Sometimes we see some text on our website that we do not want, and we’re not the ones who put it there. 

In most cases, at the bottom of our website (the ‘footer menu’), we’ll find text giving credit to Shopify, the platform we are using. Most people don’t want this on their site.

powered by shopify

Want to know how to remove that unwanted text? Read on to find out!

What Does ‘Powered By Shopify’ Mean?

‘Powered By Shopify’ is a text shown on our online store’s footer (bottom) and lets viewers know that the site is created through Shopify’s platform.

Most store owners don’t want this message on their stores for a few reasons:

  • Brand purposes – to create a brand image on our store, having the ‘Powered by Shopify’ takes away from the authentic branding effect.
  • Shopify = Dropshipping? Many of our potential customers interpret ‘Shopify’ with dropshipping (even though Shopify isn’t only for dropshipping.) Meaning, they think they can find better deals on other sites that aren’t dropshipping.
  • Aesthetics – a clean theme looks and works better in most cases. Removing the ‘Powered by Shopify’ from the footer menu helps create a cleaner website.

How To Remove ‘Powered By Shopify’

There are two methods to remove the ‘Powered By Shopify’ text from your footer menu. Let’s go over each option.

1.Via The ‘Edit Language’ Option

On the Shopify Dashboard, navigate to Online Store > Themes

Make sure your theme is selected. Then, click on the Actions dropdown menu, and select Edit languages.

edit language shopify

On the next screen, you should see a bunch of text fields.

The first text field you should see is ‘Filter,’ and the text field will display ‘Search translations.’

search translations shopify dropshipping

Use that text field to type ‘powered’ and give the browser a few seconds to load the results. 

Once the results load, a couple of text fields below should show the ‘Powered by Shopify’ writing, outside the text field and inside. 

powered by shopify text editor

Now, all that’s left to do is add a space in the text field to remove the ‘Powered by Shopify’ text. 

Once we add a space, the text field should go blank. That’s how we know we cleared the text on our footer menu.

filter powered by shopify dropshippers

Next, click on ‘Save.’ 

Head back to your website, scroll down to the footer menu and ensure that the ‘Powered By Shopify’  text is gone. That’s all there is to it!

2.Via The ‘Edit Code’ Option

For those in the crowd who want to challenge their technical skills, we can also remove the ‘Powered by Shopify’ by removing the HTML code from our website.

To do this, on the Shopify Dashboard, navigate to Online Store > Themes

Make sure your theme is selected. Then, click on the Actions dropdown menu, and select Edit code.

edit code powered by shopify

Next, on the left column, click on the ‘Sections’ folder. A list of .liquid file extensions will appear.

Scroll down and click on the footer.liquid file. 

footer.liquid shopify sellers

You can also search for ‘footer.liquid’ using the search field on the top to find it faster.

Once you click on the file, the footer.liquid HTML code will appear on the right. Click anywhere inside that HTML box.

Now, open up the search command on your browser (Windows: CTRL+F; Mac: Command+F). 

A search function will appear inside the HTML box.

search command powered by shopify

In the text field, search for the following term: “{{ powered_by_link }}” (without quotation marks).

From the results, delete the whole HTML code line that holds the {{ powered_by_link }} code inside.

powered by link shopify dropshipping

Keep in mind that making any wrong moves can cause problems with the website’s look and functionality, so make sure you’re doing it correctly. 

If you don’t have basic HTML knowledge, it’s best to stick with the first method for a more effortless user experience.

Once the lines are deleted, click on ‘Save’, and you’re all set!

Wrapping It Up

As we can see, removing the ‘Powered by Shopify’ comes without hassle. 

Once we learn our way around the Shopify platform, everything falls into place, and anything is possible.

Technical skills are not required to run and maintain successful Shopify dropshipping stores.

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