Everyone has a phone; it’s gone from being a commodity to a necessity in today’s digital world. With that said, consumers pay so much money (even thousands of dollars) for their phones. They also invest in phone cases to protect them. This is where the lucrative world of dropshipping phone cases comes in. As a result, phone cases are always in high demand, and their market is enormous.

 Since it’s easy to test products when dropshipping, we can always change and optimize our dropshipping phone case catalog. In this article, we will learn which phone cases are most profitable and why. Moreover, we will learn where to source them from and how to start a dropshipping phone case business.

Importantly, when dropshipping phone cases, we must ensure they are compatible with different phone models. As such, this enables us to target a larger market and increase sales.

With that in mind, there are a few phone models that are most popular and widely used across the globe. Thus, we can take this into consideration and offer a large variety of phone cases to the users of the most popular phone models.

The most popular and widely used phone models are: 

dropshipping phone cases phone models

To note, these are the three classic models, although there are more on the market. Because of this, we have to test our products and add/replace them accordingly. Additionally, each phone model has varying generations meaning there are different sizes and styles. Thus, we need to offer different phone cases to cater to as many customers as possible.

Top 11 Phone Cases To Sell In Your Dropshipping Store

Undeniably, there is a seemingly endless selection of designs and styles when dropshipping phone cases. As such, finding the winning collection of phone cases to dropship in our store can be challenging.

With that being said, we can start off with the 11 top phone cases to dropship:

Battery Charger Phone Case

Starting off with a very unique and highly useful phone case, the battery charger phone case. This phone case has a battery incorporated into its structure. So, when we put it on our phone, our phone connects to the battery and starts charging. How great is that?

Importantly, the best-selling battery charger phone cases are compatible with iPhones. Even though there are charger cases available for other phone models, the most profitable ones are for iPhones.

What’s more, this phone case is made from rubber and polycarbonate making it quite durable. Also, the materials and design of this case provide shock and fall protection.

Additionally, the battery in the phone case provides over 24 additional hours of phone use. However, this varies from model to model based on the type of phone it’s powering.

Military Grade Phone Case

Now, the military-grade phone case is a case that provides 360° heavy-duty protection. It encapsulates the entire phone offering full hardcore protection. What’s more, we can find this case for any phone model and by doing so, appeal to a larger market.

Although this rugged phone case offers us full protection, it also has additional gadgets. For example, it has a sliding protective top for the camera. Also, it has a finger ring which makes holding the phone easier.

In addition, this super protective case comes with protective glass for our screen. As a result, our phones will be fully protected. And, considering that the screen protector is made from tempered glass and the case from polycarbonate, we can be sure it’s durable.

Lightweight Shockproof Phone Case

Next, the lightweight shockproof phone case is a classic and one of the best-selling cases. In addition, this case does protect our phone from scratches and breaking, while it has a lighter feel to it.

When dropshipping phone cases like this one, we need to take advantage of the different varieties out there. The lightweight shockproof case is one that can come in different designs, colors, and prints to cater to different trends, styles, and demands. On top of that, this is a phone case that can be found for any phone model.

With all this in mind, the customer’s need for design variety pulls them back in to buy more. As such, if we cater to their need for variety, we can enjoy returning customers and repeat purchases.

Beginner’s Tip: Offer as many different designs, colors, and prints as possible. People buy multiple phone cases to change them up and enjoy different looks. Because of this, if we offer as many variations as possible, we can increase sales.

Extra Slim Silicone Phone Case

Undeniably, the silicone phone case is one of the most common phone cases. People gravitate towards them because they are very slim and don’t give their phones a chunky feel.

Much like the previous case, the slim silicone phone case has endless varieties in design, style, and print. As a result, we can attract virtually any customer if we offer a good variety. Plus, it’s a super affordable phone case, meaning that people will be interested in buying multiple. Consequently, this in tandem with the design variety, will increase our average order value.

What’s more, when dropshipping phone cases like the slim silicone one, we can include a variation for any and all phone models. This will improve our global audience reach, and as such, increase our sales potential.

Glitter Design Phone Case

With endless design adaptations, the glitter design phone case comes in numerous different variations. With that being said, this phone case can cater to different phone brands.

First and foremost, we need to consider offering custom glitter design phone cases by working with a print-on-demand supplier. Thus, we will be able to stand out from the competition. On top of that, these phone cases can be made from different materials. For example, we can offer silicone ones or polycarbonate ones.

Lastly, they are super fashionable. These phone cases are potentially the prettiest and most visually pleasing.

Beginner’s Tip: The target market for the glitter design phone case is women, mostly teenage girls. So, we should focus our marketing efforts on targeting this demographic.

Black Leather Phone Case

Continuing with a classic, the black leather phone case. This case is simple, classic, and a little more sophisticated than the rest. Moreover, it is compatible with any phone model.

This case has amazing design variations. For example, the black leather case can also have an additional card holder on the back or a finger ring. Moreover, it can also come as a black leather flip case that protects the phone’s back and front.

Undoubtedly, this case is a classic because the style is timeless and elegant. Because of this, it can be marketed towards middle-aged professionals or an older age group. In fact, this is the market that wants a case that aligns with their personal sense of style and doesn’t look too childish.

Lastly, this case is quite durable. Actually, the leather softens the phone’s impact during a fall while also decreasing the chances of the case breaking or chipping away. Undeniably, this case is a true winner when dropshipping phone cases.

Mirror Flip Phone Case

Next up, we have the mirror flip phone case. Interestingly, serving as a mirror on the front flap, it can be marketed to girls who need a surface to do their makeup while on the go. But, it’s also very useful and protective, so we don’t need to limit ourselves to only one target market.

Most importantly, it offers 360° protection as it encapsulates the entire phone. Consequently, this already gets extra points for durability. In addition, it’s also foldable, meaning that the screen protector can be folded on or off the screen.

Moreover, it has pop-up support that holds the phone up for easy and convenient viewing. Perhaps, this can be marketed towards parents who want to pop up their phones so their kids can watch their favorite shows.

Matte Colored Phone Case

Now, the matte-colored phone cases are simple and more understated than the rest. However, they are also a classic and a must-have in our phone case collection.

Notably, this phone case can come in many different varieties. Apart from the color variations, the matte-colored phone case can come in different materials. To clarify, it can be made from silicone or polycarbonate and others.

In addition, it’s also universal and unisex. That trait, paired with its classic and simple style, makes this phone case a staple.

Wallet Phone Case

Finally, we made it to the most useful and versatile phone case of them all, the wallet phone case. This unique 2-in-1 phone case combines a wallet and phone case into one. As such, this case is one of the most convenient phone cases to dropship. Because of this, we can price it up and still enjoy good sales volume and profits.

Notably, this phone case is extremely useful. As a matter of fact, it combines all the useful storage of a wallet while also protecting our phone. Plus, it allows us to carry one less thing since our wallets and phone are stored together.

On top of that, it provides incredible 360° protection covering and protecting our entire phone. Also, we can find it made with different materials like faux leather, denim, real leather, and even suede. As a result, this wallet phone case is a winning choice for our dropshipping stores.

Beginner’s Tip: Offer different varieties of wallet phone cases. For example, we can offer a more elaborate wallet phone case with multiple pockets and slots or a simple one-slot case. We can take advantage of the different varieties and expand our product catalog to cater to more people.

Transparent Shockproof Phone Case

Next up, we have the transparent shockproof phone case; we need to note its beauty is in its simplicity. The fact that it’s so simple, classic, and gets the job done makes it a best-selling phone case. Plus, it will never go out of style.

Interestingly, this phone case is made from a combination of durable materials. To explain, the materials used to make this product are silicone, plastic, and thermoplastic polyurethane. As such, this phone case slides perfectly on our phone while also providing great protection.

In addition, the transparent shockproof phone case can be found for any phone model which caters to larger markets. What’s more, its simplicity makes it appealing to anyone. In fact, because it’s transparent, it allows the phone’s design to shine through.

Solid Color Gel Phone Case

Lastly, the solid color gel phone case is one of the most common phone cases that customers purchase. Thus, this phone case is a consistent source of sales. Because of this, it’s a great item to sell when dropshipping phone cases.

Since the solid gel phone case is available for any phone model, it is always in demand. So, dropshipping a phone case that is always in demand means we will see continuous sales. As a matter of fact, the timeless design is appealing to virtually everyone, so the target market is big.

Moreover, because these are solid color gel phone cases, we can dropship every color we can find. Consequently, this will cater to the different color preferences of our customers.

At last, we’ve covered the top 11 dropshipping phone cases. So, by including them in our product catalog, we will surely increase our profits. However, now we need to look at the best suppliers to source them from.

The Most Reliable Dropshipping Phone Case Suppliers

Importantly, in order to target both a local and global market, we need to work with global suppliers. As such, our suppliers must be available in different regions across the globe for maximum coverage.

It’s essential to ensure our suppliers have a domestic warehouse in the market we are selling. As a result, this allows us to offer faster shipping, ultimately bringing about satisfied and returning customers.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the most reliable dropshipping phone case suppliers:


CJDropshipping dropshipping phone cases supplier

To start, we have CJDropshipping. With eight international warehouses enabling fast shipping, CJDropshipping is a great supplier for dropshipping phone cases. Moreover, their phone case product range covers leather, patterned, silicone, and customizable phone cases.

Additionally, CJDropshipping has some other great features like:

  • Quality control
  • White-label products 
  • Print-on-demand products

Most importantly, CJDropshipping does product quality control, ensuring that we sell good quality phone cases. As a result, we can guarantee high-quality items to our customers without compromising our integrity.

Uniquely, CJDropshipping offers a white label solution. To clarify, white-label products are great for branding purposes because we can brand the items we sell. We can also provide custom phone cases by utilizing their print-on-demand option. To break it down, print on demand is a process where we can customize our phone cases and list one-of-a-kind products.


AliExpress dropshipping phone cases supplier

Undeniably, AliExpress is one of the most famous dropshipping suppliers. Their warehouses all around the world make them a great supplier for dropshipping phone cases. Plus, because of their huge product selection, we can offer a large variety of phone cases in our store. From wallet cases to transparent shockproof phone cases, AliExpress has an extensive phone case product range.

Here are some other great features when working with AliExpress:

  • AliExpress Dropship Center 
  • Extensive product selection 
  • Low prices

First and foremost, AliExpress has a Dropship Center making it dropshipper-friendly. Ultimately, this helps us improve our store catalog since the dropshipping center helps with product research.  Especially when considering AliExpress’ huge product selection, this can come in handy when finding our winning phone cases.

Moreover, since AliExpress is a Chinese supplier, its product pricing is low. As such, this enables us to increase our profit margin and remain competitive.


Amazon dropshipping phone cases supplier

Let’s continue with Amazon. Amazon is one of the most attractive suppliers because its extensive product range allows us to build a winning phone case catalog. This supplier covers everything from leather and slim silicone to glitter and mirror flip phone cases. Because of this, they are one of the most attractive suppliers to source from.

Moreover, here are the key features of Amazon:

  • Fast 2-day delivery 
  • International warehouses 
  • Flexible return policy

Uniquely, Amazon has super fast 2-day delivery for its Prime members. Plus, Amazon has 185 fulfillment centers all across the globe and 110 in the US. As a result, we can source from this supplier regardless of the location of our target market.

Additionally, their super flexible return policy is advantageous for our business. They have a “no questions asked” free 30-day return policy. Thus, making sure we offer a great shopping experience for our customers.


Etsy dropshipping phone cases supplier

Moving on with Etsy. Etsy is the land of the niches with a great selection of one-of-a-kind items. Consequently, this enables us to offer unique phone cases and differentiate from the competition. Notably, the Etsy phone case product range covers silicone or plastic cases with unique designs, as well as customizable phone cases. In fact, the items sold on Etsy are made by independent artists, crafters, and collectors.

So, let’s look at Etsy’s beneficial features:

  • Unique products 
  • Niche-oriented 
  • High-profit potential

Uniquely, Etsy holds the title as the land of the niches because it’s home to unusual and specialty goods. Subsequently, allowing us, the dropshipper, to stand out. In fact, we are able to source custom-made, vintage, and handmade phone cases.

So, since customers are always willing to pay more for specialty items, we can increase our profit margins. So, sourcing our phone cases from Etsy will result in higher profit margins.


Banggood dropshipping phone cases supplier

Next up, we have Banggood, a major Chinese supplier. Banggood has a huge phone case product range offering anything from a variety of wallet phone cases to military-grade phone cases. On top of offering huge product varieties, it’s a great international supplier. To clarify, it covers locations globally like Asia, Europe, the US, and Australia.

Additionally, Banggood has several other advantages to consider:

  • Certified dropshipper website
  • Dropship center 
  • Low costs

Uniquely, Bangood provides dropshipping contracts and support for dropshippers because it’s a certified dropshipper website. What’s more, we can enjoy personalized product recommendations, cashback sites, and a credit point accumulation system from its dropship center.

Furthermore, Banggood is characterized by low prices because it’s a Chinese supplier. Actually, this is common with most Chinese suppliers, like AliExpress. As a result, Banggood is a great supplier to source from.


Target dropshipping phone cases supplier

Our list of eCommerce dropshipping phone case suppliers continues with Target. With their big product variety, Target is a great choice to source from. At Target, we can find anything from matte-colored phone cases to solid color gel ones and even glitter design phone cases.

With that said, let’s dive into Target’s key features:

  • RedCard membership
  • Generous return policy 
  • Holiday categories

Notably, Target has a generous 90-day return policy. In contrast to the other suppliers, they offer a full refund within those 90 days and an extra 30 days if we have the Target RedCard.

With that being said, the Target RedCard membership offers a lot of perks. For example, with the membership, we get free standard shipping on most products and fast 2-day shipping on thousands of items. Plus, we can save money and enjoy 5% cashback on a large number of select items.

On top of that, Target is the perfect place to source from around the holiday season because of their themed products. As such, we can offer themed phone cases during the holidays and stay ahead of the competition. 


Costco dropshipping phone cases supplier

Now, let’s talk about America’s giant wholesaler; Costco. This American supplier is renowned for its competitive prices. As such, we gravitate towards Costco because of its great deals and fast 2-day delivery to most locations in the US. To note, their phone case product range mainly covers military-grade phone cases and silicone cases.

Furthermore, some other great aspects of Costco are: 

  • Same-day shipping 
  • Wholesale prices 
  • Fantastic customer service

First, who doesn’t love same-day shipping? However, we do need to keep in mind that it’s for the US only. In addition, if we run into any problems with returns, tracking, or cancellations, Costco’s great customer service has got us covered.

Plus, it’s always great when we can set flexible prices for our customers and remain competitive in the market. So, when we source from Costco, we can do exactly that because of their super affordable wholesale prices.


Printify dropshipping phone cases supplier

Last but not least, we have Printify, one of the best print-on-demand companies. Also, it has a solid selection of white-label products. Notably, utilizing a print-on-demand company for dropshipping phone cases will allow us to offer personalized and custom cases. From polycarbonate to slim silicone phone cases, Prinitify provides various product options when customizing a phone case.

To clarify, we can custom-design our phone cases and sell them at a slightly marked-up price, increasing profits. Additionally, Printify handles all logistics. From printing to delivery, they have us covered.

Some other key features we should consider:

  • Mockup design 
  • Discounts
  • Printing partners in over 90 locations

Uniquely, Printify gives us the option to create mockup designs allowing us to see the finished product even before we order it. To elaborate, we can upload any customized design on any of their products and see realistic mockup previews.

In addition, Printify has over 90 locations across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, China, and Germany. This enables us to dropship custom products to multiple regions internationally and target a broader market. And, they even have discounts of up to 20% on all products.

Finally, we can start a lucrative dropshipping phone cases business. The next step is to build our dropshipping store for phone cases and start earning money. 

How To Start A Dropshipping Phone Cases Business

Undeniably, when starting a dropshipping phone case business, there are a few steps that we must follow. In fact, these steps ensure that we offer the best products and optimally target the right audience.

As a matter of fact, to start a dropshipping phone case business, we need to follow these steps:

  1. Research Trending Phone Cases
  2. Select A Phone Case Supplier
  3. Create A Dropshipping Store
  4. Add Phone Cases To Your Store
  5. Fulfill Customer Orders
  6. Scale Your Phone Cases Dropshipping Business

dropshipping phone case AutoDS research


As we saw from our product list, there is a range of phone cases to dropship. However, that only scratches the surface. 

With that said, we need to continuously test what phone cases are most popular among our audience. As such, this will ensure that we enjoy high sales volumes.

With this in mind, here are the best ways to research trending phone cases to ensure success: 

We can take advantage of the AutoDS Winning Products Hub. Notably, this tool is excellent for discovering, sourcing, researching, and importing trending products in no time. Plus, it gives us a full product analysis with all the relevant information to help us find our best-sellers. Furthermore, the product research tool can be used for more than just finding the most profitable dropshipping phone cases. Besides product imports, we can also do easy one-click returns.

Additionally, we can utilize the AutoDS product finding articles to find profitable and proven items. We can also comb through the best sellers lists on our supplier website. This helps us get a clear idea of which phone cases are selling best on our supplier’s end. For example, we can utilize Amazon’s best sellers list.

Next, we can also spy on our competitors. By doing so, we can learn which phone cases have been ranking well for our competitors. In fact, using spy Software like Koala Inspector allows us to get a deep inside look into our competitors and the reasons for their success.

Also, we can take advantage of Google Trends. To clarify, Google Trends is a website by Google that follows the popularity of different search queries on Google. By utilizing this tool, we can see which search terms for phone cases are most popular. Then, we can start dropshipping those types of phone cases and ensure we generate interest.

2. Select A Phone Case Supplier

Choose a global dropshipping supplier

Of course, we provided reliable suppliers in this article, but there are more we can work with. However, when scouting for a supplier to source our dropshipping phone cases from, we need to look out for some things:

  • Wide product range
  • Affordable prices 
  • International warehouses
  • Fast shipping times 
  • Easy return & refund policies 
  • Optimal customer service

First, we need to look for suppliers with a wide product range to find the best phone cases. Plus, this helps us source different types of phone cases enabling us to offer variety in our store. Then, we also need to look for suppliers with affordable prices. This will allow us to mark up our profit margin while remaining competitive.

Importantly, we need to look for trustworthy suppliers with international warehouses. This enables us to target a larger market without having super long shipping times. With that being said, we also need to look out for our supplier’s shipping times. We want to source from a supplier that has fast shipping times to ensure customer satisfaction.

Also, we need to look for suppliers with easy return and refund policies. As such, this will improve our store’s credibility. Also, a supplier with great customer service will make our dropshipping business more efficient and productive.

3. Create A Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping selling channels

Next, when creating a dropshipping store, we need to look at selling channels. To explain, a sales channel is where we market and sell our products. However, we need to note the difference between a marketplace and a customizable eCommerce website.

In contrast to an eCommerce website, a marketplace is a platform that houses multiple sellers. In fact, it involves three parties: the marketplace administrator, the vendor, and the buyer. On the other hand, an eCommerce website is a channel with only a single vendor selling its products. As such, it only involves the seller and buyer.

Notably, to enjoy brand development and store customization, we need to utilize an eCommerce website. Furthermore, our buyers can focus solely on our listings without other vendors pulling their attention.

Alternatively, if we use a marketplace for dropshipping phone cases, we can take advantage of the large audience readily available on the platform.  On top of that, we can enjoy the trust and recognition the marketplace already has.

All in all, both types of selling channels are great options for dropshipping. With that in mind, here are the top selling channels for dropshipping that we can use to start our phone cases business:

4. Add Phone Cases To Your Store

Now, we need to start importing trending phone cases to our dropshipping store. The common and not so efficient way of importing products is manually.

Although it gets the job done, manual dropshipping is more laborious and does require a bigger time investment. Essentially, by manually importing our products we have to copy/paste each supplier’s product information from their website. Then, we have to transfer the details one by one to our selling channel which takes up a lot of our time.

On the other hand, by automating the process with the AutoDS product importer, we can easily import products. With just one click of a button, we can source from any supplier. In addition, we can import a single product, in bulk or even schedule product imports. 

To elaborate, first we’ll log into our AutoDS account and then find the “Add Products” button in the left navigation bar. Here, we can see all of our importing options.

Add Products with the AutoDS product importer

Then, we can choose one of the importing options. To demonstrate, let’s select the “Single Product” importer. From here, we will go to our supplier’s product page and copy the product ID or URL. Then, we will enter the product ID or URL from our supplier. 

Select Supplier For AutoDS importer

Finally, we can edit the listing details by clicking the “Edit Now (Quick)” button. Or, we can directly publish the listing to our store and start selling. However, editing our listing is beneficial because we can optimize our title, description, images, and keywords.

All in all, automatically importing phone cases to our dropshipping stores is much more efficient than adding each detail one by one. As such, automating the import process enables us to scale our business further.

5. Fulfill Customer Orders

Order fulfillment in dropshipping

Undoubtedly, fulfilling orders immediately is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction. In fact, delays in order fulfillment and shipping can turn customers away. So, quick and efficient order fulfillment is key to customer retention.

On the one hand, we have the option to fulfill orders manually, which takes up a lot of time. Plus, we can make errors and prolong the process when doing this manually.

On the other hand, we can reduce errors and increase efficiency by automating the order fulfillment process. With the Fulfilled By AutoDS tool, we can quickly fulfill orders and avoid errors.

To elaborate, to fulfill orders using this tool, we must load a balance on our AutoDS account. As a result, we don’t have to worry about getting any of our accounts locked on our supplier’s website. Plus, AutoDS will process our orders as soon as they come in and update the order status and tracking information as soon as it’s available. Undeniably, automating the fulfillment process enables us to fulfill orders faster and enjoy more freedom.

6. Scale Your Phone Cases Dropshipping Business

AutoDS dashboard

Since we now know how to build and run a dropshipping phone cases business, let’s see how we can scale. To begin scaling, we need to start marketing our business to attract more customers. Good marketing translates into a higher interest that turns into sales.

With that being said, getting the right message in front of our target audience at the perfect time is key. Now, let’s take a look at some marketing strategies we can use to scale our dropshipping phone cases business:

On the other hand, to enjoy repeat purchases, we need to offer a pleasant shopping experience for our buyers. As such, one of the most important things when dropshipping is to offer great customer service.

In fact, we can gain credibility and grow our customer loyalty by offering excellent customer service. Ultimately, this enables us to stand out from the competition. Actually, there are a few ways to offer great customer service: 

What’s more, a sure-fire way to scale our dropshipping phone cases business is by using an automation tool like AutoDS. In fact, many dropshippers have optimized their business with AutoDS. To clarify, AutoDS automates the entire dropshipping process allowing us to optimize. As such, we can increase sales and attain large profits!

We already saw the benefit of automatic product imports and order fulfillment. But, there are more processes we can automate to accomplish business success and attain freedom.

By automating these processes we can save a ton of time and effort while scaling our business:

  • Price/Stock Monitoring
  • Automatic Price Optimization
  • Automatic Tracking Updates
  • One-Screen Inventory Management
  • Advanced Image Editor
  • … and more!

Ultimately, by having a solid marketing strategy, excellent customer service, and dropshipping automation, we can achieve long-term success

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Phone Cases Good For Dropshipping?

Yes! Dropshipping phone cases is profitable because they are always in demand and bring returning customers. Especially, when paired with the dropshipping business model, dropshipping phone cases is optimal for increasing our profits.  

Am I Allowed To Dropship iPhone Cases? 

Of course! Actually, it’s beneficial if the product range in your dropshipping store consists of many different phone cases. However, in order to avoid dropshipping copyrighted cases we can use the eBay VeRO guide

What Are The Best Phone Case Products To Sell? 

The best phone cases to sell are military-grade phone cases, silicone phone cases, and wallet phone cases. However, there are other profitable phone cases we should dropship, which we can discover with the AutoDS product research tool. 


Woo! Now we are ready to take on dropshipping phone cases. In fact, knowing the winning phone cases, top suppliers, and how to dropship them has us fully prepared to start profiting.

Moreover, with the right tools and information, we can take on any obstacle in the dropshipping world. On top of that, with dropshipping automation, we can optimize our business and further scale.

Finally, as we venture into the world of dropshipping phone cases, these articles can benefit us and help us in our journey: