As we all know, best selling products are products that sell more frequently than others in a store’s catalog. With that said, spying on best selling products in other Shopify stores can help us identify the latest market trends and figure out what products customers really like.

In this article, we will explain what we can do with best selling products detected from other Shopify stores and then walk through several ways to find them. Now, let’s get started!

What Can We Do With Best Selling Products From Other Shopify Stores?

Before we start to spend time or money on it, let’s see how we can benefit from uncovering the best-selling products of other Shopify stores. So, here are four benefits we can get:

Let’s go through in detail how we can benefit from spying on the best-selling products of other Shopify stores:

Boost Sales By Selling Products That Already Work

The best-selling products of a store are often the most popular and profitable items. Copying the products that work in other stores would be the most effective way to boost sales and generate revenues.

On the other hand, in addition to the exact best selling product, we should also remember to add its multiple variations to gain a higher chance of earning high profits.

On top of that, finding best selling products from other Shopify stores is the most direct way to get inspiration to foresee market trends. By analyzing the market trends, we can more easily discover a trending product.

With this in mind, doing so often offers substantial earning potential. Furthermore, if we catch the trend sooner rather than later, marketing our business would be simpler and more effective.

Analyze Competitors

Undeniably, competitive analysis is a key step to promoting our business. Analyzing best selling products can also be helpful to competitive analysis. That is to say, our goal is to keep tabs on what’s hot in other Shopify stores.

Knowing what products are the most demanded ones in our competitors’ stores will ultimately benefit us in the long run. It can help us get inspiration on how to better present products on our own website.

Learn Effective Marketing Strategies

By looking at other stores’ best selling products, we can also find out what type of marketing strategies work for them. For example, if a specific product has had a lot of social media engagement (e.g., likes, shares, and comments), we can adopt the same strategy for our products to encourage more sales.

Besides that, the products that have high engagement are often the ones that are in demand. Therefore, this useful information will also help us increase sales.

3 Ways To Find Best Selling Products In Other Shopify Stores

Finding the best-selling products in other Shopify stores is important but not an easy task. Here are three handy tips to help get us on the right track.

The steps are thoroughly explained below to make it easier for us to understand them.

Check Out The Store Homepage Banner

As we all know, a homepage banner is an excellent resource for an online store, and it cannot be missing from an online business strategy. Store owners often try to create banners as attractive as possible to draw consumers’ attention and attract more clicks to banners. As such, these actions will consequently increase the conversion rate.

Plus, oftentimes, sellers place their best selling product on the homepage banner. The logic behind it is that stores tend to promote products with higher conversion rates, while best sellers usually have the highest conversion rate. Inspired by this, we should also place our best selling products on our website homepage banner.

Screenshot from Allbirds store website


  • This method requires no time and money. We visit a store website, and take a look at the banner. Spontaneously, we will get an idea of what product may be attractive to customers.


  • This doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes we can’t find any product on the banner. This is because stores tend to display discount info on their homepage banner. To specify, discount info often attracts customers to make an order directly.

Add Parameters To The Store URL

Similar to the above; this is also a straightforward method. All we need to do is append the URL parameters (/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling) to the Shopify store domain we want to search for. Let’s just take the well-known as an example, and see how it is done step by step.

  • Step 1: Visit, and we will see the store website’s home page.

Screenshot from ColourPop store website

Step 2: Add /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling right after the domain, then we will get to this page to uncover the best selling products of the store.

Screenshot from ColourPop store website


  1. Free and easy to do.
  2. This applies to almost all Shopify stores (As long as the stores are not customized or have yet to take some proactive actions to prevent being detected, such as using Javascript code to redirect customers to its complete collection.)


  1. As mentioned above, we cannot access this if the store actively hides its best selling product.
  2. Best selling products sorted out this way may be inaccurate and misleading as it is based on all-time sales. (Shopify algorithm works this out automatically behind the scenes).

Nevertheless, an all-time best selling product would distort the sales result and have little reference value. This is because products with a longer lifespan will have higher total sales. 

Thus, it may be indicative of something other than current sales. Besides, newer popular products will only be regarded as a bestseller once they sell more all-time sales than existing products. 

What’s more, we can’t make sure whether an all-time best selling product is a winning product. The reason behind it is that all-time sales can’t help us confirm if the product is selling well currently.

Use Spy Tools

As we all know, decision-making based on data tends to be wiser and consequently can bring sustainable business growth. If you know the latest sales insights of every single product of a store, you can easily conclude what the best selling product is.

Undoubtedly, this is the most reliable method. Thus, in addition to the above manual approaches, we can also resort to free and paid tools such as SimplyTrends that can show us sales data of a store’s products.

Screenshot from SimplyTrends Sales Tracking feature


  1. Compared with the former two methods, tools can help you find the best selling products of any Shopify store without limitation. We can get accurate and reliable sales data to make confident decisions.
  2. Using a tool often takes less time and energy as it helps automate the process.

Beginner’s Tip: Work with renowned platforms like AutoDS and SimplyTrends to ensure full automation, efficient business processes and optimal product listings.


  1. Useful and easy-to-use tools are often not free.
  2. We need to verify the data provided with the data from our own store; thus, it still requires some effort.


Great! Now we know how to find best selling products in other Shopify stores. With this information on hand, we can boost store sales by copying the products that already work. At the same time, we can get inspiration on market trends. Consequently, we will seize the initiative to take the next move ahead of competitors.

All in all, by spying on Shopify stores’ best selling products, we can scale our stores in no time. Plus, with the use of automation and reliable spy tools, our business will be booming in profits!