One thing that everyone in the world has in common is a birthday. Everyone has a birthday, and most of us, tend to celebrate that special day with friends and family. With that said, one crucial aspect of birthdays is a cake and candles. This is why dropshipping candles can lead us to earn the highest profits yet!

So, what exactly is dropshipping? The dropshipping model consists of three main factors: a supplier, retailer (us), and customer. We, being dropshippers, serve as the middleman between the supplier and customer. As such, we provide product offerings on our website, and once a customer places an order, we contact our supplier to ship the product to our customer directly.

And if you’re asking yourself if this is too good to be true, don’t worry; most people do. However, it’s as great as that! We don’t hold any inventory ourselves, and we receive a profit from the difference between the source price and the sale price. Thus, in this article, we’ll discuss how to start a dropshipping candles business along with the top suppliers and products for success.

The Profit Potential Of Dropshipping Candles

dropshipping candles profit potential

To ensure that dropshipping candles is a worthwhile venture, let’s talk about profitability. For starters, the candle industry is exponentially growing year by year. In 2020 alone, the sales value of scented candles reached around 1.6 billion U.S. dollars. Ultimately, this demonstrates the profit potential of entering this niche market.

Furthermore, the dropshipping business model is low-risk as we don’t hold any physical stock of products. Therefore, we can easily replace slow movers and optimize high-performing items in our stores.

Moreover, as we only pay our supplier after we get paid, we aren’t required to put up an initial investment. With this in mind, we can easily sell various products and see what works best without paying immediately

Plus, dropshipping candles enables us to reach a broad audience and increase our chance of sales. Although dropshipping is competitive, we can improve our revenues in no time with the right strategy. For instance, candles are not only perfect for birthdays but also for self-care sessions, candle lovers, reducing stress and anxiety, and more! Essentially, candles can be used anywhere, anytime.

Overall, dropshipping candles will allow us to increase sales while reaching a global audience. With that said, let’s jump into the exciting part and see where we can source our candles.

14 Best Suppliers For Dropshipping Candles

Alright, now that we know we can earn a substantial profit from dropshipping candles, let’s discover the top candles suppliers. We’ll discuss each supplier’s pros and cons, along with their candle product range. With this in mind, here are the 14 best suppliers for dropshipping candles:

  1. AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers
  2. AliExpress
  3. Amazon
  4. CJDropshipping
  5. Walmart
  6. eBay
  7. Etsy
  8. Wayfair
  9. Overstock
  10. Target
  11. DHGate
  12. Wax & Wick
  13. Candle Builders
  14. ACDC Co.

Let’s dive right in with our first dropshipping candles supplier.

Bonus: Enjoy the added convenience of AutoDS’ new integrated suppliers, including Kohl’sCatch, and Macy’s . These esteemed suppliers are renowned for their top-notch quality candle products, ensuring your customers receive nothing but the best. With AutoDS’ comprehensive platform, importing and fulfilling orders from these suppliers has never been easier.

1. AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers

AutoDS warehouse dropshipping candles

AutoDS is a premier dropshipping supplier for sourcing candles. With the AutoDS warehouse comes efficient order fulfillment and fast shipping for your customers. On the platform, dropshippers can access a diverse candle marketplace featuring items from various suppliers.

By choosing AutoDS as your dropshipping supplier, you gain access to exclusive private suppliers offering unique candle products. This competitive edge helps you differentiate your store and maximize profits through special discounts. Furthermore, the Print on Demand feature allows us to create and sell custom products directly through AutoDS and get a competitive edge by offering unique products.

One key feature of AutoDS is the ability to personalize shipments by adding your store logo, enhancing your brand presence. With streamlined processes and reliable shipping, you can focus on growing your candle business without logistical concerns.

In summary, AutoDS is your trusted dropshipping supplier for sourcing candles. With a wide range of products from different suppliers, you can enhance your brand identity, access exclusive offerings, and benefit from special discounts. Let AutoDS handle logistics while you concentrate on growing your candle business.

2. AliExpress

AliExpress candles supplier

To kick things off, we have one of the largest online retail platforms for sourcing essentially anything and everything. AliExpress is a leading dropshipping supplier from China, providing us with affordable products and a vast selection of candles for our stores. 


  • Worldwide warehouses
  • Fast shipping times 
  • AliExpress Dropshipping Center 
  • Low prices 
  • Wide selection of candles

Although AliExpress’ home base is in China, they have multiple warehouse locations all over the world. Thus, we can offer our customers fast shipping times, no matter where they reside. When a supplier has domestic warehouses, it means we can select for our products to be shipped from a warehouse closest to our customers.

What’s more, we can source candles at affordable prices and price them competitively in our stores. As such, increasing our profit margins and remaining competitive. Plus, AliExpress is a dropshipping-friendly service, providing us with optimal tools to scale our business. For example, the AliExpress Dropshipping Center enables us to conduct easy product research, allowing us to detect best-selling candles to add to our stores.

In terms of the candle product range, AliExpress offers us a wide array of items. From scented candles, birthday candles, and LED candles to various candle accessories such as holders and decorative pieces, AliExpress has it all. 


  • No bundle options 
  • Language barriers 
  • Some products may be of lower quality

On the other hand, no one is perfect and AliExpress is no exception. Although this supplier can ship products quickly, they lack bundle options for shipments. Meaning, that if our customers order multiple items at once, each item will most likely be sent separately. However, we can contact the AliExpress seller and request a specific shipment be sent together.

On the same note, low-cost products mean it’s inevitable that some won’t be of top-grade quality. This is why it’s absolutely essential to read previous reviews to ensure we’re offering our customers the best possible candles. Lastly, as AliExpress is based in China, we may run into some language barriers with specific sellers.

However, similar to product reviews, each seller has a store review. From this, we can assess whether or not we should work with that seller. Remember, the support we receive from our suppliers is the support that we extend to our customers, thus, it needs to be of top quality. 

3. Amazon

Amazon dropshipping supplier for candles

Next up, is a world-renowned eCommerce giant that goes by the name of Amazon. Even though Amazon started as an online bookseller, they now provide tens of thousands of different products. And yes, of course, a plethora of candles to dropship into our stores. 


  • Quick delivery times 
  • Exceptional business policies 
  • Global warehouses 
  • Great customer support 
  • Lots of candle options

Amazon is a great platform to source from for various reasons. One of the most significant is Amazon Prime; a membership paid once a year that gives us access to 2-day shipping. Even without the membership, with domestic warehouses, we can still offer our customers fast delivery times.

Additionally, this eCommerce platform has one of the best customer service teams. With that, they provide clear business policies. For example, with Amazon Prime, we can offer our customers 30-day returns, no questions asked. As such, increasing our customers’ satisfaction and thus increasing our store’s repeat purchases.

And, similar to AliExpress, Amazon provides a vast selection of candle products to dropship. Especially if we’re targeting an audience that loves aromatherapy candles, Amazon is the place for it. Besides this, Amazon offers soy candles, varying scented candles, beeswax candles, and so much more! 


  • Account locks 
  • Price fluctuation

On the downside, we can run into some issues when dropshipping from Amazon. To clarify, although it is legal to dropship products from Amazon, the platform can lock our account if too many orders are placed at once. However, there is a solution! We can utilize AutoDS’ complete order fulfillment tool that uses credits instead of directly paying on Amazon’s website. This will ensure a smooth ordering process, without the hassle of unlocking our accounts.

Moreover, as with many suppliers, Amazon is a marketplace with various sellers. As such, sellers change the prices of products often. This means we have to change the prices in our stores to ensure profitability and competitiveness within the market.

But don’t worry, it’s not that difficult to keep track of price fluctuations when working with AutoDS’ stock and price monitoring tool. This tool automatically notifies us if our supplier’s stock or price of products has changed, enabling us to make a quick change on our end. Thus, we can rest assured that our business will continue to thrive. 

4. CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping supplier

If you’re looking for the ultimate dropshipping-friendly supplier, then CJDropshipping is among the top. So, let’s see how dropshipping candles from CJDropshipping will benefit us. 


  • Product sourcing solution
  • Print-on-demand (POD)
  • While label branding option 
  • Affordable products 
  • Quality control 
  • Large candle catalog

Besides the fact that CJDropshipping was created by dropshippers, it’s a highly dropshipping-friendly platform for several reasons. The main one is its product sourcing solution. As such, we can request products that aren’t readily available on the platform and stay ahead of the competition.

On the same note, we can benefit from quality control when working with this supplier. Thus, we can take a breather knowing our customers will receive quality products. And, if we want to build our brand awareness we can easily do so with CJDropshipping. With its POD and white label branding option, we can customize products and package them with our store logos.

Plus, even with all these features, we can continue to source affordable products. As such, we can find a vast product range for dropshipping candles. For example, CJDropshipping offers flameless candles, aromatherapy candles, beeswax candles, and various candle accessories.


  • Poor user experience on website 
  • Limited US shipping options

Nonetheless, the user experience is poor on this supplier’s website. As it’s rather cluttered it can be difficult to navigate. However, once we go through it and understand where everything is, we can take advantage of all the great features.

And, although CJDropshipping has US warehouses, the shipping carriers are limited. Thus, this can slow down the delivery timeframe, but that’s why it’s crucial to provide customers with automatic tracking updates

5. Walmart

Walmart candles for dropshipping

Are you looking to take advantage of the massive consumer base in the US? Then Walmart is your go-to dropshipping candles supplier. 


  • Price match policy 
  • Next-day delivery (US) 
  • Various discounts and deals 
  • Multiple candle products

If you live in the US, then you already know that Walmart is famous for its discounts and deals. Along with this, it offers a price match guarantee. Thus, if the price of a product fell after our purchase, we can request a refund for the difference.

On top of that, Walmart provides next-day delivery for US customers. Meaning, if our target market falls within the US, our customers will surely remain loyal with fast shipping times. Plus with varying candle products like scented candles, sleep candles, and more, we’re sure to find a perfect match for our stores. 


  • Strict seller rules 
  • Lower profit margins 
  • Standard payment methods

On the flip side, Walmart imposes strict seller rules that we must abide by when dropshipping candles. Also, as Walmart’s products are sold at wholesale prices, we can benefit from low-cost products but this means our profit margins will be lower. Therefore, we must analyze our competition to ensure our products are priced properly. 

6. eBay

eBay dropshipping supplier

Not only can we start dropshipping candles on eBay, but we can also source them from this gigantic marketplace. With that said, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping candles from eBay. 


  • Buyer/Seller protection 
  • Easily spy on your competitors 
  • Quick shipping & delivery 
  • Thousands of sellers to source candles from

One of the greatest advantages of eBay is its buyer/seller protection. This ensures that any product we order must be delivered to our customers on time, without damage. In the case of faulty products, we can request a refund for our customers.

Along with that, we can offer our customers quick delivery times. As there are many sellers on eBay, the best way to remain competitive and at the top is with fast shipping. As such, we can rest assured that our customers will be satisfied with swift delivery times.

In line with this, we can conduct product research on eBay as it’s easy to spy on the competition. All we need to do is search for candle products and discover how many sellers are selling them, along with the number of sales made. All in all, this allows us to see what’s currently trending in the market. Additionally, with so many sellers, we can find a huge range of candles from soy candles to unscented candles, we can find anything we need on eBay. 


  • Varying business policies 
  • Product research is difficult

On the other hand, eBay is a marketplace which means each seller has different business policies. Therefore, we need to carefully read each one to ensure it matches our business’ expectations. Moreover, although it’s easy to spy on the competition, because there’s so much of it on eBay, uncovering best-sellers is difficult.

But, worry not! As we have an easy solution for this problem. We can use the AutoDS product research tool to discover best-selling candles for our dropshipping store. Then, we can easily dropship them from the eBay seller without any extra hassle. 

7. Etsy

 Etsy dropshipping candles source

If we want to offer our customers vintage, homemade, and custom candles, then Etsy is a perfect supplier for us. With this in mind, let’s discover what kind of other benefits we get when dropshipping candles from Etsy. 


  • Niche oriented 
  • Wide range of unique candles 
  • High-profit margin potential

As Etsy is known for its specialty products, it caters to unique niches. From this, we can source a wide range of candles that aren’t readily available in the market. For example, we can find options like rosewood soy candles, manifestation candles, zodiac candles, and other cool candle products.

With that said, custom-made candles result in higher profit margins. As we can market them as unique and one-of-a-kind candles, the perceived value increases, and with that, the money in our pockets. 


  • Individual sellers 
  • New dropshipping supplier 
  • Sanctions policy

Similar to eBay, Etsy is a marketplace with individual sellers. Meaning, return policies differ from seller to seller. Thus, it’s important to read a seller’s business policies before dropshipping candles from them.

On the other hand, Etsy is a new dropshipping supplier platform. Therefore, to avoid any issues from arising it’s best to dropship only a few products, in the beginning, to ensure everything runs smoothly. Lastly, third-party payment services such as PayPal may block purchases when dropshipping from Etsy. However, as we saw earlier, when using AutoDS’ order fulfillment tool we can avoid this issue. 

8. Wayfair

 Wayfair dropshipping candles supplier

Next on our list of suppliers is Wayfair. This dropshipping supplier specializes in the home goods niche, meaning we’re sure to find a vast selection of candles. As a matter of fact, candles are most often used in our homes, so it’s a perfect place to search for best-sellers. 


  • International warehouses 
  • Free 2-day shipping (US) 
  • The MYWAY program 
  • 5000+ candles

This home goods supplier has warehouses worldwide. This means our customers will benefit from fast shipping, and our US customers can even get free two-day shipping. To top it off, we can opt-in for Wayfair’s MYWAY program. As such, we get access to free shipping on any order, member-exclusive products, and more dropshipping perks.

In addition, Wayfair offers top-quality candle products to dropship into our stores. With that said, we can find anything from outdoor flameless pillar candles to lemon-mint scented candles and more! 


  • More expensive products 
  • Access to exclusive deals only with MYWAY membership

Due to Wayfair’s quality products, its pricing is higher up on the scale. However, we can ensure our customers that they will receive the best candles possible when paying the higher cost. On another note, the only way to get access to exclusive deals is with the MYWAY membership. However, it’s a worthwhile investment as we’ll be able to extend discounts to our customers, resulting in repeat sales

9. Overstock

Overstock dropshipping supplier for candles

Similar to Wayfair, Overstock offers products within the home goods and furniture categories. Plus, if our target market is in the US, then we can benefit from free and fast shipping. Now, let’s see what else we gain by dropshipping candles from Overstock. 


  • Club 0 program
  • Fast and free shipping 
  • Cashback 
  • Price matching 
  • Great candle catalog

Who doesn’t love a dropshipping-friendly supplier? Overstock offers dropshippers a Club 0 Program, giving us access to free shipping on all orders and a 5% cashback on purchases. Plus, much like Walmart, Overstock does price matching on all products, ensuring we pay the best price for our candles.

Moreover, even without the Club 0 Program, we can still offer our customers free and fast shipping of 1-2 days. As a result, we’ll have happy customers who will keep coming back for more candles.

But, what about Overstock’s candle catalog? On its website, we can source tabletop pillar candles, LED candles, vanilla-scented candles, to only name a few. Thus, we can provide our customers with a vast selection of products when dropshipping candles from Overstock. 


  • Higher prices 
  • Lack of quality control

Similar to Wayfair, Overstock’s product catalogs are top-notch quality products. Meaning, we’ll be sourcing higher-cost candles. But again, once customers get a wisp of air from these qualitative candles, they won’t have any problems paying for them over and over.

However, Overstock doesn’t guarantee quality control for each and every single product. Nonetheless, in the event that a customer receives the wrong product or it’s damaged, they will get their money back.

10. Target

Target dropshipping candles supplier

In recent years, Target has become all the ‘hype’. From clothing to candles, we can dropship almost everything from this retailer. And, with 45 private labels, Target allows us to remain competitive and differentiate ourselves from the competition. 


  • RedCard program 
  • Speedy delivery 
  • Easy return policy
  • High-quality products 
  • Hundreds of candle collections

Target is known for its high-quality products and optimal business policies. With quick shipping and a 90-day return policy, dropshipping candles from Target is a walk in the park. Furthermore, we can gain even better deals when opting in for the RedCard program.

With the RedCard, we can offer our customers free 2-day shipping, additional discounts, and an even longer return period! On top of this, Target has hundreds of candle options on its website. We can easily filter by scent type, occasions, and deals. From there, we can find scented candles, sage candles, pillar candles, and much more. 


  • No dropshipping-specific benefits 
  • Free 2-day shipping is only valid with the RedCard program

Regardless of the RedCard program, Target doesn’t offer any specific dropshipping perks. So, it’s best not to source completely everything from Target to avoid any issues. So, same as Etsy, start off slow to ensure a proper business importing process.

Plus, the exclusive shipping perks are only available with the RedCard program. Nonetheless, if we opt-in for this, we’ll surely reap the rewards.

11. DHGate

DHGate Chinese dropshipping supplier

Much like AliExpress, DHGate is a Chinese dropshipping supplier. As such, we can easily source low-cost candles for our dropshipping business. 


  • Huge candle product range 
  • Low-cost products
  • Global shipping 
  • Clear seller reviews

DHGate is on our top suppliers list because they not only offer low-cost products, but they offer one of the biggest product catalogs. Notably, we can explore a vast selection of candles. Such as, LED candles, soy candles, birthday candles, and jasmine rose-scented candles.

Once we decide which candles we want to add to our stores, DHGate will ship them globally. Thus, we can optimize global audience targeting and increase our sales.

However, when sourcing from a retail marketplace, it’s crucial to ensure each seller we source from is reliable. With DHGate, it’s easier than ever with its clear seller reviews. To clarify, each seller is rated based on product quality, shipping, delivery, and customer service. Therefore, we can pick and choose from the most credible DHGate sellers.


  • ‘Branded’ products & replicas 
  • Product quality differ from seller to seller 
  • Longer shipping times

On the other hand, DHGate sellers offer a lot of branded and replica products. This is something we should stay away from as we can get in legal trouble. With AutoDS’ VeRO system, we can ensure we’re dropshipping legal candle products from DHGate. Plus, as with most marketplaces, product quality can differ from seller to seller. As such, we need to read each one’s reviews carefully before working with them.

Lastly, as DHGate is based in China, the shipping takes longer. Thus, we need to provide optimal customer service to our customers. As a result, they will have proper communication with us in terms of their package whereabouts.

12. Wax & Wick

If we’re looking to source a specific type of candle, then Wax & Wick is a great supplier. Specializing in 100% soy-based candles with wood wicks, this supplier is sure to offer us unique candles to add to our stores. 


  • Dropshipping program
  • Discounts 
  • Best-sellers section

Wax & Wick is a great place for dropshipping candles as they provide a dropshipping program. From this program, we gain access to awesome discounts and order fulfillment. Plus, this supplier is niche-oriented, so if we’re looking to dropship soy-based candles, it can be a great option for us.

Additionally, on its platform, we can easily see what the best-selling candle products are. Therefore, we can optimize our product listings to ensure we’re offering trending products that will sell with certainty. 


  • Limited product range 
  • Lack of shipping regions 
  • No option to automate the business processes

Although Wax & Wick offers quality soy candles, that’s the only type of candle we can dropship from this supplier. Meaning, the product range is limited and as such, restricts us from expanding our dropshipping business.

And unfortunately, this supplier only delivers products to the UK. Thus, if we’re looking to expand our dropshipping candles business to global regions, it’s not the best option for us.

Lastly, Wax & Wick does not allow us to automate our dropshipping business when selling their products. So, if our business begins to boom, manually fulfilling orders will take a significant amount of time. As such, we should work with AutoDS’ supported suppliers to ensure easy dropshipping automation processes. 

13. Candle Builders

Candle Builders POD candles supplier

Earlier, we talked about print-on-demand solutions and how they can benefit our dropshipping candles business. Well, Candle Builders is a POD company where we can create and sell customized candles. 


  • Custom-made candles 
  • Sample ordering 
  • Design templates

POD offerings mean we can customize our candles to specifically cater to our brand and target audience. So, with custom-made candles, we can increase our product pricing and earn more money. Plus, Candle Builders provides us with the option to sample products before we list them in our stores, ensuring quality candles for our customers.

Moreover, this supplier provides us with design templates. This is a huge advantage as we’re not all designers but POD candles can help us scale. So with the use of these templates, we can create, customize and benefit from dropshipping POD candles. 


  • Limited integration options 
  • Two styles of candles 
  • Does not integrate with AutoDS

On the downside, Candle Builders has limited integration options. Thus, if we’re not dropshipping with Shopify or Printify, we’ll have to choose another dropshipping supplier. In line with this, this supplier only offers us to customize two styles of candles. As such, our product listings will also be limited, this is something we should keep in mind.

Moreover, Candle Builders does not integrate with AutoDS. Meaning, we cannot automate our dropshipping processes to increase business efficiency. Nonetheless, if we are new to the dropshipping world, we can start with this supplier and later on work with multiple suppliers that also integrate with AutoDS.

14. ACDC Co.

ACDC Co dropshipping candles supplier

Last but not least, we have ACDC Co. This supplier is eco-friendly, with their prime goal being sustainable products. So, what else can we expect when dropshipping candles from ACDC Co.? 


  • Eco-forward company 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Dropshipping program

ACDC Co. is a great place to source from if we’re looking for sustainable candle products. If we dropship these candles, we can promote the sustainability factor in our stores to increase our consumer base. With this in mind, we need to make sure the candles we source are of top quality. So it’s a good thing that there are multiple positive customer reviews for ACDC Co.’s candles.

To top it off, this supplier provides a dropshipping program. With that said, this program offers us package branding, order fulfillment, and an easy dropshipping integration setup. Thus, ACDC Co. is a convenient dropshipping supplier. 


  • Higher pricing 
  • Limited candle products

However, the pricing is higher with this supplier. This means we will have to increase the price on our website to earn a profit from each sale. In addition to this, ACDC Co. has a limited candle product range. As they are focused on sustainability, many candles don’t make the cut. Therefore, if we’re looking to sell a variety of candles, ACDC Co. may not be the best choice.

All in all, the suppliers on this list are sure to help our business grow. Plus, we can benefit from dropshipping automation! All of the suppliers on this list besides Wax & Wick, Candle Builders, and ACDC Co. are supported by AutoDS. Therefore, allowing us to automate our business processes and scale our dropshipping candles business. 

The Top Candles To Sell In Your Dropshipping Stores

Great! Now we have optimal dropshipping suppliers to ensure our candle online business will succeed. But, what are the best kinds of candles to sell? Let’s explore best-sellers to ensure we’re optimizing our product range and profit potential.

Earlier, we briefly discussed soy candles. But now, let’s kickstart our list by describing a soy candle and understanding why it’s a great product to sell in our dropshipping stores.

Soy Candles

Soy Candles from eBay

Not only are soy candles more eco-friendly, but they also last longer. As such, soy candles are made from soy wax that is 100% natural and derived from soybeans. In fact, soy wax burns slower than typical candle paraffin wax. So, our customers can enjoy their candles for a while which increases the perceived value of the product.

Moreover, while most candles emit black soot, soy candles burn much cleaner. Thus, they don’t require any chemical amplifiers to produce a nice candle scent. And, although they are typically made in classic candle jars, they can be adapted into pillar candles. With this in mind, ensure to offer customers variations whenever possible so the sales potential is higher.

Scented Candles

Scented Candles from Amazon

Next on our list of top candles to drop are scented candles. Ultimately, scented candles are the most well-known and used types of candles among consumers. Therefore, it’s a good idea to add these candles to our dropshipping stores.

To highlight the main features, a scented candle is made with fragrant oils mixed into the candle wax. As a result, when we light the candle it gives off a pleasant aroma when burning. As a matter of fact, our scent is one of our strongest human senses.

So, what does that mean for us? Well, we can benefit greatly from dropshipping scented candles as consumers will keep coming back for more! When our mind tells us we enjoy the scent of something, we’ll want to keep coming back for more.

Beginner’s Tip: A scented candle can create an ambiance of health and well-being, so ensure to add different types of scents to your scented candle collection for all the different noses in the world. 

Birthday Candles

Birthday Candles from AliExpress

Cue the happy birthday song! As we saw earlier, dropshipping candles is a lucrative business venture because everyone has a birthday to celebrate and as such, is in need of birthday cake candles. Actually, birthday candles hold an ancient, symbolic meaning.

To clarify, in the past it was said that evil spirits would visit us on our birthdays, and to protect the birthday king or queen, a cake with candles would be lit. Isn’t that a great idea for a marketing campaign? Moreover, we can sell all types of birthday candles such as the typical vertical colorful candles, the numbered candles, and more! With so many available variations, we’re sure to attract a large amount of traffic to our stores.

With that said, get your singing voice ready as you’ll be singing like a bird when your profits start coming in! So, get ahead of your competitors by dropshipping birthday candles, and remember to differentiate your store with unique marketing ideas.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Candles from Walmart

Fourth on our list of top candles to dropship is beeswax candles. These types of candles are brighter and burn for a longer period of time. Because they have a higher melting point in comparison to other candle waxes, they emit a brighter, warm-toned flame.

Thus, beeswax candles are perfect for a cozy night in with our favorite book. Plus, beeswax candles emit a soft scent that ranged from honey to hints of pollen. In fact, there are various kinds of beeswax candles. So, be sure to add multiple options in your store to increase your product range and sales.

Beginner’s Tip: We can offer different-sized candle holders to be paired with beeswax candles as a cross-selling technique. This will enable us to increase our average order value. 

LED Candles

LED Candles from AliExpress

If we have little children in the house, it’s not the best idea to keep candles around. That’s why we can offer our customers LED or flameless candles. These candles will emit a warm ambiance while remaining safe and avoiding any accidents.

Furthermore, LED candles are composed of energy-efficient light bulbs, making them easy to install in existing fittings. So, where can we place LED candles? Well, with their decorative aesthetic, various color temperatures, and dimmable features, they’re ideal for chandeliers or wall sconces.

With this in mind, we can differentiate ourselves from the competition by offering LED candles in our stores. When we stand out among all the dropshippers, we’ll rake in higher profits!

Alright, so we have our suppliers and some candle product ideas, now let’s see how to start a candle dropshipping business. 

How To Start A Candles Dropshipping Business

Yay! Now the most exciting part begins. Let’s discover how to start a candle dropshipping business in 6 easy steps:

Let’s get the ball rolling!

AutoDS product research tool

We know our niche is candles, but what kind of candles are we going to offer in our dropshipping store? Of course, we saw a list earlier of top dropshipping candles, but there are still so many more left to discover!

Plus, trends are constantly changing so we need to optimize our listings and consistently update our store with best-selling candles. For this reason, product research is the first and most crucial step in starting a dropshipping business. With this in mind, here are the top product research methods:

  • Check your supplier’s website
  • See what the competition is doing
  • AutoDS product research tool

Let’s look at each method in more detail below. 

Check Your Supplier’s Website

Checking our supplier’s websites is one of the easiest ways to score trending items. As such, most of our suppliers will provide a best-sellers section where we can scan through various candle products and select the top ones.

For instance, AliExpress has a dropshipping center where we can scan and filter through varying candles. Or, Amazon has a ‘Movers and Shakers’ section that allow us to see what consumers are loving the most right now. Overall, using this product research method will enable us to attain massive sales

See What The Competition Is Doing 

Another method to find in-demand candles is by searching on competitors’ websites. This method involves analyzing and adapting what other sellers are offering. If their sales are booming, it’s a good sign to add the same or similar product to our stores.

So, how can we research what our competitors are doing? As we saw earlier, on eBay we can simply search for a product and look at how many sales are made. Or, if we’re dropshipping on Shopify and Wix, we can spy on our competitors with the Koala Inspector tool

With this tool, we’re able to analyze various metrics such as products, sales volume, suppliers, and more. Ultimately, this will allow us to uncover the most trending candle products that we too, can add to our stores.

AutoDS Product Research Tool

As we saw earlier, one of the best ways to search for best-sellers is with the AutoDS product research tool. With this automated tool, we can set different filters to find the most relevant candle products.

For instance, we can search for candles based on varying categories, suppliers, warehouse locations, cost, and more! Plus, as AutoDS works with global suppliers, it’s easier than ever to find a vast selection of trending items. 

Step 2: Select A Candles Dropshipping Supplier

Next, it’s time to choose our candles supplier. In this article, we saw some of the top dropshipping platforms to source from, like Wayfair, AliExpress, and CJDropshipping.

However, we always need to ensure the supplier we choose is reliable. To do so, our supplier should obtain the following criteria

Reliable Dropshipping Supplier Criteria

Of course, whenever working with AutoDS-supported suppliers we can rest assured that the criteria are met. Thus, as long as our supplier matches our business expectations, we can scale our business. 

Step 3: Choose A Dropshipping Platform To Sell On

Dropshipping Selling Channels

Now that we have our products and suppliers, it’s time to create our storefront. Therefore, we need to select a selling channel. To clarify, a selling channel is an online platform that we utilize for our dropshipping business. Essentially, it’s the heart of our business, it’s where our customers can find our offerings and make purchases.

Furthermore, there are two main types of selling channels; a marketplace and a customizable eCommerce website. But, what’s the difference?

A marketplace is a platform like eBay or Facebook Marketplace where there are multiple sellers offering products. When working in a marketplace, there is higher competition as there’s a vast selection of products and sellers available. However, it also comes with free organic traffic. Meaning, we don’t need to invest in marketing from the get-go to get people to our store.

On the other hand, a customizable eCommerce website is a website-building platform like Shopify or Wix where we create our own store with a unique domain. Although these platforms don’t come with readily-available traffic, we can optimize them to the max and build our brand. With that, we can customize our store and utilize dropshipping applications to increase efficiency and scalability.

Whether we choose a marketplace or an eCommerce platform, there are key things we should be on the lookout for:

  • Sign-up requirements
  • Listing limits 
  • Selling fees 
  • Subscription cost 
  • Organic traffic 
  • Customization options 
  • Selling channel regulations

After we create our dropshipping store, we can move on to the next step, which is one step closer to earning a big passive income

AutoDS Product Importer

Now it’s time to import our candles to our store. Let’s demonstrate by using one of AutoDS’ automatic importing tools. We can choose from one of the following:

  • One-click Importer
  • Single Product Uploader
  • Adding Multiple Product IDs/URLs
  • Bulk Importer

For the demonstration, let’s use the single product uploader to add a trending candle product to our store.

Single Product Uploader

Single Product Uploader AutoDS

With that said, this importing tool is a convenient way to add an individual product in only a few seconds. To begin, we need to go to our supplier’s website and search for the candle we want to dropship. Then, on the product page, we will copy the

With that said, this importing tool is a convenient way to add an individual product in only a few seconds. To begin, we need to go to our supplier’s website and search for the candle we want to dropship. Then, on the product page, we will copy the URL or ID of the candle item. Once this is done, we’ll head over to the AutoDS platform. 

From here, we’ll click on ‘Add Products’ which we can find on the left sidebar. Next, we need to select the ‘Single Product’ option which will prompt us with a dialog box to input the URL/ID we copied. Afterward, we can click on the ‘Edit Now (Quick)’ button. From here, another dialog box will come up at the top of the page. Now, our product is being processed as a draft.

Add Candle With AutoDS Single Product Uploader

If we didn’t use AutoDS’ automatic importing method, we would have had to copy and paste every detail manually. Ultimately, we would have lost a lot of time instead of simply clicking a few buttons to accomplish this process in mere minutes.

To illustrate, the manual importing process requires us to copy and paste product titles, images, tags, and everything else. Whereas with the automatic process, we can import everything at once without any back and forths. 

So, once our candle product is saved as a draft, it’s ready for optimization. This step is highly beneficial as we will ensure our product is SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. As a result, customers searching for relevant keywords will easily find our product pages. Ultimately resulting in an increase in sales.

Optimize Dropshipping Candle Product AutoDS

Alright, so how can we optimize our product? With the AutoDS optimization feature, we can edit the images, descriptions, tags, locations, titles, and more. Doing so will help us rank higher on search result pages. Then, once our product is fully optimized, click on ‘Save.’ Once we ensure all of the product information is correct, we can import the product automatically to our store by clicking the ‘Save and Import’ button.

Now, our new candle product is in the ‘Products’ section of the AutoDS platform. This also means it’s published and available for purchase in our store. Great! Now we can start making some money!

Step 5: Fulfill Your Candle Orders

Dropshipping Order Fulfillment

Ultimately, the only way we’ll succeed in our dropshipping venture is to fulfill customer orders immediately. With that said, the best and easiest way to do so is with automatic order fulfillment.

To clarify, we can fulfill orders manually or by using an automatic tool, as seen with product imports earlier. When manually fulfilling orders, we need to go to our supplier’s website, make the purchase, and fulfill customer details one by one. Then, the supplier will ship the item to our customer’s addresses.

While this seems easy enough, it becomes a tedious and error-ridden process. On the other hand, we can optimize our order fulfillment process with AutoDS. When working with this all-in-one dropshipping solution, we can automate this process with two different tools:

Both of these order fulfillment tools ensure accurate delivery of products to our customers. In line with this, both methods include automatic order processing as well as automatic tracking updates. Plus, with Fulfilled By AutoDS, we also have easy one-click returns.

Therefore, automating the order fulfillment process can save loads of time and avoid any address mistakes that are bound to happen when manually fulfilling orders. Plus, our eyes don’t need to be glued to the screen 24/7. When we automate our dropshipping business, we can reap the rewards while we’re asleep, on vacation, or doing anything else besides working!

Step 6: Scale Your Success

Dropshipping Business Success

Alright, our dropshipping candles business is ready for launch! But, wait, if we want to maximize our profits, we need to talk about scaling our business. While AutoDS helps us automate daily, mundane tasks, we can focus on marketing and providing exceptional customer service.

So, how will marketing and customer service amplify our profit margins? When we optimize marketing, we can reach a larger audience and make more sales. While there is a vast selection of marketing methods to utilize, here are some of the best strategies that will help you scale:

Moreover, by providing optimal customer service to our customers, we can attain repeat purchases, and thus, customer loyalty. Undoubtedly, when we answer customer queries, provide easy communication channels, offer discounts, and clear business policies, our business will grow to new heights.

Overall, marketing and customer service are great ways to achieve business success. However, we can only fully optimize these aspects if we automate our dropshipping process. Earlier we saw the benefits of AutoDS’ tools, but there’s more we can use to optimize our store. As such, here are some great automatic tools to improve our business:

  • Price/Stock Monitoring
  • Inventory Management
  • Price Optimization
  • Customer Support Management
  • Automatic Tracking Updates

And, besides these helpful tools, AutoDS also provides us with key information like best-sellers and template designs:

Thus, when we automate our dropshipping business, we can achieve ultimate success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dropshipping Candles Legal?

Yes, dropshipping candles is absolutely legal. All we have to do to remain safe is abide by eBay’s VeRO list to ensure we’re not dropshipping copyrighted or trademarked products. 

Can I Make Money Dropshipping Candles?

You can make a substantial amount of money dropshipping candles. In fact, the candle industry is one of the largest categories, bringing in over 1 billion U.S. dollars yearly. Thus, we can take advantage of this market and earn high profits. 

Who Are The Best Suppliers For Dropshipping Candles?

Some of the best suppliers for dropshipping candles include AliExpress, Overstock, and Wayfair. Not only do they provide a vast selection of candles to dropship, but they’re highly reliable and offer great dropshipping services for our business. 

What Is The Best Selling Channel For Dropshipping Candles?

There are many different types of selling channels we can use to dropship candles. However, the highest performing ones are Shopify, Wix, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. Plus, we can integrate these selling platforms with AutoDS and automate our dropshipping business.

What Are The Best Candles To Dropship? 

There are so many different kinds of candles available on the market. However, the best candles for dropshipping include soy candles, scented candles, and birthday candles to only name a few. To find out more, we can utilize AutoDS’ product research tool and consistently add best-sellers to our stores. 


Woo! We’re now ready to start, optimize, and automate our dropshipping candles business. With an extensive list of reliable suppliers and top candle products, we’re already miles ahead of our competitors. Plus, now that we know the benefits of business automation, we can search, list, and fulfill orders with complete ease.

So, let’s start selling and earning high-profit margins! Once we get hang of dropshipping candles, we can expand to other niche markets and reach a wider audience. Thus, increasing our sales potential. With that said, check out these other great product categories that will grow your business to new heights: