Most people have and drive cars; it’s gone from being a commodity to a necessity. People have become dependent on cars on a daily basis. So, the need to upkeep their car, take care and fix their cars has skyrocketed demand for auto parts. So, dropshipping auto parts is actually a very profitable niche to leverage. However, just like when running any business, it comes with its dropshipping challenges. To see great success in this niche, we need to find the most in-demand auto parts to dropship.

In this article, we’re going to find out what are the best-selling auto part products that will boost our sales. Plus, we’ll discover which suppliers are best to work with and why it’s a good idea to dropship auto parts.

Is Dropshipping Auto Parts A Good Business Idea?

Of course! Dropshipping auto parts is a great idea because the niche has high demand and some high-ticket items to boost our revenue. Plus, some auto parts are bulky, such as tires, making them expensive to store and ship. But, when we dropship auto parts, we don’t handle the shipping or storage, making it a lot easier to profit from this market. 

Plus, the auto parts industry is worth about $81 billion and is steadily growing. So, it makes sense for us to leverage such a large, profitable market with an undying demand. By dropshipping auto parts best-sellers, we can see our profits increase. 

20 Best Auto Parts Products For Your Dropshipping Store

To truly leverage the full potential of dropshipping auto parts, we need to find best-sellers that will bring in more sales. With that said, let’s take a look at the 20 best auto parts to dropship: 

Auto Parts 

First, we’ll take a look at some proven items under the auto parts category. Auto parts are an absolute necessity because often, the car won’t be able to function properly without them. Moreover, auto parts can sometimes be big-ticket items that enable us to mark them up. As a result, we can increase our dropshipping profits

With that said, the most in-demand dropship auto parts items are: 

  • Car Battery Charger 
  • Compressor
  • Car Alternator Tester
  • Car Ignition Plugs
  • Car Brake Pads

Car Battery Charger

Car battery charger

When we dropship auto parts, we need to include a car battery charger in our product catalog. It presents a lucrative opportunity because it addresses a universal need among vehicle owners. Almost every car owner has encountered a dead battery at some point, making this product a practical and in-demand solution

Furthermore, car battery chargers come in various forms and price ranges, allowing us to cater to different consumer segments. Whether it’s a budget-friendly option for the average driver or a high-end charger for automotive enthusiasts, we can dropship auto parts for every buyer. Consequently, we can maximize our profit potential.

Product img
Car Battery Charger
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 7 Days


Compressor dropship auto part

A compressor stands out as a profitable dropshipping auto part due to its versatility and market demand. This essential automotive tool serves multiple purposes, from inflating tires to powering air tools. Thus, making it appealing to a larger market.

With its applications extending beyond just car maintenance, dropshippers can tap into other markets as well. For example, construction and DIY enthusiasts are expanding their potential customer base. We can offer compact portable compressors or heavy-duty ones to cater to a wider market. By effectively marketing this versatile product, dropshippers can carve a profitable niche in the automotive market.

Car Alternator Tester

Car Alternator Tester dropship auto part

A car alternator tester is an invaluable diagnostic tool for both car owners and professional mechanics. It’s used for assessing the health and functionality of a vehicle’s alternator, which charges the battery and powers various electrical components. With the increasing complexity of modern cars, alternator issues are common, and accurately diagnosing them is essential to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs. As such, making them a great addition to our catalog when we dropship auto parts. 

The profitability of dropshipping this auto part lies in its practicality and versatility. These testers come in various forms. From simple handheld devices to more advanced diagnostic tools with digital displays and comprehensive testing capabilities. So, we can both attract sales with affordable testers and maximize our profits by marking up the advanced car alternator testers. 

Car Ignition Plugs

Car Ignition Plugs dropship auto part

Car ignition plugs, commonly known as spark plugs, play an essential role in a vehicle’s ignition system. Spark plugs need regular replacement, making them a recurring purchase for car owners, translating into a consistent demand. Additionally, car ignition plugs can be versatile and tailored to different car makes and models. Thus, we need to ensure we have a diverse offering in order to cater to diverse consumer needs. 

By offering car ignition plugs compatible with different vehicles and effectively marketing them, we can hope to score some returning customers. All in all, it’s a product that combines the benefits of recurrent purchases, diverse product offerings, and ease of logistics. As such, it is a great auto part to dropship. 

Car Brake Pads

Car Brake Pads

Car brake pads are crucial for vehicle safety, and they also have a recurring need for replacement. These components play a pivotal role in the car’s braking system. Given the essential nature of brakes, car owners are compelled to replace brake pads periodically. As such, this creates a consistent demand for these products. 

Similar to spark plugs, we need to offer a variety of brake pads to cater to different car makes and models. By marketing brake pads as an essential safety component, dropshippers can tap into a recurring market segment. It’s a product category that blends safety and necessity, making it a must-have when we dropship auto parts.

Protective Accessories

Unsurprisingly, protective accessories are also a very profitable product category when dropshipping auto parts. This is because cars require constant upkeep, and these items make them convenient and accessible. 

Paint Care Kit

car paint care kit

A paint care kit is a profitable dropshipping product in the auto parts industry due to its universal appeal among car enthusiasts and owners. These kits include all necessary products for maintaining a vehicle’s exterior. 

Car owners constantly look for ways to protect and enhance their car’s appearance. So, there is a continuous demand for paint care kits. 

Door Protective Film

Door Protective Film dropship auto part

This is an attractive auto part to dropship in the automotive market because it serves a practical purpose. On top of that, door protective film also preserves the aesthetics of a vehicle. These films provide an effective solution to prevent minor damages that cars often endure in daily use.

By offering a variety of protective films from various suppliers, we can cater to increasing demand. Plus, this product opens the door for returning customers because cars will continue to attain new damages. So, we should offer quality door protective film to ensure customer satisfaction.

Scratch Pen Remover

Scratch Pen Remover dropship auto part

Dropshipping scratch pen removers provide an effective solution for car scratches and scuffs. These pens can touch up and remove minor scratches, making them a cost-effective alternative to professional detailing services. Plus, they are much more convenient. 

By dropshipping auto parts, we tap into a continuous necessity for people to upkeep their cars. So, a suitable product like the scratch pen remover is a proven best-seller that will boost our sales.  

Beginner’s Tip: Offer bundle discounts since scratch pen removers can be exhausted. That way, people can order a bundle of multiples at a discounted price so they don’t have to wait for delivery each time. As such, we can increase our average order value. 

Dog Car Seat Cover

Dog car seat cover

Dog car seat covers are a profitable dropship auto part since they cater to a growing market segment—pet owners. During car rides, many pet owners want their vehicles to be clean and comfortable for their pets. There is a special and growing customer base in this area, making it easy for us to reach them through dropshipping auto parts.

The car seat cover is quite self-explanatory – it covers the car seats to protect them from scratches or dirt. In order to meet the diverse needs of pet owners, we can offer a range of seat covers for different car types. 

Beginner’s Tip: Offer combo deals if customers purchase a complimentary product like pet travel baskets or car leashes.

Car Cleaning Gel

Car Cleaning Gel

The car cleaning gel maintains a vehicle’s interior, cleaning and preserving the inside of a car. Its unique composition allows it to easily mold into hard-to-reach crevices, effectively removing dust, dirt, crumbs, and other debris. This dropshipping auto part is also versatile. We can use it to clean household electronics, keyboards, and other difficult-to-clean items. 

This versatility makes it an appealing choice for a wide range of potential customers, not just the auto parts market.  As a low-cost, impulse-buy product, car cleaning gel encourages multiple purchases and repeat business, contributing to its profitability. 

Cosmetic & Personalized Accessories

The cosmetic and personalized accessories product category is profitable because it allows room for markups. To clarify, we can mark up personalized or unique items and increase our profits. People are willing to spend more for more unique items. Plus, a lot of the products in this category have become necessities for car owners. 

Shift Knob Cover

Shift knob cover

Shift knob covers designed to enhance the aesthetics of a vehicle’s interior also provide a comfortable grip on the shift knob. When dropshipping auto parts, we can respond to customers’ needs with a variety of designs, materials, and colors. 

The competitive advantage lies in sourcing these covers from manufacturers or suppliers who offer high-quality and unique designs. This allows us to mark up the product and generate healthy profits. On top of that, we’re catering to a high demand from car enthusiasts who seek both style and functionality.

Pattern Steering Wheel Cover

Pattern Steering Wheel Cover

The pattern steering wheel covers are designed to prevent wear and deterioration of the steering wheel. Plus, they improve the comfort and grip of the steering wheel as well as giving a personalized touch. Its wide range of designs allows customers to personalize their vehicles to reflect their unique style. 

By providing a variety of designs, materials, and sizes, we can cater to a broad range of customer preferences. The pattern steering wheel cover is a great dropship auto part because of the constant need for replacement due to wear and tear. This ensures a steady demand throughout the year. 

Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Cover dropship auto part

Our next best-selling dropshipping auto parts are car seat covers. Seat covers protect our customers’ car seats from wear and tear. Plus, we can offer a variety of designs to appeal to our more daring customers. That way, we can offer our market the option to add a unique and funky touch to their car’s interior. 

To take different vehicle types and customer preferences into account, offering a variety of seat cover designs, materials, or sizes is crucial. These products solve both a practical need and also for creative expression. So, there are various creative ways for us to market them. 

Beginner’s Tip: We can market the seat covers and the dog seat covers together to pet owners and offer a discount if they are purchased together. We can market them on the basis that our customers need to protect their entire car seating, not just where their dog sits. That way, we can sell more items and profit more significantly. 

3D Car Reflective Sticker Door

3D Car Reflective Sticker Door

Dropshipping 3D car reflective door stickers have a visual impact and are easy to customize. Crafted with reflective materials, these stickers illuminate when exposed to light. This makes the car more visible in low-light conditions and adds an eye-catching, stylish element to the vehicle’s design. 

These stickers are not only a distinctive feature of a car’s exterior but also help to increase safety. Notably, dropshippers can tap into various niches, such as car modding and road safety. They are also very customizable. We can customize them for holidays and special occasions.

Car Floor Mats

Car Floor Mats dropship auto parts

Car floor mats are a staple product for dropshipping auto parts. They offer both practicality and customization options. In fact, we can offer different designs and colors to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Undoubtedly, their main function is to protect the interior surfaces of a vehicle against dirt and debris.

The car floor mats are a great auto part to dropship because they are a necessity for any vehicle. Plus, they are subject to replacement meaning we can score some repeat customers.

Electronic Accessories For Your Car 

Electronic accessories for cars are on the rise because of the implementation of gadgets into the driving experience. Many of the products in this category serve to alleviate some aspects of driving. As a result, this makes them high-demand items, enabling us to boost sales.

Multi-media System

car multimedia system

A multimedia system is a sophisticated dropship auto part that enhances the driving experience. Touchscreen displays, GPS navigation and the ability to play multiple formats of sound and video are common features. As drivers look for ways of upgrading their vehicles with advanced technology, these systems are becoming increasingly popular.

The wide appeal of multimodal systems and their strong demand make them a profitable dropshipping auto parts product. They cater to car owners who want to enhance their entertainment and connectivity without the need for complex installation.

OBDII Reader

OBDII Reader dropship auto part

An OBDII (On-Board Diagnostics II) reader is a compact and user-friendly device used to diagnose and monitor a vehicle’s performance. It connects to the OBDII port, typically located beneath the dashboard, and communicates with the car’s onboard computer system. OBDII readers can scan for engine trouble codes and offer valuable insights into the vehicle’s overall health. 

OBD II readers are very profitable for dropshipping auto parts because they cater to a sizable, uniform market. Due to their accessibility and low cost, these devices have been made available to numerous users. We can use the increased interest in preventive vehicle maintenance and self-diagnostics to our advantage.

Driving Recorder Camera

A driving recorder camera, often called a dashcam, is a small video recording device mounted on a vehicle’s dashboard or windshield. It’s primarily intended to capture video footage of the road and surrounding area while you drive. They have gained popularity due to their potential to enhance road safety and security while driving.

The benefits of having a dashcam in the event of accidents or insurance claims are becoming increasingly recognized by drivers. Furthermore, they are relatively easy to install and operate, meaning they are easy to use for a variety of users. With more and more vehicle manufacturers looking to invest in these devices, we will be able to take advantage of an expanding market.

Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger dropship auto part

A wireless charger is a convenient and innovative device used to recharge electronics without a cable. This automotive integration reduces cable clutter, enhances safety by minimizing distractions, and keeps customers’ devices charged. 

Wireless chargers come in various forms, including charging mats, stands, and even integrated into the car. As such, this makes them a versatile and user-friendly solution for our customers’ vehicles. Plus, the increasing popularity and widespread adoption of wireless charging makes them a good dropship auto part. 

Breathalyzer For Car

Breathalyzer For Car

A breathalyzer for a car is a sophisticated tool designed to prevent drunk driving. Typically, people install it in a vehicle’s dashboard or ignition system. The product requires the driver to blow into the device to measure their blood alcohol content (BAC) before starting the car. These devices are essential for promoting road safety and reducing the risk of drunk driving accidents. 

Governments, law enforcement agencies, and courts often mandate the use of these devices for individuals with DUI (Driving Under the Influence). Additionally, many other drivers opt to install breathalyzers for their cars voluntarily. This further expands our potential customer base. 

Top 11 Auto Parts Dropshipping Suppliers To Source From

Importantly, in order to target both a local and global market, we need to work with global suppliers. As such, our suppliers must be available in different regions across the globe for maximum coverage. 

It’s essential to ensure our suppliers have a domestic warehouse in the market we are selling. As a result, this allows us to offer faster shipping, ultimately bringing about satisfied and returning customers.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the most reliable dropshipping auto parts suppliers:

  1. AutoDS & Private Suppliers
  2. Temu
  3. Amazon
  4. Lowe’s
  5. Wayfair
  6. Alibaba
  7. Costco
  8. Aliexpress
  9. Sam’s Club
  10. Target
  11. Walmart

AutoDS & Private Suppliers

AutoDS and private suppliers

The AutoDS Warehouse is a great place to source products since it houses lots of private suppliers. This gives us a competitive edge since our competitors don’t have access to these private suppliers. We can access the AutoDS Warehouse through the AutoDS marketplace by choosing it as an option in the supplier list. Once we filter out the results from the Warehouse, we can easily import our chosen products to our store. 

Notably, AutoDS is also a supplier with a warehouse and a Print on Demand provider. It offers fast shipping, making it a great choice to source from. Apart from AutoDS, the AutoDS Warehouse keeps adding new private suppliers and growing the list, enabling us to enjoy more diversity.  And, since it connects to the platform, the automatic order fulfillment system will fulfill all orders, Fulfilled by AutoDS. 

Uniquely, unlike other suppliers, we have suppliers that offer the option to add our brand logo to the packaging. By shipping out our orders with our store logo, these suppliers help us build brand recognition. Lastly, we can enjoy the benefit of getting discounts. This allows us to add a higher profit margin while remaining competitive.


temu dropship auto parts supplier

You might not have heard about Temu yet, but you will soon. This relatively new marketplace, launched in 2022, has already made a name for itself. It offers a diverse product range, including auto parts, at low prices. Furthermore, the platform has an exceptional return policy – it guarantees a full refund within 90 days. However, Temu doesn’t support AutoDS automation, which limits its potential as a dropshipping supplier.


amazon auto parts

Amazon is one of the most attractive suppliers because its extensive product range allows us to build a winning auto parts catalog. This supplier covers everything from seat covers and cleaning gels to compressors and car battery chargers. Also, their 2-day delivery and flexible return policies make Amazon one of the most attractive suppliers to source from.


lowe's auto parts

Interestingly, Lowe’s is the second largest chain in the US, making it ideal for sourcing our dropshipping auto parts. In fact, they carry thousands of products, including our auto part best-sellers. Plus, they offer a protection plan to protect our online wallet and products beyond the warranty. 


wayfair auto parts

Up next is Wayfair. Wayfair is one of the best suppliers to source our auto parts from.

Notably, Wayfair has a global network of warehouses, making them super dependable across international markets. Additionally, because of their warehouse network, they offer fast 2-day shipping that we can extend to our US consumers.


alibaba auto parts

Alibaba is a parent company to a few other companies, including AliExpress. Since Alibaba is the parent company, it is massive and primarily a B2B supplier. With Alibaba, we’re able to utilize their private label product options. And, since they’re a massive supplier, we can easily find all of the auto parts we want to dropship. But, we should keep an eye out for minimum order quantity requirements. 


costco auto parts

Now, let’s talk about America’s giant wholesaler, Costco. This American supplier is renowned for its competitive prices. As such, we gravitate towards Costco because of its great deals and fast 2-day delivery to most locations in the US. Notably, they also offer same-day delivery for the US only.


aliexpress auto parts

Undeniably, AliExpress is one of the most famous dropshipping suppliers. Their warehouses all around the world make them a great supplier for dropshipping auto parts. Plus, because of their huge product selection, we can offer a large variety of auto parts in our store. Plus, they have a Dropship Center that helps us with product research, making it dropshipper-friendly. 

Sam’s Club

sam's club auto parts

Next on our supplier’s list, we have Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club is the second-ranking among warehouse clubs in terms of sales volume. Actually, this American chain offers membership-only warehouse clubs owned by Walmart Inc. Sam’s Club also offers free shipping and chas rewards, making it a great supplier to source our auto parts. 


target auto parts

Our list of dropshipping auto parts suppliers continues with Target. With their big product variety, Target is a great choice to source from. Plus, Target has a generous 90-day return policy and a Target RedCard membership that offers a lot of perks. With the membership card, we can save money and enjoy 5% cashback on a large number of select items. 


walmart auto parts

Although Walmart is primarily used to source products for the American consumer, it has delightful perks like a wide range of diverse products and next-day delivery. One of Walmart’s most attractive features is its price match policy. If a product goes on sale within the return period, we can get a refund of the price difference by reaching out to customer support. Continuing the theme of affordability, Walmart also offers big sales and daily deals.

Finally, we can start a lucrative dropshipping auto parts business. By sourcing proven best-sellers from reliable suppliers, we’re ready to start selling and making a profit.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dropshipping Auto Parts Profitable?

Yes! Dropshipping auto parts is profitable because they are always in demand and bring returning customers. Especially when paired with the dropshipping business model, dropshipping auto parts is optimal for increasing our profits.

Is Car Accessories A Good Niche For Dropshipping?

Car accessories are continuously one of the most profitable niches. This is because cars have become a necessity, so car accessories remain in high demand throughout the year. 

How Do You Calculate The Margin Of Dropshipping Auto Parts?

You can calculate the profit margin for auto parts with a simple formula. Net profit margins = [(Revenue – Cost) / Revenue] * 100.


Woo! Now, we are ready to take on dropshipping auto parts. In fact, knowing the winning auto parts and top suppliers has us prepared to start profiting. 

Moreover, with the right tools and information, we can take on any obstacle in the dropshipping world. On top of that, with dropshipping automation, we can optimize our business and further scale.

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