If you’ve been searching for fitness products to dropship, look no further. If not, well… This is the perfect way to get acquainted with this niche.

In this article, we present to you the Top 10 fitness products to sell in the upcoming year. Fitness has been on the rise. Health awareness has gone up incredibly, so naturally, fitness-related items have become more and more popular. 

And due to COVID-19, which resulted in gyms closing and people getting bored while sitting around the house, we witnessed a huge increase in sales. This fitness niche is expected to stay profitable and grow throughout 2022.

A glance at Google Trends is one way of showing you the rising interest in exercising at home since the start of the pandemic: 

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Top 10 Best Fitness Products To Sell In 2022

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1. Exercise Mats 

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Let’s start with the basics. This item is in high demand and is widely used, making it a must-have in your store. These will be a hit in any store for indoor or outdoor use and all sorts of activities and exercises. Mats come in all different sizes and colors, so make sure to offer variations. 

Exercise Mats
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Shipping time: 2-3 days

2. Aqua Training Bags 

fitness product to sell in 2021

With the second item on our list, we bring you a new spin on training bags. These are a new and improved version of the old school sandbags used for weight lifting. It’s portable, so easier to use than sandbags.

Versatility is the name of the game, and aqua training bags can be used for cardio, high-intensity interval training for Crossfit, and movements such as lifts, swings, curls, step-ups, and rows. 

Multi-use products such as this are always a big hit. Not to mention, this particular item within the fitness niche has a high price tag, which means high profits in 2022. Remember to check with different suppliers to find the best deal.

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3. Vibration Plate 

vibration plate as best fitness product in 2021

This next item tends to the other aspect of fitness, physical recovery. Anyone who exercises knows how important it is to let your body rest and heal at times too.

This full-body vibration machine lets you enjoy a rehabilitation session from home. Known to calm the nervous system, which relieves stress and pain.

These vibrations can also help increase blood flow, improving your circulation, protecting your nerves and bones, repairing old injuries, and loosening stiff joints. 

Anything health and wellness related is hot-selling now. This is definitely a pricey item, so large profits can be expected when selling the vibration plate. 

4. Exercise Dice 

top 10 fitness products to sell in 2021

Here is an item for everyone and anyone! I think we can all relate to losing motivation and struggling to keep our work out routine on track.

Laziness is hard to control at times, and this next item comes to help with exactly that. Whether by yourself or with a friend (or better yet, a competitor), this item will help bring back some fun to staying in shape. Play anytime, anywhere! 

5. Lift Pulley System

fitness products to sell

So, remember earlier, we mentioned gyms are closed? Well, here is a perfect addition to any home exercise routine. Like the pulley workout, you can do at the gym, only portable and in the comfort of your own home. 

It allows you to train biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back. Such as Biceps Curl, Triceps Pull Down, Lat PullDown, Row, and Fly. An all-in-one product, which makes it very appealing.

Since it’s a bundle item, it’s got a high price tag. Furthermore, it’s hard to put a price tag on it, which means high profit for you. 

6. Battle Ropes 

This next item is for cardio lovers! Great for indoor or outdoor workouts, this fitness rope for strength training is great for beginners and intermediate trainers.

Check out different suppliers and their variations to catch the attention of more buyers. 

7. Pull Up Bar/ Chin Up Bar 

Exercise bars such as this one have been popular for years and remain bestsellers within this niche. This definitely has proved itself as an evergreen product. Home gym bars allow you to perform a variety of upper body strengthening exercises. 

You also can move the upper body workout bar down to the lower part of the doorway for sit-ups, push-ups, dips, crunches, and even stretching.

8. Twister Arm Exerciser 

Strength training by resistance has been put into the ultimate adjustable tool. Exercises back and arm muscles. Comes with interchangeable resistance bands, perfect for all fitness levels. Great as a staple piece for your home gym. 

9. Bike Pedal Exerciser 

Here is yet another product from the fitness niche in 2022, the home version of a well known and widely enjoyed exercise machine. Same as the gym peddlers, this is simply a mini version to have at home. The seated pedal exerciser is used for arm and leg exercises to increase blood circulation and relieve stress. 

The pedal movement is quiet and super smooth. You can use it while working in the office or while watching TV at home. The best gift choice! No assembly is necessary and easily installed. 

10. Calf Stretcher 

To finish off our list of the Top 10 Fitness Products, we wanted to add a simple yet useful item. Before any workout, one needs to stretch. Perfect for leg day, this cute little pedal makes it fun and easy to do so. It comes in different colors and designs, so definitely try out a variation in your store/s.

Tag Your Products 

Tagging products for niches is a great way to keep track of your products. 

Once you start adding fitness products to your store, make sure to create the tag “Fitness” and add all your fitness products to analyze and optimize their performance in the future.  

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add multiple fitness products at once using autods

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Using Multiple Dropshipping Suppliers

To those of you still using only one supplier, we hope you reconsider. It’s ok to dropship through just one supplier, but why limit yourself? The suggested number of suppliers to work with is 2-3. Working with more than 3-4 can become a bit much.

Expanding to multiple suppliers is not only easy but, in a lot of cases, safer for you. Not to mention, this also tremendously helps scale your business in the fitness niche in 2022!

There are plenty of benefits of working with multiple suppliers.

Diversity, for starters.  You automatically get a wider range of products. Not every product you come across is widely available; some are through specific suppliers. This also helps you stand out and grab buyers’ attention since many sellers stick to one supplier and might miss out on unique or trendy items. 

We mentioned safety above. 100 %!  Getting stuck with an order you can not fulfill is no fun. If you use one supplier for your products and one of your bestsellers goes out of stock, you’re stuck. Or, what if the supplier suddenly changes their shipping time? Stuck again.

If you put all your eggs in one basket (one supplier), you either have no choice but to stop selling that item, lose sales and if you had sales come in just before this happened, you’d need to cancel orders. These inconveniences are so easy to avoid when working with multiple suppliers.  

Lastly, this is a great way to gain more dropshipping experience. Different suppliers mean different policies, prices, products, and niches! AutoDS supports over 10 suppliers, which is more than enough to reach millions of products and scale your business exponentially. 


Like many others, the fitness niche is evergreen and has many evergreen products to offer as well as trend-based ones in 2022. Keep your eyes open and always be on the lookout for new possibilities. 

Health and fitness have been gaining popularity worldwide, so don’t be late joining the party. Once you start selling this niche, you can start with these 10 product ideas we listed.

Don’t forget; we recommend adding at least 20 products or more to analyze the niche properly. Track the performance of the different niches you sell, along with their products. 

One of the best ways to add products to your store and scale your dropshipping business immensely is to upload in bulk. We highly recommend taking a look at “The Big Numbers Method,” which is specifically designed to save you money while increasing sales and profits in a very straightforward way. 

We are always happy to share our strategies with you, and we hope you enjoyed this article.