Legal Disclaimer: Use Authentic Information

It’s important to use authentic information when managing multiple eBay accounts. Falsifying identities or using fake details is illegal and against eBay’s policies. The techniques discussed in this guide are intended for legitimate purposes only, such as representing different family members or business entities. Users should comply with eBay’s terms of service and applicable laws to avoid legal consequences and maintain trust within the online community.

In this article, we will show you how to work with eBay stealth accounts. And what is the essential thing which you need to know when you work with eBay stealth accounts?

The most important thing is Firefox portable or any different browser and a proxy. We will show you in this article how to work with these things and why they are so important.

The first thing which you need to have is a different browser, a separate browser from your current browser that you use for your existing accounts, and any other stealth account. You will need to have another browser, and we will show you how to solve all these problems.

1) Firefox Portable

Downloading Firefox Portable

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So I am working with mac, this is why I write in google “Firefox portable Mac”, but you can just write Firefox portable and you will get the same browser just for your operating system, so I go to the first result, then I go to the first option and I will just wait until the download starts and the file will be downloaded to my computer.

Firefox Portable for Mac

After the download finished I will have this file, Firefox Portable, and will open the file, in Windows you will have an EXE file so we can just install it, so I am in mac I will copy the file to the Applications folder.

Managing Stealth Accounts

Now we have here this folder Firefox portable. We will extract it again to the applications. Whenever you click the X the file and installing it, this is another account, another user. So if we want to have one stealth account, we will create and rename the Firefox title to Lior, for example, and we can duplicate it as many times as we want.

Managing Multiple Stealth Accounts

Every account will have the store name as the Firefox title just for our comfort. So we will call this one Lior 2. Now we have the application, and we have the other browser which we can open and use for any of our accounts. Again, every different account has its browser. It doesn’t matter if you are on Windows or Mac. You need to install Firefox portable.

The other option is to create another user on Windows and have its own Firefox. Still, this way, I found it much more comfortable, and this is how I teach everyone to use, so I will open this application this Firefox portable, as you can see the browser opened here.

eBay stealth accounts

After we opened the browser, we need to configure something on it, which called a proxy. With Firefox, we can now browse from other cookies and other data, so eBay will not know that we are the other accounts. It is what means stealth accounts, but we have another thing called our IP address.

2) Proxy

The IP address is how we go outside to the network it’s like the address of our computer so we need to change this IP address so if I go to a site like WTF is my IP I will see my address as Israel and my IP address where I sit.

Changing IP address for ebay stealth accounts

Now I want to change this IP address for this we have services that don’t cost a lot of money around two dollars per month which means two dollars per stealth account so let’s go to the site Proxy N VPN and click register.

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dedicated private proxies for eBay stealth accounts

I’m already connected to my account so all you need to do is to register and finish the registration process, you just need to fill the details, first name, last name, company name, email address a password, fill the CAPTCHA and click register.

creating proxy n vpn account

After that, you will need to verify your account by going to your email address and verify it and then you need to purchase proxy, so which type of proxies we have?

1. Shared Proxies

Shared proxy is one IP address which shared between many people this type of proxy is not good for us. It’s very dangerous for us because when we use a shared proxy, it’s possible that someone else also uses the same shared proxy to access eBay. And if their account gets banned from eBay, our account also will be affected by this.

So shared proxies are not good for us we need something called private proxies.

2. Private Proxies

The private proxy is a proxy that is private it’s only for us not for anyone else so how we obtain a private proxy?

private proxies for eBay stealth accounts

We go to buy proxies and click private proxies. We will only buy one proxy. It’s one per eBay user. Click order now, and after a few minutes, we will see the proxy under our proxies. “Our proxies” are here under my proxies.

proxies for eBay stealth accounts

Sometimes it takes more than a few minutes, and it can take a few hours. But you will finally see that the proxy gets assigned to your account. If not, you can always create a support ticket on their site.

So this is how the proxy looks, we can see the IP address and the port. These are the two things which you need. So for the proxy, we have two types of authentication, the first one is IP address, and the second one is username and password. We will choose the username and password and click set up.

set up proxies for eBay stealth accounts

Now this process can take few minutes until this password and username are set up for our account, so this process can take up to 10 minutes we just wait and then we will be able to log in with these details, but how to use it?

3) Configuring Firefox Portable with Proxy

Now we will take the IP address from here. It is the address that eBay and Google and any other site will see our computer. We will go to Firefox, on the top preferences, then we go to advanced, and then go to connection then click settings.

Firefox manual proxy configuration

Here you should click the manual proxy configuration option and put the IP address and the port, which we got from the proxy and VPN site. Then check use this proxy server for all protocols and click OK.

configuring Firefox portable for eBay stealth accounts

Now you can surf again to what the is my IP dot-com WTF is my IP. As you can see how we can go from different addresses. As you can see, this is the same IP, which we got from the Proxy and VPN site.

getting new IP for eBay stealth accounts

Now eBay does not know that we are from the same Mac or the same computer, which we used before with the previous account. Because now the browser is different, and the IP address is changed. All you need to be aware of is not to log in from the same browser to different stealth accounts.

We have a different browser and a different IP address. In the previous article, we talked about what you need to have different phone numbers, different addresses, and different names. Now, we are fully covered.


To sum it all up, we need to split the browsers and split the proxies. Plus, if you put the proxy in the configuration as seen earlier, it always will go from this IP. Thus,  ensuring you remain safe while using a dropshipping tool.  As such, we can optimize as many stealth accounts as we want from the same browser.

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