One of the primary dilemmas as a starter in dropshipping is knowing what electronics products to dropship. After all, knowing what products to sell can easily make the difference between a successful store to a failing one.

Product Research is a strategic way to guarantee that we sell the right products to a specific audience. It assures us that the items we sell submit to the preferences of our target market. Selling quality products helps ensure high sales and profits.

With this in mind, one of the categories in online marketing that has a year-round demand is electronics. According to Ecommerce Powers Consumer Electronics Sales, electronics comprises 22% of sales in eCommerce as of the year 2020 in the US. This number signifies that electronics is a sizable category to find products to market.

Therefore, in this article, you will learn about the top ten electronic products. This can help the kick off the product research phase of your dropshipping career. At the end of the article, we will discover the best electronic product ideas that can help increase your sales and profits.

Top 10 Dropshipping Electronics Products To Sell

top dropshipping electronics products to Sell on ecommerce selling channel

Before we get to the list, bear in mind that when selling electronic products, you should list 15 to 20 items under each product idea to test which ones will sell. That is because limiting your list to a few products, say one to three choices, is not ideal. Your customers will not get to your store if they don’t find the products they are looking for.

Therefore, adding more items from each product line helps test the market. Also, doing so increases your chances of finding the right product.

You can start searching for electronic products to sell in your stores from any of the 25 AutoDS-supported Dropshipping Suppliers. This gives you access to tens of millions of products to market.

Also, note that you must not sell any copyrighted products like Apple AirPods or Bose Earbuds. These copyrighted products can get your store suspended. To know more about copyright issues and how you can avoid them on eBay, take time to read eBay VeRo: How To Avoid Copyright Infringement On Your Dropshipping Store.

Without further delays, let’s explore the top ten dropshipping electronics products to dropship in our stores:

Let’s take it from the top:

1. True Wireless Earbuds

true wireless earbuds dropshipping to sell

Nowadays, people prefer a hands-free alternative for electronics that can be handy anywhere, anytime. True wireless earbuds offer convenience due to their portable and lightweight features. They are excellent when you’re listening to music while relaxing or when you’re attending to calls while moving.

You can do more than just listening to music, as true wireless earbuds can connect to almost any device. Due to the convenience and purpose that these true wireless earbuds serve, they undoubtedly belong to the top electronics to dropship.

So, when adding true wireless earbuds to your dropshipping store, make sure to add variations that can be compatible with different devices. You must consider the features of the cases like being chargeable and compact too. Finally, don’t forget to list true wireless earbuds of different colors and shapes to allow more choices for your customers.

2. Selfie Ring Light

dropship selfie ring light product to sell

A selfie ring light is an electronic device that allows illumination and minimizes the appearance of shadow while you’re taking a photo, recording a video, or attending an online conference. Selfie ring lights emphasize details that give users high-caliber images and videos.

Additionally, selfie ring lights come in different sizes and heights, so make sure that your audience can choose from these variations depending on their needs. Also, add choices of ring lights that can generate color effects. This can attract more people to your dropshipping store, as you are not only sticking with the usual white and yellow lights.

Furthermore, you can encourage top-ups in customer purchases by adding accessories in your stores. These accessories are tripods or stands, and gadget clips or holders. Selfie ring lights belong to the top electronics to dropship because customers purchase them due to the benefits they offer.

3. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

portable bluetooth speaker ecommerce product to sell

Portable Bluetooth Speakers is a wireless mechanism that enables sharing of sounds from other devices like mobile phones, television, laptops, and a lot more. These electronic items are convenient, compact, and simple to use, so their demand in the dropshipping market is pretty promising.

So, when listing portable Bluetooth speakers in your dropshipping store, assess your choices of adding chargeable ones and those with batteries. A list of options will allow your customers to select between the two, depending on their preferences.

Furthermore, include an assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors. Having more available alternatives can get more people into coming to your store. since they can select from more available alternatives. You can also add covers or protectors for the speakers as accessories in your store.

4. Web Cameras

web cameras dropshipping product

A webcam allows people to interact virtually and enable people to record videos or stream videos on the web. A webcam is one of the high-demand electronics to dropship because people want or need to connect with people anywhere in the globe.

Aside from these purposes, webcams can also serve as video surveillance equipment. You can conveniently connect several web cameras in a structure to become part of its security system.

In listing webcams in your dropshipping store, you can add different sizes, colors, and forms of webcams to sell in your store. Moreover, add webcams with a wireless connection, pan and zoom, motion sensors, and night vision. The better overall functionality of your products can result in more customers visiting your dropshipping store.

5. Tablet Replacement Parts

tablet replacement parts ecommerce products to sell

One of the trending electronic items today is a tablet. It comes in handy comparing it to laptop or desktop computers. Also, most tablets today have features like what mobile phones have.

However, no matter how much we take care of our electronic devices, accidents are just inevitable. Also, our gadgets wear and tear due to time and usage. The costs of buying a new tablet can be too expensive. Customers resort to replacing parts since this is a less expensive option than buying a new electronic device.

For all these reasons, marketing tablet replacement parts in your dropshipping store can lead to high sales and profits. Take advantage of this demand, and make sure to list various replacement parts suitable for different kinds and brands of tablets. Also, you can add more quantities for low-cost items so that customers can purchase more of them.

6. Front/Rear Dual Dash Cameras

front/rear dual dash cameras to dropship

Accidents on the road are inevitable, and having safety systems can help reduce traffic misfortunes. One feasible way of incorporating safety into our cars is by the use of dash cameras. Dash cameras are either in the front or rear sides of our vehicles or even in both.

These electronic devices can record what happens behind you and what is on the road ahead – giving you peace of mind while on the road. So, listing dash cameras in your dropshipping stores can lead to more purchases in your store, as it is one of the trending items in electronics today. The more diverse and high-end the alternatives available, the more people will get to your store.

Additionally, keep in mind to add variations that have high-resolution captures. Wireless connectivity, storage capacity, ease of installation, compactness, and portability are also important features to consider. Start adding dash cameras in your dropshipping store as they are sought-after in the market.

7. Two-Way Walkie Talkie Radio

Two-Way Walkie Talkie Radio ecommerce product to sell

A two-way walkie-talkie radio is an electronic device that enables communication through radio waves when cellular signals don’t work. People need to communicate even in critical situations. With this, adding two-way walkie-talkie radios to your dropshipping store can get you more audience.

It’s a portable and handy electronic device that helps you speak with other people in situations where cellular reception is not available. A walkie-talkie may not just be for adults, but children as well. It is a fun toy that kids can play with, mimicking communication through a two-way radio.

Additionally, this electronic line has a diverse choice of colors and forms for customers to choose from. Then, walkie-talkie radios can have varying purposes and uses, so make sure to include all possible alternatives for these items in your shop. With all the benefits that two-way walkie-talkie radios give, it will indeed be one of the best electronics products to dropship in your store today.

8. Surveillance Video Equipment

surveillance video equipment dropshipping product

Surveillance video equipment is a popular security device in homes and businesses. You can install them indoors or outdoors for you to be able to monitor the activities around you. Now, take advantage of the needs of people for security by listing surveillance video equipment in your dropshipping store.

List a diverse choice of designs and functionality of this electronic product so that customers will have the freedom to choose what suits their needs best. Also, consider listing various types of this surveillance equipment. These can include traffic monitoring, process management, facility safeguarding, family protection, perimeter security, and other uses.

Furthermore, with the substantial value of surveillance video equipment, you can gain higher profit margins for your store. All these features prove that surveillance video equipment is one of the top-rated electronics to dropship now.

9. Drawing Tablets

dropship drawing tablets electronic products

A drawing tablet, or a graphics tablet, renders the action by a pen or stylus to the screen with precision and clarity. It is a convenient alternative to using just your mouse or touchpad to write, draw, illustrate, edit, or animate digital creations.

It is an electronic device that allows users to do accurate strokes and define a clean workspace due to its many features. You can sell variations of this product line, such as those purely for sensor activation and those with built-in screens for better work visualization. In addition, drawing tablets come in many sizes and specifications, depending on the demand of work that needs such electronic devices.

Subsequently, adding a diverse product selection will pull a broader range of markets to your store, as customers will have more choices. Furthermore, some variations of this product have high values, leading to a higher profit margin for your store.

10. Condenser Microphones (Podcasts)

Dropshipping condenser microphones products to sell

The condenser microphones are famous for their ability to capture high-frequency vocals with clarity and precision. This electronic device is excellent for your podcasts, video recording, video streaming, online calls, cloud conferences, and the likes.

Condenser microphones are in demand due to the increasing number of people into podcasting, streaming, vlogging, and similar acts online. Therefore, this is one of the best electronic products to dropship today.

Condenser microphones come in varying sizes and forms. Adding a diverse range of these choices in your store can give the market more alternatives of what to buy. Additionally, you can add accessories, such as microphone stands and extra windscreen, so that customers can add them to their purchase.


How To Import Products To Your Store

One option to import products from the supplier to the selling channel is by manually copying all of the product information from your supplier and adding them to your selling channel. However, for a more efficient and convenient way to import products, you can utilize automation.

With this feature, you have the freedom to optimize your products and save much time as a dropshipping platform is doing the importing process for you.

AutoDS supports automation of importing your products so that you can dedicate your time and effort to boosting your dropshipping business instead.

There are three popular methods that we can utilize in importing our products. These methods are the following: importing products in bulk, using the one-click importer, and adding the buy URL/ID.

Out of these three methods, importing your products in bulk is the best choice to list multiple products at once, thus giving your customers diverse options.

Here is the process of importing products in bulk:

Importing Products in Bulk

bulk product importer

Importing products in bulk with the help of a CSV File allows you to add as many products as you want to your dropshipping store. It’s a faster and more convenient way when working with many product choices to put into your dropshipping store.

Before starting with the importing process, make sure to do product research first. For this article, we know the trending electronic items that customers search and purchase online.

Then, the first step to do in the importing process is installing the AutoDS Helper Chrome Extension. The extension will help extract the URLs of all the items available under a product line in one click later on.

To proceed with the importing process, go to your supplier’s page. Then, find a niche you want to import to your dropshipping store.

On the product search results page, click the AutoDS extension icon and click on ‘Extract.’ After doing so, the IDs of all products will appear in the extension box. Then, click on ‘Export as CSV’ to proceed with the importing process.

A CSV file containing all possible product IDs will automatically download onto your computer. Next, add the file to the AutoDS page by clicking on ‘Add Products,’ then ‘Upload CSV.’

Drag and drop that CSV file in the given box. After doing so, all products in the file will now import to the drafts section of your store.

Up next, continue the import process by optimizing your products on the drafts page. Then, import them to the products page when finished.

Then, you can check the item on the ‘Products’ page just above ‘Drafts‘ on the left sidebar of the AutoDS page.

Once the products go from ‘Drafts‘ to ‘Products,’ they are live in your store, and customers can view and purchase them.


Now, we know the most in-demand electronic items to dropship. You can start listing these product ideas to your dropshipping store and find your winners.

Additionally, put in mind to add more similar products to those lines that are selling fast. Consequently, these products are your key to increasing your chances of finding more winning items and starting new trends in dropshipping.

Therefore, to achieve higher sales in your dropshipping business, start listing these high-demand electronic products in your store. These trending products will attract more customers worldwide, allowing more sales and higher profits for your store.

Finally, you need to grasp the best products to dropship and learn how to search for them. To achieve that, take time to go through the following product research articles and videos: