Did you know the key to dropshipping success lies in the hands of product research? So, finding excellent products for a dropshipping store shouldn’t be a random process. Instead, we should be meticulous in our product-finding strategy.

When we list trending and in-demand products, we have a high chance of generating sales. As a result, we can maximize our profit potential by carefully selecting top-quality items to list in our stores.

Therefore, this article will cover highly useful product-finding methods. By the end, we will learn how to find winning dropshipping products and scale our business to new heights.

6 Ways To Find Winning Dropshipping Products

Essentially, there are many ways to find winning dropshipping products. However, we will focus on the six most valuable techniques, which are: 

Below, we will explain each of the methods in detail.

Search Supplier’s Best Sellers

Along with a huge selection of products, some suppliers have a dedicated section for their most popular products. Thus, we can analyze the supplier’s best-seller section to find products that sell well.

In essence, many suppliers provide the best-seller sections. For instance, there are Amazon Best-Sellers, AliExpress Dropship Center, eBay Trending Items, and Walmart’s Top Selling Items.

For demonstration, let’s explore eBay Trending Items. To find in-demand products, head to the eBay section on Trending Items. Here, we can discover best-selling products from every category. 

Next, click on a specific category, such as Yard, Garden, and Outdoor. We chose this niche as it is one of the most popular dropshipping categories. So, this will display all popular products from the Outdoor Decor category. From here, we can see that the Hard Cooler box is in-demand because it is displayed at the #1 and #2 spots.

How easy was that? Plus, we can use any of the AutoDS-supported suppliers to search for the same product. For example, we can find the product on AliExpress, Walmart, Amazon, or Alibaba. With this strategy, we can find trending and popular products from suppliers. Then, we can optimize our store with dropshipping automation as AutoDS supports all of those global suppliers.

Spy On The Competition

Additionally, spying on our competition also helps us find best-selling products from their stores. There are different spying methods according to the selling channels our competitors use. With that said, the best spying methods are the following:

  • Koala Inspector for Shopify stores
  • Manual Product Research for eBay
  • Facebook Ads for Shopify, Wix, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace & Facebook Shops

Koala Inspector ForShopify Stores

Essentially, Koala Inspector is one of the best tools to spy on Shopify stores. To begin spying, install the Koala Inspector Chrome Extension and log in using your email address.

Now, we can start spying on our competitor’s Shopify store with the Koala Inspector. For demonstration, let’s spy on Aesthentials, which is a successful clothing and lifestyle store. First, go to the homepage of the target store. 

Then, click on the Koala Inspector chrome extension. This will display a general overview of the target store, including their product selection, dropshipping apps, marketing strategies, and more.

To find best sellers, click on Products and select Best-sellers. This will display the store’s best-selling products. On top of that, we can also download the best-sellers list using a CSV file and import it directly into our stores using AutoDS.

On top of that, we can find out how many products are in the store and their average price. And, since many stores use marketing tools to promote their products, this tool helps us identify those strategies.

eBay Manual Research

Besides finding products on eBay through the trending section, we can also manually search for profitable products. First, head over to eBay and search for desired products. For example, let’s search for Patio Umbrellas from the Home and Garden niche.

From the search filters, click on sold, and uncheck completed. This will display products that customers have already bought and are still selling on eBay. On top of that, we can fill in our desired price range, features, materials, and more. This will display in-demand products that are already sold by suppliers on eBay. Therefore, by keeping an eye on our competitors, we can find winning products for our dropshipping stores.

Facebook Ads Research

Another excellent method to spy on our competition is through Facebook Ads. Since sellers advertise their products on Facebook, we can analyze their ads to find best-selling and popular products.

But how do we find their ads in the first place? First, go to Facebook and search for any of the following keywords from the search bar.

  • Get Yours Now
  • Limited Supply
  • 30%, 50%, 60% off (or any other percentage) 
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Buy It Now
  • Click Link
  • Buy Now

The above keywords are some of the relevant keywords that sellers use to promote their dropshipping products. After we find such products, we can begin our analysis and spot popular products to sell.

To find products that are trending and popular, check the audience reach and engagement of our competitor’s Facebook ad. The higher the engagement, the more profitable the product is. Besides that, we can use different Facebook ad finder tools such as Turbo Ad Finder and Unicorn Ads to see what products sellers advertise on Facebook.

If we want to find products using a simple search, we can use Google Trends. In essence, Google Trends is a product research tool that reveals trending search queries on the internet. Moreover, Google Trends displays all the relevant searches related to the keyword we are searching for.

For example, if we are searching for gift products to sell, then Google Trends displays how many times people have searched for that particular keyword. Additionally, it also reveals where the keywords have been searched and other relevant and popular keywords such as Father’s day gifts, Mother’s day gifts, and more.

When we learn about what keywords are trending, we can identify what products are in-demand. Then, with this information, we can search different suppliers’ websites to find those products.

AutoDS Product Research Tool

If we want to find high-potential products effortlessly, then the AutoDS Product Research Tool is the best option. It is an advanced tool that allows us to search for trending products for our stores. Plus, it allows us to filter the search based on factors such as the target audience and profit margin. Hence, we can quickly identify trending products and import them to our stores.

This is how we can use the product research tool. First, head over to the AutoDS platform and register for an AutoDS account. After logging in, we will land on the home page of the AutoDS platform.

AutoDS product research tool

Then, click on Marketplace from the top left menu. Now, the product research platform will show products from the suppliers. Also, we can choose among the different search filters available such as suppliers, price range, and more.

Furthermore, we can add other filters like categories to search products from a specific niche such as Fitness, Electronics, or Clothing. All in all, the product research tool saves a lot of time and effort by enabling us to find winning products instantly. On top of that, if we find suitable products, we can automatically import them and handle returns with a single click feature.

While the product research tool allows us to explore products, not everyone can invest time and effort into the research. That’s why the AutoDS Finder offers an excellent alternative for those who lead busy lives. This market research tool automatically finds products based on the number of sales. On top of that, it allows us to source products from more than 25 suppliers. 

Beginner’s Tip: Use the AutoDS finder to import winning products into your dropshipping store immediately.

Besides being a dropshipping automation software, AutoDS also provides plenty of resources in the form of blog articles and videos. With the blog page and Youtube playlist, AutoDS gives us many product ideas from different categories.

Check Product Hashtags On Social Media

Another excellent product research method is to check product hashtags on social media. In a nutshell, social media hashtags are trends that connect social media content to a specific topic, event, or conversation.

By spotting trending hashtags on social media, we can find products that are popular in the market. For example, there’s a popular hashtag named #TiktokMadeMeBuyIt. Essentially, this hashtag consists of users posting products they love and promoting them to others.

With these hashtags, we can learn what products are most popular on social media. Plus, we can also find out how many people are engaging with a particular hashtag. If plenty of social media users are engaging with the product, then it’s trending and in demand.

Research Social Shopping Sites

Along with social media, social shopping sites can be a great way to find what products people buy. To clarify, social shopping sites combine social media and e-commerce.

For instance, Pinterest and WeHeartIt are often used for inspiration to buy home decor products. Similarly, we can explore other social shopping sites to find products from different categories, such as health and beauty. Overall, with these six amazing strategies, we will have an unlimited supply of in-demand and profitable products to dropship. 

All in all, these methods are amazing ways to find winning dropshipping products for our store. Here is

Key Tips For Selecting The Best Dropshipping Products

While listing trending products leads to higher sales, we can maximize our profits by filtering products even more. With that in mind, here are some tips for selecting the best dropshipping products:

  1. Narrow Down Your Winning Products List
  2. Start With A General Store
  3. Check Product Reviews & Delivery Times
  4. Set A Solid Profit Margin

1. Narrow Down Your Winning Products List

When performing product research, we’ll see many trending products that can sell well. However, we have to choose the best products from our research list. Only then can we ensure our products bring in significant profits.

Hence, we can use the product research spreadsheet to narrow down our product list. The product research spreadsheet includes a series of questions that we have to answer. Upon answering these questions, we’ll have a clear idea of which products are the best on the list.

2. Start With A General Store

Next, we can start dropshipping with a general store that sells from various categories. When we start with a general store, we can test products from different categories. Plus, we can also learn what our audience likes.

Once we are experienced with a general store, we will better understand our niche. Then, we can go on to create a niche store to scale our profits even more.

3. Check Product Reviews & Delivery Times

Generally, there are plenty of suppliers to source products from. To source high-quality products, we should only drop ship from reliable suppliers. Plus, we risk customer dissatisfaction if we source products from unreliable suppliers.

So, how do we check if suppliers are reliable? In essence, we have to check product reviews and delivery times of our suppliers. Investigating the customer feedback and delivery speed gives us an insight into the supplier. Thus, we should source products from suppliers with positive product reviews and quick shipping times.

Beginner’s Tip: Working with multiple suppliers enables us to have a wide selection of high-quality products. Plus, we need a backup in place if one of our suppliers is unable to ship products on time.

4. Set A Solid Profit Margin

Finally, we need to find an optimal price for our stores’ products. As such, we can remain competitive and achieve substantial profits from our sales. Thus, we should regularly keep an eye on our competitors to understand the market prices of products we want to sell.

With that said, although we want to attain a solid profit margin, we need to remain competitive. Thus, we should not price products much higher than our competitors to ensure our customers do not search elsewhere.

With that in mind, we can use the AutoDS price optimization tool to automate pricing in our stores. This tool increases the price of best-sellers in our store and decreases the price of products not selling well.

Additionally, we can use the AutoDS price monitoring tool to keep track of price fluctuations. Sometimes, suppliers can change the product price due to internal and external factors.

Since these fluctuations affect our business directly, we need to remain aware of the price changes. Therefore, we will never fall behind in the competition. With these four key tips, we can easily narrow down our list of products to find the best ones for our dropshipping business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Find Dropshipping Products? 

We can find dropshipping products by searching on Google trends and suppliers’ best-seller sections, such as the AliExpress Dropship Center. Additionally, if we want to automate the product-finding method, we can use the AutoDS product research tool to find trending and in-demand products. Also, we can spy on our competition to discover their best-sellers. 

What Are The Best Dropshipping Products? 

The best dropshipping products depend on our niche and how we market them. If we are beginners, we should sell products from a wide range of categories. This allows us to experiment with what works best for us.

Are There Products I’m Not Allowed To Dropship? 

Yes. There are some product types that we should avoid dropshipping. For instance, copyrighted products, weapons, alcohol, and tobacco-related products are prohibited for online sellers.  

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable? 

Absolutely! Dropshipping is not only profitable in 2022 but also in the coming years. According to Statista, the dropshipping market size is projected to be 243 billion in 2023. Furthermore, it is expected to reach 476 billion by 2026.


Great! We learned all the tips and techniques on how to find dropshipping products. Now, we are adept at finding top-quality products that will skyrocket our sales. With continuous research, achieving success is inevitable.

Once we learn how to find products, we can keep adding best-sellers to our store. Furthermore, with dropshipping automation, we can efficiently sell those products and achieve maximum profit. 

With that said, if you want to list winning products, here are some amazing articles to discover lucrative product ideas: