What are the 3 main reasons to open another eBay store?

1) Risks:

If you are opening another eBay account you have to split your risk, because if one of your eBay accounts get blocked or suspended for any amount of time, you will still be able to generate profits during the suspension period using the other accounts.

2) Duplicate your Successful Products:

The other reason to create an additional eBay account as a stealth account is that you can duplicate your successful products.

For example, If a product works well for you, you can just copy the same product to your second store, and this way you can take multiple spots on eBay’s search results for that particular product.

3) Increase your Selling Limits:

The third reason is that you can get much higher limits by just opening multiple eBay accounts.

Because you can call eBay and tell them that you created this additional store to list products from a specific niche (e.g., Home Improvement, Drones, and Baby Stuff) 

eBay’s teammate will increase your selling limit on the new store even if you still did not sell a single product.

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Now when it’s a good time and the best time to create another eBay store?

To keep it short and simple, the right time to open an additional eBay store is when you are already crushing it using your initial store.

It means that you have messages templates for your customer support, you have virtual assistants that are taking care of your store, and you have enough time to create another store.

So we need to take into consideration all of these things, this way you can scale very easy and you can just create multiple eBay stores.

You can just use AutoDS to automate many things, like Tracking Prices, removing bad products, or use the Auto Ordering System.

So after you know that all of these parameters are good for you, this is the right time to create another eBay store.

We already have clients in AutoDS that have over 100 stores, because they know that this is the way to succeed on eBay dropshipping.


So, to sum everything up, every eBay store should make you around $1000 profit per month with around 10,000 listings. And, to make around $10,000 profit per month, you need to have 10 stores with 10,000 listings per store.

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