AliExpress has become one of the leading dropshipping suppliers in recent years. As such, they’ve launched the most powerful yet user-friendly product research tool to date, the AliExpress Dropshipping Center.

What makes this supplier so great? Is it the low prices that allow for large profit margins? Or, maybe it comes down to worldwide shipping. Better yet, you might chalk it up to the enormous selection of products on their site.

Well, in truth, it’s all of the above and more. AliExpress sells cheap yet good products, is dropshipping friendly, and enables those in our midst to run a competitive business. Combined with the beautifully designed AliExpress Dropshipping Center, it is an all-around winner.

In this article, we’ll set our sights on the AliExpress Dropshipping Center. We’ll learn more about it, how to gain access to it, and, most importantly, how to use its features to find the hottest products. 

What is the AliExpress Dropshipping Center?

aliexpress dropshipping center

The AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a free tool for all your product research needs. It gives you a list of AliExpress products and ranks them by sales volume, rating, and sales performance. Furthermore, the center provides detailed analytics of products for in-depth research.

Therefore, the AliExpress Dropshipping Center is a perfect addition to your dropshipping store. You can use it to find the most trending products with confidence that they are of good quality, affordable, and that demand is high enough to justify selling them.

Finally, knowing that a product has good logistics comes with the peace of mind that products will deliver on time. As a result, you keep your customers satisfied and profits high.

Where Is The AliExpress Dropshipping Center?

find aliexpress dropshipping center

You can usually find the AliExpress Dropshipping Center in your Account Dashboard. While not all dashboards look the same, one of the tabs should say ‘Dropshipping Center.’

aliexpress dropshipping dashboard

If you have any trouble finding it, a simple Google search should do the trick. The Dropshipping Center link should appear in one of the first results

google aliexpress dropshipping center

In any case, whether the AliExpress Dropshipping is available under your seller dashboard or not, you can always access it from this link.

However, keep in mind that to access the dropshipping center, you first need to have an account with AliExpress. If you don’t have one yet, signing up is straightforward. Go to the homepage, click ‘Account’ and then ‘Join.’ Alternatively, click ‘Join’ on the homepage. 

sign up aliexpress

Then, enter your email address, choose a password and click ‘Create Account.’ You can also sign in with your Google account if you prefer.

Either way, don’t confuse this account for a seller account meant for those who want to post and sell products on the platform.

How To Gain Access To The AliExpress Dropshipping Center?

gain access dropshipping center

Some dropshippers won’t have access to the dropshipping center in their dashboards right away, even after creating an account.

For convenience purposes, most of us want access to the dropshipping center straight from our dashboard. Busy researching products and browsing AliExpress, it would be best to access the dropshipping center in a couple of clicks.

If for whatever reason, you don’t have it on your dashboard yet, there are a couple of ways to add it.

First, make sure you have a buying history with AliExpress. Once you purchase products and ship to a few locations, the platform recognizes you as a dropshipper. Sooner or later, AliExpress adds the dropshipping center to your dashboard.

To add it quicker, you can always contact AliExpress and request to add the dropshipping center link to your dashboard. In the meantime, keep a bookmark of the dropshipping center on your browser, or access it from google whenever you need it.

How To Use The AliExpress Dropship Center

using aliexpress dropshipping center

Once you’re on the dropshipping Center Page, you’ll see how easy it is to use. Under ‘Products,’ you’ll find two tabs on the left side: ‘Find Products To Sell’ and ‘Products Analysis.’

The ‘Find Products’ feature offers us three different ways to find trending products to sell. ‘Hot Selling,’ ‘Search by image,’ and ‘Sponsored Products.’

Then, the ‘Products Analysis’ section allows you to see the product’s performance on the market over time. 

Find Products To Sell

find dropshipping products

Let’s start with the ‘Find Products’ feature to get the ball rolling on finding the best products to sell. 

Hot Selling

hot selling aliexpress

When you use the Find Products feature, you’ll see the ‘Hot Selling’ tab already opened by default. It lets you view millions of trending items from any niche or category. However, you make the most of the Hot Selling tab by treating it like a search engine for hot products.

There are many ways to search for products, but it’s always best to narrow your search based on the needs of your business. Let’s use an example of an eBay store in the US looking to sell earphones.

Start by selecting a ‘ship to’ location, in this case, the United States. We don’t mind where it ships from, so leave that blank. More essential for us is the shipping times.

In this example, let’s look for earphones shipping in under twenty days. Pick a price range, say $1-$9, and of course, don’t forget to type ‘earphones’ in the search bar. Now click search.

search aliexpress dropshipping center

This precise search yielded fifty five pages of results, with the first one showing us a perfectly rated product that has gotten 617 orders. You can repeat these searches in any way you like filtering by category, shipping times, and whether the product has a video. In short, endless options.

Additionally, AliExpress allows us to sort our results by price, rating, and number of orders. So if you prefer earphones with a rating of four stars and above, sorting moves those products to the top.

And again, that is just one example; you can also sort by the number of total orders or specifically dropshipping orders.

All in all, the Hot Selling tab is a powerful and valuable tool. 

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Import Trending Products

Search By Image 

image search aliexpress

The second tab in Find Products allows you to conduct an image search for products.  Consider it a genuinely fantastic way to find trending products at unbelievable prices. You can upload an image of any product, and the AliExpress Dropshipping Center finds matching or similar items.

Let us say that we came across a cool water bottle on another website. Knowing that water bottles are a hot product these days, we want to find a similar product for a better price.

Getting it done is super easy. The first step is to download the image of the product you want. Next, click ‘Upload image’ and select the image you downloaded. Now let AliExpress do the rest.

upload image aliexpress

We now have results for good quality water bottles to list on our store.

Sponsored Products

The final tab in the Find Products feature is called Sponsored Products. It displays products that AliExpress sellers paid to promote, indicating they are dedicated sellers. You might find some unexpected gems in this section.

sponsored products aliexpress

Unlike the previous tabs, there is no search feature in Sponsored Products. Instead, select a category or niche and let the AliEXpress Dropshipping Center suggest products for you. 

Product Analysis

aliexpress product analysis

The product analysis tab gives you detailed information about product sales over time. And here is a little secret: You can find this feature in both sections of the dropshipping center.

The difference is that here under the Product Analysis tab, we can post any URL from AliExpress. Conversely, the ‘Analyze’ feature in the Hot Selling tab is only available for the products in search results.

So let’s start with product analysis by URL. You’re sitting at your computer browsing AliExpress for a new product to list on your store. You land on something that looks good, but you aren’t sure if the seller has good logistics or if the product has enough interest.

Product analysis is your solution. Copy the URL of the product and paste it into the appropriate box in the AliExpress Dropshipping Center. Then click ‘Analyze.’

enter product url aliexpress

Now the magic happens. AliExpress finds the exact product you were viewing and gives you the logistics score. In this case, it came back excellent, which is good news.

The most important part, though, is the sales volume index of the product. The SVI is an overall score of 1-100 AliEXpress gives products that reflect sales volume over time. 

product analysis aliexpress

The particular wallet we’re researching had a minimum score of 25 in the past ten days. However, on most days it was higher, reaching between 80 to 100 on three different days! It indicates an excellent sales performance overall.

While some sellers only look at total units sold, nothing beats an up-to-date analysis like this one.

As we promised, now let’s see how to find product analytics in the Hot Selling section. After searching for any product, look at the rightmost column, and you’ll see a blue link to ‘Analyze.’

search results product analysis

The link shows the same analysis you got in the URL option. 

Now that we’ve found our winning products, how do we import them to our store? If you already downloaded the Chrome AutoDS Dropshipping Helper Extension, you’re in luck. It lets you upload any AliExpress product in one click to the AutoDS drafts page. Yes, even in the AliExpress Dropshipping Center.

For example, say you want to list in your store the earphones from earlier in this article. Hover over the product image, and you’ll see a small cloud icon. Click on it, and the product starts uploading right away.

autods one click importer

If you hop over to the AutoDS platform and click ‘Drafts,’ you’ll see the product all ready to be imported to your store. Of course, you might want to edit a couple of details to ensure everything is in order before it goes public.

Take a quick look at the images, descriptions, and profit settings. Are all satisfactory? Great! All that’s left is to click ‘Import.’ In a few moments, customers will see it available for purchase in your store.

import products autods

The super-quick upload feature is another reason you should sign up for AutoDS and save hours of work uploading products.

But wait, you haven’t heard it all yet.

Instead of settling for one product at a time, the AutoDS Chrome extension allows you to grab thousands of products from any AliExpress page in a few clicks.

Since we’re covering the Dropshipping Center, let’s start there. On any results page, you’ll see a round AutoDS button in the corner. Click on it, and then on ‘Extract.’ You just grabbed a bunch of products in one click!

Repeat this as many times as you want on other results pages.

When you’re done choosing products, click ‘Export as a CSV.’ 

autods bulk importer

AutoDS saves all selected products in a single CSV file on your computer. Next, go to the AutoDS platform, click ‘Add Products’, and select ‘Upload CSV.’ Finally, drag and drop your file into the appropriate box, and click ‘Add As Draft.’

upload csv autods

Like with the one-click importer, the products you imported from the AliExpress Dropshipping Center are now ready to be optimized on the drafts page. When you are done optimizing, import them straight to your store. 

Automate Your Orders And Scale To Success

autods dropshipping platform

The ability to import products quickly is not the only reason you should use AutoDS. Imagine if, after uploading your products, you’d be able to go on a trip, spend time with family or just play video games all day while a powerful program fulfills your orders for you?

The Fulfilled By AutoDS service makes this a reality by taking care of every stage of an order. When a customer makes a purchase, AutoDS provides the details to AliExpress, and updates tracking information as soon as the item ships.

Therefore, all you need to run a profitable store are two open tabs on your browser, one AutoDS and the other for AliExpress Dropshipping Center. Find hot products, import them to your store and let this lethal combination save you loads of time and money while you scale to high profits.

From time to time, take a peek at your AutoDS orders page and smile as the status of each order changes from ordered to shipped to delivered. 

Learn While You Earn

You might start wondering if we left anything out; no worries, we didn’t. You’re now an expert on the AliExpress Dropshipping Center and dropshipping automation.

Implement what you’ve learned by testing out the AliExpress Center yourself and see how simple it is to find the best products.

And never forget that there are multiple routes to product research. It all comes down to testing strategies and going with the one that works best for the business.

Here are some product ideas and research tricks to solidify your skills: