In recent years, dropshipping automation has revolutionized the dropshipping industry. In this fast-paced industry, the time we invest translates into money. So, we need automation software to level up our dropshipping game.

With the dropshipping model, we can sell products without holding inventory. As such, it is one of the low-risk and easy-to-start eCommerce business models. And, if we scale our business swiftly with dropshipping automation, there will be no looking back.

Therefore, in this article, we will learn about the ten best dropshipping automation software to integrate with our stores. Furthermore, we will also go through a step-by-step process to automate our dropshipping business.

What Is Dropshipping Automation?

Before we learn about dropshipping automation, let’s understand what automation means. In a nutshell, automation is a technique of making a business operate automatically. Plus, automation software automates various business processes to minimize manual labor and human errors. As a result, automation helps a business function efficiently.

As the dropshipping business has various business processes, we can perform these tasks in two ways: manual and automatic. To elaborate, the manual dropshipping method requires us to put in a lot of time and effort. 

For instance, manual product importing means we must fill in the product’s description, images, and variations. Similarly, order fulfillment requires us to go to the supplier’s website and fill in the customer’s details and payment information.

Overall, tasks like product importing and order fulfillment can take up to 20 minutes per product. So, what happens if we start receiving multiple orders per day? Well, when we have to fulfill all of these orders manually, we risk incurring losses and losing customers.

On the other hand, dropshipping automation enables us to perform basic dropshipping swiftly and efficiently.  It saves us plenty of time and manual labor because the dropshipping software automatically performs the tasks on our behalf.  

The Benefits Of Dropshipping Automation

Along with saving time and labor, dropshipping automation has plenty of other benefits that help to level up our business. With that in mind, here are some of the benefits of dropshipping automation:

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Better Accuracy 
  • Save Time & Effort 
  • Easy Scalability 
  • Freedom

With dropshipping automation, we can efficiently manage our business operations. That’s because we can fulfill multiple tasks in a short period. On top of that, it eliminates human errors such as filling in wrong customer details or shipping to the wrong address.

As dropshipping software automates our business processes, it saves us a lot of time. Plus, dropshipping automation enables us to avoid repetitive and tedious tasks. With these features, we can quickly scale our dropshipping business to new heights.

Finally, dropshipping automation allows us a higher level of freedom. With all the saved time, we can enjoy our free time with friends and family. Or, we can dedicate our time to scaling our business through marketing and improving our customer service. 

10 Best Dropshipping Automation Software

Now that we know the importance of dropshipping automation, let’s look at some of the top software. Here are the ten best dropshipping automation software that allows us to maximize our profit potential:

  1. AutoDS
  2. DSers
  3. Spocket
  4. Salehoo
  5. Doba
  6. Modalyst
  7. Dropified
  8. Inventory Source
  9. WooDropship
  10. Yakkyofy

To understand the features of these dropshipping automation software, we need to analyze them further. So, let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

1. AutoDS

Kicking off our list, we have AutoDS, an all-in-one solution for all our dropshipping automation needs. AutoDS is an innovative software that helps us fulfill our dropshipping duties easily. 

Key Features

  • Product Research Tool
  • Multiple eCommerce Integrations 
  • Global Supported Suppliers 
  • Price/Stock Monitoring
  • Product Imports 
  • Complete Order Fulfillment
  • Automatic Price Optimization
  • Advanced Image Editor 
  • Inventory Management
  • Automatic Tracking Updates

Product Research Tool

As successful products are a game changers in dropshipping business, the AutoDS product research tool enables us to find the most popular and winning products swiftly. Thus, we don’t have to waste our valuable time manually searching for best sellers.

Multiple eCommerce Integrations

Essentially, we can integrate the AutoDS platform with multiple eCommerce platforms. Currently, AutoDS can be used with dropshipping stores based on:

These four selling channels are also some of the highest converting ones. Therefore, if we have our stores on these platforms, we can integrate them with AutoDS easily. 

Global Supported Suppliers

Generally speaking, it is impossible to run our business without a supplier. That’s because we source our products from dropshipping suppliers. As such, we need reliable suppliers to source a wide range of high-quality products. With that said, AutoDS partners with global suppliers, giving us access to a vast product selection and dropshipping-friendly services.

Price/Stock Monitoring

Despite having a reliable supplier, we still need to track the product’s price and stock. So, the AutoDS price and stock monitoring tool notify us about changes in price and stock levels. With that information, we can update our stores with the new prices and stock levels and never miss out on any profit.

Product Imports

After finding the best selling products, we must import them into our stores. With the AutoDS product importing tool, we can list thousands of products in a few seconds. Furthermore, we can also import products with a single click. This saves us plenty of time to focus on other essential tasks.   

Complete Order Fulfillment

With AutoDS’ automatic order fulfillment, we can fulfill multiple orders simultaneously and in a short time. Plus, it works with all of AutoDS’ supported suppliers. 

Automatic Price Optimization

To maximize our profit potential, we have to set an optimal price for our products. Thus, the AutoDS automatic price optimization tool increases the price for best-selling products and decreases it for products not selling well. That means we can consistently optimize our profit margins.

Advanced Image Editor

Before we publish the product in our stores, we need to enhance the product’s image. As such, the advanced image editor tool enables us to increase the visual attractiveness of our listing. Additionally, it also helps our product look professional. Moreover, we can differentiate our business from our competitors when we edit our product images.

Inventory Management

With AutoDS’ inventory management feature, we can manage all our inventory from different suppliers. Moreover, we can also manage multiple stores from a single screen. As a result, we can avoid any hassles related to handling separate operations for our store.

Automatic Tracking Updates

Along with providing automated order fulfillment, AutoDS automatic tracking updates send tracking numbers to our customers. This enables customers to track their orders without requiring them to contact us.

Overall, with these amazing features, AutoDS completely takes care of our dropshipping stores even while we are away from our screens. While much dropshipping software has limited automation features, AutoDS has a complete automation package. Therefore, it satisfies all the requirements to establish and automate a successful dropshipping store.

2. DSers

Up next on our list we have DSers, an official dropshipping partner of AliExpress. This dropshipping tool is created to find dropshipping products from AliExpress. 

Key Features

  • Fulfill multiple orders
  • Track product inventory
  • Product importing tool 
  • Affordable and fast shipping 

As DSers is an official partner of AliExpress dropshipping, we can process multiple customer orders from AliExpress. Additionally, with their product inventory monitoring tool, DSers allows us to track our supplier’s inventory. Therefore, we can remain up to date about the availability of products that we are selling. 

Furthermore, with DSers, we can quickly source and import products from AliExpress suppliers. We can also edit the products before publishing them in our store. On top of that, DSers enables us to find an optimal shipping price and time. Thus, we can choose the most affordable and quickest shipping carrier to ship products.

3. Spocket

Another popular dropshipping automation tool on our list is Spocket. It is a sourcing and inventory management platform that has partnerships with multiple suppliers to offer a wide variety of products.

Key Features

  • Product sourcing
  • Faster delivery with domestic suppliers
  • Dedicated extension for AliExpress users
  • Bulk order automation

One of the features Spocket is popular for is its product sourcing capability. With this feature,  we can request new products to be made available on the platform. This means we can list products that are not readily available in the market, giving us a competitive advantage.

Plus, most of Spocket’s suppliers are in the EU and the US. With domestic suppliers, we can deliver products quickly and at an affordable cost. Furthermore, Spocket offers dedicated support for dropshippers who prefer AliExpress products.

On top of that, with Spocket, we can process bulk orders automatically. To clarify, bulk order fulfillment can process and ship multiple orders simultaneously, saving us time.

4. Salehoo

If we want to work with multiple suppliers, we can work with the massive directory of wholesalers on the Salehoo platform. This dropshipping automation tool helps dropshippers find profitable products from verified suppliers.

Key Features

  • Product research tool
  • Huge supplier directory
  • Integration with AliExpress
  • Product price and profit optimization

Like AutoDS, Salehoo also has a product research tool that enables us to find trending products. After we find in-demand products, we can source them from Salehoo’s list of 8000+ verified suppliers.

Along with the considerable number of suppliers, Salehoo also integrates with AliExpress. So, we can automate product importing from AliExpress into our stores. Furthermore, Salehoo automatically updates the price and profit margins according to fluctuations. This way, we can keep making profits, even if suppliers change the product’s prices.

5. Doba

Grabbing the fifth spot, we have Doba. This dropshipping tool allows us to import best-sellers from suppliers and automate inventory management and order fulfillment.

Key Features

  • Trusted dropshipping platform
  • Automatic order fulfillment
  • Real-time order tracking
  • 30-day trial period

Since Doba has 20+ years of experience in the dropshipping industry, the platform has served over 600,000 online stores up until today. As such, Doba is a trusted dropshipping platform that we can rely on.

Plus, Doba allows us to automate order fulfillment and has real-time order tracking. With these automation features, we can save time when dropshipping. Finally, Doba has a free 30-day trial period. Therefore, we can check the platform’s suitability and automation features without any advance payment.

6. Modalyst

Used by more than 350,000 online stores, Modalyst is one of the popular dropshipping platforms that support business automation. This dropshipping tool has a variety of automation features that helps us to make our operations more manageable. 

Key Features

  • Niche suppliers 
  • Affordable products
  • Bulk importer and editor
  • Automatic price tracking

With access to many niche suppliers, Modalyst offers us a wide range of affordable products. After we find suitable products, we can import products in bulk, which saves us a great deal of time.

Additionally, Modalyst also has a product editing feature that allows us to optimize product images and descriptions. In general, enhancing our product’s images gives us a competitive edge, whereas optimizing descriptions boosts our product’s search engine ranking.

Furthermore, Modalyst tracks product prices on the supplier’s website and notifies us if there are any changes.

7. Dropified

Another decent dropshipping automation platform is Dropified. This dropshipping tool enables us to import, fulfill, and keep track of ordered products. 

Key Features

  • Product research
  • Integration with multiple selling channels
  • Private label products
  • Product image and description editor

With Dropified’s AliExtractor research tool, we can find trending and in-demand products on AliExpress. Also, we can import them into our stores easily because Dropified integrates with multiple selling channels such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

On top of that, Dropified offers private label products for our store. In essence, private label products help us to sell customized products under our brand name. Furthermore, with product editing features, Dropified enables us to edit product images and descriptions to differentiate them from our competitors.

8. Inventory Source

If we are looking for a specialized solution for stock monitoring, Inventory Source is a great option. This dropshipping automation software updates and syncs product data from dropshipping suppliers to our online store.

Key Features

  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Automatic price and stock syncing
  • Automatic order processing
  • Tracking number updates

Since Inventory Source specializes in stock monitoring and syncing, it offers real-time inventory tracking. With this feature, we can find out our supplier’s current stock quantity. Along with tracking, this tool automatically syncs price and stock levels whenever changes occur. Therefore, we don’t have to manually update our store’s prices and stock.

Plus, Inventory Source provides automatic order fulfillment, enabling us to avoid manual order fulfillment tasks. After it fulfills orders, it also sends tracking number updates to our customers. So, our customers can easily track where their orders are.

9. WooDropship

Regarded as an effective automation plugin, WooDropship is for dropshippers who use WordPress and WooCommerce-based websites. With this tool, we can quickly dropship from AliExpress, and handle payments and shipping.

Key Features

  • Product imports
  • Stock and price syncing
  • Product information and image editing
  • Order fulfillment

With WooDropship, we can automate product imports from AliExpress to our stores. Additionally, this dropshipping automation software tracks our product’s price and stock. Then, it automatically updates our store with the new price and stock levels.

Plus, WooDropship enables us to edit product information and images. This means we can make our product listing look more professional and attractive. Finally, WooDropship automates customers’ orders with its order fulfillment tool. When we receive the order, the platform will notify us on our WooDropship dashboard. Then, it fills in the customer details and places the order with a single click. 

10. Yakkyofy

To complete our list of ten best dropshipping automation software, we have Yakkyofy. It is a dropshipping tool that helps us automate all our dropshipping business tasks, helping us save time and money.

Key Features

  • Product sourcing
  • Private label products
  • Custom packaging
  • Multiple store management

Similar to Spocket, Yakkyofy also offers product sourcing. Therefore, dropshippers can search and request products for their stores. Additionally, Yakkyofy allows us to sell private-label products. With their supplier network, they offer private label products helping us increase our profit margins.

Besides that, Yakkyofy provides customized packaging for sellers. With custom product packaging, we can increase our brand awareness, giving us a competitive edge over our rivals. Furthermore, this tool enables us to manage multiple stores from the Yakkyofy platform, helping us organize our stores easily.

In summary, these ten dropshipping software are the best tools to automate our dropshipping store operations. Undeniably, these tools help us operate and scale our business faster. 

How To Automate Your Dropshipping Business

Now that we have learned about the features of dropshipping automation software, let’s go over the fundamental processes we should automate. With that in mind, here are eight steps to automate a dropshipping business:

  1. Link Your Store To A Dropshipping Automation Software
  2. Find Best-Sellers: Automated Product Research
  3. Import Products Quickly With An Automation Tool
  4. Optimize Product Listings With Dropshipping Automation
  5. Easily Monitor Stock & Price From Dropshipping Suppliers
  6. Set Optimal Profit Margins & Automatically Scale
  7. Automate Order Fulfillment & Tracking Updates
  8. Keep Track With One-Screen Inventory Management

Let’s learn about each one of them in detail. 

After we choose the best automation tool for our store, we need to integrate the dropshipping software into our stores. However, we can only automate our stores if the dropshipping software supports them.

So, selecting the dropshipping software that supports our selling channels is mandatory. For instance, if we have dropshipping software on Shopify, we can search for the dropshipping automation software through the Shopify app store. Similarly, we can search for automation software on the Wix app store for Wix stores.

On the other hand, if we use Facebook Marketplace (FBMP) or eBay, we can check dropshipping software’s integrations by going to their websites. In most cases, we will need an app or an extension to link these marketplaces with the automation software.

While there are plenty of selling channels, Shopify, Wix, eBay, and FBMP are the most popular ones that have high conversion rates. With that said, let’s learn how we can connect our dropshipping stores to the AutoDS platform. In this demonstration, we’ll look at how to connect Shopify stores with AutoDS.

First, go to the AutoDS platform and register for an AutoDS account. Once we are on the platform, go to the main menu on the sidebar and click on Add Store. When a dialog box pops up, click again on Add Store, and select the Shopify store option.

Now, paste the URL of your Shopify account. When you fill in your Shopify store URL, the platform will ask you to log in to your Shopify account.

Finally, log in to your Shopify account, and your dropshipping store is now ready to be automated. Furthermore, we can also automate our eBay, Wix, and Facebook Marketplace stores with AutoDS.

2. Find Best-Sellers: Automated Product Research

Without winning products, we can’t run a successful dropshipping business. On the other hand, excellent products can skyrocket our store’s sales. That’s why we need to perform product research to find best-selling products. Moreover, product research is the first and most essential step in creating a dropshipping business.

To clarify, product research means finding the most in-demand and high-profit potential products to sell in our stores. Generally, product research can be done in two different ways: manually or automatically.

With the manual method, we have to search for products by ourselves. For instance, supplier websites, Google trends, and spying on the competition helps us find trending and best-selling products. While these methods work well, the process of manual product research requires us to put in time and effort.

On the other hand, automatic methods such as the AutoDS Winning Products Hub  offer a diverse selection of dropshipping products. This platform provides valuable features like product insights and competitor analysis. Users can access information such as the item’s cost, retail price, and profit potential.

Furthermore, the Hub assists in evaluating the competition by analyzing existing sellers and Facebook ads. These insights enable us to understand our target audience and implement effective strategies for a successful business. Importantly, the platform automates the product research process, saving users valuable time that would otherwise be spent searching for profitable products.

In a nutshell, whichever product research tool we opt for, we can further narrow down our product list with the help of a product research spreadsheet. To elaborate, the product research spreadsheet includes multiple questions about the product that helps us find the best products for our store.   

3. Import Products Quickly With An Automation Tool

Once we have curated the best-sellers list, we need to import the products into our store. Similar to product research, there are two methods of product importing: manual and automatic.

If we manually import products into our store, we need to copy the product’s details such as images, titles, descriptions, variations, and sizes. Overall, it can take up to 20 minutes per product. That means if we have multiple products to list, importing them one by one takes a lot of time and is overwhelming.

That’s where the automated product importing method comes in handy. With automatic importing, we can avoid the tedious task of copying details of the product. With that in mind, the product importing tool automatically extracts the product information and uploads it to our store. Essentially, most of the automation tools listed above include product importing features. So, here are the four product importing features of the AutoDS tools:

  • One-click Importer
  • Single Product Importer
  • Multiple Product Importer
  • Bulk Upload with a CSV File

For illustration, let’s see how we can import products with the one-click importing feature. With this feature, we can import products with a single click. Before we start importing, we need to install the AutoDS Dropshipping Helper Extension

To start adding products to the AutoDS platform, head to the supplier’s website and go to the product page of the product we want to import. Then click on the Import to AutoDS button above the product’s title.

This will enable the AutoDS platform to collect titles, pictures, product descriptions, and all of the variants of the product. Afterward, it lets us upload the extracted information to the draft page or directly publish the product in our store. All in all, the one-click importing feature allows us to import the products instantly, saving a great deal of time and effort.

4. Optimize Product Listings With Dropshipping Automation

Before we publish the products directly in our stores, we should edit products from the drafts page. This allows us to optimize the product’s images, descriptions, titles, and more.

Furthermore, editing products enables us to make the listing more professional. Also, it helps us to differentiate the product from our competitors. For instance, we can edit the product’s title and description to make it Search Engine Optimization(SEO) friendly. After we optimize our product’s information, we can then publish the product in our store. 

Similarly, we can also edit product images with the Advanced Image Editor.

Optimizing our product’s image helps to make the images more professional and unique. As a result, our product listing becomes more desirable to our customers, increasing our conversion rate. 

5. Easily Monitor Stock & Price From Dropshipping Suppliers

After we add products to our store, we still need to check the stock quantity and price changes. Without an automatic tool, we would have to manually monitor the product’s stock and price from our supplier’s websites.

While this may be fine for beginners, monitoring stock and prices is nearly impossible if we sell many products. On top of that, once our sales increase, we can only handle limited daily operations.

This is why we need an automatic tracking tool like the AutoDS stock and price monitoring tool, which constantly monitors the product’s stock and price fluctuations. Plus, if there’s any change, it automatically notifies us.

Then, we can instantly update the information on our stores. Thus, we can prevent losses due to price changes and avoid upsetting customers. Overall, with this assurance, we can sleep peacefully at night knowing that our store is always up to date.

6. Set Optimal Profit Margins & Automatically Scale

Not only does AutoDS notify us about price changes but it also helps us find an optimal price and profit margin for our products.

As such, the AutoDS price optimization tool increases prices to a specific limit for products that are selling well. This means we can maximize our profits with our best-selling products. In the same way, if a product is not selling well, AutoDS decreases its price. Thus, we will have a higher chance of selling slow-moving products.

7. Automate Order Fulfillment & Tracking Updates

As dropshipping is all about order fulfillment, we should swiftly fulfill our customer’s orders. In essence, there are two ways to fulfill orders: manual and automatic.

If we are manually fulfilling orders, we need to go to our supplier’s website, fill in our customer’s details, such as the shipping address, and pay for the products. On average, this process can take up to 10-20 minutes per product. And, if there are multiple orders to fulfill, it will take a lot of time and labor.

In contrast, an automatic order fulfillment method means letting the software perform the operations on our behalf. While most tools on the above list have a form of order fulfillment automation, AutoDS provides two different types of automatic order fulfillment: Automatic Orders and Fulfilled by AutoDS.

To elaborate, Automatic Orders help us fulfill our orders by automatically ordering products from our supplier’s websites. Additionally, it uses our buyer accounts to fulfill orders. In short, buyer accounts are our payment accounts with our suppliers.

On the other hand, Fulfilled by AutoDS is another order fulfillment tool that allows us to quickly fulfill our customers’ orders. Unlike Automatic Orders, it does not use our buyer accounts to fulfill orders. Instead, it uses AutoDS’ buyer account, and the payment is made through the balance (Auto Credits) loaded on the AutoDS platform. This means our buyer accounts are protected from getting locked or suspended.

Whether we fulfill orders with Automatic Orders or Fulfilled by AutoDS, both tools send tracking information automatically to our customers. With automatic tracking information, customers can find out the status of their order without contacting us.

8. Keep Track With One-Screen Inventory Management

Are you managing many stores and various inventory from multiple suppliers? No problem! With one-screen inventory management, we can easily keep track of all our stock, no matter if we have one or multiple dropshipping stores!

Furthermore, the inventory management tool helps us get a complete overview of our store products. Most importantly, we can manage our stores from a single screen. This way, we can organize and operate our business efficiently.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Automate My Dropshipping Store?

We should automate our dropshipping store to operate our dropshipping business swiftly and efficiently. That’s because manual dropshipping requires us to do repetitive and tedious tasks that can take a significant amount of time. In contrast, we can save a lot of time and manual labor with the help of dropshipping automation software.

How Do You Automate A Dropshipping Store?

We can automate our dropshipping store with automation software such as AutoDS, Dropified, Modalyst, WooDropship, and more. While many dropshipping tools have different features, AutoDS has an all-in-one solution for our dropshipping stores.

Which Suppliers Allow Dropshipping Automation? 

In general, significant suppliers like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart support dropshipping automation. Besides this, plenty of AutoDS-supported suppliers can help us source a vast catalog of high-quality products.

How Much Does It Cost To Automate My Dropshipping Business?

Most dropshipping automation software charge either a monthly subscription or a one-time fee. In general, the more features the software has, the more costly they are. However, AutoDS provides a wide range of dropshipping automation features for just $9.90 per month. On top of that, if we are beginners, we can test the platform with a $1 trial period.  


Hooray! Now that we have learned about dropshipping automation, we can put our business in auto-pilot mode. While the dropshipping business model is already profitable, dropshipping automation is the next step to achieving financial freedom.

However, to achieve ultimate success, we must continue expanding our knowledge. So, if we want to master the art of dropshipping, here are some fantastic articles to enhance our understanding: