This method can help and save you a lot of time and a lot of cash when your Amazon account is blocked. First of all, please write in the comments if you had a problem with Amazon. Or your Amazon account got blocked, and you needed to create a return for one of your customers.

How to work with this situation?

There is one special link from Amazon to return gifts. For example, someone sent you a gift in real life and you would like to return this item to Amazon for whatever reason. In order to get the money back as a gift card balance. this is the solution for this.

As drop shippers, we can use this solution for our needs and use it for returns, all you need to do is to search for “Return a Gift and click the first link.

Processing Returns from blocked Amazon account

Go to “start a gift return” then just put the Amazon order ID. For this article, we are testing on a nonreturnable item. But in the typical situation, you will have here an option to start a regular return. You only need to choose the reason why you want to return the product and click continue.

Returning Amazon gifts

After that, you will be able to download the return label and provide it to your customer. So you can get the money back (to another Amazon account and not to the locked Account) as soon as the buyer returning the product to Amazon.

Processing Amazon returns from locked Amazon account


As a summary, all you need to do is to have another Amazon account that you can use to create the return from a locked Amazon account. As soon as the product gets delivered to Amazon warehouses, Amazon will add balance to this Amazon Account.

Great! So now you’re all set to thrive and earn great profits on Amazon without the worry of managing a locked account. To learn more helpful tips about sourcing from Amazon, check out these great articles: