Dropshipping is an eCommerce business model that allows us to quit our 9-5 grind while making significant profits. To elaborate, it is a retail fulfillment method where the dropshipper doesn’t keep any inventory. Rather, the dropshipper collaborates with a supplier who fulfills the order.

Now, there are various selling channels we can leverage; however, eBay is one of the most popular. In fact, dropshipping on eBay can bring us a lot of sales since it has a considerable amount of organic traffic. Plus, with its huge global audience, we can reach an immense number of people without having to invest in a lot of marketing.

So, in this article, we will learn how to leverage the world of dropshipping with an application programming interface (API). More specifically, we will learn what an API is and the benefits it has for our eBay business.

What Is A Dropshipping API? 

First of all, we need to clarify that a dropshipping application programming interface (API) is a method of linking eBay with third-party platforms. Consequently, we can automate our eBay processes and purchases programmatically. For example, we can connect eBay with Amazon, Facebook, AutoDS, etc.

So, when we connect eBay to AutoDS’ API, we can automate all of our dropshipping processes. As a matter of fact, it can help us with account settings, stock monitoring, order fulfillment, order tracking, customer service, and much more.

Basically, to get a little technical, an API provides server endpoints where we can send requests to retrieve or send data. In essence, an eBay API lets us programmatically perform any action that a user would perform directly on the website.

The Benefits Of Dropshipping API

Amazingly, when using dropshipping API, it assists dropshippers with their overall selling activity. Thus, instead of doing all the work on our own, the dropshipping API helps us grow our business.

So, from configuring account settings to importing products on eBay, order fulfillment, and more, the dropshipping API has us covered. As a matter of fact, it automates the entire dropshipping process. As such, we can have support in every step of our daily business activities. All in all, it creates a seamless experience when selling on eBay. Plus, it provides an efficient solution to manage an eBay dropshipping store.

With that said, let’s take a look at all the ways we can benefit from a dropshipping API:

Product Imports

Undoubtedly, we spend hours manually copy/pasting product details to import products to our eBay store. Alternatively, we can use a dropshipping API like the AutoDS product importer and import products quickly. With an efficient system, AutoDS helps dropshippers succeed with quick and easy product imports. Whether it’s one or multiple products, this dropshipping API enables us to accurately speed up the process.

Interestingly, we can use item IDs or URLs to import products one by one. Or, grab full product pages in bulk using the AutoDS Helper item grabber extension. As such, this not only saves us time and effort but also helps us build a more extensive product catalog.

Automatic Price Optimization

Moreover, it’s difficult to manually track the performance of each product in our product catalog. As a result, we miss the opportunity to optimize our prices based on how well a product is selling. So, that’s where the AutoDS dropshipping API comes in with its automatic price optimization tool.

To demonstrate, when a product is selling well, then AutoDS will increase the price of that item to maximize our profits. On the other hand, if a product is not selling well, AutoDS will lower the price to encourage sales. So, we don’t have to manually check our product performance each hour since this API tool does it all for us. 

Tracking Numbers & Updates

Surely, when we start receiving more and more orders, it gets difficult to track them and update our customers. However, with the help of automated tracking updates from the AutoDS dropshipping API, we can avoid the struggle.

Once the tracking information is available from our supplier, AutoDS takes it and updates our customer. Consequently, we can let the API do the work for us while we focus on scaling our eBay dropshipping business.

Price/Stock Monitoring

Importantly, without any assistance, dropshippers can have a hard time tracking product stock levels and prices. So, a vital benefit of a tool like AutoDS price and stock monitoring is that it does this for us.

This tool keeps track of stock levels, ensuring our supplier has the product we listed in stock. Additionally, it also tracks price fluctuations. So, we can ensure that our listings are in stock and priced right.

Otherwise, if our supplier changes the price, we can lose revenue. And, if an item is out of stock while we have it in our store, we can turn customers away since they won’t get what they want. All in all, this tool drives customer satisfaction through the roof, enabling us to create a loyal customer base.

Customer Service Management

Last but not least, offering excellent customer service is vital for standing out from the competition. So, to properly manage our customer service system, we need support from a dropshipping API.

Notably, the best way to stay on top of our customer support on eBay is through the AutoDS eBay Customer Support Management System. This dropshipping API synchronizes with our eBay messages system and manages all messages under one screen on AutoDS. Plus, with this API tool, we can reply to customers, cases, and create chat snippets.

Ultimately, the support and assistance we get from a dropshipping API are unmatched. It not only alleviates our work but also optimizes it. As a result, we can easily start scaling our eBay dropshipping business. 

Dropshipping API vs. Non-API: Key Differences

Importantly, in order to understand the utility of a dropshipping API, we must also learn what a Non-API business looks like. To begin, there are a few differences when running our store with a dropshipping API and with a Non-API tool. With that said, the key differences include tracking updates, automated customer messages and support, product imports, and pricing updates.

To elaborate, for Non-API, tracking updates are automatically updated on AutoDS but not on eBay. So, unless we have a dropshipping API, we have to make these updates on eBay manually.

On top of that, we can only have automated messages and support on eBay with a dropshipping API. Additionally, we also need a dropshipping API to connect to eBay and enable automated product imports programmatically. On top of that, without this programmatic connection, we can’t provide updates on our eBay listings. For instance, we can’t automatically update the price, stock status, etc.

Moreover, for Non-API, we have to have our Non-API extension on at all times. Conversely, unless the extension is on, we won’t be able to use any automation features.  Once we disconnect from the internet and turn off our computers or the extension, our stores will not be automated.

So, we have fewer features, the subscription is more expensive, and we must always keep our computers on for Non-API to work. As such, this is a less practical way of running our eBay business. All in all, having a dropshipping API is a more beneficial option that automates our entire business and grants us complete freedom.

The Final Verdict: Is Dropshipping API Worth It?

All things considered, we can conclude that using a dropshipping API helps us optimize and scale our eBay store. With unrestricted dropshipping automation that covers the entire process from A-Z, we can easily run our business.

Moreover, with a Non-API, we can’t utilize various amazing automation tools. Plus, we can see the lack of functionality in Non-API. In fact, it requires us to have our extension running constantly. Alternatively, with a dropshipping API, our store will remain automated even when our computer is off.

So, the final verdict is YES! The Dropshipping API is 100% worth it. We can sit back and relax while the API does the work for us. However, those who wish to dropship on eBay with a Non-API solution can still do so.

At the end of the day, we have a great solution for whichever option we choose. But, we should consider the dropshipping API seriously since it helps us run a more optimized business

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Use Dropshipping API For eBay?

You don’t need to use dropshipping API for eBay, but it immensely improves and optimizes your eBay store. So, using dropshipping API is recommended. 

What Is The Difference Between Dropshipping API To Non-API?

When using dropshipping API, we can programmatically upload products, update prices, update tracking numbers, and more. On the other hand, the Non-API means that you are interacting with eBay as a normal seller. Thus, the Non-API solution is less practical as it does not automate many processes, and when it does, we need to ensure to keep the extension on at all times.

Does eBay Support Dropshipping API Connections?

Yes! eBay supports dropshipping API connections, and the best one we can use is the AutoDS software.


At last! We navigated through the world of dropshipping API. Now we’ve learned what it is and how it helps optimize our eBay business. Thus, knowing the difference between dropshipping API and non-API enables us to decide what best fits our needs.

However, we can enjoy numerous benefits by having a dropshipping API connected with our eBay store. In fact, we can automate the entire dropshipping process and run a more optimal business.

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