One of the busiest and most profitable times of the year is the much-anticipated fourth quarter. As such, Q4 dropshipping calls for some preparation. To clarify, quarter 4 (Q4) is the time of year spanning from the beginning of October all through December. Notably, with numerous holidays and the new year creeping in, plenty of occasions result in increased consumer spending. In fact, during this time, online shopping increases substantially in comparison to the rest of the year.

As sales and customer demand surge, Q4 dropshipping can be fully leveraged. However, with the increase in online shopping, we must prepare for the demand for niche and general products.

In this article, we will learn everything we need to know about Q4 dropshipping. Plus, we will learn how to take advantage of this time of year, which products to sell and how to prepare.

What Changes Occur During Q4 Dropshipping?

Tis’ the busiest season of the year! And with all the bustling and hustling, several changes occur during Q4 dropshipping. As a matter of fact, the spike in demand pulls on the threads of stock, shipping, marketing, and many other aspects of dropshipping.

With that being said, we need to prepare for all of these changes that are not prominent throughout the rest of the year. Now, during Q4 dropshipping, we need to look out for these changes:

Rise In eCommerce Sales

Uniquely, online sales records are broken every year during Q4. Now, a higher percentage of overall sales made during Q4 come from online sales. Additionally, while in-store retail sits at around 36%, online sales have reached an astonishing 59% during this period.

Especially, during the pandemic, people did most if not all of their shopping online. Consequently, consumers have adopted that style of shopping more than in-store shopping. As such, the incredible and continuous rise in eCommerce sales just goes to show that we should be taking advantage of Q4 dropshipping.

Long Delivery Times

As a result of the increase in sales during Q4 dropshipping, there are longer delivery times. Regardless of our suppliers’ best efforts to keep up and prepare, the sales volume is simply too large to keep up with standard shipping times.

However, the cause for delays does vary from one supplier/shipping company to another. With that in mind, some common causes for shipping delays are:

  • Shipping company doesn’t have the capacity to process and ship the high volume of sales
  • Longer custom clearance due to high cargo traffic
  • Unforeseen challenges along the process

However, a good way to stay on top of this is to collaborate with suppliers that have the capacity to fulfill high order volumes. Plus, a great way to keep our customers at ease is by offering great customer service.

Increase In Customer Service

Furthermore, because delivery times take longer due to the spike in sales in Q4 dropshipping, the need for customer service increases. Now, customers will be increasingly contacting us about their orders, the status of their delivery, and any potential issues.

Importantly, we need to stay on top of our game when it comes to customer service, especially during Q4. We need to make sure we are helpful and let our customers know exactly what’s going on. Moreover, people are stressed enough around the holiday season as it is, and by offering great customer service we can build customer loyalty.

Product Discounts

Since Q4 dropshipping is filled with numerous holidays, customer demand for various products sky-rockets. With that being said, we can further increase our sales volume and profits by offering product discounts.

Interestingly, to offer discounts, we need to lower our profit margin. However, we can bank on the fact that with discounts we will further attract customers and create demand. As a result, we can enjoy an incredibly high sales volume that translates into higher profits for us. Plus, with this, we can expand our customer base.

On the other hand, another reason we need to offer discounts is to remain competitive. Thus, to achieve dropshipping success this Q4, we must stay competitive and provide beneficial discounts to our customers.

Stock Shortages

Another change we need to look out for during Q4 dropshipping is potential stock shortages. As mentioned, Q4 dropshipping is the busiest time of the year, and order volumes go through the roof. As such, this is an overwhelming time for our suppliers as they have to cover a much larger order volume than usual.

Consequently, no matter how much they prepare, our suppliers may run out of stock. During this period, demand may outrun supply. However, there are a few ways to stay on top of this.

First, we can work with multiple suppliers. So, in case one goes out of stock, we can fall on another supplier. Another way to stay ahead is with AutoDS’ stock monitoring tool. To clarify, this tool monitors the stock levels of our suppliers. Additionally, if a supplier goes out of stock for a specific product, AutoDS does not import the item into our listings catalog. This ensures that we never offer our customers products that are not readily available.

Higher Marketing Costs

Notably, during Q4 dropshipping, digital marketing costs increase. Platforms tend to increase their cost by leveraging the increase in marketing demand. Since dropshippers run discounts during Q4, they want to advertise them to get more traffic and sales. Consequently, marketing platforms see an opportunity to leverage.

For example, Facebook increases its cost-per-mille (CPM) by 37% during Q4. To explain, a CPM is the cost to show our ad to 1000 people. Although this might seem like a huge increase, we’ll still see a significant increase in our profit since people are more prone to online shopping. Moreover, our click-through rate (CTR) will also increase by roughly 25%.

To note, this increase in marketing costs does not mean that our profits will decrease. Because of the incredibly high sales volumes in Q4, we will increase our profits by running ads.

7 Events To Take Advantage Of For Q4 Dropshipping

After going through the changes that occur during Q4 dropshipping, it’s time to take a look at the events we can leverage. Being an active seller means staying ahead of the competition to ensure business success. In fact, not only do we need to utilize marketing strategies and provide optimal customer service, but we also need to align our store and products with seasonal events.

As the eCommerce industry explodes during Q4, there’s no better time to offer trending and seasonal products along with discounts. Now, the 7 events we must take advantage of for Q4 dropshipping are:


First, we have Halloween. Halloween is primarily an American holiday celebrated on October 31st every year. Although the US is the main market here, other countries celebrate Halloween meaning we can target a larger market.

During Halloween, there is a huge demand for niche items in the dropshipping world. Actually, consumers planned to spend a total of $10.1 billion on costumes, candy, and decorations in 2021 alone. As a result, Q4 dropshipping during Halloween implodes and we are here to take advantage and boost our sales.


Right around the corner after Halloween, we have Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is mainly an American holiday but is also celebrated in Canada. Interestingly, other countries across the globe celebrate their own version of Thanksgiving as well, just at different times. Additionally, in the US it falls on the fourth Thursday of November every year.

Notably, during Thanksgiving, we have to prepare very niche items that gravitate more toward the decoration category. Actually, during Thanksgiving, offering themed decorations, kitchenware, and dining ware is a good idea.

Interestingly, if we want to reach a larger target market during Thanksgiving, we need to prepare to target different audiences at different times and with different items. As a matter of fact, Germany, Grenada, St. Lucia, Liberia, and Japan also celebrate Thanksgiving just at different times. Now, in order to leverage this, we need to organize our product catalog and timing accordingly. Thus, with such a large audience potential, Thanksgiving is a great Q4 event to take advantage of this dropshipping season!

Black Friday

Next, for Q4 dropshipping, hand in hand with Thanksgiving we have Black Friday. Black Friday happens on the Friday after Thanksgiving all around the world. And, this year Black Friday falls on November 25th. Moreover, this event is synonymous with huge discounts resulting in ridiculously huge sales volumes.

Also, Shoppers look forward to this event because it allows them to buy large amounts of items at great bargains. Thus, it’s a great time to join the wave and start offering discounts in our dropshipping stores.

With that being said, for Black Friday, we have to lower our prices to stay in line with the competition. Consequently, this may mean losing some initial profit but in the long run, we can still benefit because we end up seeing an increase in website traffic, which results in higher profits.

Cyber Monday

Now, right after Black Friday comes Cyber Monday. Importantly, for Q4 dropshipping this is the ultimate event to take advantage of. Cyber Monday happens the Monday after Thanksgiving and there’s a high focus on consumer electronics.

In other words, it’s a discounted online shopping bonanza that turns the spotlight on e-commerce businesses. In essence, this is the optimal time for our dropshipping store to shine.

During this time we should sell electronics of all varieties. For example smartwatches, hairdryers, gaming accessories, and more.

Additionally, since it’s an event based on discounts, it might seem worrisome to our bottom line. However, the increased traffic that comes in ensures we make a hefty profit.

Single’s Day

Next, for Q4 dropshipping we need to be sure to take advantage of Single’s Day. Single’s Day is a huge eCommerce sales event in China started by Alibaba. Actually, Single’s Day happens on November 11th every year and generates massive amounts of sales.

Moreover, because it’s a hugely successful event, it has been extended to the first 11 days of November rather than just the 11th. To elaborate, Single’s Day offers consumers big discounts across all eCommerce stores. Interestingly, the discounts will actually increase our profits. To clarify, people will be making more abundant purchases at discounted prices.

To illustrate,, a Chinese eCommerce giant, managed to rack up a record-breaking $52 billion during this event. Although as dropshippers we might not be reaching this figure, Single’s Day gives us a great opportunity to get a slice of that pie.


Undoubtedly, Christmas is potentially one of the best events for dropshippers because we can leverage continuous sales. As Christmas falls on December 25th, we need to start our product research now to ensure our store is ready for the biggest holiday of the year. To clarify, since people are looking for presents weeks before Christmas, we can enjoy solid sales volumes for weeks.

Moreover, unlike most of the other events on this list, Christmas is celebrated across all Catholic countries. As a result, we can target a larger number of markets.

Plus, during Christmas, we don’t have to offer big discounts in order to stay competitive. Now, we can sell at full price and enjoy high-profit margins. Actually, below we’ll look at the best-selling items to sell during this holiday season.

Post-Christmas Sales

Wait, there’s another event we can benefit from after Christmas? Absolutely! The Post-Christmas sales allow us to optimize our store with product discounts.

For a while, even after Christmas, online sales still pour in. Especially in countries like Canada where there are boxing day/week sales. Actually, the Post-Christmas sales start the day after Christmas and run through the end of the year into January.

Moreover, this is an excellent event for dropshippers to take advantage of, as many people have received cash or gift cards. Consequently, these people are looking to spend that cash on some quality products.

As such, we can enjoy good profits. Plus, as New Year’s Eve is coming up, we can leverage this to further boost sales around this event.

Finally, we now have some great Q4 events to take advantage of for our dropshipping stores. In truth, Q4 has so many significant events that are guaranteed to scale our profits.

What Are The Best Products To Sell During Q4?

Now, after exploring various Q4 events, let’s look at the best products to sell. First, the products during Q4 and across all mentioned events are unique. Since each event differs from the rest, most of the products are niche.

Plus, people tend to want to stand out, so they are always on the lookout for unique items. Q4 products can also be characterized as high-ticket items as they are in high demand and very profitable during this period.

Moreover, most of the products are giftable since big holidays take place in Q4. Christmas and Thanksgiving are huge holidays that call for giftable items. Additionally, they can be paired with other products, encouraging more sales.

Lastly, Q4 products are always trending during this time of year. In fact, many of the products will be in the highest demand during the gift-giving season because of their popularity.

How Can We Find Winning Q4 Dropshipping Products?

So, we have the characteristics of a winning Q4 dropshipping product, but where can we find them? As a matter of fact, there are a few ways to find winning products:

  • Supplier’s best sellers list 
  • Spy on competition
  • AutoDS product research tool 
  • AutoDS blog & YouTube playlist

To start, most suppliers have a list of best-selling items based on data generated from previous sales activities. Thus, this gives us a solid understanding of what is selling well and is profitable.

Or, we can also spy on our competitors. To do so, we can search for a product on eBay and see other sellers’ metrics. On the other hand, we can also use the Koala Inspector for Shopify stores. This tool gives us all the details on our competitors and their product listings. As such, this helps us understand what’s working well for our competitors and what the most profitable products are.

Another great tool we should take advantage of is the AutoDS Product Research tool. To elaborate, this tool helps us automatically find winning products without wasting a lot of time and effort.

With this tool, we can filter from different suppliers, pricing, categories, and more. Therefore, it enables us only to list the best products that guarantee our stores’ conversion rates.

And finally, a great way to find profitable dropshipping products is through the AutoDS blog and YouTube playlist. Thus, AutoDS offers a great selection of content that goes over best-selling items. Or, we can even check out the AutoDS Q4 dropshipping product research masterclass and fully prepare our stores for Q4.

Now that we know how to find winning products, let’s jump right into the exciting part. With that said, here are the best dropshipping niches and key products to sell during Q4:

Men’s & Women’s Clothing

Truly, fashion is an evergreen niche in dropshipping. There is a huge emphasis on appearance and with trends changing at lightning speed, the fashion industry is and will continue to rise. As a matter of fact, fashion’s profitability and the incredible increase in online shopping make this niche very lucrative.

In reality, because fashion trends are changing quickly, the need to buy new items enables us to continuously make a profit. Plus, clothes are both a necessity and a desire, so demand will always be high.

Some of the best men’s and women’s clothing items to sell during Q4 are:

  • Skeleton 3D Print Costume 
  • Winter Warm Leggings
  • Fuzzy Sweaters 
  • 2 Piece Sets 
  • Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Skeleton 3D Print Costume

Did someone say trick or treat? As we now know, Halloween is a profitable event to take advantage of, and what better way than by offering skeleton 3D print costumes in our stores?

To explain, this is one of the best-selling items during Halloween. Moreover, it’s a full-body suit with a skeleton print. Also, it comes in different variations catering to the imagination of many.

Product img
Skeleton 3D Print Costume 
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 7-14 Days

Winter Warm Leggings

Next, we have winter warm leggings. Notably, they are perfect for Q4 dropshipping as the weather is getting colder. Actually, these leggings are thicker and may even be lined inside with a wool layer.

What’s more, because they are comfortable and warm, they make an excellent purchase for anyone. And, with different colors and patterns available, we can expand our product catalog and offer variety.

Fuzzy Sweaters

Another great clothing item for Q4 dropshipping is fuzzy sweaters. They are warm, comfy, sweet, and fashionable. Also, a staple for the cold winter weather coming in Q4. Moreover, they are also an excellent choice for both men and women, allowing us to target a larger market.

2 Piece Sets

Another great item for Q4 dropshipping is 2-piece sets. These are a great way to ride the trend while appealing to a larger market. To clarify, the 2 piece set can come in many different variations, whether casual or a little fancier.

Tip: We should provide a size chart when offering the 2-piece sets in our stores. As such, we can reduce the rate of returns as customers will be satisfied with the size they choose.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Last, but not least, we have the infamous ugly Christmas sweaters. Notably, these have been trending for several years. They are interesting, unique, funny, and festive. With that being said, we won’t make a mistake listing ugly Christmas sweaters in our dropshipping stores this holiday season.

Tip: Ugly Christmas sweaters are giftable items that also come in sets for couples. So, ensure to offer both singles and couples a unique collection of these sweaters in your store.

Children’s Toys

During the holiday season, there are numerous reasons children’s toys are a dropshipping must. In truth, much of Q4 is centered around children’s joy, so toys are necessary for our Q4 dropshipping listings.

What’s more, with Halloween, Christmas, and birthdays happening this quarter, we have plenty of opportunities to boost sales. In fact, we can leverage the season to appeal to shoppers who have children, nieces, siblings, etc., and make a hefty profit from offering toys.

Now, let’s take a look at the best children’s toys for Q4 dropshipping:

  • LCD Writing Tablet 
  • Dinosaur Activity Play Mat 
  • Toy Rocket Launcher 
  • Dolls 
  • Electric Mini Cars

LCD Writing Tablet

Undeniably, the LCD writing tablet is an excellent choice as a children’s toy because it gives them the opportunity to learn and be creative. To explain, this item is a screen with a writing pen that allows kids to draw or write.

In reality, parents are always looking for educational toys for their children. So, the LCD writing tablet is a great product for us to offer in our stores. 

Dinosaur Activity Play Mat

Notably, the dinosaur activity play mat is a detailed and unique children’s toy that integrates a dinosaur world into a play mat. Importantly, this is also great for educational purposes and not just entertainment. As such, it allows children to fully invest in their dinosaur play time with all the accompanying toys like dinosaurs, trees, and more.

Tip: We can cross-sell this dinosaur activity play mat with dinosaur toys to increase our average order value.

Toy Rocket Launcher

Next up, is a children’s toy that’s perfect for those curious about space; the toy rocket launcher. This toy fires a rocket from a cannon. Plus, it’s a perfectly safe way for kids to express their fascination with space. Additionally, it comes in different sizes and designs, allowing us to add variety to our product listings. And, it’s also a great choice for both boys and girls.


Undeniably, dolls are a classic kid’s toy that will never lose their popularity. Moreover, it has been a staple to any kid’s playpen for years and doesn’t show any sign of going out of style or lacking interest.

Furthermore, there is a vast variety of dolls that cater to children’s wild imaginations. So, having a good selection of dolls is our best bet at increasing sales. 

Electric Mini Cars

Finally, a must-have in our Q4 dropshipping listings is electric mini cars. They are small electric cars that can fit and be ridden by a child. No doubt, these cars are in high demand because they are very appealing to children, making them the perfect Christmas present.

Fitness & Entertainment Items

To continue, the fitness and entertainment niche is indeed a lucrative one. It covers both of these worlds but also has products that combine them. Now more than ever, there is a lot of focus on health and fitness, so as a result, this niche proves to be profitable in Q4.

To note, many of these items are giftable, and we can market them as such. Also, they span across so many subcategories that we can leverage. Moreover, the niche has high-ticket items that can be more expensive, meaning that we can make a bigger profit.

Some of the best products to sell in this niche are:

  • Smartwatches 
  • Yoga Mats
  • Gaming Keyboard Sets 
  • Ski Goggles 
  • Snowboards


Undeniably, smartwatches have become all the hype in recent years. A smartwatch is a wearable mini-computer with a touch screen. In addition, it can measure our heart rate, sleep pattern, workouts, and much more. In essence, it’s a super trendy and high-ticket item that we need in our Q4 dropshipping product catalog.

Yoga Mats

Without a doubt, yoga mats are a staple of any type of workout routine a person may have. They come in numerous colors, sizes, and styles and are a great fit for anyone. Since they’re so versatile and always in demand, they are a great choice for our Q4 dropshipping offerings.

Gaming Keyboard Sets

The gaming keyboard set might be the most profitable item on our list. Notably, with the incredible rise in gaming and e-sports, this is the most giftable item for gaming fanatics. To elaborate, the set consists of a gaming-grade keyboard, mouse, and optionally a headset. As a result, this makes a profitable item to dropship as it includes multiple products gaming enthusiasts are sure to love.

Ski Goggles

Tis the season! As Q4 moves into winter, winter sports accessories become a necessity, with the frontrunner being ski goggles. Plus, many people go on winter ski vacations, so this is the perfect time to offer this product. Moreover, ski goggles have different varieties and will always be in demand during this period.

Tip: We can cross-sell other winter sports accessories with ski goggles to increase our average order value. For example, we can offer helmets, ski gloves and more.


Now, the last high-ticket item in this category is the snowboard. As winter is the dominant season during Q4, snowboards are a great and profitable product to dropship. Actually, they are in demand with both seasoned snowboarders and beginners.

Additionally, snowboards are repeat purchases as they wear out each winter. So, let’s leverage this and offer our winter athletes an excellent product.

Jewelry & Accessories

Jewelry proves to be a very profitable niche, especially during Q4. In fact, jewelry is always a go-to choice for gift-giving since it’s timeless, classic, and beautiful. Plus, there are numerous gift-giving situations on the horizon during this period. With the global jewelry market predicted to grow to $19.88 billion by 2024, we can surely make a solid profit when listing jewelry for Q4 dropshipping.

In truth, products from the jewelry and accessories niche will always be trending. Plus, there are unique and hand-made items for this niche that we can price a little higher. As a result, we can enjoy higher profit margins.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular items from this niche:

  • Cross Pendant Necklace
  • Friendship Bracelet 
  • Rhinestone Snowflake Brooch
  • Travel Jewelry Box
  • Christmas Tree Earrings

Cross Pendant Necklace

The cross pendant necklace is a timeless piece that’s perfect for religious individuals. Especially since it’s Christmas, people want to respect their religion and would be delighted with such a gift. Of course, this very giftable item will be profitable during Q4 dropshipping.

Friendship Bracelet

Next, the friendship bracelet is truly an evergreen accessory, making it a perfect product for Q4. To elaborate, it’s an excellent item to sell because Q4 is the season of friends showing gratitude and appreciation for each other. Notably, during Christmas and even Thanksgiving, these bracelets are popular among friends.

Rhinestone Snowflake Brooch

Of course, the seasonality of some items is what makes them such a great choice for Q4 dropshipping. For example, the rhinestone snowflake brooch will attract a large audience during Christmas. Moreover, this item is both classy and seasonal, making it a great listing for our stores.

Travel Jewelry Box

Up next, the travel jewelry box is a great product to sell throughout the year. Plus, it’s also one of the best items to dropship in Q4. The travel jewelry box is a very useful item where we can store earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, and more.

Tip: We can pair this travel jewelry box with jewelry products and accessories. Also, we can market it as a great way to transport our precious pearls while traveling to see our families this Christmas.

Christmas Tree Earrings

Last but not least, on our top jewelry and accessories niche items, we have Christmas tree earrings. The Christmas tree earrings are profitable because people choose to both buy them for themselves and as gifts. As a result, this product ends up having a high sales volume. Notably, people love seasonal and niche items, which is why these earrings should be part of our product catalog.

Beauty Care

The beauty care niche offers a lot of diversity in products and great bundle options. Actually, offering product bundles is a great way to increase our average order value. Plus, we can offer discounts on beauty care bundles without hurting our bottom line.

In addition, these products make great gifts for both men and women. And they also prove to be profitable during Q4 dropshipping and even year-round.

So, some of the best items to sell in this niche are:

  • Set of Beauty Blenders
  • Eye Masks
  • LED Photodynamic Device
  • Electric Hair Clippers
  • UV Nail Lamp

Set of Beauty Blenders

Beauty blenders have been a popular item among women for years now. Because of this, they are trendy and profitable and will bring in sales. To clarify, beauty blenders are makeup sponges that help women apply foundation and other makeup.

Tip: When offering beauty blenders, to increase the perceived value, we can provide a guide on how to best clean them, so they are reusable.

Eye Mask

Next up, we have eye masks. Undoubtedly, eye masks have taken a big swing and have become super popular. As such, customers use these masks to take care of their under-eye skin, making them an in-demand product.

To clarify, the eye mask is two under-eye patches filled with healthy and nourishing components. As a result, it helps with wrinkles, dark circles, and moisturizing.

LED Photodynamic Device

With so much focus on appearances, it’s no wonder why the LED photodynamic device is a best seller. To explain, this device emits light composed of red, blue, yellow, and green.

As a result, it increases the amount of collagen in the skin, reducing wrinkles’ appearance. Because of this, customers, especially women, are always looking for this product.

Electric Hair Clippers

Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten about the men. One of the best-selling items for Q4 is electric hair clippers. Essentially, the electric hair clippers are a profitable product year-round, but now we can leverage the gift-giving season. This item is a necessity for men, making it both a great gift and a personal purchase.

UV Nail Lamp

Lastly, the UV nail lamp is a lamp that sets gel nail polish. As such, it’s perfect for manicures, pedicures, and creating fake nails. So, if we’re catering to an audience that loves beauty and having glamorous nails, then this is the perfect item to dropship this Q4.

Pet Products

Because of all the discounts, pet owners take advantage of this opportunity to buy products for their pets. Also, pet owners often treat their pets as their children.

Since they pay so much attention and care to their pets, pet products are booming. With the high demand for pet products, they are one of the best-selling niches during Q4.

Alright, let’s discover what items are trending in the pet products niche:

  • Soft Dog Bed
  • Winter Vest For Dogs
  • Stainless Steel Cat & Dog Comb
  • Flower Dog Bow Ties 
  • Folding Silicone Water Bowl

Soft Dog Bed

To begin our list, soft dog beds are at the tip. Not only are they in demand all year, but during Q4, sales go through the roof! Soft dog beds are beds that come in many shapes and sizes, catering to all dogs. Thus, making them a great addition to our Q4 dropshipping product catalog.

Winter Vest For Dogs

Since Q4 pushes through winter, winter pet clothes have become very popular, with winter dog vests as best sellers. Additionally, we can leverage the fact that people treat their dogs as children and cater to their demands. Thus, offering winter dog vests will boost our sales volume and profits.

Stainless Steel Cat & Dog Comb

The stainless steel cat and dog comb is a necessity for any pet owner, thus, it’s always in demand. Regardless of how obsessed customers may or may not be with their pets, this item is simply a must.

To explain, the stainless steel comb is a dense steel comb used to smooth and untangle a pet’s fur. As such, it’s a fantastic product to dropship in Q4 and throughout the rest of the year.

Flower Dog Bow Ties

Earlier, we mentioned that the products in Q4 tend to be unique, and flower dog bow ties are nothing but unique. Furthermore, it’s a dog accessory with a floral print that will simply make us smile. On top of that, these bow ties are all the hype and are one of the best-selling items for the quarter.

Tip: We can cross-sell flower dog bow ties with dog collars and other dog accessories.

Folding Silicone Water Bowl

Recently the foldable silicone water bowl has taken the dropshipping world by storm. To explain, this item is a silicone bowl that can be folded and easily transported.

To note, this makes it super convenient for any pet owner’s furry friend to stay hydrated anywhere, any time. With that being said, this product is super useful and convenient, which is why it’s so popular.

Finally, we have looked into all the profitable niches and products for Q4 dropshipping. Thus, these items will help us create a product catalog that will drive sales and increase our profits. Now, let’s dive into some tips that will help us leverage this festive season even more.

7 Tips To Prepare For Dropshipping In Q4

Importantly, there are a few tips that we can take into consideration during Q4 that will help us prepare and scale. Although we have gone through a lot of useful information, these tips will definitely help us take on Q4 dropshipping:

Optimize Sales With Product Bundles

Undoubtedly, during this period, people often gravitate toward bigger purchases. Especially since it’s the holiday season, people opt for gift sets for themselves and others. In that case, we can offer product bundles with a good selection of well-grouped items.

With this in mind, it’s also a good idea to offer a discounted price for the bundle compared to the sum of the price of each individual item. Thus, we can increase our average order value and, in return, gain higher profits.

Utilize Email Marketing

Next, we can utilize email marketing to cut down on marketing costs. Since marketing costs during Q4 increase, this is a great way to save some money while marketing our store.

What’s more, it’s important for us to take full advantage of all the people that visit our online store. So, by setting up an email marketing sequence for people that have abandoned their cart, we can tap into a lot of potential purchases.

Additionally, we can retrieve our customer’s email addresses at checkout and create a database. Then, we can use that database to retarget the same people that have already made a purchase and shown interest.

Undeniably, shoppers’ interests and demands change constantly, and with that so do the trends. Considerably, this happens a lot more often during Q4 because holidays and shopping events change so fast. Because of this, we need to always keep on top of trends to remain relevant and competitive.

Thus, we need to review our products constantly. Plus, a good way to stay on top is by checking what our competitors are listing and how those products are doing. Additionally, we need to also do our product research for Q4 dropshipping. However, one of the advantages of dropshipping is that we can easily test what’s working and replace slow movers. Thus, we don’t have to worry about losing too much profit this holiday season.

Work With Multiple Suppliers In Different Regions

In order to stay both on top of stock availability and reach a larger market, a great idea is to work with multiple suppliers. In addition, it’s smart to have our different suppliers be from different regions in order to cover as large a market as we can. Since they are the ones shipping out our products, having them be from different parts of the globe is just logistically sound.

Plus, it’s beneficial to have a diverse and vast product catalog for Q4. With that being said, having multiple global suppliers enables us to expand our product offerings.

Create ‘Personalized’ Discounts

As we now know, Q4 dropshipping is all about discounts. Actually, it’s the perfect opportunity to create big discounts without hurting our stream of income.

Additionally, offering seemingly ‘personalized’ discounts to our customers gives them the idea that we are personally catering to them. With that being said, we can offer these discounts in the form of discount codes or marked-down prices. Or, we can even include discount pop-ups in our store targeted toward our potential customers. Therefore, there are numerous ways to offer discounts, we just need to find what works best for our store by testing and analyzing our sale metrics.

Visually Enhance Your Store To Make It Ready For Q4

Uniquely, for Q4 dropshipping we have numerous opportunities to visually enhance our dropshipping store. To clarify, this means that we can enhance our store to portray the current event of the season. For example, during Christmas, we can have our store be Christmas themed which actually attracts more customers.

Notably, on AutoDS, there are free templates for Black Friday, Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays. In reality, buyers are more likely to buy from ‘Black Friday’ themed stores on Black Friday. And, the same goes for Christmas and Halloween and every other holiday we have in Q4.

Automate Your Dropshipping Operations

All things considered; this final tip will not only help us prepare for Q4 dropshipping but will also help us scale in general. Truth be told, manual dropshipping can be very time-consuming and require a lot of effort. Plus, it can get very complicated and error-prone. With that said, product research and importing, order fulfillment, monitoring, and many other responsibilities take up hours of our day.

On the other hand, using AutoDS’ dropshipping automation tools will alleviate the time and labor going into running our own eCommerce dropshipping business. The automation software automates the entire dropshipping process while also reducing errors.

In addition, AutoDS has a myriad of tools that allow us to scale and grow our dropshipping business. What’s more, the automation software does the work for us while we reap the benefits.

As a matter of fact, these AutoDS dropshipping automation tools allow us to have complete control over our business:

Importantly, we can focus on marketing and providing exceptional service by utilizing dropshipping automation tools. This way, we can stay ahead of our competition and grow our business to new heights.

Q4 eBook: Learn More About How To Increase Your Q4 Profits

Before we part ways, we think it’s important that dropshippers have all the information necessary to succeed this Q4. As such, the AutoDS Q4 eBook is here to help you learn everything there is to know to scale!

The eBook includes insightful tips on how to prepare a dropshipping store for Q4 and critical holidays. Plus, all the information provided was thoroughly researched based on sales analysis of previous years, predictions for this quarter, AutoDS’ expertise, and market research for in-demand and trending products.

Q4 Dropshipping tips ebook

With that said, the eBook contains the best-selling products to import to your store for Halloween, Christmas, and Black Friday. Thus, this will save dropshippers loads of time for product research and fully prepare us to take on this busy and profit-driven quarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Q4 Dropshipping?

Q4 dropshipping refers to dropshipping in the last season of the year. The season starts on the 1st of October and continues until the end of December.

Why Is Q4 The Most Important Time Of The Year For Sellers?

Q4 is the most important time for sellers because it’s packed with holidays and shopping events with customers shopping like crazy. During holidays and events like Halloween, Christmas, and Black Friday, people spend a huge amount of money shopping, allowing us to take advantage of that and leverage our sales.

What Is The Best Category For Dropshipping During Q4?

There are many categories that are great for dropshipping during Q4. However, the best categories for dropshipping during Q4 are jewelry & accessories, children’s toys, and fitness & entertainment items.

What Are The Best Products To Sell In Q4?

Some of the best products to sell in Q4 are sweaters, ski goggles, travel jewelry boxes, and smartwatches. But, remember to keep up with the trends to ensure you’re always listing best-selling items. 

How Can I Stay Ahead Of The Q4 Dropshipping Competition? 

A few ways to stay ahead of the competition in Q4 is by offering great customer service, leveraging email marketing, enhancing our store with a themed layout, and utilizing dropshipping automation. 

Is Q4 The Best Time To Start A Dropshipping Business?

Starting to dropship in Q4 may be overwhelming if you’re a beginner. There are numerous changes that can take place, like stock shortages, delays in delivery, etc., that you may not be ready to navigate. However, if you optimize essential tips and utilize dropshipping automation services, your dropshipping business can succeed and thrive during this busy season.


Finally, with all this preparation and valuable information about Q4 dropshipping, we can take on the busiest time of year. And not only that, but by utilizing what we learned, we can thrive and start making great profits in Q4.

Although it can get overwhelming during this period, there’s nothing we can’t handle with the right insights and tools. So, let’s start getting ready to fully take advantage of Q4 dropshipping.

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