Dropshipping is a low-risk and high-reward order fulfillment business model. To run our online ventures efficiently, we need reliable tools to help us manage everyday business tasks. These tools ease our operations with just a click of a button, like dropshipping chrome extensions.

With that said, we will explore the best dropshipping chrome extensions for our eCommerce business. Likewise, we will discover how these tools can help us run our online business efficiently. So, heads up as we take our dropshipping venture to the next level.

17 Best Dropshipping Chrome Extensions

Benefits Of The Best Dropshipping Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions are software programs that help optimize users’ browsing experience. These applications maximize the functionality of web browsers and dropshipping tools. As such, these extensions make manual processes easier and faster, saving us significant time when dropshipping.

With that in mind, here are the top 17 best dropshipping chrome extensions for our online business:

  1. AutoDS Dropshipping Helper
  2. Amazon Dropshipping
  3. WalmartHunt
  4. Commerce Inspector
  5. Ecomhunt
  6. SimilarWeb
  7. My Ad Finder
  8. Marketplace Dropshipping Helper
  9. Alihunter
  10. Alitools Shopping Assistant
  11. AliExpress Search By Image
  12. Up Assistant
  13. SimplyTrends
  14. Shopify Theme Detector
  15. ShopifyMonitor
  16. AutoDS eBay Manual Dropshipping
  17. Grammarly

Now, let’s uncover how these chrome extensions can ease the everyday tasks of running our dropshipping venture.

1. AutoDS Dropshipping Helper

AutoDS Dropshipping Helper Chrome Extension


AutoDS is a leading software in the dropshipping scene. The AutoDS Dropshipping Helper is a free chrome extension that offers automation benefits in one tool. Here are the major advantages while using this Chrome extension:

  • Comprehensive product research
  • Straightforward importing methods
  • Product optimization

With this tool, we can enjoy comprehensive product research from over 20 supported suppliers worldwide. We can filter our searches according to categories, reviews, costs, shipping, and more. As a result, we’ll have trending product listings according to our target audiences’ needs and preferences.

Moreover, this extension offers straightforward importing methods, such as adding products in just one click. This tool automatically copies the product details and transfers them to the AutoDS dashboard. Plus, the extension allows us to optimize our items, maximizing the full profit potential of our product listings.

AutoDS Bulk Importer Example

To illustrate, let’s try importing a product from Walmart using the bulk importer. To begin, download the chrome extension. Then, head to Walmart to search for a product to import.

AutoDS Dropshipping Helper Chrome Extension Icon

On the product page, we’ll see the AutoDS icon in the lower right corner of the screen. To start copying the items into the bulk importer, click ‘Extract,’ and the product IDs will appear inside the box. Afterward, click ‘Extract as CSV,’ and the file will automatically download onto our computers.

AutoDS Bulk Importer Chrome Extension

From here, we can continue importing by going to the AutoDS platform and adding the CSV file. Then, we can proceed with the optimization process before importing the item to our selling channel. Once done, we can begin enjoying significant sales from the added product.

2. Amazon Dropshipping

Amazon Dropshipping Chrome Extension

Following in the second spot is the Amazon Dropshipping chrome extension, which helps dropshippers identify the profit potential of a dropshipping product from Amazon. This extension offers a free trial, which includes up to 20 product launches. Once the free trial period is over, we can subscribe to a $49.99/month Seller’s Bundle for Amazon, and an add-on of $10/month to access dropshipping perks.

The following are the key reasons to utilize this tool:

  • Price histories analysis
  • Monitor demand fluctuations 
  • Keyword search

With just one click, we can uncover top dropshipping product ideas and their metrics. The tool can monitor price histories and demand fluctuations. Besides that, we can also access minimum prices, profit margins, return on investments, and other metrics through this extension.

On top of that, this chrome extension provides access to the best keywords on Amazon, sales restrictions on prohibited goods, and more. With these features, we can select products with low competition and high margins. As a result, this tool can help us earn substantial dropshipping profits while working with Amazon.

3. WalmartHunt

WalmartHunt Dropshipping Chrome Extension

Another product research chrome extension is WalmartHunt. Specifically, this free extension works as a seller tool for dropshippers on Walmart. This tool offers the following features:

  • Product tracking 
  • Product metrics analysis
  • Competitors’ insights 

This dropshipping chrome extension enables better tracking and analysis in the platform. It displays comprehensive details of our product listings on Walmart.

With this extension, we can conveniently explore indicators at the bottom of our product pages. These indicators include top keywords, return policy, couriers, seller information, number of sellers, and more. By having access to these metrics, we can easily analyze in-demand products and their sales potential.

4. Commerce Inspector

Commerce Inspector Dropshipping Chrome Extension

Next up, we have Commerce Inspector, a free dropshipping chrome extension. But, it has a paid version that lets us access more extension features, such as sales histories. Let’s check out this extension’s key features:

  • Product research tool
  • Facebook ads analysis
  • Insights about other sellers

This product research tool uncovers top-selling items, monthly traffic, and Facebook ads of other sellers. We can also explore newly-listed products from other sellers, including items’ SKUs, vendors, and inventory. Aside from that, the extension has a ‘Trends’ feature that covers trending dropshipping ads and items.

All in all, this dropshipping chrome extension gives us insights into the tools, products, and methods that help other sellers attain success. With that said, we can adopt and improve these features to step up against our competitors.

5. Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt Dropshipping Chrome Extension

Are you ready to reveal what’s behind your competitors’ successes on Shopify? Well, Ecomhunt is here to help you hunt down the secrets of other Shopify stores. This tool allows limited access for free and offers subscription plans up to $49/month for added features. 

Here are the main features of this tool:

  • Uncover insights about Shopify stores 
  • Facebook ads finder
  • Track AliExpress products

With this dropshipping chrome extension, we can inspect other Shopify stores, including their Facebook ads. We can also apply filters on our Facebook feed to show sponsored posts, viral posts, and more. Besides the ads, this chrome extension also uncovers our competitors’ best sellers, store themes, and other dropshipping tools.

Ecomhunt has an AliExpress products tracker. This feature allows us to add any AliExpress item to the tracker to access the product’s sales, profits, and more. Overall, this tool can help us optimize our ads and welcome more traffic by getting inspiration from other stores.

6. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb Dropshipping Chrome Extension

SimilarWeb is a chrome extension that showcases key metrics of any website, such as traffic sources, engagement rates, keyword rankings, and more. In particular, website traffic analysis tools give insights into how a website ranks worldwide. 

We can try this extension for free to test the waters. Afterward, the Starter package: Competitive Intelligence pricing for small businesses offers a $167/month subscription. Nevertheless, here are the key benefits we can enjoy:

  • Product search engine optimization 
  • All-in-one eCommerce website checker
  • Website traffic analysis

This tool focuses on search engine optimization (SEO) that helps our products appear professional and become relevant in customer searches. Plus, we can get an overview of the different traffic sources, such as direct, search, social, referrals, display ads, and more. This extension gives us a deeper analysis of our traffic, such as the percentages of visits according to countries or regions.

Furthermore, the extension has an all-in-one website checker. This feature highlights the users’ average visit duration, the volume of monthly visitors, and the number of pages visited per session. Ultimately, this chrome extension provides a complete perspective of our competitors and customers when dropshipping.

7. My Ad Finder

My Ad Finder Dropshipping Chrome Extension

To save time browsing trending Facebook ads, we can utilize the My Ad Finder chrome extension. This dropshipping solution is a spy tool to uncover our competitors’ winning ads. Let’s explore more reasons to choose this free tool:

  • Facebook ads finder
  • Ads’ metrics analysis
  • Product research on Facebook

This dropshipping chrome extension allows us to search, filter, and save ads from our Facebook newsfeed. Plus, we can customize what ads appear on our feed, tag interesting ads, and monitor interactions on our tagged ads. By doing so, we can collect and compare different ads to see what will work best for our business.

Meanwhile, this extension can further analyze a Facebook ad by breaking down its metrics. It lets us access the ad’s thumbnails, page links, engagement rates, ad copies, and more. By searching for the most popular ads on Facebook, we’ll gain insights about the best products to dropship. Remember that the higher the ad engagement, the more in-demand the product.

8. Marketplace Dropshipping Helper

Marketplace Dropshipping Helper Dropshipping Chrome Extension

Another excellent chrome extension from AutoDS is the Marketplace Dropshipping Helper. It is specially designed for Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops. With this free extension, we can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Facebook Marketplace product research tool
  • One-click product and drafts imports
  • Price/Stock monitoring

This extension includes a product research tool that enables us to find and select popular items from reliable suppliers. This feature also allows us to search items based on costs, reviews, shipping arrangements, warehouses, and more.

On the other hand, the Marketplace Dropshipping Helper has one-click product & draft imports. As such, we can import trending items to FB Marketplace or FB Shops in just a few seconds. On top of everything, this tool automates price/stock changes and syncs our inventory under one dashboard.

9. Alihunter

Alihunter dropshipping Chrome Extension

When dropshipping on AliExpress, the Alihunter chrome extension is a must-have. This product-finding tool allows us to discover best-selling items from AliExpress. 

Alihunter provides free access to up to two product searches. Beyond that, we need to subscribe to its paid plans, as much as $149.9/month, for maximum access. Next, let’s explore the main features of this tool:

  • Track competitors’ sales data
  • AliExpress suppliers finder
  • Price history monitoring

Plus, we can track competitors’ sales data with the help of this extension. When tracking competitors’ sales data, we can generate daily reports on their sales volumes and top-selling products. We’ll also gain access to their sales status and orders placed under the ‘Live Orders’ feature.

Conveniently, this chrome extension helps us to identify reliable suppliers on AliExpress. As such, we can refrain from sourcing low-quality products from unqualified suppliers. This tool uncovers an item’s price fluctuations in the past three to six months. Thus, allowing us to analyze the best prices can result in greater profits.

10. Alitools Shopping Assistant

Alitools Shopping Assistant Dropshipping Chrome Extension

The Alitools Shopping Assistant is an all-in-one chrome extension when dropshipping on AliExpress. This free extension gives us access to price histories to set suitable profit margins for our products. Here are more reasons to use this tool:

  • Access to products’ price histories
  • Insights on seller and satisfaction ratings
  • Product sourcing at purchase prices

Aside from product research, this tool highlights seller ratings and satisfaction rates. This way, we’ll know whether a seller offers reliable products and services based on buyers’ actual shopping experiences.

This extension enables us to source products at their purchase prices, track order deliveries, deliver discounts to carts, and more. Plus, Alitools is compatible with most shopping extensions, cashback services, and dropshipping software. Thus, we can optimize our AliExpress dropshipping business while welcoming huge savings.

11. AliExpress Search By Image

 AliExpress Search By Image Dropshipping Chrome Extension

Dropshipping on AliExpress becomes easy and fast with various chrome extensions. The AliExpress Search By Image is another dropshipping chrome extension that helps us in our product research journey. With that said, here are the benefits we can get from this free extension:

  • Product image search
  • Access trending items on AliExpress

This extension allows us to find products by using relevant images. All we need to do is right-click on an image on the web and choose the extension. In just a matter of seconds, the extension will redirect us to a related AliExpress product page.

So, we won’t have to spend hours sourcing trending products anymore. With this chrome extension, our next winning items are just a few clicks away.

12. Up Assistant

Up Assistant Dropshipping Chrome Extension

Joining the list of AliExpress chrome extensions is Up Assistant. This exceptional tool lets us access product metrics, such as customer reviews, product ratings, price fluctuations, and more. Let’s explore the advantages that this free tool provides:

  • Price history monitoring
  • Access exclusive discounts
  • Order tracker

In addition, the extension helps us track discounts and uncover base prices of items on AliExpress. With its price history feature, we can access a graph showing actual prices and discounts. Plus, the ‘Price Tracker’ feature enables us to add products to our wishlists and notifies us when the items become cheaper and are back in stock.

Moreover, the tool gives easy access to other features and functions. It allows order tracking, access to quick links, and search for popular products. Now, we can dropship top trending products at the best deals from AliExpress.

SimplyTrends Dropshipping Chrome Extension

Our next dropshipping chrome extension is SimplyTrends, a free spy tool to help us uncover successes behind Shopify stores. With just one click, we can gain insights into our competitors’ strategies, products, and tools. In addition, there are other features we can enjoy: 

  • Unveil Shopify stores’ insights
  • Reverse image search
  • Bulk imports using CSV

SimplyTrends unveils the marketing techniques, customer insights, sales metrics, and product information of Shopify stores. Moreover, this tool allows us to conduct reverse image searches to find our competitors’ product sources on AliExpress. And with this extension, we can filter Shopify sellers’ ads on Facebook and see their popularity.

Apart from that, this chrome extension enables unlimited product imports as CSV files, compatible with Shopify’s listing requirements. Once we reveal the secrets behind our competitors, we can find inspiration in their feats. Likewise, we must improve different business aspects, such as product listings and marketing, for us to become more distinct in the market.

14. Shopify Theme Detector

Shopify Theme Detector Dropshipping Chrome Extension

Undoubtedly, an enticing store theme helps us attract more customers to our Shopify stores. That’s why, we have the Shopify Theme Detector chrome extension to help us track the sources of the best store layouts. 

Here are the benefits that this tool provides our stores:

  • Detect Shopify themes sources
  • In-depth insights about Shopify stores
  • Optimize stores through Shopify apps 

This dropshipping chrome extension is a feature of the Shopify Theme Detector website. Here, we can unveil the theme utilized by any Shopify website. We can also gain in-depth insights about the Shopify stores we’re inspecting.

Furthermore, the extension helps us choose the best-suited theme for our Shopify websites. It lets us explore different applications we can utilize to optimize our stores. In this way, we can easily build our brand through dropshipping, making our business distinct from the competition.

15. ShopifyMonitor

ShopifyMonitor Dropshipping Chrome Extension

The ShopifyMonitor chrome extension paves the way for the latest trends on Shopify. This free dropshipping tool gives us access to up-to-date information on the most profitable items. Here are more features to explore while using this tool:

  • Access latest trends from popular brands
  • Export multiple products 
  • One-click product research

ShopifyMonitor notifies us of the latest inventories, restocks, and other products from popular brands. So, our Shopify stores will be steps ahead of the competition, as we can access new releases before anyone else.

Furthermore, the extension enables us to export multiple products to our Shopify stores using CSV files. Its one-click product research feature lets us find top-selling items on AliExpress. As an added feature, this tool summarizes all products in a list, so it’s convenient to track items under one screen.

16. AutoDS eBay Manual Dropshipping

AutoDS eBay Manual Dropshipping Chrome Extension

Another excellent way to ease our business processes is by using the AutoDS eBay Manual Dropshipping chrome extension. This extension doesn’t require us to take extra steps to connect our non-API eBay stores. In order to use this extension, we must create an AutoDS account, which comes with a $1 trial for 14 days.

Here are more automated features to help us save time running our business:

  • Automated product finder
  • One-click importer
  • Price/Stock monitoring

This extension serves as a product-finding tool, allowing us to search for best-selling and low-cost items from reliable suppliers. Its one-click product listing feature enables us to import single or bulk items in just a few seconds. Aside from that, we can utilize the automatic orders feature to fulfill customer orders on our eBay stores at any time of the day.

This tool has a price/stock monitoring system, which manages price fluctuations. With this tool, we can ensure that we have enough stocks at reasonable prices. All in all, this AutoDS chrome extension allows us to monitor our dropshipping business under one screen.

17. Grammarly

Grammarly Chrome Extension

To end our best dropshipping chrome extensions list, we have Grammarly. This tool is free to use, but its premium subscription allows us to access more features in the app, such as the sentence checker. Grammarly is a communication tool that offers the following advantages:

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation, and tone checker
  • Professional product descriptions
  • Optimized store presentation

So, why do we need this chrome extension for our dropshipping business? Well, professional presentation is one of the most crucial aspects of running an online store. To achieve this, our stores must be optimized with accurate and acceptable texts.

Likewise, our business policies and product descriptions must be well-presented. With the help of Grammarly, we can present our business in a classy and professional way. Now, we don’t have to undergo endless text revisions because Grammarly can help us solve such issues with the click of a button!

How To Optimize Your Dropshipping Store & Take It To The Next Level

Optimize Your Dropshipping Store & Take It To The Next Level

Yay! Now, we have great dropshipping chrome extensions to help us manage our business processes. But wait, our path to success doesn’t end here. As such, there are other considerations to ensure massive profits.

Dropshipping automation utilizes software to carry out different tasks on our behalf. As the dropshipping automation tool takes care of our business processes 24/7, we won’t have to worry about delays or errors. Thus, we can save time and easily expand our dropshipping business with automation.

With that said, AutoDS is an all-in-one dropshipping solution that provides beneficial features for our online venture. Besides the excellent chrome extensions, what else does this platform offer our business? Well, here are automated features that we can enjoy while integrating with AutoDS:

  • Product Research Tool
  • Easy & Quick Product Imports
  • One-Screen Inventory Management 
  • Complete Order Fulfillment
  • Price/Stock Monitoring 
  • Advanced Image Editor
  • and more!

With the help of these features, we can easily take our dropshipping business to the next level. Once we optimize the full potential of our dropshipping business, huge passive income will come our way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Dropshipping Chrome Extension?

You can select from endless dropshipping chrome extensions, depending on the needs of your business. Nevertheless, here are the best ones for your dropshipping stores: AutoDS Dropshipping Helper, Amazon Dropshipping, WalmartHunt, Commerce Inspector, and Ecomhunt.

Why Do I Need A Dropshipping Chrome Extension?

Dropshipping chrome extensions help you carry out different processes in your business. For example, some chrome extensions ease the product-finding process by automatically searching for the latest trends in just one click. Aside from saving time, extensions also allow you to scale your business through automation.

What Are The Different Types Of Dropshipping Chrome Extensions?

In general, the use of dropshipping chrome extensions depends on the demands and needs of your business. For instance, if you need to find best-sellers, you can choose product research tools. On the other hand, you can also use chrome extensions for spying on competitors, importing products, analyzing sales metrics, and more.


And it’s a wrap! With the best dropshipping chrome extensions, our business is ready to take the eCommerce industry by storm. Now, we can ease laborious processes and save substantial time running our online business.

Subsequently, we can spend more time scaling our business instead. With automated features by AutoDS, we can further optimize our business anytime and anywhere.

Aside from the excellent chrome extensions, we need in-depth knowledge of the dropshipping model. Plus, we need to expand our horizons on the best software to help us run our business efficiently. Thus, these articles will give us insights into the tools that we need to scale our online venture: