Dropshipping from HomeDepot to Shopify is a proven method that works for thousands of dropshippers. HomeDepot is one of the biggest home improvement suppliers worldwide, offering reliable customer support, fast shipping, competitive prices, and top-notch products.

Additionally, Shopify is a selling channel that enables the full customization of our dropshipping stores and adding of as many items as we want without worrying about product listing limits.

However, we consume a significant time and effort when manually importing products from HomeDepot to Shopify. That’s why this article will guide us on how to import dropshipping products from HomeDepot to Shopify utilizing efficient and convenient methods.

How to Import Products from HomeDepot to Shopify

home depot dropshipping

Here’s how you can import dropshipping products from HomeDepot to Shopify using three techniques:

  • Single Product Uploader 
  • Using A Product’s URL/ID (Single/Multiple Products)
  • Bulk Importer

To better understand how we can utilize these straightforward methods, here is a quick guide to each one of them:

1. Single Product Uploader 

The first method to import products from HomeDepot to Shopify is the Single Product Uploader. Using this method, we can import a single product quickly in one to two seconds.

dropshipping product URL

Commence importing the item by going to the product’s page of the HomeDepot product you want to add. Next, copy the product’s URL or ID.

add dropshipping products

Now, on AutoDS, click on ‘Add Products’ on the platform’s left sidebar.

dropship single product

Continue the import process by clicking the ‘Single Product’ option and pasting the URL or product ID of the item.

import HomeDepot product URL

Then, click the ‘Edit Now (Quick)’ bar, and afterward, an item editor will appear on the upper part of the page, meaning that the importing process has begun.

dropshipping item editor

When the colors of the ‘Save’ and ‘Save & Import’ bars change, it signifies that the product is ready for optimization

optimizing dropshipping products

The optimization process will allow you to edit the product details, description, variants, images, specifications, and a lot more.

save dropshipping item information

After optimizing the product information, click the ‘Save’ button to apply the changes.

import dropshipping products

When you’re ready to import the product to your online store, click the ‘Save and Import’ button.

dropshipping products section

Once the product is available on the ‘Products’ page, our audience will be able to view and purchase it on our Shopify dropshipping stores.

shopify online store

2. By URL/ID (Single/Multiple Products)

Copying an item’s URL/ID onto the AutoDS platform is our second method of product importing. With this method, we can add single or multiple products from HomeDepot to Shopify.

add products to dropship

To begin, copy the product’s URL or ID from HomeDepot, and click on the ‘Add Products‘ bar on the AutoDS site. Next, click the ‘Multiple Products / Stores’ option.

multiple dropshipping products/stores

Then, add the product by pasting the URL/ID. You can list numerous products by pasting more URLs/IDs with a line break in between.

After pasting the products’ URLs/IDs in the dialog box, transfer the items to the ‘Drafts‘ section by clicking on ‘Add as a draft.’ 

Once the products move to the ‘Drafts‘ page, we can start optimizing the products’ information. We can optimize the product’s title, collections, description, variants, images, specifications, and more.

optimizing dropshipping products

Next, after the optimization process is complete, click the ‘Import‘ button.

dropshipping products import

This step will move the items to the ‘Products‘ page of the AutoDS platform. 

dropshipping products page

Once we see the items in the ‘Products‘ section on AutoDS, we know that the product is live on our Shopify dropshipping store for customers to purchase.

3. Bulk Importer

The third technique to import products is by importing in bulk through a CSV File. When using this method, we can import tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dropshipping products at once from HomeDepot to Shopify.

But first, we need to install the AutoDS helper extension to be able to utilize this feature.

AutoDS dropshipping helper

Now, we can enter HomeDepot and search for trending products we want to add to our Shopify dropshipping store.

HomeDepot dropshipping products

On the product search results page, click the AutoDS extension icon. Then, on the dialog box that appears, click on ‘Extract.’ 

extract dropshipping items

After clicking on ‘Extract,’ the IDs of all items on the page will show up in the extension box. Click on the ‘Export as CSV’ option to export a CSV file with the product IDs inside.

extract dropshipping products' CSV

After clicking on ‘Export as CSV’, a CSV file containing the available product IDs will automatically download onto our computer.

add products to dropship

Next, add the CSV file to AutoDS. Do this by clicking on the ‘Add Products’ button and selecting ‘Multiple Products / Stores’. 

add multiple dropshipping products/stores

Now, click the ‘Upload CSV’ tab and drag and drop the CSV file in the dialog box. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Drop CSV File’ to open up your file browser to locate the CSV file and double click on it.

At this point, AutoDS will automatically import all products in the CSV file to the ‘Drafts‘ page.

autods drafts import

When the optimization process ends, click the ‘Import’ button to transfer the items from the ‘Drafts’ section to the ‘Products’ page.

import e-commerce products

Finally, the items are now on the ‘Products‘ page. Shoppers can start exploring and buying live products on our Shopify store.

dropshipping products page

Here is one of the products that we just imported, live on our Shopify dropshipping store:

product page shopify

That concludes the importing process. Try it out and see how simple it is to save a massive amount of time!


Congratulations, you are now an expert in importing products from HomeDepot to Shopify! Start by listing product ideas to your dropshipping stores by choosing the technique that works best.

With the help of these efficient importing methods, we can dedicate our time and efforts to building up our dropshipping venture instead of wasting hours on end importing products manually.

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