Wondering what to sell on eBay? You’ve come to the right place. After all, adding the right products to our store helps our business take off quickly. Product research is one of the most crucial parts of the success of our business. After all, if we’re not selling products in demand, we won’t make any sales. Therefore, we need to spend time on product research.

This article will list all the important tips on finding the right products for our eBay store, along with a few examples.

What Are The Best Products To Sell On eBay In 2022?

So, what are the best things to sell on eBay in the upcoming year? With millions of items available on the market, finding the best things to sell on eBay can seem like a challenging task. Fortunately, it’s straightforward to find out with product research.

The Importance Of Product Research

While for beginner dropshippers listing random products can seem like a good idea, in reality, it rarely bears results. That’s why product research is so important.

By finding the products in demand and likely to sell, we don’t have to compel ourselves to list random products, and there’s no limit on how much profit we can earn.  

How To Conduct Product Research For eBay

With that in mind, let’s learn successful ideas of what to sell on eBay by taking a closer look at how to conduct product research. Once we understand the basics of research, we will have an endless supply of product ideas.

Here are three product research methods that will satisfy consumer demand and make your first eBay dropshipping experience a successful one:

  • Tip 1: Find trending products on supplier websites
  • Tip 2: Find popular products with AutoDS’ product research feature
  • Tip 3: Find trending categories on eBay and spot the right product
  • Tip 4: Catch or create new trends

Step 1: Find Trending Products On Supplier Websites

The first product research method involves exploring suppliers’ websites like Amazon, where options like Amazon Best Sellers show general trending products. Then, dive among different subcategories and find products with high ratings and good seller reputations.

Similarly, register an account on the AliExpress dropship center. Then, choose ‘find products to sell’ where we can search for products we want. For instance, if we search for tables to sell on eBay, the AliExpress Dropship Center shows all the top-selling tables. We can find out its orders, sales performance, and overall rating from there.

Always look out for products having high ‘DS Orders,’ which means dropshipping orders, and high ‘Rating’ because it means the product is trending and selling.

Step 2: Product Research with AutoDS Platform

AutoDS’ product research is another great feature that helps us find trending products. To begin, go to AutoDS’ product research platform and sign up for an AutoDS account. Next, click on ‘Add Filter’, where you can filter products according to their price, categories, ratings, etc.

From the dropdown menu, choose ‘Rating’ and set it to 4.5+. Then, choose ‘Amount of Reviews’ and set it to greater than 100. With these filters, we can find trending products that are already selling.

Furthermore, we can filter products according to our price, supplier location, shipping time, etc.

Step 3: Find Trending Categories On eBay And Spot The Right Product

eBay product finding

The third way to find products is by going to eBay’s Best Selling Items and choosing from the most trending categories on the site. After selecting a popular category, look for the same category on eBay’s homepage and pick a subcategory like ‘Smart Watch.’ 

Then, choose listings that sold many times. For instance, in the image above, eBay shows us a watch that sold 1933 times in the past.

Once we find a good product on eBay, we can sell precisely the same one or something similar to it.

Step 4: Catch Or Create New Trends

Create new product trends

Finally, we can create new trends ourselves or catch one very early. Go to any supplier’s website to look for new releases or latest products. Then, choose a category and find a newly-released product.

Now, search eBay for the same product and filter the results by ‘listed’ and ‘sold’ and uncheck ‘completed.’

ebay sold items

You will see the number of times the product sold and the price range, which will give a general idea about its compatibility. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to test out a product if no other sellers sell them.

Try out a few of these trending products in your store to test their performance, and go ahead from there. When an item starts to sell, add more similar products to it to continue scaling your success.

What Are The Best Products To Sell On eBay For A Profit?

what to sell on eBay for a profit

Now that we’ve covered product research methods generally, we can also start learning what to sell on eBay for a profit.

Before we go into specific examples, keep in mind that the best items to sell for a profit on eBay are medium-priced in the fifty-dollar range.

On the one hand, the products are priced high enough to generate a profit. At the same time, they aren’t priced too high to deter customers from buying.

Let’s see some medium ticket evergreen products that we can sell for a profit. Evergreen products are in demand year-round, and as such, we can never go wrong selling them.

Computer Desk

Computer desks to sell on eBay

Computer desks are essential in any modern home or small to large scale offices. Especially with increased work from home, they are in huge demand and perfect for medium ticket dropshipping.


Blenders for dropshipping

Blenders come in as a handy appliance, whether making a smoothie or a fruit juice.

A fantastic kitchen product that is a huge time saver, blenders are in high demand, and their medium price range makes them an excellent medium ticket product and easy to sell.


shower heads to sell on eBay

People of all ages love to wash with hand-held showerheads, which gives us much flexibility to rinse thoroughly. The showerhead is another product from the Bathroom section, one of the popular categories and a great medium ticket product to sell.

What Sells For A Lot Of Money On eBay?

high ticket dropshipping

Since profit is calculated by percentage, we cannot emphasize enough that the best way to make a lot of money on eBay is to sell high ticket items.

And what are high ticket dropshipping items? Those with a price tag of $100 or more.

Think about it, 30% of $500 is much higher than 30% of $50. Therefore, high ticket dropshipping can take our business to unbelievably high profits if we play our cards right.

Now that we know the importance of high ticket dropshipping, let’s see the categories that we can find high ticket products in:


While furniture items are expensive, they are necessary for almost every household and an attractive option for high ticket dropshipping.

Let’s take an example of a dining table to illustrate how the high ticket dropshipping works. Say we find a lovely dining table set for $300 and decide to set a profit margin of 25% when we list it on eBay. When someone buys that dining table set, we earn a pure profit, 25% of $300, which comes out to be $75.

Some of the furniture products that we can sell for a lot of money are:

  • Dining room set
  • Bedroom set
  • Sofas and couch

Home appliances

home appliances

People want their daily life simplified, and home appliances are designed to ease the workload in the home. Also, home appliances are perfect for high ticket dropshipping because they are slightly pricier than average products.

Here are some of the home appliances that we can sell for a lot of money:

  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Barbeque Grills
  • Air Fryer Ovens


High ticket electronics products

This technological age surrounds us with electronic items. One of the trendiest high ticket items is expensive products in the electronics category like cameras, home theatre equipment, etc.

Here are a few examples of electronic items that sell for a high price on eBay:

  • Home theater equipment
  • Projectors
  • Drones (and accessories)

Beginner’s Tip: Although it might be tempting to dive right into high ticket dropshipping, we should start with low-priced items and set up a 20-30% profit margin, especially if we are beginners.

That is because low-priced items are easier to sell, and building momentum is vital to keep moving forward. In addition, it allows us to keep improving our skills and knowledge while trying new things.

Moreover, selling products on eBay doesn’t have to be time-consuming or a daunting task. In fact, we can easily start selling on eBay by listing trending products but have a price of around $30.

What To Sell On eBay For Beginners

Here are some of the products to sell on eBay for beginners:

  1. Men’s Grooming Products
  2. Women’s Jewelry
  3. Patio Umbrella

Men’s Grooming Products

Men's Grooming Products

Talking about products that make men charming and confident, men’s grooming products are for those who want to look their best every day.

Here are some specific men’s grooming products to sell on eBay:

  • Beard Trimmers
  • Haircut Kits
  • Body Hair Shavers

Women’s Jewellery

women's jewelry product

Another easy product to sell on eBay is women’s Jewellery items. Jewelry products are always in trend because ladies love them for work or special occasions. While Jewellery with real stones is expensive, we can always find low-priced ones that are trendy and stylish.

Here are some jewelry product ideas we can start selling on eBay:

  • Women’s Bracelet
  • Earrings
  • Women’s Necklaces

Patio Umbrella

patio umbrellas

Sunny days call for cool refreshments, fresh food, and unbeatable conversations. The market’s trending Patio Umbrella will guarantee these things by providing a protective barrier from harmful UV rays, rain, and other elements.

All three products are evergreen products which mean we can sell them all year long.

What Are The Easiest Things To Sell On eBay?

easiest things to sell on eBay

Products that are more trending and low in price are the easiest things to sell on eBay. Moreover, we can sell different variations of those products using multiple suppliers.

Finding quality low priced items might feel like a challenging task, but these methods help us do so with ease:

  • Explore suppliers’ websites like Amazon bestsellers, AliExpress dropship center, etc.
  • Use the new product-research feature in AutoDS.

easy to sell aliexpress products

We can search the AliExpress Dropshipping Center and choose any product under $20 from the 50 best-selling products.

Like AliExpress, every supplier has a trending product page, so don’t forget to check AutoDS’ dropshipping supplier list to find multiple suppliers to source products.

AutoDS product research tool

Similarly, AutoDS’s new product research feature allows us to find the popular products where we can filter to find low-priced items. Login to the AutoDS platform, select the product research option from the dropdown menu at the top left. Then, put a filter of $20 to find lower-priced and trending items.

Easy Products To Sell

Now that we know how to research products, let’s see some of the easiest product categories to sell on eBay today:

  1. Dog Collars
  2. Pajama Pants
  3. Flower Vases

Dog Collars

dog collar items

Dog Collars are low-priced evergreen products that come in various designs and that people will always buy year-round. By now, the universality of this item is undeniable. Almost every dog owner needs a quality dog collar to attach and detach a leash easily. 

Pajama Pants

sell pajamas on ebay

There is nothing like the comfort of a warm pair of pajama pants made out of cotton or other artificial fabrics. These pajama pants feature comfortable elastic waistbands with side pockets. Since they are trending and come for a low price, they are easy to sell.

Flower Vase

ebay flower vases

Flower Vase lets you create an elegant centerpiece with flowers, dried herbs, or even fresh fruit that house members can see from across the room. It’s great for everyday use, entertaining and memorable occasions.

All three products are readily available for under $20, which means we can easily sell them.

What Items Don’t Sell Well On eBay?

what Items Don't Sell Well On eBay

Now that we know about the types of products to sell well on eBay, let’s also find out what doesn’t sell. To avoid falling into pitfalls, we must research products thoroughly. Most products added without properly researching have a high chance of failure.

Similarly, only in-demand products sell well on eBay. If we list items that no one is searching for, then there’s a low chance that customers will buy them.

There is no way of achieving success by adding products randomly and hoping for the best. So, before adding any product, it is crucial to see what is selling and test out if it can be a winning product. 

What Items Am I Not Allowed To Sell On eBay?

prohibited products on eBay

While some products don’t sell well, some products are particularly not allowed to sell. eBay has its own rules and regulations, and some of the categories that are forbidden or highly restricted on their platform are:

  • Copyright products 
  • Dangerous items
  • Age-restricted products

Firstly, dropshippers cannot sell any copyrighted products in their stores. eBay’s Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program protects and enforces manufacturers’ copyrights and trademarks. Participating rights owners register with eBay and submit an intellectual property they wish to protect on eBay’s intellectual property database.

Secondly, selling dangerous products on eBay is highly prohibited, such as weapons, ammunition, hazardous toxic materials, etc. Similarly, eBay also doesn’t allow age-restricted products such as consumables containing tobacco or alcoholic beverages (except wine for pre-approved sellers).

We can also use Facebook’s commerce policies as a guide because they work pretty well on the eBay platform.

If you want to learn more about eBay VeRO and how to get around it, check out eBay VeRo: How To Avoid Copyright Infringement On Your Dropshipping Store

What Does It Cost To Sell On eBay?

cost to sell on eBay

Selling on eBay using a regular account comes with zero subscription fees. Yes, it means we can start selling without any investment up front.

However, these are the fees that we can expect once we start selling:

  • Final value fees
  • Store subscription fees
  • Insertion fees

Firstly there’s a selling fee. Also known as the final value fee, it refers to the percentage of selling price eBay charges us when an item sells. Final value fees can vary according to category and the account type, but they are usually around 10-15%.

Secondly, eBay charges us a monthly subscription fee if we expand into an eBay store. There are different subscription plans from a ‘Starter Store,’ which starts at 4.95$/month up to ‘Enterprise Store,’ which costs 2999.95$/month.

However, once we begin to make sales consistently, subscription fees won’t affect our profits since we already have a good revenue to cover those expenses.

eBay subscription fee

Next up are insertion fees, which eBay charges monthly for any items we add above our listing limits. For example, as a starter store, we have 250 free listings. However, if we add 300 products to our starter store, we have to pay 0.30$/ listing for the 50 additional products.

eBay pricing plan

To determine the best product pricing strategy that factors in selling fees, go over eBay Selling fees and check out AutoDS’ eBay Fees Calculator.

Unlike other selling fees, promoted listing fees are only applicable if we promote our products on eBay. There are two types of promoted listing fees: Promoted Standard and Promoted Advanced.

Dropshippers only pay Promoted Standard fees after a promoted product sells. In contrast, costs of Promoted Advanced include fees that eBay charges us when someone clicks on our advanced promoted listing.

What Is The Best Way To Sell On eBay?

best way to sell on ebay

While there are no get-rich-quick schemes, these ten strategic steps help us establish a successful dropshipping business on eBay:

Step 1: Conduct fruitful product research

Step 2: Choose a supplier

Step 3: Sign up for eBay

Step 4: Add your first product(s) manually

Step 5: Create your eBay business policies

Step 6:  Increase your eBay selling limits

Step 7: Connect your dropshipping automation software

Step 8: Order fulfillment

Step 9: Customer service

Step 10: Add more listings, make more profit!

Step 1: Conduct Fruitful Product Research

The first step is to conduct proper product research. Good product research is like building a solid foundation for a structure. Therefore, finding and listing the right products can skyrocket our sales, whereas listing products without research is a waste of time.

Just follow the steps mentioned earlier to guide you to properly research products. 

Step 2: Choose A Supplier

ebay product suppliers

The second step is choosing trusted and reputed suppliers to source our products. While there might be various suppliers that sell the same product, always choose the best among them based on:

  • High reliability
  • Quick shipping time
  • Low cost of products
  • Convenience

Tip: AutoDS supports automatic product imports and order processing from twenty-five excellent suppliers in multiple countries with ease.

Step 3: Sign Up For eBay

The next step is to sign up for a free eBay account. Firstly, go to eBay.com, click ‘sell,’ and then click ‘list your first item.’ After choosing any product, eBay prompts us to create an account. Finally, choose a regular account to start.

Like we mentioned earlier, the eBay seller account is free. Additionally, eBay gives us free insertion listings, so we don’t have to pay before getting paid.

Step 4: Add Products Manually

After opening an eBay account, the next step is to list your first item and get acquainted with the steps of creating a listing.

However, once we add more products, we will realize automation is more of a necessity than a choice. AutoDS’ Products Importing offers automatic product importing options from our supplier instead of manually adding the products to facilitate simplicity and save valuable time.

To know more about listing items on eBay, check out How To List An Item On eBay: The Normal And Fast Automatic Method.

Step 5: Create Your eBay Business Policies

In step 5, we should create eBay business policies to serve as a guideline to customers on eBay, including procedures for payments, shipping, and refunds. For example, you can show which locations your item can ship to under shipping.

As dropshippers, creating these policies helps us inform our customers about our terms of sale and prevent any errors caused by misinformation.

The following article explains the importance of eBay business policies and guides us through the process of creating them ourselves:

Step 6: Increase Your eBay Limits

eBay selling limit

When starting, eBay limits the number of products that we can list. However, that shouldn’t stop us from increasing limits because it can multiply our profits fast.

eBay limits new seller accounts because eBay wants to ensure we take good care of their customers. Accordingly, we need to make eBay trust us with thousands of listings by shipping our products on time, satisfying customers, and staying within rules and regulations.

The following blog post goes through all the strategies we need to increase our listings limit:

Step 7: Connect Your Dropshipping Automation Software

Once we increase our listings limit, we will find that the manual processes involved in dropshipping are tedious and time-consuming. On the other hand, automation saves us time and allows us to scale our business to new heights.

Therefore, it is essential to have a trustable tool to automate our business, and AutoDS is the best all-in-one solution for automation needs because it provides these features:

  • Importing Products in one click
  • Automatic ordering
  • Stock and price monitoring

Step 8: Order Fulfillment

The next step is to fulfill our customers’ orders on time and accurately. There are two methods of order fulfillment: manual order fulfillment and automatic order fulfillment.

Manual order fulfillment is a time-consuming job. Besides consuming the time we can invest in growing our business, manual fulfillment inevitably leads to human error like shipping to the wrong address.

Conversely, an automatic fulfillment tool does all of the work for us and saves us lots of time in the process.  Furthermore, unlike the manual method, an automatic fulfillment tool can take care of the job at any time of the day or night.

One of the best order automation tools on the market is provided by AutoDS. Fulfilled by AutoDS is an auto ordering system that automatically processes orders, updates tracking information, and handles returns with its ‘one-click return’ feature.

Once you sign up for the Fulfilled by AutoDS feature, sit back and watch all your orders process automatically, even while you travel or sleep.

Step 9: Customer Service

customer service ebay

Once we start to fulfill orders, we need to care for our customers. Offering outstanding service doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, but it does take some swiftness in resolving any issues, handling returns, and organization.

Excellent customer service is the linchpin of a successful business, and AutoDS’ eBay customer support management system provides an all-in-one solution for customers’ needs, which allows us to:

  • Manage our customers’ queries
  • Solve problems
  • Handle returns 
  • Process order cancellations

Step 10: Add More Listings, Make More Profit!

Finally, the tenth step to selling on eBay is adding more listings. As we increase the number of listings, there is a higher probability of generating sales, resulting in higher profits.

Take a look at this interview with an eBay seller who started from nothing but built his business, generating $30,000 in net profit annually.

To conclude, it’s a big numbers game. The more listings you have, the more you’ll sell. The higher the demand for your products, the more your sales will multiply from those big numbers.

Summing Up

“Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Similar to this saying, not only do you now know what products to sell immediately on your eBay store, but you also have a blueprint for finding winning products for a lifetime.

Begin your dropshipping journey on eBay with the right products, and it’s bound to take off. Finding a winning product consistently will turn your startup into a brand. Moreover, help your brand reach its higher pinnacle by scaling with automation.

Getting a burning desire to be an expert on product finding? Widen your vision by learning from these tips and strategies:

Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular items on eBay are updated from time to time. However, we can always find the most popular products from top-selling categories on eBay. Alternatively, we can also use ZIK Analytics, a powerful eBay product research tool.

What Are The Most Searched Items On eBay?

There’s no direct way to know what customers are searching for most on eBay. But the best way to find out is by watching which products are trending and most sold. Another way to get an idea is by relying on Google trends and Google SEO data and making your prediction from there.

What Are The Fastest-Selling Items On eBay?

Any product that is well researched sells faster than products that we list randomly. Similarly,  we can always choose a trending category and find products with multiple sales.

Additionally, finding and listing products similar to ones already selling is a fast way to make sales.

What Are The Most Profitable Items To Sell On eBay?

Three words: High ticket dropshipping. As mentioned above, high ticket products allow us to set a higher profit margin and are the most profitable items to sell on eBay, without a doubt.

On a final note, that wraps up the guide and tips to find products for an eBay dropshipping business. Now that you’ve gained some insight and value, let’s get started with the real action. By implementing the strategies we talked about, you are bound to find products that will make you a lot of profit and take you closer to your success.

Stay tuned for more posts on our blog page to gain more insight and value into the beautiful world of dropshipping!