With the evolution of the dropshipping industry, business owners are equipped with various dropshipping services. And, these services are proving to be very beneficial as they are helping dropshippers save their valuable time and labor.

To clarify, dropshipping is an eCommerce business model where we don’t have to buy inventory before selling. Alternatively, after customers purchase products from our store, only then do we proceed to buy products from a third-party supplier.

Since we only pay for the products after getting paid, we can start dropshipping with no upfront investment. And the best part about this model is that the supplier ships the product directly to our customers. So, we don’t have to handle the products we sell physically.

This unique model makes dropshipping a thriving eCommerce business. Moreover, we can scale our dropshipping business and gain higher profits using various dropshipping services.

With that in mind, this article will review the list of top dropshipping service providers to optimize our business. These ten dropshipping service providers will make our dropshipping operations more efficient.

Best Dropshipping Services To Scale Your Business

Before moving on to the list of best dropshipping services, let’s understand what a dropshipping service provider is. In essence, dropshipping service providers are facilitators that help business owners in their dropshipping operations.

For example, a dropshipping service provider can be a freelancer designing logos for our store. Or, it can be software helping us to perform complex tasks such as importing products and fulfilling orders. With the sole purpose of making our dropshipping tasks easier, here are the best dropshipping services:

Now, let’s see how these dropshipping services make our tasks easier and faster.

Product Finding

As dropshippers, we must offer our customers the best and most trending products. In contrast, if we list random products, our business will fail. Instead, we should research what products are most likely to sell. As such, we need to perform product research to find winning products.

With product research, we can find in-demand products to add to our store. Therefore, we need to utilize an efficient product research tool to ensure we only offer our customers quality and best-selling products.

Logo Making

Every business needs a visual image that represents the organization. With that in mind, a logo involves symbols or stylized text that conveys our brand’s identity to our customers.

Usually, a graphic artist creates logos in return for a specific fee. But with different logo-maker tools like Hatchful, we can quickly design a professional logo that matches our brand’s personality.

Website Design

If we have a dropshipping website, enhancing our store’s overall look and user-friendliness helps us attract more customers. That’s why we need website designing services to optimize our stores.

For that purpose, we can hire a professional website designer to help set up and optimize our website. Alternatively, building our store on Shopify and Wix is much easier. Due to their easy design functions, we don’t need specific skills to create an enhanced dropshipping store.

After we design our website on selling channels such as Shopify and Wix, we should ensure that they integrate well with suppliers and other dropshipping services, such as automating processes such as product imports.

Image Editors

Generally, when we are selling products online, the first thing customers notice is our product images. In fact, many dropshipping stores use the same product images that the supplier provides.

Therefore, the best way to beat the competition is by having unique and high-quality product images. Plus, having attractive images helps us draw more customers to our store. Thus, with an image editor, we can achieve a better website aesthetic along with more significant amounts of traffic.

Fee Calculators

From a general perspective, dropshippers make a lot of money and have higher profit margins. However, there are several expenses, such as selling channel fees, subscription costs, and taxes.

So, we need fee calculators to understand our revenue and expenses better. The fee calculator tool helps us factor in different costs to help us understand our actual profits.

Virtual Assistants

Another service for our dropshipping stores is virtual assistants. In general, virtual assistants aid us in different aspects of our dropshipping business. For instance, virtual assistants can help with customer service.

Since we cannot focus on every department, we need virtual assistants to do some heavy lifting. In return for their services, we have to pay them a fee. With that in mind, we can hire virtual assistants from outsourcing sites such as Fiverr and Upwork. 

Product Importing

Once we find winning products to sell, we need to add them to our dropshipping stores. Usually, we have to add the product’s title, description, images, and variations when we are importing products.

Now, we can easily add a few products to our stores in a day. However, the inevitable growth of our business will require us to import more than just a few products a day. So, if we continue to import items manually, this will cost us a lot of time and effort, and we will be more prone to errors.

On the other hand, automatic importing helps us import multiple products in a few seconds. As a result, it helps us avoid adding products one by one, enabling us to save plenty of time while also reducing errors. Thus, we have to use product importing tools to make our importing process more efficient and accurate.

Order Fulfillment

Similar to the product importing process, the order fulfillment process also takes considerable time. Basically, order fulfillment means going to our supplier’s website and filling in our customer’s order details.

This includes filling in the customer’s address, payment, and shipping method. Additionally, it also sends tracking information to our customers.

As we can see, doing so takes around 5-15 minutes per product. So, when we get multiple orders daily, we need an order fulfillment tool that automatically fulfills our customers’ orders.

Price And Stock Monitoring

Next, we need a price and stock monitoring tool. As product prices and stock depend on our suppliers, we can experience price and stock fluctuations accordingly. As such, this can cause certain problems that will decrease our profits.

For example, if a product listed on our store goes out of stock, then customers cannot get it delivered in the specified time. Thus, it decreases customers’ trust and results in unhappy customers. Also, price fluctuations can affect our profit margins or cause us to lose money.

That’s where a price and stock monitoring tool comes in handy. As the tool updates us about the changes in price and stocks, we can protect ourselves from loss. Furthermore, it will ensure customer satisfaction and, with that, customer loyalty.

Inventory Management

Although dropshipping business models do not require physical inventory management, we must ensure our inventory is organized. With that in mind, the inventory management tool allows us to manage and optimize products with bulk edits and multiple store management features.

Besides that, it lets us get a complete overview of all products from a single dashboard. From there, we can analyze the performance of the products and add more successful products to increase our profits even further.


Once our dropshipping store is ready to sell products, we need to market our products as much as possible. That’s because marketing helps increase the visibility of our business and allows us to reach global customers. Consequently, this helps us generate higher sales.

With this in mind, there are various marketing methods such as email marketing, discount codes, Facebook ads, content marketing, and more.

For instance, dropshippers can use RankMath, a WordPress Plugin that allows store owners to optimize their content using built-in suggestions. Similarly, Sendin Blue is another marketing app that automatically sends promotional emails to our customers.

Price Automation

Typically, product prices are set by subtracting the cost of the product from our supplier from the profit potential. If we want to go one step further, we can optimize product prices by automatically updating them.

With that said, a price automation tool allows us to achieve more profits by increasing the price for successful products. Likewise, it reduces prices for those that are not selling to increase their chances of selling. Thus, the price automation tool helps us increase our profit margins and conversion rates.

Customer Support

In every business, providing excellent customer service is a must. Moreover, excellent customer service is the backbone of our dropshipping business and helps us build a reputation.

As such, various tools help us take care of our customers. With these tools, we can effectively solve customers’ queries and problems, resulting in a loyal customer base.

10 Top Dropshipping Service Providers

Now that we know the types of services we need let’s discover top-notch service providers. With that said, here are the top ten dropshipping service providers that help us make our dropshipping operations more efficient:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. AutoDS
  4. Doba
  5. AliExpress
  6. Eprolo
  7. CJDropshipping
  8. Spocket
  9. Salehoo
  10. Modalyst

While these service providers mainly help with dropshipping, they all have different features. So, let’s find out what unique services they offer.

1. Fiverr

To kick off the list, we have Fiverr, a global marketplace that connects service providers with business owners. In essence, Fiverr is making waves in the dropshipping business world by allowing us to outsource dropshipping services to freelancers. 

Key Features

  • Product finding
  • Logo making
  • Website design
  • Virtual assistants
  • Marketing

As product finding is one of the first and crucial steps of dropshipping, Fiverr allows us to connect with freelancers who find high-potential products. Since product research takes time and effort, we can save time and labor by using their services.

Also, we can hire freelancers who design professional logos and websites for our dropshipping stores. This helps us create brand identity, along with a user-friendly and attractive website.

Additionally, we can hire virtual assistants to assist us with dropshipping operations. On top of that, many marketing experts are also available on Fiverr. With the help of these marketing experts, we can use proven and new strategies to scale our business. 


Generally, the price for services on Fiverr depends upon the sellers’ experience. This means that service providers on Fiverr can charge from $5 to $995.

2. Upwork

Similar to Fiverr, Upwork is another outsourcing community that helps us find compatible freelancers for our dropshipping business. While Fiverr is a suitable platform for short-term hiring, Upwork is excellent for longer-term projects.

Key Features

  • Logo designing
  • Website optimization
  • Virtual assistants
  • Product finding and product importing
  • Image editors
  • Customer support

With freelancers from Upwork, we can outsource a professional logo designer. Additionally, we can hire professionals who specialize in making our website more attractive and user-friendly.

On top of that, Upwork also provides virtual assistants to take care of our dropshipping operations, such as product finding, product importing, and more. Plus, we can also find image editors who optimize our images to make them more relevant and unique.

Finally, Upwork has a database of many freelancers who can work as customer representatives. As such, they provide excellent customer service resulting in positive customer reviews and feedback.


Like Fiverr, the price for services on Upwork varies according to the service providers. Beginners may charge 3$/hour, while experts may charge up to $100/ hour. Besides the per hour rate, service providers also work on a project completion basis.

3. AutoDS

Next on our list is AutoDS, an all-in-one dropshipping automation software. AutoDS allows us to operate a fully automatic dropshipping business while saving us time and effort.

Key Features

  • Product research
  • Automatic and bulk product importing
  • Advanced image editor
  • Price and stock monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Complete order automation
  • Fee calculator
  • Global supported dropshipping suppliers
  • Integration with selling channels
  • Dropshipping support 
  • Trial period

Product Research And Product Importing

Without best-selling products, we cannot start a dropshipping business. As such, with the AutoDS Product Research tool, we can find trending products from our suppliers. Multiple filters such as price range, ratings, categories, and more allow us to find trending products to sell.

Once we have a list of suitable products, we must import the products from our suppliers’ page to our dropshipping stores. With that in mind, AutoDS has an automatic Product Importing feature that allows us to import single or multiple products in a few clicks.

Furthermore, if our customers return the orders, that can be handled by the dropshipping software automatically. For product returns, AutoDS has one-click returns, where we do not have to get involved in the hassles of manually returning and refunding customers.

Additionally, the importing tool has an integrated image editor. That helps us to edit images to make product images more unique.

Price/Stock Monitoring And Inventory Management

With AutoDS’ Price and Stock Monitoring tool, we can remain updated about our supplier’s price and stock fluctuations. Then, we can change the price and stock accordingly to ensure a solid income stream.

On the other hand, AutoDS also provides an efficient inventory management tool. Some of the features of this tool are bulk editing and multiple store management. Most importantly, we can manage all our inventory from a single dashboard.

Automatic Orders And Fulfilled By AutoDS

When it comes to fulfilling customers’ orders, AutoDS provides two different ways: Automatic Orders and Fulfilled By AutoDS. Essentially, Automatic Orders uses our buyer accounts to fulfill customers’ orders, and this also provides tracking updates. To clarify, buyer accounts are our accounts on our supplier’s page with an integrated payment method such as PayPal or credit cards.

On the other hand, Fulfilled by AutoDS is an advanced order fulfillment feature that fulfills our customer orders, handles returns, and updates tracking information automatically.

Most importantly, Fulfilled by AutoDS uses its personal buyer accounts instead of ours while ordering products from our suppliers. As a result, this feature protects our buyer accounts from being locked on supplier websites.

Fee Calculators

Besides the automation tools, AutoDS has an eBay fees calculator for eBay dropshipping. This tool allows us to find out our actual profit by factoring in different costs related to eBay dropshipping. As such, we’ll know exactly how much we’re spending and profiting from our eBay dropshipping business.

Global Suppliers & Selling Channel Integrations

Besides order fulfillment, AutoDS works with global suppliers like Amazon, Banggood, and AliExpress. Working with multiple suppliers enables us to have a broader selection of products.

Moreover, AutoDS integrates with four selling channels. Those are, Wix, Shopify, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. As these are some of the best-selling channels for high conversion rates, we can easily automate our business on these platforms and scale.

Trial Period and Dropshipping Support

Another benefit of using AutoDS is its trial period. With the trial period, we can test the platform and automate our business with minimal investment.

Additionally, this dropshipping service provider offers long-term support to dropshippers. Even if we are not customers, we can learn from their resources like paid courses, mentorship programs, blogs, Youtube videos, and ebooks.

Overall, AutoDS is an excellent dropshipping service provider that completely automates our dropshipping stores. Basically, it saves us time and effort that we can instead focus on scaling our business. As a result, we can easily enjoy dropshipping and live a life of freedom and success!


To cater to dropshippers of all levels, AutoDS has three pricing plans:

Import: $9.90/month (paid annually) 

Starter: $17.90/month (paid annually)

Advanced: $32.90/month (paid annually)

If annual payment is not for you, AutoDS provides monthly plan packages too. However, paying annually will save us more money over the long term, allowing us to continue scaling. Moreover, we also have an option to design a custom plan with our preferred features.

4. Doba

Up next on our list, we have Doba, a dropshipping supplier directory and dropshipping tool with 20+ years of industry experience. This service provider allows us to import best-sellers while automating inventory management and order fulfillment.

Key Features

  • Product research
  • Inventory management
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Price and stock monitoring
  • Selling channel integrations

As of now, Doba has provided dropshipping services to more than 600,000 online stores. To begin, Doba helps us to find good products to sell. Additionally, not only can we find trending products, but we can also filter the products to find those with high potential.

Plus, it allows us to manage our online stores from a single platform and provides real-time order tracking. With real-time order tracking, customers easily see the whereabouts of their packages.

Furthermore, Doba also informs dropshippers with price and stock change alerts. Overall, these automation features can improve the efficiency of our dropshipping business. Last but not least, Doba integrates with major selling channels. Some of them are Amazon, Shopify, Wix, eBay, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.


Currently, Doba has three pricing plans: Startup, Business, and Enterprise. The Startup plan is free, and the Business plan costs $49.99 per month. Lastly, the Enterprise plan costs $299 per month and has a minimum subscription period of six months.

5. AliExpress

As dropshippers, we must have heard about AliExpress, one of the most popular dropshipping suppliers. Although primarily known as a dropshipping supplier, AliExpress also functions as a dropshipping service provider.

Key Features

  • 100 million+ product catalog
  • Affordable products
  • Multiple global warehouses 
  • AliExpress Dropship Center

As AliExpress is one of the largest online retail platforms, it has over 100 million products we can choose from. Having a large pool of products to choose from means we have a higher chance of finding profitable products.

Plus, AliExpress products are relatively more affordable in comparison to its competitors. Therefore, there is plenty of room for profit.

Furthermore, AliExpress has global warehouses in major regions like the USA, UK, and Europe. Although AliExpress is based in China, we can offer quick shipping without any hassles due to their worldwide warehouses.

On top of that, AliExpress offers dropshipping-friendly services such as the AliExpress Dropshipping Center. Thus, the platform enables us to research products by applying filters like price range, number of times sold, reviews, and more. Hence, we can analyze and find high-potential products to sell.

Overall, AliExpress works exceptionally well as a dropshipping service provider.  With their multiple features, we can easily establish a successful dropshipping store.

6. Eprolo

Another name on our list of the top ten dropshipping service providers is Eprolo. This dropshipping agent integrates with multiple eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and WooCommerce.

Key Features

  • Product importing
  • Price automation
  • Automatic tracking number updates
  • Custom packaging
  • Sourcing requests

Since Eprolo integrates with multiple platforms, it allows us to import products from suppliers easily. On top of that, it automates price optimization in our stores and sends automatic tracking number updates to our customers. However, compared to AutoDS, this service provider offers fewer dropshipping services.

On the other hand, Eprolo offers custom packaging services. With this service, dropshippers can customize product packaging and add personalized notes to customers. Both of these services help us build a strong brand and a loyal customer base.

Additionally, we can post a product sourcing request on Eprolo. As a result, we can find unique products that are not readily available on the market to differentiate ourselves from the competition.


While Eprolo is free to install and use, its branding services have paid plans. In essence, this service provider has two branding services:

  • Basic branding service – $19.90 per year
  • Advanced branding service – $99.00 per year

7. CJDropshipping

If you’re looking for a dropshipping-friendly platform, CJDropshipping is one of the best options. Although they are mainly a dropshipping supplier, they work equally well as a dropshipping service provider to enhance our business operations. 

Key Features

  • Print-on-demand products
  • Private labeling
  • Quality control
  • Shipping cost calculator
  • Marketing

One of the unique advantages of choosing CJDropshipping is that it offers print-on-demand (POD) products on its platform. In general, POD products are products that we can design and sell, like t-shirts, mugs, and more.

Also, another customization option this dropshipping service provider offers is private labeling. Essentially, private label products are manufactured according to our specifications and under our brand name. As a result, this helps us build our brand identity over time.

Additionally, CJDropshipping analyzes product quality before shipping the item to our customers. Thus, dropshippers can ensure high-quality products and also minimal returns. Besides that, they also provide a shipping cost calculator. Since shipping costs vary according to different locations and shipping carriers, the shipping calculator helps us calculate them accurately.

Furthermore, CJDropshipping provides marketing services such as custom videos and images for our products. With this feature, the experts from CJDropshipping will create professional videos and images, helping us increase our conversion rates.

8. Spocket

Grabbing the eighth spot on the list is Spocket, a popular software that provides dropshipping services. This software works with American and European suppliers. Plus, it also integrates with many dropshipping selling channels.

Key Features

  • Product importing
  • Semi-order automation
  • Price automation
  • Price and stock monitoring

With both bulk and one-click product importing features, Spocket provides a complete product importing solution. Additionally, Spocket also offers a semi-order automation feature. With this feature, we can send order details for every order to our suppliers with a single click.

However, they do not send automatic tracking number updates to their customers. On the other hand, AutoDS provides full order automation, including other additional features.

Besides semi-order automation, Spocket offers price automation to optimally set product prices and profit margins. Also, they offer price and stock monitoring tools. With that in mind, we can automatically receive updates from Spocket about product prices and stock changes.


Besides the free package, Spocket has the following pricing packages:

  • Starter: $25 (paid monthly)
  • Pro: $50 (paid monthly)
  • Empire: $100 (paid monthly)

Along with the monthly pricing plans, Spocket also has annual packages.

9. Salehoo

If you’re looking for a dropshipping service provider with a massive directory of wholesalers, then Salehoo is your best bet. This service provider aids dropshippers in finding profitable products from verified suppliers at low prices.

Key Features

  • Product research tool
  • Verified suppliers
  • Price and stock monitoring
  • Inventory management

If we’re searching for profitable products, we can use Salehoo’s product research tool. This enables us to find high-demand products. Once we find in-demand products, we can source them from Salehoo’s verified list of 8000+ global and local suppliers.

On top of that, Salehoo also offers a price and stock monitoring tool. This means we are protected if the supplier decides to change the price or stock availability in a short time.

Furthermore, this dropshipping service provider offers us an easy inventory management tool. With this tool, we can manage multiple stores and products from a single dashboard.


Salehoo has two pricing plans; a yearly subscription of $67 or a one-time fee of $127. 

10. Modalyst

And finally, we have Modalyst, a dropshipping service used by over 350,000 online stores. Moreover, Modalyst is a popular automation platform that supports Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce dropshipping.

Key Features

  • Bulk product importer 
  • Image and description editor
  • Automatic tracking number updates
  • Automatic price optimization

When we have to add products to our store, Modalyst enables us to import products in bulk, saving us time. Additionally, we can further edit product images and descriptions before listing them in our store.

Nevertheless, Modalyst does not have an adept product editor compared to the AutoDS platform. That’s because Modalyst lacks the bulk product editing feature that is available on AutoDS.

Coming back to Modalyst’s features, they provide dropshippers with an image editor. It enables us to make the product images unique to differentiate us from the competition. Similarly, optimizing descriptions can boost our search engine ranking. As a result, more customers will see our products in their search results, helping us generate more sales.

Aside from that, Modalyst automatically updates our customers on their orders’ shipping status, including courier names, tracking information, and tracking links. On top of that, Modalyst automatically updates product prices in our stores. If there are any changes on our supplier’s end, the price optimization feature helps us avoid loss and customer dissatisfaction.


Besides the free plan for beginners, Modalyst has two pricing plans:

  • Start-up plan: $35 per month
  • Pro plan: $90 per month

While the Startup plan provides access to 250 listings, the Pro plan offers access to unlimited products.


What Are Dropshipping Services?

Dropshipping services are a type of service that individuals or companies provide to assist dropshippers with their business. With dropshipping services, we can efficiently and swiftly perform our business operations.

What Is The Best Dropshipping Service?

The best dropshipping services are automatic product importing, complete order fulfillment, price and stock monitoring, and customer service outsourcing. With that said, it’s best to work with a dropshipping service provider who can offer us multiple dropshipping benefits, such as AutoDS.

How Much Do Dropshipping Services Cost?

The cost of dropshipping services varies according to the type of service. In general, we can expect the cost of dropshipping services to be between $5 – $25 per month.


And, there we have it! Now we know all the essentials about dropshipping services. Moreover, we have also gained an insight into the ten best dropshipping service providers.

Now, the next step is to create our dropshipping store and work with the best service provider. So, we can select one of the top providers from our list and go from there. With the right service provider, we can quickly reach the top and attain significant profits.

However, we must keep expanding our knowledge to establish a successful dropshipping business. With that in mind, here are some articles to help you master the art of dropshipping: