One of the things that stand out the most in dropshipping is its scalability. Since the expenses are significantly lower than brick and mortar stores, it’s much easier to open more stores and scale. Especially since eBay supports having multiple stores.

But, there’s a lot more to it than that. Because having more than one store doesn’t necessarily mean that you will generate more sales and profit. In this case, timing and management will draw the line between success and failure. 

Are multiple stores the right approach for your business model? If so, when is the right time to do it? What are the best strategies to use? All of your questions will be answered in this article, where you will learn everything there is to know about managing multiple eBay stores

eBay Account Safety

ebay account safety

First and foremost, it is wise to know how eBay sees and regulates sellers with multiple accounts. This way, you will keep your accounts safe from unnecessary trouble leading to account suspension. After all, this is your asset, and you need to protect it by all means.

Linked Accounts and Duplicate Listings are two subjects that you need to know about to keep your multiple seller accounts safe. Let’s break down what they are and how to work with them.

1. eBay Linked Accounts

eBay linked accounts

When creating more than one account under the same names and addresses, eBay will link the accounts together. Meaning, if for any reason, one of the accounts gets a suspension – the rest of the accounts will go down with it, just like the domino effect. Therefore, it is crucial to keep each seller account in check

Maintaining a healthy seller account status is mainly based on handling customer inquiries, cases, and returns correctly. Customer satisfaction is the number one factor for the survivability of your seller accounts. Thus, remember to treat it like the real business that it is.

Keep in mind that eBay links all of the accounts under the same wifi connection. In other words, every computer under the same household is linked to one another. So if you live with your family or roommates who are also sellers, make sure that they are aware of the boundaries for everyone’s benefit.

2. eBay Duplicate Listings

Having a winning product is fun. And since eBay is a keyword marketplace, many try to multiple their success by uploading the same product more than once. Each time with a different title to gain more presence on eBay’s search engine. Sooner or later, eBay’s algorithm catches on and takes action.

It doesn’t matter if there are duplicate products in the same store or spread throughout multiple stores. Since all of the accounts are linked together, eBay sees it as one big store. Therefore, refrain from uploading the same item more than once. There are more than enough ways to increase your dropshipping profits without taking any unnecessary risks.

Either way, AutoDS will protect you from adding duplicate listings on one or multiple stores. So you don’t have to worry about it happening by accident, and your seller accounts will remain protected.

Is it a Good Idea To Grow Multiple eBay Stores?

If your timing and management skills are on point, the answer is definitely a yes.

The biggest advantage of growing multiple stores is the ability to test different marketing strategies. In other words – split testing. Meaning, each store will use its purpose to test a different marketing strategy.

After collecting enough data, you’ll know exactly which products and methods you need to scale to start hitting the big numbers.

For example, one store can implement the Big Numbers Rule strategy, bulk listing as many hot-selling products and categories possible.

This proven strategy helps gather maximum data for product research and is the most cost-effective method since you’re paying much less for each listing on an Anchor store subscription.

The second store can test optimized listings. Optimize the titles, descriptions, pictures, watermarks, etc. Obviously, this strategy requires more work for each listing, so if you don’t have spare time – consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to help automate your business.

The third store can test a specific niche that you have your eye on after testing with the first two stores. Or, a specific supplier with whom you have a lot of mutual sales. At this point, you should already start generating new ideas with the testing experience that you have from the first two stores.

Remember – each strategy takes time and patience to gather data and results. Waiting for less than one month is not enough time to gather enough information. Each testing phase should take at least 1 full month of testing, if not 2. The more work you put on the testing phase, the better the results.

Take Lior Pozin (our CEO), for example, with 35 different eBay accounts. After much experimenting throughout the years, he decided to go with the Big Numbers Rule strategy on each of his 35 eBay stores. Today, some of his stores search for new niches while the rest are collecting their fruits on proven methods after intensive testing.

Increase Your Store Limits With Multiple Stores


One of the challenges when opening new eBay stores are the limits. You start with a limit of only 10 listings and gradually increase it with the coming months, making the process take way too long for growing each store. Unless, of course, you are reading our blogs and learning secrets that others don’t know.

When opening an additional eBay store, all you have to do is call eBay and ask them to increase your selling limits. After going through a quick verification process, let them know that this is not your first store and that you already have experience selling on eBay.

If they ask why you’re opening another store, explain that you are testing new marketing methods or a new niche that can’t be combined with the first store.

And that’s all there is to it! Request to start with as many listings as possible. They will check your linked store’s status. Once they see that your seller account is healthy and that you know what you are doing, you will start with much higher limits and get to work immediately.

When Is It A Good Time To Create An Additional eBay Store?

Scaling is important – but so is timing. Knowing the right time to add an additional store is crucial to the success of them all. First, wait until you start generating enough profit from your first store before considering opening an additional store. 

After all, you already mastered the basic arts of dropshipping by:

Furthermore, having a few hundred listings is not enough. Once your store is optimized with at least several thousand products (if not more) and generates decent sales and profit, you will be ready to open another store.

Every eBay store should generate around $1000 profit per month with an estimated 10,000 listings. Therefore, to make around $10,000 profit per month, you need to have 10 stores with 10,000 listings per store. For a more detailed explanation, check out our blog on the best time to create additional eBay stores.

In Conclusion

To summarize, growing multiple eBay accounts is definitely a good idea for those who want to hit the big numbers dropshipping. With each store serving its own market research purpose and different strategies and timing each store correctly, it’s only a matter of time before you start multiplying your profits.

Remember that patience is the key to strategy & research. Give your stores enough time (at least one month) to gather enough data before coming to a decision. The more you test, the more you will surprise yourself with the results, and the sooner you can start to scale!