1. Increase Customer Retention:

To better understand this, think about yourself as a customer, would you go and buy again from a store that gave you lousy customer support? Well, the answer is usually no.

If you give the best customer support and you follow up the customer to check that everything is okay with the purchased item, and you answer all the questions after the sale, or during a return process.  If you do all of these, you will have higher customer retention.

It means that you do not need to bring clients to your store each time you list a product because your previous clients already know you and will return to your store.

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2. Feedback:

eBay Automatically calculates the feedbacks rate of the communication on any eBay user.

For example, let us take a look at this store:

These communication stars are calculated automatically by eBay. You can not rate a seller based on communication.

When you have a higher communication score you will get promoted more on eBay Cassini.

Most of the people are searching about what tricks should they use to get more exposure on the search results. 

What they do not know is that the key to getting more organic traffic on eBay is to communicate with your buyers and try to respond to all their messages.

Also, when you have more feedback on your store, your store looks much more professional, and people will usually buy from you.

3. Avoiding the MC011 Suspension:

I am sure that most of you already read on facebook about the M011 suspension on eBay.

People say that you get this suspension because of doing dropshipping on eBay or due to the low rate of the uploaded tracking numbers or something else.

The reality is that it can be because of the uploaded tracking numbers rate, but definitely, It’s not because you are a dropshipper.

Most of the cases, it is because of the lack of customer support.

One of our clients told us that he got the MC011 suspension, so we checked his account to see what was the issue.

When we checked his store, we found that he did not answer his customers for three weeks in a row!

So Actually, if you give the best customer support, you will decrease the chances of getting the MC011 suspension.

4. Increase Your Profit:

When you communicate with your clients, you can do something called upsell.

Upsell is something general in business, but in eCommerce businesses, it means that you can try to sell the clients other similar products.

For example, if someone bought a table form you, you can offer them a chair or something that will add benefits to their purchased item. In this way, you can make more profits.

5. Decrease Your Return and Refund Rate:

Think about this, if a client contacted you to return an item and you gave him the best customer service, you have a big chance to change their mind.

This way, you can decrease the return rates and save more money in your pocket.

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To summarize it, customer service is the most important thing for your eCommerce business. By providing outstanding customer service, you can increase your customer retention as well as your feedback and communication rate.

Also, it decreases the chance of getting the MC011 suspension and reduces your return and refund rates along with increasing your profit by promoting more products to your buyers. Overall, customer service will help you scale your dropshipping profits on eBay. And, to multiply your profit margin even more, check out these useful articles: