The COVID-19 is real!

Let’s face it, and stop pretending that nothing is happening. The Coronavirus had reached every single country in the world! It started with the world’s largest manufacturer -China. 

COVID-19 already reached the US, which is one of the leading markets for selling dropshipping products! It also reached Europe, the second-biggest market in the world.

Amazon recently advertised they are hiring 100k employees to their fulfillment centers as demand is increasing due to the Coronavirus crisis. Also, Amazon stopped receiving any new FBA shipments for products that are not household staples and medical supplies. This decision will go into effect between March 17th to April 5th, 2020.

We also noticed that a lot of products started having longer handling time, and even the gigantic Amazon admits to having delays in its deliveries as well as some products running out of stock very quickly.

We highly advise you to increase the handling time on your eBay shipping policy. You should do this NOW!

As more and more cases of infected people are being confirmed, the deaths cases are on the rise, businesses and schools are closing, cities, countries, and millions of people are under complete lockdown, people are forced to stay at home and order their groceries and health products online.

Online stores are on the rise and are making more money, including dropshippers. This is the right time to scale up your dropshipping business. Now it’s money time!


The AutoDS New Support System to Face The Work Overload

Because of this substantial online sales increase, at AutoDS, we already started feeling overwhelmed, trying to keep up with the rise in customers’ questions and queries.

Therefore, after many team meetings, and hard work, we decided to move to a new online support system that will allow us to better handle all your questions and the workload during and after the Coronavirus crisis.

If you are in the middle of a chat conversation, please create a new chat, as the old chat will not appear on the system!

If you want to be updated and get more information about the current situation of Coronavirus and its effect on dropshipping, what should you do, and what should you sell, we encourage you to join the AutoDS – Dropshipping Community Facebook group. We already published there exact methods on how to increase your profits and survive through this Coronavirus pandemic.


Be safe out there and happy dropshipping!