1. What is eBay File Exchange?

The eBay file exchange is a system that allows you to manage all of your eBay store using CSV files or Excel files.

Using this system, you can manage everything that you want on your eBay store. You can change your prices, upload new products, change quantities, change titles, and many other functionalities.

Also, you can check the status of your active listings, your sold products, and many other operations that you can do over your store.

2. How does eBay File Exchange Work?

First of all, to get into the system, what you need to do is to go to google and search for “eBay file exchange” and then click on the first result where you see file exchange – eBay.

Then, you will have to Sign up for the File Exchange.

And then, you will be inside the eBay File Exchange System.

Now let’s go over what each tool means on the eBay File Exchange System.

1) Upload Files

The upload files feature allows you to list and end listings along with change quantities, titles, prices, and any other operation on your eBay store using CSV files

What you need to do is to create a file with the right format on your computer, then go to the upload files page on the eBay File Exchange System and choose the file and then click upload to upload the file to eBay’s system.

When you use AutoDS manual dropshipping solution, the non API solution, AutoDS do the hard part for you automatically using the AutoDS Chrome extension.

2) View Upload Results

If you go to view the upload results page, you will see the results of all of your previous uploads based on your filter.

When you upload the CSV file, it will take some time. It can take a few minutes or even a few hours if eBay has some queues, and then the result will appear on this page.

On the view upload results page, you can see the uploaded file; if you download it, you will see the file AutoDS created for you automatically and uploaded to eBay’s File Exchange System.

After you downloaded the file and open it, you will see multiple columns, including the action, the item id, the title, all of your different variations listed, quantities, and more.

If you play with this file by changing any of the numbers, you can update the products using the upload files option, and it will get updated on eBay according to the item ID.

3) Load Results Report

The next thing here is the option of load the results report. So after AutoDS Uploaded the product for you, AutoDS will download the results file from here.

You can do it manually, and then you can go to your monitor and upload the product with the results from here.

If you download the load results report file and open it, you can see what happened with your uploaded file.

You can see the status of the upload and the reason. If you want to debug and check what’s going on with your uploads, this is the right file that you need to check.

You will be able to see what’s going on with your uploaded files.

4) Download

The Download section is the section of all the operations that you can do in your store.

It can be for the sold items results or all the active listings, so if you click on the download file, you will have the listings and records option.

And here are the operations that you can do.

We are usually using the active report and the sold report.

The sold is for the Sold products, and the Active is for the active listings.

To download the active listings file, you need to choose the Active option, the standard download format, and the date range of the items that you want to download, or you can use the all active listings option to download all your active listings.

Also, you need to provide an email address, just put any valid email address.

If you’re using the AutoDS manual dropshipping extension, it will send the results to the email address that you put on the Chrome Extension.

After a few minutes or hours, it depends on sizes of the file eBay creates for you, you will see it under the Completed Downloads

You will see all the results of the previous download requests that you sent to eBay.

Then, you can download the results file by clicking on the Download button.

You will have all of your orders or active listings records depending on what you choose in the previous section.

The download section can help you in many cases, for example, if we want to check if AutoDS created the files for you or the sold report every 15 minutes or depending on the configuration.

It can be useful for you for debugging and uploading results to AutoDS, even manually, if you want.

5) Importing Orders from eBay File Exchange to AutoDS

You can download the sold report and upload it on AutoDS’s orders page to import orders from eBay’s file exchange to AutoDS.

And then, all of your orders will appear in AutoDS if the products already added on the active listings page.

6) Exporting Active Listings from AutoDS for File Exchange

About the active listings page, you can download from here using the export listings for file exchange and upload using the upload functionality of the eBay file exchange.

7) Sync the Untracked Listings

If you want the untracked listings to get shown on AutoDS without using the extension, you can go to the untracked listings page on AutoDS.

And then click on add new Untracked listings.

Then, upload the file of the active listings results. After that, your untracked listings products will show up on AutoDS Untracked Listings Page.


So this is why the eBay File Exchange is useful for us as dropshippers and now you have a full overview of eBay’s file exchange. Ultimately, eBay is a great marketplace for dropshipping and sourcing products. However, the only way to truly succeed on this marketplace is by staying ahead of the competition and having all the necessary information required to scale your business. So, continue learning and growing your stores with insights from these articles: