As a revolutionary multi-billion dollar industry, the gaming sector is climbing its way to the top of the eCommerce scene. Since the 1970s, gaming has always been popular. Today, the gaming arena continues to expand to greater heights because of several factors, such as digitalization.

In fact, gaming is no longer limited to specific age groups and genders. As many people venture into online streaming and monetizing from gaming, the industry has reached greater markets. With that said, dropshipping top gaming products will surely entice diverse audiences worldwide.

That’s why we’ll discover the top gaming products to dropship in this article. We’ll also learn about reliable sources for these in-demand items. Now, are you ready to welcome enormous profits from selling gaming must-haves? If so, then game on!

15 Best Gaming Products For Your Dropshipping Store

Are your game faces ready? Get ready to rumble as we present the 15 best gaming products for your dropshipping store:

  1. Cordless Air Duster
  2. Ergonomic Gaming Chair With Footrest
  3. Noise Canceling Gaming Headset
  4. Wireless Gaming Controller
  5. Backlit Gaming Keyboard
  6. Programmable Wireless Gaming Mouse 
  7. Non-Slip Gaming Mouse Pad
  8. L-Shaped Gaming Desk
  9. Gaming Desk With Cup Holder & Headphone Hook
  10. Streaming USB Gaming Microphone
  11. Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  12. Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad
  13. USB Condensor Gaming Microphone
  14. LED Strip Lights
  15. LED Mouse & Keyboard Gaming Sets

Now, let the games begin with our list of the best gaming products to dropship today!

1. Cordless Air Duster

Keeping our electronic products well-maintained and dust-free is essential. That’s why the cordless air duster is here to do wonders in eliminating dirt and dust from computers and other equipment. Remember that cleaning gaming electronics can protect them from sudden wear and tear, prolonging their use.

Thus, dropshipping this trending product will surely entice massive profits. To further examine this product’s potential, let’s look at the success of the item’s current seller.

So, how much profit can we attain by selling the cordless air duster?

  • Selling price: $79.00
  • Source price: $54.90
  • Potential profit: $24.10

Target Audience

  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Age: 20 to 50 years old
  • Marital Status: Single, Married
  • Interests: Gamers, Streamers, Online Freelancers

Product img
Cordless Air Duster
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 4-7 days

Now, let’s explore the seller’s Facebook ad, seller’s website, and supplier’s page:

Seller’s Facebook Ad

Interestingly, the cordless air duster Facebook ad garners 2K+ reactions, 600+ comments, and a whopping 2.1M+ views. By looking at these numbers, we can say that the product attracts a significant market. On top of that, the ad markets 30% off and free shipping, enticing more viewers to try out the item.

Moreover, the video showcases the crucial features of the product in comparison with other cleaning devices. Plus, we can find the description of these features in the caption.

While the ad has a product link in the caption, it doesn’t direct the viewer to the seller’s product page. Instead, the potential buyer is directed to the website’s product feature page. If we plan to sell this product, remember to add a clearer call to action to the ad, which can help increase our sales conversion rates.

Seller’s Website

Meanwhile, we can find the cordless air duster for computer keyboard cleaning at Numi for $79, including shipping fees. On the seller’s website, we’ll find the ‘Free Shipping On All Orders’ offer at the topmost banner. Also, Numi utilizes a countdown timer that sparks the urgency to purchase the product while it’s on sale.

Aside from that, Numi extends a 12-month warranty period and secure checkout for buyers. By having these services, customers are more confident in doing business with the seller.

On the other hand, product images show the item’s features, but their formatting can be further improved to highlight their importance. Nonetheless, the product gained an average customer rating of 4.95/5, showing that many buyers are satisfied with their purchase. Remember that it’s important to showcase a high-quality product at a reasonable price so that we can gain high customer satisfaction.

Supplier’s Website

Now, let’s proceed to the cordless air duster source. On AliExpress, we’ll find the same product for $54.90, including shipping. Notably, the product has a 51% discount, making the item more affordable. Plus, we can enjoy additional perks on AliExpress, such as store coupons up to $5 off and a 2% extra discount for purchasing at least two quantities.

However, the product description appears to be wordy and unattractive. Thus, when sourcing from AliExpress, ensure to improve the product presentation and format the description accordingly. In this way, we can showcase the product in a professional manner, attracting more customers to our stores.

Overall, the cordless air duster on AliExpress has a 4.9/5 average customer rating. In addition, the supplier gains a 94.9% positive feedback rating and 2K+ followers. By looking at these figures, we’re confident that we’re sourcing satisfactory products from a legitimate supplier.

2. Ergonomic Gaming Chair With Footrest

Another gaming must-have is the ergonomic gaming chair with a footrest. This gaming dropshipping item is perfect for streamers and gamers who sit for hours. Plus, we can market this item to gamers who have back pain from sitting for so long. With its ergonomic design, we can surely attract customers to purchase from our stores.

When selling ergonomic gaming chairs, consider different colors and styles. Also, we can dropship gaming chairs with adjustable footrests and armrests. Moreover, variations with lumbar support pads and headrests give more value to the ergonomic gaming chair.

3. Noise Canceling Gaming Headset

For an optimized experience, the noise canceling gaming headset is a piece of essential equipment. This dropshipping gaming product is not just for gamers but also for people who work online. Due to its functionality, this gaming headset is an in-demand product to dropship.

For the noise canceling gaming headset, we can dropship varieties with microphones and LED lights. Plus, there are Bluetooth-connected and wire-connected options we can sell. Finally, offer endless styles and colors of headsets that fit different computer set-ups.

4. Wireless Gaming Controller

Today, wireless technology is bringing the gaming industry to the next level. Thus, the wireless gaming controller is a best-selling product to dropship. So, selling this gaming controller will likely bring huge profits to our business.

In general, wireless gaming controllers vary according to the nature of the game or developer. For instance, we have wireless gamepad controllers and wireless joystick joypads. Remember to add ergonomic options with comfortable grips and great sensory controls for a superb gaming experience.

Beginner’s Tip: Ensure that you’re selling wireless gaming controllers that don’t belong to Intellectual Property rights protected brands.

5. Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Our next top gaming product to dropship is the backlit gaming keyboard. This item is perfect for an engaging gaming encounter. Due to its functional design, it’s one of the most in-demand gaming items in the market.

Moreover, this gaming keyboard has LED or RGB backlights that add vibrance to any computer hardware system. Also, this keyboard comes in sleek designs and colors we can add. For backlit gaming keyboards, we have Bluetooth-connected and wired options, depending on the customers’ preferences.

6. Programmable Wireless Gaming Mouse

To complete our gaming hardware set-up, we have a programmable wireless gaming mouse. With this wireless technology, users can enjoy exceptional gameplay with fast and accurate clicks. Plus, its programmable features add to an optimized gaming experience.

Remember that when dropshipping this gaming item, add options with rubber side grips, over-the-top sensors, and more. In addition, lightweight options with assignable buttons are top gaming choices. Finally, we can sell battery-operated or rechargeable variations that come with USB receivers.

7. Non-Slip Gaming Mouse Pad

When gaming, nothing beats a non-slip gaming mouse pad. In essence, a reliable mouse pad enables precision and control while gaming. Thus, this gaming dropshipping item is a crucial accessory for people who are into fast-action gaming.

Some factors to consider when selling this product are size, thickness, edge, and material. For the surface materials, we can choose from cloth, plastic, rubber, or metal. Plus, these mouse pads come in sleek and convenient designs that manage hand strains due to prolonged use.

Beginner’s Tip: Cross-sell gaming mouse pads with a gaming mouse to increase your average order value.

8. L-Shaped Gaming Desk

What could be more fitting to an ergonomic set-up than an L-shaped gaming desk? This desk allows for an optimized arrangement of gaming essentials, such as multiple monitors. Hence, it’s a popular option for professional gamers and gaming enthusiasts.

Subsequently, we can dropship different colors and styles of the L-shaped gaming desk. Also, we must sell sturdy desks made of wood, metal, acrylic, and other long-lasting materials. Finally, this product is available in foldable options, making it more portable and easier to move.

Beginner’s Tip: Add gaming desks with adjustable desk levels for a more ergonomic experience.

9. Gaming Desk With Cup Holder & Headphone Hook

Another set-up to look into is the gaming desk with a cup holder and headphone hook. This desk is a versatile gaming dropshipping product that provides users with multiple functions. Thus, this item is one of the top choices among gamers worldwide.

Moreover, the gaming desk is available in several colors that will fit any interior. Plus, it comes with different cup holders and headphone hook styles and sizes. Lastly, this gaming desk can have two-leg or four-leg supports, depending on the design preference of buyers.

10. Streaming USB Gaming Microphone

Alleviate users’ audio experience with the streaming USB gaming microphone. This microphone produces clear and professional sounds while gaming. Likewise, this microphone is also perfect for streamers, podcasters, and more.

When dropshipping this gaming item, include different USB connectors, such as type-C and micro-USB. Also, we should include variations with RGB lighting, touch controls, and a digital mixer. Furthermore, consider several sleek styles and shapes that suit any gaming setup.

Beginner’s Tip: Suggest a microphone stand along with this product for a more convenient gaming setting.

11. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Are you looking for eyewear fit for streamers who are exposed to computer screens all day long? Don’t worry, the blue light-blocking glasses are perfect for your gaming dropshipping store. This eyewear lessens eye strain and prevents headaches by filtering blue light from digital screens.

So, we can sell glasses with untinted or colored lenses. Besides that, these glasses are available in various frame styles and colors, depending on customers’ preferences. We can also dropship glasses with anti-glare features as an added value to the product.

Beginner’s Tip: Offer eyewear accessories like a container and lens cleaner for long-lasting use of blue light-blocking glasses.

12. Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

Prolonged use of laptops can lead to hardware defects and inefficient performance. Thus, the gaming laptop cooling pad is a must-have for those who use their laptops for long periods of time. With that said, this gaming dropshipping product is a best-seller in the market due to its functionality.

For the gaming laptop cooling pad, we can offer variations with adjustable inclination levels. In addition, we have choices of the number of blowers or fans, depending on the sizes and capacities of laptops. On top of that, consider options with RGB lights and Bluetooth connectivity.

13. USB Condensor Gaming Microphone

For those who want to achieve flawless audio, the USB condenser gaming microphone is the answer. This product is perfect for voice recording, streaming, gaming, and more. Therefore, dropshipping this microphone will entice customers who want to level up their audio experience, especially while gaming.

In general, there are two types of condenser microphones we can sell: large-diaphragm and small-diaphragm. Aside from that, this product has several chic styles and shapes. In some cases, this microphone comes with RGB lights that exude a lively vibe.

Beginner’s Tip: Complete the set-up by offering condenser microphones with complete accessories, such as sound control, an adjustable stand, and more.

14. LED Strip Lights

Well, nothing beats LED strip lights to finish off an attractive gaming setup. As these lights bring vibrance and style, gamers utilize them as room decors or equipment designs. Thus, the popularity of these strip lights can lead to huge sales for our gaming dropshipping stores.

Remember to add varieties of LED strip light colors, including solid colors or combinations of different hues. Moreover, we can sell the lights in several length options. Apart from that, these lights come in different light capacities and intensities, depending on our customers’ needs.

Beginner’s Tip: For LED strip lights designed to attach to gaming equipment, we can include stick-ons or adhesives. These add-ons enable an easier application or installation of LED strip lights.

15. LED Mouse & Keyboard Gaming Sets

Why buy a mouse and a keyboard separately when you can have both? With the LED mouse and keyboard gaming sets, we can entice customers who are searching for both computer hardware in one. As these items are in-demand, ensure to add special features that will drive our business steps ahead of the competition.

For one, we can include mechanical keyboards and an anti-slip mouse in a set. Plus, we should offer wired and wireless options for both items, serving varying buyers’ choices. On top of that, these products come with different LED colors and sleek styles that gamers will definitely love.

Beginner’s Tip: As an add-on, include a wide desk mat or extended mouse pad to complement the keyboard and mouse setup.

Yay! Now that we have an extensive list of the best gaming products to dropship, it’s time to search for reliable suppliers.

Who Are The Most Reliable Gaming Dropshipping Suppliers?

Remember that an integral part of dropshipping is working with reliable suppliers. Thus, we’ve curated the best sources of gaming dropshipping products for you! Without further ado, here are the top gaming dropshipping suppliers in the market:

  1. AliExpress
  2. Amazon
  3. Banggood
  4. Walmart
  5. CJDropshipping
  6. eBay

Let’s begin our sourcing adventure, starting with our first dependable supplier.

1. AliExpress

To begin, we have AliExpress, an online marketplace that allows dropshippers to source gaming products from Chinese suppliers. As one of the widely-utilized suppliers worldwide, here are AliExpress’ main features:

  • Vast selection of gaming products
  • AliExpress Dropship Center
  • Global warehouses

Known for its vast product selection, we can find a substantial range of gaming products on AliExpress. From this supplier, we can source endless varieties of gaming keyboards, mice, headphones, microphones, and desks, and the list continues. With this wide range of gaming products, we’ll surely entice many customers to purchase from us.

Another worthwhile feature of AliExpress is its Dropship Center. Here, we can search for the best-selling gaming products and analyze their selling metrics. For instance, we can explore a product’s sales volume, price range, customer ratings, and more.

Lastly, AliExpress’ global warehouses allow us to fulfill and deliver customer orders swiftly. By having these warehouses in strategic locations worldwide, we can easily expand our market reach.

2. Amazon

Following the list of the top gaming dropshipping suppliers is Amazon. Being one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, Amazon offers the following benefits to dropshippers:

  • High-quality gaming products 
  • Efficient shipping times 
  • Exceptional customer support

As one of the biggest eCommerce suppliers, Amazon has an extensive pool of high-quality gaming products. We can source any gaming must-haves, such as ergonomic chairs, computer desks, blue light blocking glasses, and much more. When sourcing from Amazon, we can explore more gaming product ideas to add value to our product listings. For example, we can check out Amazon’s Best Sellers for in-demand gaming products.

Meanwhile, Amazon offers efficient shipping times for most products, depending on the destination. By subscribing to Amazon Prime, we can extend same-day or two-day delivery services to our customers. Remember that when customers receive their orders on time, they will likely become satisfied with our service.

On top of everything, we are confident about doing business with Amazon because of its exceptional customer support. The platform addresses customer concerns and issues 24/7 via email or phone. Remember that we extend the same service to our customers. With that said, customers feel more valued when their queries are properly given attention.

3. Banggood

Next up, Banggood is a China-based supplier known for being dropshipping-friendly. To further explore Banggood’s features, here are some of the best ones:

  • Diverse gaming products catalog
  • Low-cost pricing
  • Exclusive deals

One of Banggood’s greatest features is its diverse product catalog. Hence, we can source a great selection of gaming products from this supplier. To mention some product ranges, we have gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, mouse pads, microphones, and more.

Additionally, we can source these products at a low cost on Banggood. With this feature, we can assign flexible prices to our products and earn huge profits.

Furthermore, Banggood extends exclusive deals to dropshippers. We can enjoy offers like cashback, promotions, and discounts when sourcing from this supplier. By extending these deals to our online stores, we can entice more customers to check out our gaming products.

4. Walmart

As the world’s largest retail chain, Walmart is among the top choices of dropshippers globally. As such, this gaming dropshipping supplier provides the following advantages to our online ventures:

  • Massive gaming product choices
  • Fast delivery arrangements
  • Price match policy

Being a leading retail supplier, we can find massive gaming product choices on Walmart. On its website, we can search for game controllers and video game accessories. Plus, a wide variety of computer hardware is available at Walmart, including gaming keyboards, mice, monitors, and more.

Another feature to consider is Walmart’s fast delivery arrangements. In fact, this supplier extends next-day delivery to eligible locations and products. Not only that, Walmart offers free shipping for purchases worth $35 and over.

On the other hand, Walmart has a price match policy for online purchases. With this feature, we can find the same product on another major platform at a lower price. Then, Walmart will match the price, ensuring that we get the best prices for our gaming products.

5. CJDropshipping

Joining other Chinese suppliers on our list is CJDropshipping. As a dropshipping-friendly platform, this supplier offers these key benefits:

  • Excellent range of gaming products
  • Print-on-demand solutions
  • White label branding

To start, CJDropshipping has an excellent range of gaming products for our dropshipping stores. Interestingly, we can source various gaming hardware, such as keyboards, headsets, mice, controllers, etc. What’s more, CJDropshipping has a product sourcing feature that helps us find the item we’re looking for, allowing us to offer unique product listings.

Notably, this supplier has print-on-demand solutions for our gaming products. Thus, we can offer customized gaming equipment for a more personalized gaming experience for users. For example, we can offer a printed mouse pad with matching keyboard and mouse designs.

On top of that, CJDropshipping offers white label branding for our gaming dropshipping business. By utilizing this service, we can package our items using our logos and brand names. As such, this service can help us establish our brand and stay ahead of the competition.

6. eBay

When we speak about exceptional gaming dropshipping suppliers, eBay is definitely on our list. As one of the most extensive online marketplaces, here are the top reasons to work with eBay:

  • Huge gaming products catalog
  • Multiple domestic warehouses
  • Buyer and seller protection program

Remarkably, eBay has a huge catalog for gaming dropshipping products. We can source any item like gaming consoles, computer sets, gaming accessories, and much more! With these expansive product choices, customers can find what they’re looking for in our stores.

Furthermore, we can fulfill customer orders quickly because of eBay’s domestic warehouses all over the globe. To mention a few locations, we can find eBay warehouses in the US, UK, Canada, Spain, Germany, and more. So, we won’t worry about reaching a global market when sourcing from eBay.

Finally, eBay dedicates itself to extending an outstanding client shopping experience. For instance, we can enjoy reliable money-back guarantees, secured payment options, and fast conflict resolutions. Thus, its buyer and seller protection program ensures that both parties are safe and valued while doing business online.

Working With Reliable Suppliers

Now, we’ve got a list of the most reliable suppliers for our dropshipping gaming venture. But, what are the factors to consider when choosing a dependable supplier to work with?

Here are the features to look into when selecting a reliable supplier for our gaming dropshipping business:

With these features, we’ll be confident that we’re working with reliable platforms for our online business. Remember that our suppliers play a crucial role in the success of our dropshipping business. That’s why we need to work with only the best ones in the market.

Aside from the list of top suppliers we’ve discussed, we can explore more reliable global suppliers. Remember that the more suppliers we work with, the greater our chances of attaining dropshipping success.

Where Can I Set Up My Gaming Dropshipping Store?

After exploring reliable dropshipping suppliers, our next task is to identify where to sell our trending gaming products. Essentially, a selling channel is a platform where we can establish our stores and offer our products to customers.

Among the best selling channels for dropshipping, here are our top choices:

Now, let’s take a peek at the key features of these selling platforms.


One of the most popular selling channels for dropshipping is Shopify. With its store customization options, we can build our brand from scratch and design it according to our preferences. In addition, we can list as many gaming products as we want since Shopify has no selling limits.

On the downside, this selling channel has no organic traffic. Thus, we need to incorporate effective marketing strategies, as the right promotions can help us attain massive dropshipping sales. All in all, Shopify dropshipping is a straightforward process that anybody can master.


Another platform where we can fully customize our dropshipping stores is Wix. This website builder has user-friendly templates that we can utilize to optimize our store’s appearance. Plus, we can list and sell endless gaming products on Wix, helping us maximize our profits.

However, just like Shopify, there’s no organic traffic on Wix. Therefore, we must choose the best marketing technique for us to gain substantial traffic. When buyers can easily find our stores, we’ll enjoy huge sales.


As one of the biggest marketplaces in the eCommerce scene, eBay is an excellent platform to sell our gaming products. For one, eBay has free organic traffic and free seller accounts. Therefore, it’s easy to establish a significant customer base when selling on eBay.

Unfortunately, we have limited store customization options and massive market competition on eBay. Nevertheless, we can use eBay templates to build our storefronts. By having unique stores on eBay, we can create distinct branding and step ahead of the competition.

Facebook Marketplace

Finally, we have Facebook Marketplace, a relatively new but popular marketplace worldwide. Remarkably, Facebook Marketplace has less competition and no subscription fees. All we need is an active Facebook account so that customers can verify our legitimacy as online sellers.

But, Facebook Marketplace is limited to the US market only. Meaning, we need US citizenship to dropship in all US states. Nevertheless, dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace is easy and profitable because of its wide user base.

Dropshipping Automation

Once we have selling channels where we can sell our products, the next step is to add gaming products to our stores. As such, one of the most crucial parts of dropshipping is importing products.

Generally, we can manually or automatically add products to our selling channels. However, the manual method can take significant time and effort.

To illustrate, manual importing requires us to copy a product’s details from the supplier page and paste them individually into our selling channel. This process seems easy when importing one item. However, if we’re dealing with multiple product imports, manual importing becomes a tedious process.

That’s why dropshipping automation is here for us. With the automatic importing methods, we can easily add endless product ideas at once to our selling platforms. Plus, we won’t worry about missing details and inaccurate information since dropshipping software is doing the importing process on our behalf.

As a leading dropshipping platform in the industry, AutoDS provides four easy-to-use importing methods:

  • One-click importer
  • Single product uploader
  • Multiple product URLs/IDs
  • Bulk importer

With these straightforward automated importing ways, we can easily establish comprehensive gaming products listings. Remember that an extensive product catalog will help us build our brand. Then, we’ll gain enormous sales in no time.

Aside from product imports, we can also automate all of our daily dropshipping operations, such as:

With these automated features, we can run our dropshipping business efficiently. Likewise, dropshipping automation allows us to sit back and relax as passive income comes our way!

Can I Really Reach A Global Market Dropshipping Gaming Products?

Is it really worth it to venture into gaming dropshipping? Well, gaming is a worldwide phenomenon, and people from different places are engaged in it. Therefore, offering gaming products is undoubtedly a worthwhile business to start.

In fact, there are about 3.24 billion gamers worldwide as of 2021. Here, Asia is the largest continent in the number of gamers, followed by Europe and the Americas. With this figure, we are assured that we have a diverse target market globally.

Aside from its vast market reach, dropshipping gaming products is also a profitable venture. In 2020, the global gaming industry attained $159.3 billion in revenues. This value is expected to increase in the following years due to the increase in the number of gamers worldwide.

On another note, the target industry is not only focused on teenagers who love gaming. Interestingly, the gaming scene stems across all genders and ages in the global setting. With this expansive market, we can increase our profit potential even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gaming A Good Niche For Dropshipping?

Yes, gaming is a good niche for dropshipping. Since the gaming industry consists of all genders and ages worldwide, we’re confident that we have a substantial audience. Thus, our profits can be maximized even more when dropshipping in the worldwide market.

Is It Legal To Dropship Gaming Products?

It is legal to dropship gaming products. However, we must be aware of the restrictions on dropshipping branded products. As such, these items are protected by Intellectual Property laws. So, we suggest not to dropship these products to avoid financial and legal sanctions.

What Are The Best Gaming Products To Sell?

There is a vast range of gaming products we can dropship. To mention some of the top-selling ones, we have the Ergonomic Gaming Chair With Footrest, Noise-Canceling Gaming Headset, and Wireless Gaming Controller.

How Can I Scale My Gaming Dropshipping Business?

Scaling your dropshipping business with automation is a sure way to optimize your profits. With automation, you can efficiently manage your business processes with the help of dropshipping software. While the software takes care of your daily business processes, you can relax while gaining massive profits.


Fire in the hole! Let’s brace ourselves as we welcome substantial sales from dropshipping trending gaming products in our online stores. With that said, discover the gaming products that work for your business and minimize those that have low sales conversions.

Once again, we can continue scaling our online ventures with dropshipping automation. With business automation, we can efficiently manage our business while earning significant profits.

Although gaming is a promising niche, we must discover more profitable categories to expand our business reach. So, here are other dropshipping niches to check out: