Growing too fast is very dangerous because eBay is immediately flagging your account as a risky account for them and their users.

eBay does not like it when you grow too fast, and this is why they may send the verification email asking you to provide information about your supplier along with your identity documents, sometimes it called MC011, sometimes it has a different name.

We see a lot of accounts that have a massive increase in sales 300% up to 1000% and sometimes even more, especially with the users’ accounts on our mentorship program.

What we recommend you to do is if you already surpassed $500 worth of sales per day, don’t go over a 20% increase per month.

It means that if you already reached $500 per day in sales do not increase it to over 600$ in sales a day in one month.

But how to do it in the right way?

For this, you have two mains things that you can do, the first method is to increase your prices, and the second method is to start working with expensive products.

1- Increase Your Prices:

First, Increase the products’ prices by 5% and then by 10%, if you see that the sales are going down too much try to decrease it back.

If you see that the sales are still coming on and you didn’t grow by 20%, you can increase your prices more and more. 

The key here is to play with the prices until you find what suits you. With this method, you will start making more profits per order.

2- Upload Expensive Products:

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The real profits of any eBay store are coming from selling expensive products. When you sell these products in your eBay store, you have so many advantages than any other eBay store owner, that you can’t even imagine the result of these products. 

You can work with expensive products to make more profit per order, and in this way, you will not increase your revenue too much as the expensive products don’t generate sales as much as the cheap products do.

Those were the two main things that we recommend you to do, the first one is to increase the prices step by step, and the second one is to upload expensive products.


Woo! Now you can rest assured that your eBay account is safe from suspension. With these two easy but efficient methods, you can protect your eBay store and continue to earn a sustainable dropshipping income. So, what’s the next step? Take your eBay store to the next level with these helpful articles: