find out what works best for our store in terms of our audience’s preferences.

Furthermore, anime books come in colored or black and white pages. So, ensure to offer these options. Finally, take note that selling anime books based on the latest releases can definitely attract huge sales from hobbyists.

5. Geography Books

Another in-demand dropshipping educational material is geography books. These products share diverse information, ranging from naming countries to navigating the globe. Surely, parents will love letting their children’s minds travel around the world through geography books.

Subsequently, we have to offer diverse content options for geography books. For example, if our audience wants knowledge about their locality, then we can offer regional geography books. In addition, these top book items are available in various sizes, materials, and designs.

On top of that, geography books can also include fun activities and practice sets to test readers’ knowledge. Therefore, ensure that our customers get the best out of these books dropshipping products. We can achieve this by offering factual and creative geography books.

Beginner’s Tip: Add a map reading kit that children can play with in the comfort of their homes, allowing them to apply their basic geography skills.

6. Writing Practice Books

Writing is one of the basic skills that everyone needs to know. Having said that, writing practice books are helpful tools for children and ESL (English as a second language) learners. So, there is no better way to enhance writing skills than by utilizing practice books.

There are several types of these book dropshipping products, depending on our audiences’ needs. Here are the common classifications:

  • Alphabet Letter Writing Practice Books
  • Number Writing Practice Books
  • English Cursive Writing Practice Books

Alphabet Letter Writing Practice Books

Mastering how to write letters A to Z is essential, especially for children and ESL learners. With the aid of alphabet letter writing practice books, parents won’t have a hard time anymore. All they have to do is purchase these practice books, and guide their children while writing the ABCs.

With that in mind, we can dropship these superb product ideas that contain comprehensive practice sets for alphabet writing. Also, selling practice books that have images along with letters can help stimulate kids’ memories.

Number Writing Practice Books

Similarly, learning how to write numbers is as important as mastering letters. Knowing how to write numbers 0-9 is essential before children can proceed to basic math. Thankfully, number writing practice books are here to ease parents’ struggles to teach their kid’s number writing.

Therefore, we must offer a number of writing practice book variations, such as for toddlers or grade-schoolers. Plus, books that come with visual illustrations are wonderful ideas, so children can count while writing.

English Cursive Writing Practice Books

Aside from basic letters and numbers, English cursive writing is also a skill to learn. Most schools require cursive writing, so it’s an advantage when children master it early on. As for adults, good cursive writing is an edge for hand-written letters or for nice note-taking.

To accomplish cursive writing, we can add practice books that have tracing activities and free-style writing. Finally, consider different levels of cursive difficulties of users when selling these practice books.

7. DIY Memory Books

Time is fleeting, but memories don’t have to fade with their passing. That’s why we have DIY Memory Books where customers can preserve their best memories to look back on. This popular book dropshipping product can be a diary, photobook, and scrapbook in one.

Consequently, dropshipping DIY memory books can be profitable since they’re valuable items to customers. Therefore, we should offer the best DIY memory books in our dropshipping stores. In particular, we have birthdays, weddings, vacations, and other keepsake books.

Furthermore, offering different designs, colors, and sizes of these books gives our buyers diverse choices. Also, we can consider different paper types and binding options for long-lasting memory books.

Beginner’s Tip: Since DIY memory books contain personalized experiences, adding accessories like stickers and cards can contribute to the aesthetic and uniqueness of these products.

8. Reusable Water Drawing Books

The eighth book dropshipping product we have on our list is the reusable water drawing book. This product idea allows children to freely doodle without messing with their surroundings. Thus, dropshipping reusable water drawing books will attract parents who want to enhance their kids’ artistic minds.

When offering these products in our stores, we have to include different designs, colors, sizes, and content. As an example, we can sell books that have simple drawings like fruits, for younger ones.

In addition, ensure that the drawing books we’re selling have high-quality and durable materials. As such, pages won’t easily tear when wet, or drawings won’t simply fade when used.

Most importantly, we should sell reusable water drawing books that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Finally, the functionality of the reusable water drawing books results in growing demands, thus, increasing our potential sales

9. Math Workbook For Children

Who says math is difficult to learn? With creative math workbooks for children, kids will now love solving nerve-wracking arithmetic problems. These math workbooks are outstanding math resources that parents find worthy of every penny.

Bear in mind that math workbooks have different levels of difficulty. Specifically, they can improve the basic math skills of preschoolers or hone the advanced arithmetic abilities of high schoolers. Therefore, we should offer several kinds in our online stores.

Nevertheless, mastering mathematics doesn’t need to be boring. To help students have fun while working on practice books, we can offer variations that come with visualizations or illustrations. Beyond the profits, we should always aim to offer our users the key benefits of our products.

10. Sketchbooks

When talking about the best dropshipping books products, sketchbooks won’t fall short of our list. Generally, sketchbooks allow users to freely express themselves through calligraphy, drafting, or painting. What’s more, one doesn’t have to be a professional artist or renowned painter to be able to use sketchbooks.

Due to their functionality, sketchbooks have high demand in the market. As a result, we need to offer a wide array of sketchbooks, so we can stay ahead of the competition. We can achieve this by providing diverse choices of size, paper quality, page quantity, and other features for our customers to choose from.

Moreover, sketchbooks come in white, black, or colored pages, depending on customer preferences. Also, we have to sell sketchbooks suitable for various drawing tools. Lastly, binding methods of sketchbooks, such as hard, spiral, and tape, contribute to their sturdiness.

Beginner’s Tip: Art is never complete without a drawing tool, so we can increase the value of sketchbooks by offering them with drawing pencils or painting inks.

11. Fiction Novels

Now, we’ve come to the last but highly anticipated dropshipping books product; fiction novels. Fiction is a literary work that comes from pure imagination. However, many people take interest in these books because of the stories they portray and the lessons they provide.

For avid fiction fans who want to explore different worlds, we can offer them various trending fiction novels. These fiction novels have endless genres, like science, thrillers, fantasy, romance, and more.

In terms of physical attributes, fiction novels come in paperback or hardcover options. Furthermore, these dropshipping books are available in different paper materials like matte or glossy, so be sure to offer both options in your dropshipping books store.

Beginner’s Tip: Offering creative bookmarks as freebies, such as metallic clips, will help us gain customer loyalty, resulting in repeat sales.

How To Find Best Selling Books

Bear in mind that it’s not enough to only have product ideas in mind; but we should also know how to source these books. While there are several ways to get hold of winning book items, here are proven means to find top-selling books:

All these platforms and methods allow us to discover trending dropshipping books products to sell. By knowing the most in-demand book items in the market, we’ll surely achieve significant profits in no time.

Who Are The Top Books Dropshipping Suppliers?

At last, we have the best dropshipping book ideas to sell in our stores. The next step to our dropshipping success is picking reliable suppliers that offer these top products. With that said, here are the best dropshipping books suppliers that we can work with:

  1. AliExpress
  2. Banggood
  3. eBay
  4. CJDropshipping
  5. Alibaba
  6. Walmart
  7. Amazon 
  8. AmericanBookCo

Without further ado, let’s explore what each supplier can offer our dropshipping books business.

1. AliExpress

First on our list of the best book dropshipping suppliers is AliExpress. With millions of products on its website, AliExpress is surely a great source of the most trending books. Aside from that, we can enjoy the following perks while working with this dropshipping supplier:

  • Dropshipping-friendly
  • Competitive prices
  • Domestic warehouses
  • Global shipping

Being a dropshipping-friendly supplier, AliExpress provides dropshippers with the best products and services. For instance, it has the AliExpress Dropship Center, where we can search for best-selling books to sell.

Plus, we can get top book finds at competitive prices. As such, we can set flexible prices for our book products, thereby allowing us to achieve high-profit margins.

Additionally, AliExpress houses numerous distribution centers all around the globe. Similarly, it serves customer orders wherever they are in the world through its global shipping options.

2. Banggood

Just like AliExpress, Banggood is a China-based supplier that offers hundreds of thousands of book products. As a dropshipping-friendly supplier, Banggood is a top choice among online sellers. Let’s discover other advantages of choosing Banggood as our books dropshipping supplier:

  • High-profit margins
  • Local warehouses
  • Fast shipping
  • Exclusive deals

Generally, Banggood offers low prices for its products, such as books. As a result, we can sell these items at reasonable costs and achieve high-profit margins.

Besides that, Banggood has over ten domestic warehouses that fulfill customer demands worldwide. In addition, these warehouses follow a systematic logistic structure. This workflow makes faster shipping arrangements available, enabling us to reach greater markets worldwide.

To top it all off, Banggood offers exclusive deals to online sellers. As an example, we can sign up for a free membership, access customized product suggestions, enjoy a credit point accumulation system, and more. With all these perks that dropshippers receive, Banggood is one of the best dropshipping suppliers.

3. eBay

Another over-the-top dropshipping supplier where we can find trending book items is eBay. This multi-national company has long established its name in the eCommerce scene, making it a top choice of online sellers. Now, let’s uncover the reasons why we should start working with eBay:

  • Huge book selection
  • Fast shipping
  • Buyer and seller protection
  • eBay feedback system

As one of the largest online marketplaces, eBay provides vast book choices for dropshippers. With various book categories ranging from fiction to non-fiction, we’ll surely find exceptional book ideas from eBay.

Likewise, eBay facilitates fast and convenient local and international shipping through its domestic warehouses worldwide. Among its features, eBay is well-known for its exceptional customer service. In fact, it has buyer and seller protection, so both parties can ensure that orders are delivered timely, and issues are resolved efficiently.

Finally, eBay has a feedback system where we can monitor the sales performances of our products. Thus, enabling us to identify which books sell fast and the ones that don’t convert to sales at all.

4. CJDropshipping

With hundreds of thousands of products available on CJDropshipping, there will always be a perfect book for everyone. This Chinese dropshipping supplier was established by dropshippers themselves, so we can ensure an eCommerce-loving environment. Below, let’s find out what features make CJDropshipping an excellent dropshipping supplier:

  • Dropshipping-friendly
  • Affordable prices
  • Domestic warehouses
  • Product sourcing solutions

Above all, CJDropshipping is a dropshipping-friendly supplier. Therefore, we can expect a high-quality business standard when working with CJDropshipping.

Correspondingly, we can get affordable book products from this supplier, allowing us to gain high profits. In addition, CJDropshipping has eight warehouses to source top-quality books worldwide.

Besides that, CJDropshipping provides one-of-a-kind sourcing solutions for dropshippers. Whenever we can’t find the item we’re looking for, we can place a request on the CJDropshipping website. In 24 hours or less, this supplier helps us find the item we want to list.

5. Alibaba

Our fifth dropshipping books supplier is Alibaba, an Alibaba Group affiliate company. With millions of products available, Alibaba is a good platform to search for trending book ideas. Even more, here are the key features that Alibaba offers:

  • Competitive prices
  • Supplier verification program
  • Branding solutions
  • Minimum order requirement (MOQ)

One of the things that sellers love about Alibaba is the low prices of its products. By having this, dropshippers can set competitive prices on books. When we sell good quality books at reasonable costs, customers will keep on coming back to our stores.

To ensure that we’re doing business with legitimate suppliers, Alibaba has a verification program. Likewise, this service helps secure our payments online. Moreover, Alibaba also provides branding solutions for dropshippers, allowing us to put our brands or logos on packages.

Another feature to look out for on Alibaba is the minimum order quantity (MOQ). Remember that there are products that require only one MOQ. However, some items would require more than one quantity to proceed with the order. Therefore, ensure that you read a product’s description, specifically the MOQ, before adding it to your store.

6. Walmart

Next, we have Walmart, a large-scale company in terms of revenue. This dropshipping supplier operates discount hypermarkets, grocery stores, and department stores in the US. As such, this American eCommerce supplier presents these benefits to dropshippers:

  • Extensive book categories
  • Flexible delivery arrangements
  • Perks and discounts
  • Price match guarantee

Being a large company, Walmart provides millions of product choices, such as books. In particular, its book categories include children’s books, history, romance, arts, literature, and other extensive options. Accordingly, we can find almost any book product on Walmart.

Additionally, Walmart offers next-day delivery in the US, permitting a fast and convenient fulfillment of customer orders. Also, it enables domestic and international shipping so that we can connect with broader markets worldwide.

Furthermore, we can find deals and discounts on books, which can help us allocate competitive pricing on our products. Last but not least is Walmart’s price match guarantee. This feature allows us to request a refund when a product’s price decreases after we purchase it.

7. Amazon

Amazon traces its roots to being a pioneer in selling books online. Today, this eCommerce giant offers millions of dropshipping products, including books. As a top book dropshipping supplier, here are the benefits that Amazon offers our online business:

  • Vast book catalog
  • Domestic warehouses
  • Fast shipping times
  • Practical return policy

Since it started as a bookseller, Amazon proves to be one of the biggest book suppliers in the market. It offers chart-topping and up-to-date book choices at reasonable prices. In addition, its vast product catalog includes books, children’s books, and textbooks categories.

Moreover, Amazon has over 100 warehouses in the US, and this number grows with other strategic locations worldwide. Also, it offers same-day and two-day shipping in the US, allowing us to deliver customer orders swiftly.

On top of that, Amazon extends high-quality service to its clients. With its 30-day return policy, buyers can return items with no questions asked.

8. AmericanBookCo

Finally, we have AmericanBookCo (ABC), which is a dedicated supplier of books online that also supports dropshipping. This wholesale distributor mainly offers bargain-priced and promotional books. Other than that, this dropshipping books supplier also lets dropshippers enjoy these perks:

  • Self-branded books
  • Discounted prices
  • Accurate turnaround time
  • Branding solutions

Established about 25 years ago, AmericanBookCo provides us with diverse book options. For instance, it offers hardcover, trade paper, paperback, coffee table, and more high-quality book ideas. Because of its long-established experience, ABC has its own children’s educational curriculum and an adult puzzle book program.

Moreover, ABC provides top-selling books, including all-time best-sellers. The good news is that we can benefit from wholesale prices while sourcing in-demand book products. Plus, ABC replenishes its inventory every week, adding the latest titles for its clients.

Furthermore, AmericanBookCo has a gigantic distribution center that allows efficient order processing, packing, and shipping. Lastly, ABC allows us to put our logos or labels on the packaging of customer orders so that we can establish our brands.

Automate Your Books Dropshipping Business

Fantastic! We now have suppliers to provide us with trending books for our dropshipping business. Except for AmericanBookCo, all of the suppliers on our list are supported by AutoDS. As a result, we can scale our dropshipping business with automation tools.

Essentially, automation helps us manage our dropshipping business efficiently and eliminate the need for manual tasks. For instance, manually managing our stores requires us to sit in front of our computers all day long and constantly check if a customer has placed an order in our store.

With automation, a dropshipping tool takes care of customer orders and automatically processes orders as they come. In this way, we can save time and effort while enjoying profits even while we’re asleep.

With that in mind, here are more features that we can automate with AutoDS:

Through these automatic features, we can dedicate our time and money to expanding other aspects of our business, such as marketing and customer service. Moreover, business automation enables us to easily manage multiple dropshipping stores under one screen.


Can I Make Money Dropshipping Books?

Absolutely! You can gain substantial profits from dropshipping books, as long as you sell trending products and work with the right suppliers.

What Platforms Can I Use To Dropship Books?

The best dropshipping platforms to sell books are Shopify, Wix, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay.

Who Are The Main Dropshipping Suppliers For Books?

We have several reliable dropshipping suppliers for books, such as Amazon, AliExpress, Banggood, and more. Discover other top book dropshipping suppliers under the “Who Are The Top Books Dropshipping Suppliers?” section of this article.

What Is The Best Book Product For Dropshipping?

There is a vast selection of trending book products for dropshipping, like stress relief coloring books for adults and multi-book sets. You can check out the top book ideas listed in the “11 Best Books Products For Dropshipping” in this article.

Final Thoughts

Superb! With all the knowledge about trending book ideas and dependable suppliers, we’re now ready to kick off our dropshipping books business. So, what’s next for our eCommerce venture?

Following the establishment of our books dropshipping business, we should utilize automation tools that can lead to the growth of our ventures. We should bear in mind that automation is crucial in scaling our business, as it helps to effectively and efficiently manage the daily tasks of dropshipping.

To wrap up, continue expanding your dropshipping business and venture into other profitable niches. To help you choose which products to try out next, check out these niche-specific articles: