As one of the fastest rising social media platforms today, TikTok has established a substantial audience database. With the growing popularity of TikTok, it’s definitely a fresh but promising venue to dropship product trends.

Meanwhile, dropshipping is a business model that allows us to source products from third-party suppliers. Then, we need to offer these items in a reputable yet popular selling channel. With the profitability of dropshipping and the versatility of TikTok, we’ll definitely multiply our profits.

Do you want to know more about TikTok dropshipping? Let’s go further and learn about the best products to sell on TikTok. As a bonus, we’ll go through the complete guide to jumpstarting our TikTok dropshipping business.

What Is TikTok Dropshipping?

Alright, so what’s all the hype about TikTok? In 2016, the social media world welcomed TikTok as a social video application. About five years after its creation, TikTok already gained about 78.7 million users in the United States alone. Due to this wide market reach, TikTok is a promising venue for dropshipping.

Remember that dropshipping is a low-risk but high-reward business model. Through TikTok, we can offer in-demand items while enjoying significant audience reach worldwide. Therefore, if we want to scale our success while dropshipping, TikTok is one of the newest and best ways to do so!

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of TikTok Dropshipping

Before we move on, let’s first weigh the pros and cons of TikTok dropshipping. Let’s begin with the advantages of this eCommerce venture.


  • Quickly test the market 
  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Widen audience reach
  • Easily connect with customers 

Notably, dropshipping on TikTok helps us quickly test the market because we have easy access to current trends and customer preferences. With millions of active TikTok users, we can increase our brand awareness and widen our audience reach. Plus, TikTok enables easy customer connection through messages and comments.  


  • High competition
  • Marketing costs 
  • No control over stocks/prices

On the other hand, TikTok dropshipping has some drawbacks too. For one, there is high competition on the platform because numerous sellers utilize TikTok. Moreover, there are marketing costs that come with TikTok dropshipping, and we have no control over stocks/prices, which can be challenging when setting our product prices.

Nonetheless, we can utilize dropshipping tools and marketing techniques to address these issues. Remember that marketing is crucial to beat the competition. In return, we will reap the harvest of our investment in the long run.

The 10 Best Products To Sell For TikTok Dropshipping

Onto the most exciting part, we’ll explore the best products to sell for TikTok dropshipping. Without further ado, here are the top trends that we can sell on TikTok:

  1. Handheld Butter Churn
  2. Door Draft Stopper
  3. Budget Binder
  4. Mini Eyeglasses Cleaner
  5. LED Strip Lights
  6. Starry Night Projector
  7. Dog Water Bottle
  8. Camping Hammock
  9. Small Electric Humidifier
  10. Clip-On Book Light

Next, we’ll learn about what makes these items the top choices on TikTok.

1. Handheld Butter Churn

To kick off our list, the handheld butter churn magically turns cream into butter in just a few minutes. When dropshipping this item on TikTok, we can offer size, color, and style variations for every customer’s need.

Product img
Handheld Butter Churn
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 1-2 days

Furthermore, ensure to sell food-grade and toxic-free materials for the safety of consumers. Lastly, the TikTok video promoting this product has high engagement rates, showcasing the profit potential, which is in line with the rest of the products on this list.

2. Door Draft Stopper

Following our best TikTok products list, we have the door draft stopper that serves as an insulation and protection tool for spaces under the door. This product comes in many varieties, such as stuffed fabric tubes, aluminum bottom seals, vinyl weather stripping, and more. In addition, we can offer solid-colored or printed designs to suit every door.

Beginner’s Tip: We can offer door draft stoppers in bundles at discounted prices, increasing our average order value.

3. Budget Binder

Our third TikTok product to dropship is the budget binder. Remarkably, budget binders have sheets and trackers for expenses, savings, bills, and more. Besides that, most binders include zipped or buttoned cases where users can store money or documents.

4. Mini Eyeglasses Cleaner

Undeniably, the mini eyeglasses cleaner is an excellent addition to our TikTok dropshipping shop. Typically, this item is made of a microfiber cleaning brush with a plastic or steel handle that keeps lenses spotless. Moreover, we must add different colors and styles to attract buyers of all ages.

5. LED Strip Lights

Next up, LED strip lights are used to add colorful lights to computers and desks or serve as wall/floor aesthetics in rooms. So, when selling this item on TikTok, include a variety of colors and lengths. Finally, we can dropship remote-controlled LED strip lights that we can set from steady to blinking modes.

6. Starry Night Projector

Interestingly, the starry night projector is made of LED lights that produce different effects. Primarily, it can also have various modes like white, solid-colored, natural, and multicolored. Also, some projectors include Bluetooth-connected, battery-operated, and electricity-powered options.

Beginner’s Tip: Add starry night projectors with sound features that jive with the dancing lights to attract more website traffic.

7. Dog Water Bottle

Undoubtedly, pet owners will love the dog water bottle as it is a portable way to keep their fur babies hydrated anywhere and anytime. This TikTok trending item comes in different capacities, colors, shapes, and styles. Remember to dropship food-grade materials, such as high-quality plastic, stainless steel, and acrylic, so that fur buddies remain safe and quenched.

8. Camping Hammock

Of course, outdoor adventures will not be complete without camping hammocks. As a top TikTok item to dropship, we must offer attractive colors and designs that come in different sizes. Aside from that, we can sell cotton, polyester, canvas, nylon, and other comfortable materials.

Beginner’s Tip: Dropship camping hammocks that are foldable into bags or pillows so that users can maximize their functionality.

9. Small Electric Humidifier

Now, let’s make way for the small electric humidifier as a top-selling product to dropship on TikTok. In essence, a humidifier improves air moisture by producing cool or warm mist all over an area. So, if we want to sell this item, we should offer a vast array of colors, sizes, designs, and materials to buyers.

Beginner’s Tip: Some humidifiers include oil diffusers that give off aromatic smells, adding more value to the product.

10. Clip-On Book Light

On to our last TikTok dropshipping item, we have the clip-on book light that’s perfect for reading, writing, or drawing while on the go. When offering this item, add foldable variations and compact sizes. Furthermore, we can add options with adjustable light intensities and colors for a better user experience.

All in all, these products are found to be proven best-sellers, specifically for TikTok dropshipping! As such, the majority of TikTok users are engaging with and promoting these items through user-generated content.

What Do I Need To Start TikTok Dropshipping?

Before anything else, we need to create a TikTok account. To do this, open the TikTok app and create an account.

When doing so, we need to set up our TikTok account in such a way that it reflects the brand identity of our dropshipping store. For instance, we can add our business logo as a profile picture, and our bio must contain a link to our dropshipping store.

Once we’re done setting up our account, we should merge it with the TikTok ads manager. In this way, we can gain insights into in-depth analytics, such as audience traffic.

Afterward, we can switch to a business account that will let us access more benefits on TikTok dropshipping. In particular, we can enjoy royalty-free music, use the Business Suite tools, and more. When our accounts are ready to go, we can start advertising our products on TikTok.

How To Start Dropshipping On TikTok

At last, we’re about to begin our online venture on TikTok. So, here are the steps to start gaining sales through TikTok dropshipping:

  1. Create A Dropshipping Store
  2. Choose Winning Products For Your Store
  3. Select The Best Dropshipping Supplier
  4. Import Best-Sellers To Your Store
  5. Promote Your Dropshipping Products On TikTok
  6. Fulfill Customer Orders
  7. Communicate With Your Customers

Next, let’s go over each step.

1. Create A Dropshipping Store

Before promoting a dropshipping business on TikTok, we need to create a dropshipping store. Thus, we need to select a selling channel where we can set up our online store. Primarily, a selling channel is where we list our products, and our TikTok audiences will be redirected for purchases.

Now, here are the best-selling channels for our dropshipping business:

For instance, Shopify allows us to fully customize our websites. However, it doesn’t have organic traffic. Nonetheless, we can incorporate techniques to maximize our audiences, like marketing our dropshipping business on TikTok.

Build your online store in one platform with all the eCommerce features you need to start, run, and grow your business.

Once we’ve created a dropshipping store on any of these selling platforms, we can proceed with finding winning products.

2. Choose Winning Products For Your Store

While we have a list of best-sellers for TikTok dropshipping, we still need to continuously explore other product ideas. To do this, we can utilize the following product research methods:

  • Spy On Your Competition
  • Analyze TikTok ads & hashtags
  • Google Trends
  • Search Supplier Best-Seller Sections 
  • AutoDS Product Research Tool

To discover the latest trends on the platform, we can analyze TikTok Ads and hashtags. So, by checking what people post and promote, we can land our next winning product on TikTok.

For example, the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag contains a pool of products on TikTok that many people try themselves. Subsequently, when a product receives a high engagement rate, it means that it is trending in the platform.

Another excellent way to find top-caliber items is through the AutoDS Product Research Tool. Using this dropshipping tool, we can apply filters to narrow down our search to the best product choices from supported suppliers.

In particular, we can find products according to their price ranges, suppliers, customer ratings, and more. All in all, it’s an automated product research tool enabling us to scale our business to new heights!

3. Select The Best Dropshipping Supplier

After finding top products to sell, we must find sourcing platforms for these items so we can start adding them to our stores. In this case, selecting a reliable dropshipping supplier is crucial. But don’t worry, as we’ve narrowed down the factors we should look for in a top-notch supplier:

  • International warehouses
  • Fast shipping times 
  • Practical return, shipping & payment policies 
  • Excellent customer support 
  • Wide & affordable product range 
  • Positive reviews 
  • Multiple payment options 
  • Supported by automation software

Among these factors, suppliers who integrate with an automation software are perfect for our dropshipping business. And as a leading all-in-one dropshipping software, AutoDS supports a variety of dropshipping suppliers worldwide. Some of these key platforms include AliExpress, Walmart, CJDropshipping, and more.

Furthermore, sellers can opt-in for the AutoDS Product Sourcing service if working with Chinese suppliers. It addresses common challenges like extended delivery times, product quality concerns, and communication difficulties. With a dedicated warehouse for pre-shipment inspections and a streamlined quote request system, AutoDS ensures dropshippers receive top-quality products with faster delivery, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

One of the AutoDS exclusive features that set it apart from competitors is the ability to source from Shopify. You’ve read it right! AutoDS allows its users to use Shopify for product sourcing. This game-changing feature allows sellers to tap into the huge product selection from the most popular Shopify stores.

Bonus: AutoDS now supports Kohl’sCatch, and Macy’s for all your dropshipping needs! These suppliers offer top-notch quality products and you can quickly import and fulfill orders with AutoDS’ all-in-one solution.

As a final note, automating our business means that AutoDS takes care of the everyday processes in our business. As a result, we’ll save time and money while efficiently running our dropshipping venture.

4. Import Best-Sellers To Your Store

Once we have suppliers, we are ready to import best-sellers to our dropshipping stores. In general, there are two ways to add dropshipping products: manually or automatically.

In the manual importing method, we need to go to the supplier’s page and copy all product details. Next, we have to individually paste these data into our selling channel. Imagine if we need to deal with numerous product imports: sounds tedious, right?

That’s why we have automatic importing methods to reduce the time we need to import dropshipping products. When automating the importing process, a dropshipping tool is responsible for transferring all product information between platforms. So, we won’t worry anymore about spending the whole day copying and pasting data.

Subsequently, AutoDS has straightforward automatic importing tools that we can utilize:

  • One-Click Importer
  • Single Product Uploader
  • Adding Multiple Product IDs/URLs
  • Bulk Importer

Since TikTok integrates with Shopify, let’s demonstrate the one-click importer with a Shopify store.

One-Click Importer

The one-click importer allows us to add an item to our Shopify store in just a few seconds. Before we can do that, we have to install the AutoDS Helper Chrome Extension first.

Then, we’ll begin by going to the product page of the item we want to add. Then, click the ‘Import to AutoDS’ button above the product title. At this point, AutoDS will transfer the product details from the supplier to the AutoDS platform.

Once the transfer is done, the product will move to the ‘Drafts’ page of the platform. When the product is saved as a draft, we can optimize its title, description, image, tags, and other necessary information. We can utilize the AI Rewrite tool to simplify the optimization process. This useful AI feature allows us to effortlessly enhance titles and descriptions of the products we upload. Click the button, and AI will handle all the manual work.

Remember that search engine optimized (SEO) products become more relevant in customer web searches. Thus, making our product more visible in the market, such as on TikTok.

When the optimization process is finished, we can click the ‘Import’ button to publish the item to our Shopify dropshipping store. After doing so, the item will move to the ‘Products’ section of the AutoDS platform. This signifies that the product is live on Shopify, and customers can start buying it.

5. Promote Your Dropshipping Products On TikTok

Yay! Now that our stores are ready, we can begin promoting our products on TikTok. Essentially, marketing is crucial for us to maximize our audience reach. Remember that the more traffic our stores have, the greater our chances of sales conversions.

When promoting our products on TikTok, we can do organic marketing or run ads on the platform. For organic marketing, we need to buy the item and record a series of videos while trying out the product. In this way, we can clearly showcase the features and benefits of using the products we’re offering.

Once the videos go viral, we can attract a huge audience to our profiles. Then, they can click the store link in our bio, taking them to our Shopify product page to purchase.

Plus, we can also opt-in for paid ads. Running ads on TikTok helps our products become more visible on the platform. This way, viewers can easily access our dropshipping stores and purchase our products.

6. Fulfill Customer Orders

Once we have a substantial customer base, we’ll start getting orders. Remember that we need to serve customer demands as they come. In this way, we can offer customers a great shopping experience.

When fulfilling customer orders, we can utilize the following techniques:

  • Manual order fulfillment
  • Automatic Orders
  • Fulfilled by AutoDS

When manually fulfilling customer orders, we need to purchase the item from the supplier’s website. Then, we’ll provide the customer shipping details and payment method. As this process is done individually, it is prone to human errors, resulting in customer complaints.

Therefore, we can use automation to save us from the hassles of manual order fulfillment. With that in mind, AutoDS provides the Automatic Orders and Fulfilled by AutoDS features. These services will help us serve customer demands efficiently, even while we’re asleep.

For Automatic Orders, the platform utilizes our buyer accounts to fulfill customer orders. Then, AutoDS provides up-to-date order tracking under one dashboard.

On the other hand, Fulfilled by AutoDS uses our auto-credit accounts for every customer order. In addition, this service features a one-click return button to hasten the return request process.

Without a doubt, automating the order fulfillment process saves more time and gives us peace of mind that our business is in good hands.

Product Sourcing Quotes

TikTok is heaven for fans of “lifehack” things like mini eyeglasses cleaners, clip-on book lights, and trendy items like night projectors. Such products are called “TikTok finds” and are immensely popular. Most of these items come from Chinese suppliers like AliExpress, Banggood, etc.

Every dropshipper knows that working with Chinese providers means long delivery times, quality concerns, and communication hurdles with suppliers. However, this is no longer true when using AutoDS’s Product Sourcing Quotes service.

This innovative feature transforms the order fulfillment process and addresses common pain points dropshippers face. It simplifies and optimizes the order fulfillment process, particularly when dealing with Chinese suppliers. Here is how it works:

1. When you receive an order from a Chinese supplier or an unmonitored source, you can request a quote from AutoDS.

autods product sourcing quotes

2. Our team swiftly processes your request, typically within 48 hours.

3. After processing, you’ll receive a range of options to choose from, including product variations, shipping methods, and associated costs.

autods product shipping options

4. Once you decide to source a product, its status changes to “linked.” You can connect only your product to the chosen AutoDS-sourced item (for future orders) or link existing pending orders.

The Product Sourcing Quotes service makes shorter shipping times and cheaper products possible and ensures product quality. Here is why you should consider using this feature for TikTok dropshipping:

  • Quality Assurance: We established a warehouse where products undergo thorough inspections before shipping to your end customers.
  • Faster Delivery: We’ve streamlined the sourcing process, allowing you to choose from various shipping options and prices and enjoy faster delivery times for your customers.
  • Effortless Process: The process is quick and efficient. Within 48 hours, you’ll have multiple options at your fingertips.
  • Customization: Tailor your sourcing with various options for product variations, shipping methods, and costs, meeting your specific needs.
  • Cost Savings: Find competitive and often lower-priced products, maximizing your profitability.

With the Product Sourcing Quotes, TikTok dropshippers gain an edge over competitors and empower their business for success.

7. Communicate With Your Customers

Undoubtedly, clear and constant communication with our customers is an essential aspect of our dropshipping business. When showcasing our products on TikTok, we can interact with potential customers through comments, direct messages, and more. Aside from that, we can also open live chats, provide email details, and create a ticket submission option through our selling channels.

All in all, connecting to our customers speaks about the quality of business we have. Thus, it’s crucial that we let our clients feel that we value them as business partners.

Scale Your TikTok Dropshipping Business With Automation

While TikTok can help our business gain visibility and increase sales; we should not stop there. As such, there are even more ways to scale our dropshipping business. Among the methods available, dropshipping automation is one of the best ways to scale our business.

Once again, AutoDS is an all-in-one dropshipping solution for our automation needs. With that said, here are other automated features that we can adopt in our online business:

  • Price/Stock Monitoring 
  • Price Optimization
  • One-screen Inventory Management
  • Automatic Tracking Updates
  • Advanced Image Editor
  • …and much more!

With these exciting tools, we can expand our dropshipping venture to greater heights. Even while we relax or sleep, enormous profits will continuously come our way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TikTok Good For Dropshipping?

Yes, TikTok is a promising platform for dropshipping. Due to its broad user base and easy-to-use interface, promoting our business on TikTok will surely attract substantial audiences. As a result, we can maximize our sales conversions.

How Can I Start TikTok Dropshiping? 

To start dropshipping on TikTok, you need to find trending products, select a selling channel, and work with a supplier. Afterward, you must import items, market your business, fulfill orders, and communicate with customers.

What Are The Best Products For TikTok Dropshipping? 

TikTok is a vast platform with endless product trends. But don’t worry; we’ve listed the best products to dropship on TikTok for you. Some of the most in-demand items include the handheld butter churn, door draft stopper, and budget binder.


Way to go! We’re ready to take TikTok dropshipping by storm. With best-selling products and a complete guide on establishing our business, we are steps ahead of the competition.

With the help of dropshipping automation, we can expand our online business and multiply our sales. But of course, we should always get the latest trends on TikTok, so we can offer winning products that will bring substantial profits.

Aside from TikTok, we can market our dropshipping ventures on other eCommerce platforms. Thus, here are other ways to promote our business and reach greater markets: