So around 10 months ago, we wrote some articles about how to work with multiple eBay accounts, multiple stealth accounts, and Firefox Portable.

How to work with eBay stealth accounts using Firefox portable and proxy (Tutorial)

The thing is that many people want to work with Chrome Portable. Also, the game changed, and there are much newer and better methods to work with multiple eBay stealth accounts, Amazon accounts, or anything that you need multiple browsers for this.

So, in this article, we want to show you exactly how Lior Pozin does this. How he manages over 35 different eBay accounts, and what is the newest method to do this!

Lior also uploaded a post on the AutoDS Facebook community group, asking if you need an article and video about this topic.

We saw huge demand, over 40 people who wanted to get this content at the moment of writing this article.

So now, let us jump into how to do it, and we will show you everything and all of the details about how to do it in the best way.

The first thing that you need to manage multiple an eBay accounts or multiple Amazon accounts, it doesn’t matter using the Chrome browser, is to have a program called Multilogin.

The Multilogin tool is a bit expensive, but we recommend it. You will see after this article that this something that is good to have for everyone who manages even over one eBay account.

By the way, this method will work for you for both, Non-API and API methods.

So what you do, you go to and download the app, register, and then you can open this tool.

You open this tool, and then you can go to “New browser profile”.

After you click the new browser profile, you need to give it a name. For this tutorial, we will name it “test account 1”.

We recommend you to put here the name of the eBay store that will use this profile. And then you choose the operating system; it doesn’t matter.

And choose if you want to work with Firefox “Stealthfox” or Google Chrome, which is “Mimic”.

We will go for Google Chrome and click edit proxy settings and click HTTP proxy.

About how to get HTTP proxy, we already created videos about that. So you can go to Youtube, write “AutoDS Stealth” and find here some videos about this.

Also, we recommend you to join the AutoDS Dropshipping Community because here we can answer all of your questions about anything in dropshipping. And the same below any video on Youtube.

So, we will go here, choose the HTTP proxy and list here our proxy details. In this case, we are using the Proxy-N-VPN service, but it doesn’t matter which service you will use.

So we will add the proxy IP address, the port, the login, and the password. Then click check proxy to check if the proxy is working.

And if everything is working fine, you will see something like this and click create a profile.

We can see here the profile created, so click start and let’s see what happens.

So the start is launching the account and here is our new Multilogin.

We can go from here to eBay or any site; this will work the same as an independent or portable Google chrome browser. Same as Firefox portable and the same as any other browser.

It’s the same as opening another windows account or another Mac account on your computer or even as having another computer.

So you don’t need to buy a new computer which we saw that many people do this. You don’t need VPS. You can manage your accounts using only this browser.

Another thing that you can do is to give access to your VA. You can provide them with access to your Multilogin, and then they can manage all of your accounts using these browsers.

You don’t need to create and pay to a lot of servers, and this why we said it’s much cheaper even if the price is $100 per month.

If you think about this, it’s like few VPS servers and works much faster because it works on your computer.

You can download here any extensions; for example, AutoDS Helper, you can go to google and download it easily from the Google store.

So it works the same as any other Google chrome browser. You can see that it will be installed very fast in your browser, and that’s all.

One important thing is that for sure, you can use it also without proxy, but when you go out of the browser, you need to click on “Close & Save”.

This way, all of your passwords and all of your extensions will be saved.

The extensions saved for you locally. If you give it to your VA, they need to download the extensions again.

But everything else is shared like passwords, cookies, and everything.

Another cool thing that you can do using this fantastic tool is to create groups.

So if you go to groups, add a new group, you can right here, for example, “Amazon accounts” and click create.

Then you can quickly go and move this server to the group of Amazon accounts, and what does it mean?

It means that you can use 1 Multilogin account to manage all of your eBay accounts, Amazon accounts, and everything that you need in one place.


Great! Now we know how to work with multiple API and non-API eBay accounts while using Google Chrome. Not as hard as it seems, right? Well, to continue learning more great tips and tricks, check out these worthwhile articles: