1. The Amount of Feedback:

The first, the easiest and the most basic way to evaluate the right price for an eBay store is to check the number of feedbacks and multiply it between 50 cents to $1 per feedback.

But it depends on the number of feedbacks because if the store has 10,000 feedback, it doesn’t mean that the store worth $10,000. At some point, it doesn’t matter how many feedbacks the store has.

We recommend that for stores that have up to 1000 feedback, each feedback should cost around $0.8, which is a reasonable price.

And from there, talk with the seller or with the buyer to negotiate the deal.

2. Selling Limits:

The second thing is the selling limits, the more limits the store has the more money the account will cost because it takes time to increase the limits.

We recommend you to check the selling limits to see if it has around 1 million dollars which is the best amount of limits a store should have.

Sometimes you can even ask the seller to increase the limits for you before buying the account. But it can also increase the account’s price.

On the other side, if you are the one who is selling the eBay account you should try to increase the limits as much as possible before putting your store on sale. It will affect the selling price.

3. The Current Opened Cases:

You should check if there are any open cases because, if there are any, it will be your responsibility to solve them.

Therefore you should always ask the account’s seller to solve any opened cases before buying the account.

So when you are about to buy an eBay account, make sure to check that there are no open cases. It will save you money and time.

4. Defects Rate:

You do not want to buy a store that has a high defect rate; make sure that the defect rate is relatively low. 

Also, you should check that the store status is not below standards.

5. Tracking Numbers:

The tracking numbers and late shipment rates can also affect the

Seller performance standards. Wrong metrics can lead to below standards status that you do not want to get.

So make sure that the store is not in below standards status, or it is not close to it so you can avoid it in the next evaluation.

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6. The Age of the Store:

If the store is older like a few years older, it will increase the price of the store.

This way, eBay will not suspend the store as soon as you start selling a few items.

7. Previous Suspensions:

Check the messages in the store to verify that it doesn’t have a lot of previous suspensions because if the store had a couple of suspensions in the last months, you could receive the 30 days suspension instead of the seven days.

You could negotiate the price with the seller if the account had some previous suspensions.

8. Unpaid Fees:

You should verify that the store does not have any unpaid bills to eBay because you will be the one responsible for these fees.

So first tell the seller to pay all of the bills before you buy the account. You do not want to buy an account with fees or any pending bills.

9. Linked Accounts:

Make sure that the store does not have any other linked accounts.


Because if the seller is selling the other linked accounts to someone else who does not know how to work on eBay and his account gets suspended, your account will get suspended too.

Therefore, we recommended you to call eBay and ask them if this account has any other linked accounts.

Of course, do not tell eBay’s representative that you want to buy this account. Act as if it is already yours by asking the seller for the 7 digit passcode along with the first and the last name of the eBay account.


To wrap up, now you know all there is to know about evaluating the price of an eBay store and whether it’s worth buying. However, before you buy an eBay store and jumpstart your dropshipping business, ensure you’re fully equipped with key information. With that said, check out these helpful articles: