In today’s age, the supplement market is booming, driven by a growing population of health-conscious individuals and an aging demographic. In fact, the market is set to reach $327.42 billion in revenue, growing at a CAGR of 9.1% from 2024 to 2030. While these numbers sound promising, starting a supplement dropshipping business requires more than stats. The question now is how we can jump into the growing marketing, considering the legal and safety concerns that come with it. 

So, are you worried about compliance? Are you concerned about product quality and safety? Fear not! We’ll walk you through the legal requirements, safety protocols, top product choices, and best practices that will empower you to establish a successful and secure supplement dropshipping venture.

Find everything you need to know to kickstart a business in supplement dropshipping right here.

Things to Consider In Supplement Dropshipping

There are a few legal considerations to consider about dropshipping supplements. As a dropshipper, you are reselling the supplements. While dropshipping is a legitimate business model, ensuring your products comply with all legal requirements and regulations is essential.

Here are some things to consider:

1. Labeling and Advertising Requirements

Before selling supplements, you must familiarize yourself with the stringent labeling and advertising requirements. Different countries may have specific rules and regulations regarding what must be on the label, such as ingredients, dosage instructions, warnings, etc. As a seller, you should ensure that your products meet these requirements.

2. Meeting Legal Standards

To ensure your products are safe, reliable, and effective, you must meet the legal standards set by the regulatory authorities in the countries where you sell. As such, you must obtain the necessary certifications or approvals. For example, you can check if the product has credentials from Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or other quality assurance processes. Furthermore, researching and understanding the legal standards in your target market is essential to avoid any legal issues.

3. International Sales

If you plan to sell supplements internationally, each country may have specific rules and regulations that you must comply with. They could include different labeling requirements, language translations, particular warnings, or allergen information. You must do thorough research to ensure your products meet the needs of each country you plan to sell in. Or you can also check with your supplier for such information.

4. Product Claims and Compliance

When it comes to making claims about the supplements you sell online, strict regulations that the item must follow. In the United States, for example, products must meet Novel Food Status or Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) standards to make specific claims. Similarly, in the European Union, claims regarding a product’s nutritional or health benefits must adhere to strict regulations. It is crucial to work closely with the supplier of the supplements and only make claims that are allowed by law in the relevant territories to ensure legal compliance,

5. Supplier Selection

Choosing the right supplier is crucial to ensure the supplements are legal and compliant. Therefore, thoroughly research your suppliers’ manufacturing practices, certifications, and regulatory compliance. Moreover, it is helpful to communicate openly with your suppliers to ensure they provide accurate information about their products and comply with legal requirements.

In summary, dropshipping supplements can be a lucrative business, but it is essential to operate within the bounds of the law. Familiarize yourself with the legal requirements and regulations of the countries where you sell. Additionally, ensure proper labeling and advertising, and work closely with reputable suppliers to ensure product compliance. Without a doubt, you can build a successful supplement dropshipping business by taking these steps.

Is Supplement Dropshipping Profitable?

Is Supplement Dropshipping Profitable

The simple answer is yes; supplement dropshipping is highly profitable. To elaborate, let’s explore why this will give you big profit margins. 

Low Start-Up Cost

The basic idea of the dropshipping business model is that it requires little initial investment from new businesses. As a result, supplement dropshipping is an appealing alternative for individuals wishing to enter the market without spending money on a considerable inventory upfront. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection may establish their own dropshipping business and sell supplements with minimal to no overhead cost.

High Demand

Consumers regularly buy and consume supplements such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. Research from 2022 showed that the dietary supplements market size was $152.3 billion and will grow further with increasing health consciousness among people worldwide. It will reach $152.3 billion by 2030, proving there is a high demand for supplement products. And as a result, it is a good business option with potential high-profit margins.

Minimal Returns

With supplement dropshipping, returns can often be minimal since customers only order what they need when needed instead of stocking up on inventory, as most brick-and-mortar stores do. The fact that customers purchase responsibly helps keep costs low—minimizing both returns and overhead expenses. Customers are also less likely to return items because of the top-notch customer service offered by many successful supplement dropshipping businesses. Often, they give discount codes and free shipping promotions in their orders.

Low Overhead Cost

Next, supplement dropshipping businesses typically have very low operational costs compared to traditional ones. That is because there is no need to maintain physical stores or employ additional staff for daily operations or manual labor. In fact, you can even automate your dropshipping process, so you don’t have to worry about handling these duties yourself while keeping expenses down.

Now that we know the factors why supplement dropshipping is profitable let’s examine the profit formula for dropshipping supplements:

Profit = (Wholesale Price of Supplements + Fees) – Retail Price of Supplements

In this dropshipping model, you pay the wholesale price to the supplier, and the end consumer bears the retail price. The fees encompass various costs, such as supplier membership charges, shipping fees, and any additional seller fees. By subtracting the wholesale and other expenses from the retail prices, you can calculate your potential profit in the supplement dropshipping business.

Beginner’s Tip: Supplement wholesale pricing will depend on various factors, such as order volume and supplier relationship. The more you order, the lower cost per unit you can get. In return, this can translate to more earnings. 

Do you want to boost your dropshipping profits? Discover the ten best supplements that promise high returns and appeal to a broad customer base. 

10 Best Supplements To Dropship For High Profits

Maximize your earnings with these ten sought-after products in the supplement industry.

  1. Pre-Workout Supplements
  2. Vitamin D Supplements
  3. Keto Supplements
  4. Protein Powders
  5. Multivitamins
  6. Probiotics
  7. Lip Plumping Oil
  8. Matcha Powder
  9. Detox Tea
  10. Castor Oil

1. Pre-Workout Supplements

pre workout supplement dropshipping

A pre-workout supplement is a dietary supplement taken before exercise to enhance performance, increase energy levels, and improve focus and endurance. Typically, it contains a combination of ingredients, such as caffeine, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. These ingredients increase strength, reduce fatigue, and improve muscle recovery.

We can highlight our product’s specific benefits to attract customers to our supplement dropshipping store. For example, our pre-workout supplement contains a unique blend of ingredients that provides sustained energy throughout a workout. In that case, we can emphasize this advantage in our marketing by showcasing how it helps individuals push through intense training sessions and achieve their fitness goals.

Creating engaging and informative content, such as blog articles or videos, that educates potential customers about the benefits of our pre-workout supplement is advantageous for us. Through this, we can attract more traffic to our website and increase the likelihood of conversion. Additionally, offering incentives such as discounts or free samples can further incentivize customers to visit our website and try our product.

Importing This Product

importing supplement dropshipping product on AutoDS Marketplace

You can easily add this product to your online store using AutoDS Marketplace. To do so, simply search for pre-workout supplements on the search bar. Next, find your chosen product and hover over it. Then, click on “+ Import Draft.”

After that, you will be redirected to your drafts, where you can customize your listing. Here, you can use the AI Product Description/ Title Optimizer to curate better and more engaging content. 

importing pre-workout supplements

Once satisfied with the title and description, click “+ Import” to put the listing directly to your dropshipping store. And there you go! You can now start selling pre-workout supplements. Now, let’s explore more top-selling supplements you can add to your store. 

2. Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D Supplements

Next, Vitamin D supplements are dietary products that provide an additional source of vitamin D. It is a vital nutrient that helps the body absorb calcium and maintain bone health

Vitamin D has a steadily growing demand through the years. In fact, according to a report, the global vitamin D supplements market size was valued at $1.3 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $1.9 billion by 2027. 

These statistics indicate significant demand for these products. And they are driven by factors such as increasing awareness about vitamin D deficiency, rising health consciousness, and the growing aging population. Therefore, tapping into this demand through targeted marketing efforts can attract a larger audience and drive more traffic to our website.

When dropshipping this product, we can emphasize the benefits of keeping proper vitamin D levels and attract more visitors to our website. Specifically, we may stress vitamin D’s involvement in immune function, bone health, and perhaps lowering the risk of some chronic illnesses. 

3. Keto Supplements 

Keto Supplements dropshipping

Third on our list are keto supplements. They are dietary aids to support individuals on a ketogenic diet. Specifically, its contents enhance ketosis, where the body burns fat instead of carbs for fuel.

Consumers benefit from keto supplements as they boost energy levels, enhance mental clarity, aid weight loss, and reduce keto flu symptoms during the diet’s initial adaptation phase. Considering these benefits, we can curate informative blog posts, social media content, and targeted advertising campaigns. Furthermore, highlighting success stories of individuals who incorporated keto supplements can draw potential customers to our store.

4. Protein Powders

Protein Powders supplement dropshipping

Protein powders are popular dietary supplement dropshipping products widely used by fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and health-conscious individuals. These powders are typically from various protein sources, such as whey, casein, soy, pea, hemp, or rice protein. Moreover, they come in multiple flavors to suit different preferences.

The primary purpose of protein powders is to provide a convenient and efficient way to meet daily protein requirements. As such, people commonly use it in post-workout shakes to facilitate muscle recovery. On the other hand, it is a meal replacement for those seeking to manage their weight or increase protein intake.

Beyond fitness enthusiasts, protein powders appeal to a broader audience, including vegetarians, vegans, and individuals with dietary restrictions. That is because they also offer plant-based options and often cater to specific dietary needs.

Selling Tip: Use cross-selling to bundle this product with Protein Shaker Bottles, as consumers frequently buy them together.

5. Multivitamins 

Multivitamins dropshipping

Next on our supplement dropshipping products list are multivitamins. They are comprehensive dietary supplements that provide essential vitamins and minerals. Undoubtedly, they help bridge nutritional gaps and support overall health. Aside from that, they come in various forms like tablets, capsules, and gummies which are convenient for different lifestyles. 

6. Probiotics


Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that benefit our health, particularly our digestive system. They are often consumed as supplements or found in certain foods like yogurt. Specifically, they help restore the natural balance of bacteria in our gut and promote a healthy digestive system.

The demand for probiotic supplements steadily rises in recent years. According to a report, the global probiotics market hit $77.12 billion in 2022 and will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.0% from 2023 to 2030. 

7. Lip Plumping Oil 

Lip Plumping Oil

Who doesn’t want to have Kardashian-like lips? Well, lip-plumping oil is the go-to product! It is a cosmetic product designed to enhance the appearance of the lips. Actually, it contains ingredients that temporarily plump, making the lips appear fuller and more voluminous. 

This product is perfect for those who don’t want to undergo invasive procedures. Unlike those procedures, using a lip-plumping oil has no downtime. 

8. Matcha Powder

Matcha Powder

Eighth on our list is the matcha powder. This supplement is a vibrant and finely ground green tea powder from Japan. It comes from shade-grown tea leaves, which are carefully picked, steamed, dried, and ground into a smooth powder. 

Unlike traditional green tea, where the leaves get discarded after brewing, matcha powder is whisked directly into hot water or milk. That way, you fully consume all the nutrients and antioxidants. The rich green color and distinctive taste of matcha make it a unique and popular ingredient in various culinary creations. Some of the best examples are lattes, smoothies, desserts, and savory dishes.

9. Detox Tea 

Detox Tea supplement dropshipping

Detox tea is a herbal beverage that people use to support their body’s natural detoxification processes and promote overall well-being. Customers commonly consume this as part of a detoxification or cleansing regimen. That is because they aim to rid the body of toxins and impurities. Typically, it contains antioxidants that can help neutralize harmful free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.

10. Castor Oil 

Castor Oil dropshipping

Castor oil, renowned for its medicinal properties, acts as a laxative to relieve constipation by stimulating bowel movements due to its ricinoleic acid content, a unique fatty acid believed to be responsible for this effect. However, you must exercise caution when using it. As much as possible, you should only consume it as directed by a healthcare professional to avoid unpleasant side effects from excessive use.

Furthermore, aside from its laxative properties, castor oil finds topical applications in treating various skin conditions. That is due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This effect makes it popular for addressing minor skin irritations, wounds, and acne. Additionally, some individuals utilize castor oil as a natural moisturizer to alleviate dry skin and stimulate hair growth.

There you go with the top 10 supplement dropshipping products. Now, let’s find a reputable supplier to source these products from.

The Most Reliable Supplement Dropshipping Suppliers

Since you’ve already started dropshipping, you know that finding suitable suppliers is crucial to the success of your business. In this section, we will explore the most reliable and trusted supplement dropshipping suppliers in the market. We have carefully handpicked them based on their reputation for quality products, on-time deliveries, and exceptional customer service.

1. Pure Formulas

pure formulas supplement dropshipping supplier

Topping our list of best supplement dropshipping supplier is Pure Formulas. They manufacture their products in the United States in GMP-certified facilities. With a dedication to promoting healthy lifestyles, they offer a wide selection of supplements, and many of their products are proudly certified organic. Here are some key features that make them stand out:

  • Wide range of high-quality, pure, and natural health products
  • User-friendly online shopping platform
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Excellent customer service
  • Rewards program
  • 30-day return policy

The most significant benefit of partnering with Pure Formulas is their commitment to product quality and safety. They only source products from reputable brands prioritizing quality and following strict manufacturing standards. Knowing this information assures dropshippers that they are offering their customers safe and effective supplements that have undergone rigorous testing and quality control processes.

2. AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers

AutoDS Warehouse Supplement Dropshipping

Next, AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers is a highly beneficial supplement dropshipping supplier offering various advantages for online businesses. Their efficient services and comprehensive features provide a reliable solution for businesses looking to excel in the dropshipping industry.

  • Automatic product importing
  • Wide product selection
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick and reliable order fulfillment:
  • Inventory management
  • Automatic price and stock updates:
  • Order tracking
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Data analytics and reporting

A significant advantage is their efficient order fulfillment process. AutoDS Warehouse & Private Suppliers handle all aspects of order processing, including inventory management, packaging, and shipping. Having access to these features saves businesses valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on other essential aspects of their operations. Additionally, their streamlined fulfillment process ensures that orders are shipped promptly, improving customer satisfaction and increasing repeat business.

3. Amazon

Amazon vitamins and supplements

Third on our list is Amazon. Undoubtedly, this platform is a highly reputable and reliable supplier of dropshipping supplements. Its vast customer base and extensive reach offer many advantages for supplement dropshipping businesses.

  • Wide supplement selection
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • One-click ordering
  • Fast and reliable shipping
  • Amazon’s voice-controlled virtual assistant

There is no doubt that Amazon is a good dropshipping supplier due to its vast product selection, established reputation, and fast and convenient shipping options. Further, its global reach and competitive pricing make it an attractive platform for e-commerce entrepreneurs to access a broad customer base.

4. Walmart

walmart vitamins and supplements

Occupying the fourth spot is Walmart. It is a good supplement dropshipping supplier for several reasons, especially for its extensive key features:

  • Wide product selection
  • Everyday low prices
  • User-friendly website and mobile app
  • Free shipping:
  • Rollbacks and discounts
  • Friendly customer service

Additionally, Walmart’s reputation as a trusted and reliable retailer can enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of the business by utilizing its dropshipping services. Customers are more likely to feel confident purchasing supplements from a well-known, reputable brand like Walmart.

5. Costco

Costco supplement dropshipping supplier

Costco offers various supplement options, catering to different customer needs and preferences. Their extensive selection allows dropshippers to provide many products to their customers, increasing the chances of finding the right supplement for each individual. Aside from that, here are the significant features of this dropshipping supplier:

  • Quality product selection
  • Competitive pricing:
  • Reliable shipping and fulfillment:
  • Great customer support
  • Easy integration and order management
  • Access to a large customer base
  • Potential for bulk ordering
  • Streamlined returns process

Furthermore, Costco’s bulk purchase options can be advantageous for dropshippers. In fact, we can benefit from cost savings and reduced shipping expenses by buying in bulk from Costco. It allows us to offer competitive prices to our customers while still maintaining a profitable margin. Costco’s efficient distribution network also ensures timely delivery.

6. eBay

ebay supplements supplier

Last but not least, eBay provides a well-established avenue that supports dropshipping. Specifically, the platform offers automated order management and tracking features, simplifying the dropshipping process. We can easily list products from eBay sellers on our online stores or marketplaces and automatically fulfill orders by simply forwarding customer details to the eBay seller.

Here are other key features of eBay:

  • Wide product selection
  • Established marketplace
  • Easy product sourcing
  • Seller tools and resources
  • Integration with E-commerce platforms

In addition, eBay has a reliable and trusted reputation among customers, which can benefit dropshippers. The platform has built a strong brand and has a large customer base that regularly visits and shops on the site. We can leverage eBay’s reputation and customer trust to attract potential buyers to our online store or marketplace.

These six suppliers are the best when it comes to dropshipping supplements. One of the best things they have in common is that they can easily integrate with AutoDS, making dropshipping more efficient.

How To Start Dropshipping Supplements: Full Guide

dropshipping supplements

Now, it’s time to delve into the comprehensive guide on how to start dropshipping supplements. Let’s discuss the crucial steps in the process:

Find The Best-Selling Supplements: Product Research 

Finding the best-selling supplements through thorough product research is a crucial step that lays the foundation for a successful dropshipping business. While we may have provided product recommendations earlier, the supplement market is dynamic, and trends constantly evolve. Staying ahead of the competition and meeting customer demands requires continuous efforts to offer the most in-demand items.

How to Conduct Product Research:

To conduct effective product research, consider employing the following methods:

  • Analyze Best Sellers On Your Supplier’s Website: Review the best-selling supplements on your chosen supplier’s website. Through analyzing these top-performing products, you can have valuable insights into customer preferences and help you identify potential winning items for your dropshipping store.
  • AutoDS Marketplace: Leverage AutoDS’s product research marketplace to discover trending products and connect with private suppliers. This platform offers winning products with proven track records and the option to customize branding to build a unique and trustworthy brand for your business.
  • Product-Finding Blog & Best Sellers Playlist: Explore product-finding blogs and watch best sellers’ playlists to gain inspiration and stay updated on the latest supplement trends. By using these resources, you can find products with high demand and sales potential.
  • AliExpress Dropshipping Center: Utilize the AliExpress Dropshipping Center, a powerful tool that provides valuable data on product performance, sales volume, and customer ratings. This information can guide your product selection process.
  • Google Lens: Google Lens is a visual search tool that enables you to search for products by snapping a photo. Undoubtedly, it can be a helpful way to identify specific supplements and discover their popularity online.
  • Keep Track Of Social Media Trends: Monitor social media platforms for trending hashtags, discussions, and influencers promoting supplements. Unquestionably, social media trends can offer valuable insights into the preferences and interests of potential customers.

Select A Supplement Dropshipping Supplier

Next, selecting a reliable supplement dropshipping supplier is crucial for the success of your business. To ensure that your supplier checks off all the boxes and provides a seamless experience for both you and your customers, consider the following key factors:

  • Fast Shipping, Easy Return & Payment Policies
  • Availability of Global Warehouses
  • Wide Product Range Offering
  • High-Quality Products
  • Positive Reviews
  • Excellent Customer Service

While choosing a single reliable supplier can be a sound approach, working with multiple suppliers can offer several benefits. By diversifying your supplier base, you reduce the risk of relying on a single source, ensuring continuity in case one supplier faces challenges with stock availability or shipping delays. Additionally, working with multiple suppliers enables you to access a broader product range, allowing you to offer your customers a more extensive selection of supplements. 

Choose A Selling Channel To Dropship Supplements

Selling channel refers to a customizable website or marketplace where you list and sell your dropshipping products. It serves as the online storefront for your business, connecting you with potential customers and facilitating transactions. When choosing a selling channel, you have two primary options: a customizable eCommerce website or a marketplace.

Customizable eCommerce Website:

A customizable eCommerce website is an online store you can tailor and design according to your needs and preferences. Particularly, It provides complete control over the website’s appearance, layout, and functionality. Therefore, these features allow you to create a unique and branded customer shopping experience.

Here are customizable websites that you can try:

  • Shopify: is a popular eCommerce platform allowing you to create and customize your online store. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of themes and plugins, you can tailor your store to match your brand’s unique identity
  • Wix: provides drag-and-drop tools to create a visually appealing and customizable online store. Additionally, it is known for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to those without technical expertise.
  • WooCommerce: is a plugin for WordPress websites, transforming them into fully functional online stores. Furthermore, it offers extensive customization options, making it an excellent choice for those familiar with WordPress.
Pros of Customizable Websites:
  • Fully Customizable 
  • Your Own Store URL
  • No selling limits
  • The Customer is Yours
Cons of Customizable Websites:
  • No organic traffic (paid ads)
  • Requires more work to set up the store
  • Higher learning curve


On the contrary, a marketplace is an online platform where multiple sellers can list and sell their products to potential customers. It is a centralized marketplace, bringing together buyers and sellers from various industries and categories. Here are some popular marketplaces that you can use: 

  • eBay: is a well-established online marketplace where sellers can list their products in multiple categories. It offers a vast customer base and a straightforward selling process.
  • Amazon: As one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, Amazon provides immense reach to potential customers. Moreover, it allows you to list products in various categories.
  • Etsy: is a popular platform for selling handmade and unique products. Specifically, it caters to a niche market of creative and artisanal products.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace enables local selling to nearby customers and is an excellent option for reaching a local audience.
  • Facebook Shops: With Facebook Shops, you can create a storefront on your Facebook Page and Instagram profile, making it convenient for customers to browse and purchase your products directly.
Pros of Marketplace:
  • Free organic traffic
  • Easy to learn and set up
  • Low budget required (no ads)
Cons of Marketplace:
  • Selling limits
  • Strict rules (what you can/cannot sell)
  • Dealing with suspensions
  • Higher transaction fees

All platforms mentioned above seamlessly integrate with AutoDS, a powerful dropshipping platform. This integration allows you to manage your product listings, monitor prices, and automate order fulfillment efficiently. Regardless of your chosen selling channel, AutoDS streamlines your dropshipping business operations, saving you time and effort and helping you achieve success in the competitive world of dropshipping.

Import Supplements To Your Dropshipping Store

Importing supplements to your dropshipping store with AutoDS Marketplace is a straightforward and efficient process that streamlines your product sourcing and listing tasks. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Step 1: Log in to your AutoDS account and navigate to the AutoDS Marketplace section. Here, you’ll find many pre-vetted suppliers offering top-quality supplements.
  • Step 2: Use the search bar or apply filters to find specific supplement products you want to add to your store. You can search by keywords, categories, or supplier names to discover relevant products.
  • Step 3: Once you find a supplement you’re interested in, click on it to view the product details, including the product title, images, price, description, and shipping details. Ensure the product meets your quality, pricing, and shipping times criteria.
    You may also use the AI Product Title and Description Optimizer to generate engaging content. Through this, you can make potential customers interested in your supplements.

  • Step 4: After selecting the desired supplements, click the “Import” button to add them to your dropshipping store. AutoDS will automatically import the product details, including images and descriptions, to your store.

Promote Your Supplement Dropshipping Store

Marketing is a fundamental aspect of any business, including dropshipping stores. It is vital in driving traffic to your online store, increasing brand awareness, and converting potential customers into paying ones. By effectively promoting your supplement dropshipping store, you can reach a wider audience, build credibility, and boost sales and revenue.

Here’s a list of the different marketing methods that you can use on specific selling channels:


Shopify is a widely used e-commerce platform enabling users to create online stores easily. Specifically, it provides a range of customizable templates, tools, and features for setting up, managing, and selling products online. With its user-friendly interface, Shopify simplifies building a professional online store, managing inventory, processing payments, and handling orders. 

Similarly, Wix is a versatile website builder that offers both e-commerce capabilities and general website creation. Particulary, it provides a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to design and customize their online stores and websites. Furthermore, it offers a variety of templates and apps. Thus, it is suitable for individuals and small businesses looking for an easy way to establish an online presence and sell products.

Last but not least, WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress, a popular content management system (CMS). Generally, it transforms a WordPress website into an e-commerce store. Likewise, WooCommerce offers customizable features and extensions, making it suitable for those familiar with WordPress and wanting to integrate e-commerce functionality into their existing site.

How to Market:

Let us give you an idea of how some of these marketing initiatives work. First, influencer marketing involves partnering with individuals with a significant online following and influence within a specific niche or industry. Typically, these influencers have built trust with their audience, making their recommendations impactful. Specifically, businesses collaborate with influencers to promote their products or services through the influencer’s content. 

Next, creating a blog page on these platforms can drive free organic traffic to your online store. Through this, you will have a space to publish informative and valuable content related to your products or industry. Also, by incorporating relevant keywords and addressing common questions, your blog posts can rank in search engine results, attracting visitors who are interested in the topics you cover. 


eBay is a well-known online marketplace that facilitates buying and selling various products. Generally, it operates as a platform where individuals and businesses worldwide can connect to trade goods in an auction-style format or through fixed-price listings.

Here are some ways to market on eBay:

Promoted Listings Advanced is a marketing feature on eBay that allows sellers to pay for increased visibility of their listings within eBay search results and other prominent placements. Specifically, this feature operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, meaning sellers only pay when a potential buyer clicks on their promoted listing. 

On the contrary, Promoted Listings Standard is another marketing feature on eBay that enables sellers to boost the visibility of their listings. With this option, sellers pay a fee to have their listings appear prominently in search results and other relevant placements on eBay. The only difference is that the effectiveness of Advanced (pay-per-click) ads relies on the quality of the keywords chosen for the campaign. Meanwhile, Standard (pay-per-sale) ads rely on individual listings’ SEO strength.


Amazon, a global e-commerce giant founded by Jeff Bezos in 1995, has evolved into a sprawling online marketplace that offers millions of products across various categories. In fact, sellers, ranging from individuals to established businesses, leverage Amazon’s platform to showcase and sell their products to a vast and diverse customer base. With features like Amazon Prime offering fast and reliable shipping and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) services handling logistics, Amazon provides a seamless shopping experience. To thrive in this competitive ecosystem, sellers aim to secure the coveted “Buy Box” and utilize Amazon PPC marketing to enhance visibility and drive sales.

The Buy Box is a critical feature on Amazon, displaying the primary purchase option for a product on its product detail page. Specifically, Winning the Buy Box is a significant goal for sellers, as it dramatically increases the likelihood of making sales. Amazon’s algorithm considers factors like price, seller performance metrics, fulfillment method (FBA or merchant fulfilled), and customer feedback when determining who gets the Buy Box. Thus, ensuring competitive pricing, maintaining a strong seller rating, and delivering excellent customer service are key strategies for you to get it.

On the other hand, Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is a powerful tool that allows sellers to boost their product’s visibility within Amazon’s search results and product detail pages. Mainly, sellers bid on specific keywords relevant to their products, and their ads appear when customers search for those keywords.


Etsy is a renowned online marketplace catering to creators and artists. Generally, it offers a platform to showcase and sell handmade, vintage, and unique items.

Etsy Ads is a marketing tool that empowers sellers to promote their products within the Etsy marketplace. Through this feature, sellers can create ad campaigns by setting a budget and selecting specific products to showcase.

Another one is Etsy’s Offsite Ads. This feature takes marketing a step further by extending the reach of sellers’ products beyond the Etsy platform. When a seller enrolls in Offsite Ads, their products can appear on external platforms like Google, Instagram, and Facebook.


Facebook, originally a social networking site, has expanded to become a versatile online selling platform. With its extensive user base, it offers opportunities for businesses, individuals, and artisans to connect with potential buyers. Further, the platform supports various selling methods, including personal profiles, business pages, and groups, making it a multifaceted marketplace.

Buy & Sell Groups on Facebook allow users to buy and sell items within a specific community. Generally, these groups cater to various niches, regions, and interests, creating a targeted seller marketplace.

On the contrary, Promotions on Facebook involve using paid advertising to increase the visibility of products or services. Facebook offers a range of promotional tools, including boosted posts, ads on the News Feed, Stories, and more.

Fulfill Your Customer Orders

You must conduct order fulfillment promptly because it directly impacts customer satisfaction and overall business success. That is because customers expect to receive their products promptly when they place an order, and any delays can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. Timely order fulfillment ensures customers receive their purchases on time and helps build trust and loyalty toward the dropshipping store. 

Here are the different order fulfillment methods that you can use:

Difference between Order Fulfillment Methods:

  • Manual Order Fulfillment: In manual order fulfillment,  we must purchase products from suppliers and enter customer details individually for each order. This process can be time-consuming, especially when managing a high volume of orders, and is prone to input errors. While manual fulfillment may be suitable for small-scale operations, it can become challenging and inefficient as the business grows.
  • Automatic Order Fulfillment: With automatic order fulfillment, the dropshipping software handles the entire order process on behalf of the dropshipper. This automation saves time, reduces the risk of errors, and streamlines the order fulfillment process.
  • Fulfilled by AutoDS (AutoDS Buyer Accounts): Fulfilled by AutoDS takes automation a step further. In this method, AutoDS acts as the buyer on the supplier’s website, using its buyer accounts to fulfill customer orders. This method means the dropshipper doesn’t need to set up individual buyer accounts or worry about payment details on the supplier’s site.

Provide Great Customer Service 

Next, providing excellent customer service is integral to the success of our dropshipping business. That is because it directly impacts customer satisfaction, retention, and brand reputation. When customers have a positive experience with our store, they are more likely to become repeat buyers, leave positive reviews, and recommend our business to others. On the other hand, poor customer service can lead to negative reviews, customer complaints, and damage to our brand’s credibility, which can have long-lasting effects on our business.

To ensure exceptional customer service, we must prioritize communication and responsiveness. Checking messages daily and responding promptly to customer inquiries and concerns demonstrate that we value our customers and their needs. Moreover, we can offer multiple communication channels, such as live chat, email, and phone support.

Now that you’ve learned how to start dropshipping supplements with our complete guide, it’s time to take your business to the next level and achieve remarkable growth. Automating your supplement dropshipping store is the key to streamlining operations, maximizing efficiency, and unlocking the full potential of your venture. 

Scale Your Supplement Dropshipping Business With Automation

AutoDS Products Platform

By leveraging AutoDS’s comprehensive suite of automation tools, you can efficiently scale your supplement dropshipping business. Unquestionably, automating time-consuming tasks lets you focus on strategic planning, marketing, and customer service. And once you do, you can achieve sustainable growth and success in the competitive dropshipping market.

Here are some ways to automate your supplement dropshipping business

Product Research:

AutoDS offers a robust product research marketplace where you can find winning and trending supplement products. Use the platform’s advanced filters and analytics to discover high-demand items and seamlessly add them to your store.

Bulk Listing and Auto-Price Optimization:

With AutoDS, you can list multiple supplement products in your store in bulk, saving time and effort. Moreover, the platform’s auto-price optimization feature allows you to set rules for automatic price adjustments, ensuring competitive pricing without manual intervention.

Automatic Order Fulfillment:

Automate the entire order fulfillment process with AutoDS’s automatic order fulfillment features. Whether using your buyer accounts or Fulfilled by AutoDS, the platform handles purchasing, shipping, and tracking updates, streamlining operations for efficient order processing.

Auto Monitoring and Repricing:

AutoDS continuously monitors supplier prices, stock availability, and product changes. Furthermore, you can set up automatic repricing rules to ensure your products remain competitively priced and in sync with market dynamics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Allowed To Dropship Supplements?

Yes, however, it is essential to comply with the regulations and laws of the countries you operate in. Ensure that the supplements you sell meet all necessary legal requirements. Additionally, be transparent with your customers about the source and quality of your supplements.

How Do I Find A Reliable Supplier For Dropshipping Supplements?

Conduct thorough research and vetting to find a reliable supplier for dropshipping supplements. Look for established and reputable suppliers with a track record of providing high-quality products. Also, check for certifications, customer reviews, and industry reputation. Plus, consider using a dropshipping platform like AutoDS, which offers a vetted marketplace with reliable suppliers and top-performing products.

What Are The Best Supplements To Dropship? 

The best supplements to dropship can vary depending on your target audience and niche. Popular supplement categories include vitamins, minerals, protein powders, herbal extracts, and sports nutrition products. 

What’s The Difference Between Vitamins And Supplements?

Vitamins are specific nutrients like Vitamin C or Riboflavin (a B Vitamin), while supplements are products that add to your diet. Supplements often include vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients to boost or supplement your nutritional needs for specific purposes.


To sum it up, supplement dropshipping presents a lucrative opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. You just news to ensure that you have the right products and suppliers. If you want to know more about this opportunity, we encourage you to visit our other sources below: