Do you want to increase the amount of money you make through dropshipping? Read on to find out how to maximize your earnings by creating multiple stealth accounts.

For example, let’s say you are earning 10,000 dollars using one store, and you want to make more. By multiplying the number of your accounts by 10, you can earn 10 times more or even higher!

In this blog, we’ll discuss how you will be able to scale and succeed in dropshipping using multiple Amazon/eBay accounts. Furthermore, you’ll understand how these multiple accounts will increase profits by a hundredfold.

In line with the fact above, it is essential to emphasize that creating multiple accounts lets you protect your store and increase your sales. Having multiple accounts allows you to split your orders (especially high volume ones), thereby reducing the risk of overloading. Overloading the account with too many orders might lead to account lockout and closure. That’s because catering to a massive amount of orders is impossible with one Amazon account nowadays. With this, if you have the opportunity to cater to more orders, you will have more sales to make as a result.

Why You Need Multiple Amazon And eBay Accounts

If you plan to create a US profile while you are from Europe/Asia, you will most likely get your account banned. In addition, your IP address will be flagged. Even worse, if you placed orders using the banned account, you will be locked out, and your orders will be canceled.

You might need to start a US-based dropshipping business.

How can you do this without going to the US or asking someone else from the US to open accounts for you?. The solution would be to utilize proxies. You have to utilize proxies for that. With proxies, you can use the US proxies’ IP location to create an Amazon profile that appears to be a US citizen.

When creating multiple Amazon accounts, the profile needs to contain all the necessary information. Such as name, email address, billing address, phone number, etc. You won’t have to worry about this as we have one effective way to get it done without using fake information. You can simply ask the permission of your family members, friends, or colleagues if you can borrow some of their information to create the profiles.

Avoid having your main store linked to other stores.

So you have your Amazon account profile ready, but you want to create more accounts. First, it is important not to link all your accounts to one another. Then, if that one account gets locked out, the others will not be affected. To do this, make sure you link each of your profiles to different IP addresses.

Apart from this, ensure that each Amazon/eBay account is not connected. This allows each of your accounts to have minimal traffic without overloading them. So, in the end, you’ll have multiple accounts, and all of them are in a safe place.

Nevertheless, there is a roadblock that we need to pass when creating multiple accounts. It is mainly because the creation of numerous profiles is one of the reasons Amazon/eBay could flag and ban your account. However, do not worry, as we have the solution you are looking for: high-quality private residential proxies.

What Do You Need to Create Multiple Amazon/eBay Accounts?

       1. Multiple High-quality IP Addresses

Amazon and eBay use our IP addresses to combat spam. Keep in mind that every device connected to the Internet has a unique IP address that the device sends along with every request it makes to the Internet.

Because it’s one-of-a-kind, they utilize it to prohibit users who break their terms of service, ensuring complete compliance. By building multiple accounts with each on a different IP address, you can have unlimited access to the platforms. Also, you can enhance your sales and generate more money. Additionally, with proxies, you can bypass Amazon’s and eBay’s anti-spam systems.

However, we must obtain high-quality undetectable proxies to bypass the system successfully. And when we say high-quality, we mean you need clean IP addresses that are not blacklisted and overused.

Unfortunately, many sellers and even buyers realized this late. Sooner than later, all of their accounts get banned for creating and using multiple accounts under one IP address. In other cases, various IP addresses were used but were already blacklisted by sites as thousands of users have shared them.

While we wait for our IP address to be white-listed, we lose money in our dropshipping stores. Whereas if we create multiple accounts, we’ll avoid this issue and generate more revenue.

Furthermore, check the IP addresses after every proxy rotation to check if your proxies let you have multiple IP addresses. Ask your proxy provider how you can rotate your proxy to get new IPs). To check if you are given different IPs after every rotation, you can connect your proxy to a stealth browser and check the IP via Google.

Moreover, it is mandatory to get undetectable proxies. With undetectable proxies, the IP addresses mimic legitimate users. This reduces the danger of websites blocking or deleting your account. Using free proxies is a paradox as the usage of this type of proxies is like sharing IPs with hundreds and even millions of users across the globe. True enough, this should be the deciding factor when you want to get the best type of proxy for your multiple Amazon/eBay accounts.

To ensure that you will only get clean IPs, use IP Quality Checker from Google to test your proxies.

       2. Stealth Browser

Technically, if you use a stealth browser, you no longer need to rent/pay for individual VPS (Virtual Private Servers). You just need to connect all the proxies to the browser and create/connect the Amazon/eBay accounts. In most cases, you might think you can only use a single IP because you are under one device/computer. However, the stealth browser with proxies helps you create each account using different IP addresses. This keeps you safe from getting your accounts blocked from creating many profiles under one single IP address (your device’s main IP).

Check out this list of stealth browsers to choose which one works best for you.

       3. Virtual Private Server

The third option is to use a Virtual Private Server (VPS). VPSs enable us to manage multiple Amazon/eBay accounts. A virtual private server is a virtual operating system that runs on a parent server and employs virtualization technology to give other virtual servers specialized (private) resources.

A server, in simple terms, is a powerful computer that houses all of the data and files that make up your website. When someone types your domain name into their browser, a powerful computer “serves up” your website to the browser. VPS is a bit pricey but more efficient if you have virtual assistant/s who need/s access to manage your accounts.

       4. Reliable Email Addresses and Dedicated Phone Numbers

Another thing to consider is having stable email addresses and phone numbers from physical sim cards. This is the key to successful multiple account creation and the “backbone” to strengthening the profiles.

Using newly-made email addresses will not do the trick as these email addresses are not stable yet. Hence, you can purchase email addresses from trustworthy and positively reviewed suppliers, giving you the best accounts. To be more specific, we highly recommend using Gmail accounts as they are more secure and sturdy when compared to other email services. For this, we recommend checking out a well-known reliable account supplier. If you plan to create US-based accounts, choose Gmail accounts created using USA IPs. With USA IPs, you’ll minimize lockout risk when connecting the email service to your proxy.

As for phone numbers, do not use virtual numbers that you can get for free online. These numbers are not safe anymore as they have been used for verifications too often. Therefore, the better choice is to get physical sim cards instead. You can also ask your proxy provider if you can get the phone numbers of the proxies you rented (if you are using 4G mobile proxies).

Important Take-away

The list can go on and on as proxies for Amazon/eBay are not limited to doing account creation but data scraping. To succeed with multiple Amazon/eBay accounts creation, look for high-quality proxies with stellar features. Proxies must be undetectable and with clean IPs. Proxies are rotating ones that can give you new IPs on demand. Since you will browse the profiles, the speed should be the deal-breaker. Finally, it is essential to get quality VPS/stealth browsers, email addresses, and phone numbers to complete the package.

There you have it! It seems a long and tedious process to create multiple Amazon/eBay accounts, but this is one of the effective ways to increase your profits without breaking the bank. It is worth taking a shot, after all.

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