1. Cookies

Every browser that we use to access websites has something called cookies. They are files that store history about you when you visit a website.

When we browse eBay for the first time, the cookies are still empty, and they don’t have much history about us; consequently, eBay won’t trust us.

So if we go and create a seller account and start listing products, we will get suspended immediately. One reason for this is that no one visits eBay for the first time and directly creates a seller account and starts selling.

To avoid this, we need to build some browsing history and fill the cookies before we start listing. The ideal way to do this and earn eBay’s trust is to act as a regular visitor and not perform anything that seems like a robotic activity.

We recommend that after you create your eBay account, you spend 10 to 15 minutes a day, on your account browsing products, reading policies and visiting the eBay community, repeat this process for two weeks before you list your first product.

2. Different Browser & IP Address

For users that got suspended before, and they are trying to create another account, you may need to change your IP address or your laptop and browser; it depends on your situation and preferences. But this is one of the main reasons for eBay account suspension.

To find out more about this process, please watch our video on how to work with eBay stealth accounts.

3. Your First Product

When the time to list your first product comes, don’t list a product from the internet, because it will sound suspicious to eBay. Instead, we recommend that you take a picture of an item from your home, one that you don’t mind selling, if you don’t have a product like this, take any product and raise the price, so no one buys it.

After two days of publishing the product, delete it, and now you can start listing dropshipping products.

4. Image Metadata

This step also concerns users that got suspended before and are trying to create a new eBay account.

When we take a picture using a phone or a camera, the image that we get contains something called metadata.

This metadata includes info about the device which took the picture, the date, and other things. eBay will quickly know it’s you if you upload an image that is taken with your phone, which you used before with your suspended account, and of course, they will suspend the new account too.

We recommend that before you upload the picture, you remove the metadata that was on it. one way to do this is by using some website, like this one Verexif

Removing Meta Data from Pictures

Upload the picture that you want to clean, click “Remove Exif” and the cleaned image will get downloaded.

The most important thing here is never to open the downloaded picture because, once you open it, your computer or your phone will again put metadata on it. Keep it that way until you directly upload it to eBay.

5. Grow Slowly

What we mean by slowly growing is that you need to keep an eye on your sales and their prices, growing too fast and making thousands of dollars while your account is still new is considered as a suspicious activity to both eBay and PayPal.

If you start getting a significant amount of daily sales, we recommend that you increase the product price instead of removing it, which is also suspicious. You can also watch the full video about why you shouldn’t remove your drop shipping listings from your eBay store.

This way, you will make more profits per sale and decrease the number of sales while being safe from eBay account suspension.


Now, by knowing this you will be able to create unlimited eBay accounts, avoid eBay account suspension and expand your dropshipping business to the maximum level.

What are you waiting for? Go and implement these steps to avoid getting suspended on eBay.

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