TikTok trends are always changing, and using TikTok ad spy tools has become crucial. Knowing what’s trending is important for dropshippers marketing on this platform, especially with product research. However, this process is very time-consuming. Knowing which products resonate with the audience and which don’t can be a guessing game. Yet, we can lift the veil on product performance with ad spy tools.

In this article, we’re looking at the best TikTok Ad Spy tools out there. These tools can give us useful information about which products are doing well, saving us time and energy. We’ll go through what these tools do and why they’re helpful. So, get ready to make our TikTok ad research a lot easier.

What Is A TikTok Spy Tool?

Key Takeaways

TikTok ad spy tools are crucial for dropshippers marketing on the platform as they provide insights into trending products and ad strategies.

These tools streamline the time-consuming product research process by uncovering top-performing TikTok ads and posts.

TikTok spy tools offer data-backed information on what drives high engagement and user interest on the platform.

AutoDS TikTok Spy Tool is a trusted tool that allows users to view TikTok posts based on criteria such as likes, impressions, and interaction rates.

AutoDS offers features such as in-depth product research, competitor analysis, and social media integration to optimize TikTok marketing strategies.

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Generally, a spy can be an individual or application designed to collect data without the subject’s knowledge. The information they get often relates to secrets or confidential matters and can provide valuable insights that aid decision-making.

A TikTok spy tool works the same way. It’s an application that aids in uncovering top-performing TikTok ads and posts. Therefore, by using this, a time-consuming product research process can become a streamlined, efficient task. That is because these tools can delve deep into the data behind successful posts and ads. With them, we can get insights into what drives high engagement and user interest on the platform.

For dropshippers, a TikTok Spy Tool can be a game-changer. That is because it offers a data-backed peek into the trending TikTok products, which ad strategies work, and what content resonates most with TikTok users. This information is invaluable when deciding what products to include in our inventory or how to structure our advertising efforts. Through allowing us to learn from successful sellers’ strategies we can optimize our approach and maximize our potential for success.

Top 6 TikTok Ad Spy Tools

There are a lot of TikTok ad spy tools available in the market. Among the various choices, we’ve curated a list of the 6 best TikTok ad spy tools that will help you level up your product research and marketing strategy:

1. AutoDS TikTok Spy Tool

AutoDS TikTok Spy Tool

AutoDS is a trusted automatic dropshipping tool that provides many features and functionalities to optimize and streamline the dropshipping process. One of our Marketplace offerings is the AutoDS TikTok Spy Tool which allows us to view posts based on the following criteria:

  • Likes
  • Impressions
  • Interaction Rates
  • Button Text

Furthermore, we can also search by keyword. This feature lets us easily see TikTok posts for a niche or product we seek. 

AutoDS offers several features that make it an effective TikTok spy tool:

  • Product Research: The tool enables users to conduct in-depth product research to identify trending and popular products on TikTok. Its comprehensive database and analytics allow dropshippers to find winning products to sell in their stores.
  • Competitor Analysis: It helps users analyze their competitors’ performance on TikTok. For instance, it gives insights into their product selection, pricing strategies, and marketing techniques. We can use this information to gain a competitive edge and improve one’s dropshipping business.
  • Social Media Integration: AutoDS seamlessly integrates with TikTok, allowing users to monitor and track the performance of their marketing campaigns on the platform. For example, it provides real-time analytics and data, enabling dropshippers to make informed decisions and optimize their TikTok marketing strategies.

Pros of AutoDS TikTok Spy Tool:

  • Extensive TikTok ad database
  • Provides Competitive Analysis
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Seamless Integration with TikTok
  • Automated product listing and price optimization

Overall, AutoDS serves as a valuable TikTok spy tool for dropshippers, providing us with the necessary insights and tools to succeed in the competitive world of TikTok dropshipping.

2. Minea

Minea TikTok Ad Spy Tool

Placing second on our list is the Minea TikTok Adspy. It is a powerful tool designed to help users discover and analyze all the ads on TikTok. As a result of using it, users can gain valuable insights into the advertising strategies of various businesses and brands on TikTok, allowing them to stay updated with the latest trends and competition in the market.

Aside from those, you use different filters, such as E-commerce type, country, number of likes, and plays in Minea. Undoubtedly, these filters ensure we can find TikTok campaigns relevant to your dropshipping business niche

However, there is one aspect that you should consider: the subscription fee. In other words, we can only access the Minea Tiktok spy tool when we get their premium plan, which costs $99 monthly.

Pros of Minea TikTok Adspy Tool:

  • Advanced filters showing the number of downloads, shares, forwards, and loses
  • Preset filters for quick queries to see posts generating the highest profits

Cons of Minea TikTok Adspy Tool

  • Unable to filter ads based on Marketing goals
  • Premium plan might be too expensive for some

3. BigSpy

BigSpy Tiktok Spy Tool

Another TikTok spy tool, BigSpy is another tool you can use to find insights on what’s working on TikTok. It offers advanced search filters that enable users to narrow their search criteria based on various parameters such as ad type, industry, region, engagement, and more. Further, this tool allows dropshippers to find specific ad examples from their niche, ensuring relevance and targeted insights.

Pros of BigSpy:

  • Advanced search filters for precise ad discovery
  • Comprehensive competitor analysis

Cons of BigSpy:

  • Some ads may not be available due to privacy settings or regional restrictions
  • Shop analysis and influencer analysis are not supported

4. PiPiAds

PiPiAds TikTok Spy Tool

Occupying the fourth place is PiPiAds. We can use this TikTok ad spy tool to get ahead of our competitors. Specifically, it offers an “Advertising” section to see your competitors’ winning strategies, such as target audience and bidding budgets.

Moreover, PiPiAds offers real-time monitoring of TikTok ads, ensuring we have the most up-to-date information on our competitors’ advertising activities. Thus, when we use this feature, we can make timely adjustments and optimizations to stay ahead in the competitive industry.

Pros of PiPiAds:

  • Targeted ad filtering
  • Ad performance analysis

Cons of PiPiAds:

  • Paid subscription once the free trial ends
  • Sometimes gets bugs, affecting app performance

5. TikTok Ads Library

Tiktok Ads creative center

TikTok Ads Library provides a comprehensive database of all the ads running on the platform. Owing to such access, we can browse and analyze different ad creatives, strategies, and trends.

Moreover, the library showcases various ad creatives, inspiring dropshipping businesses to create fresh and engaging content for our TikTok ads. Additionally, it enables us to explore different ad formats, styles, and storytelling techniques, helping us stay creative and stand out in a highly competitive advertising platform.

Pros of TikTok Ad Library:

  • Helps identify viral trends and incorporate them into ad campaigns
  • Offers performance metrics

Cons of TikTok Ad Library:

  • Only displays ads from the past seven days.
  • Lack of advanced search and filtering options

6. Adwins

Adwins Tiktok Spy Tool

Last but not least is Adwins. Adwins TikTok SPy Tool offers detailed analytics and performance metrics for each ad, including engagement rates, views, likes, shares, and comments. Owing to these metrics, we can identify the most effective ads and understand what resonates with the TikTok audience.

Pros of Adwins:

  • Provides competitor analysis
  • Influencer identification

Cons of Adwins:

  • It can be expensive for some
  • Platform restrictions and privacy concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Spy On TikTok Ads?

We can use various TikTok ad spy tools available in the market to spy on TikTok ads. Through these tools, we can analyze and monitor TikTok ad campaigns, track performance metrics, and gain insights into advertisers’ strategies. 

What Are The Best TikTok Ad Spy Tools?

The best TikTok Ad Spy Tool is the AutoDS TikTok Spy. That is because it provides advanced analytics, competitor analysis, and campaign insights. Certainly, data on these metrics can simplify our product research and help us replicate successful TikTok marketing campaigns.

Can I Find TikTok Ads Through TikTok?

You cannot find TikTok ads by searching directly through the app. Thus, you must use the TikTok Ads Library or other TikTok spy tools to help you with this goal. 


Having access to the right TikTok ad spy tools can be a game-changer for your advertising strategy on this popular social media platform. If you want to know more about Tiktok dropshipping or find the best products to sell on Tiktok, read more of our blogs below: