1- VPS:

1) What is VPS?

Virtual Private Server is a computer that you connect to remotely and allows you to go on the internet under a different IP Address. A lot of drop shippers are using AWS Services for VPS to manage their stealth accounts.

2) Advantages of using VPS for Stealth Accounts:

  • Easier:

You can easily use a VPS, all you need to do is to go to Amazon Web Services website, Purchase the VPS and then you can just surf the internet through that computer the same way you use your computer.

This is very easy, and you have a lot of tutorials on the internet on how to do it right.

  • Multiple VPS’s Together:

The second advantage is that you can use many virtual private servers at the same time, you can just log into many different servers and this way you can manage different stores in parallel.

  • VA’s Access:

You can give virtual assistants access to your virtual private servers and then they can just log in to these servers and do whatever they need with your eBay stores or Amazon stores.

This is very comfortable when you have employees, so you just give them the VPS details and they can log in to your stores.

  • Multiple Stores on one VPS:

The next thing is that you can use multiple stores on one VPS, this is a combination of the two different methods. You will find how you can do it at the end of this article.

  • Easier for some people:

Some drop shippers are just using this method because this is what their mentors taught them to do. So many of them do not even bother to search for the different methods of how you can work with stealth accounts.

3) Disadvantages of using VPS for Stealth Accounts:

  • More Expensive:

It is much more expensive to use VPS for your stealth accounts than to use Private Proxies.

The VPS costs around 10$ per month, sometimes it can be even more (it depends on the server). While the Virtual Private Proxies cost between 1 to 1.5$ up to 2$ per month.

  • Less Comfortable (in Lior’s opinion)

It is less comfortable to work with VPS, this is my opinion, other drop shippers find it comfortable, but it depends on the person, (I prefer the Private Proxies method).

  • Slower:

As they say, you get what you pay for, and VPS is not an exception so if you are paying only 10$ or 15$ you will get a slow VPS machine.

It will not be comfortable for you because it will be very slow to browse from the VPS to do your daily dropshipping tasks.

Now let’s jump to the Firefox portable with the private proxies method, we already have a tutorial article about how you can work with eBay stealth accounts using Firefox portable and proxies.

2- Firefox Portable + Private Proxy:

1) Advantages of using Firefox Portable + Private Proxy for Stealth Accounts:

  • Cheaper:

So with this method, it’s much cheaper, you just need to pay 1.5$ per proxy. It is very easy to use proxies without mentioning that it is extremely cheap compared to the VPS.

  • Faster:

The other thing is that it is much faster to use proxies as you just browse from your computer, you do not need to log in to any remote computer. This is the best and the biggest advantage of this method.

  • More Comfortable:

It is more comfortable to use proxies because you access to firefox portable browser directly from your computer. And then you just surf any website under the proxy’s IP location.

It is straightforward; you can create a separate folder for every store. For example, if you have two eBay stores, you can just go to store’s A Folder, login to Firefox, and then you can access to your eBay store.

When you finish working on the Store A, you close the browser, and you open the store’s B Firefox. It is very comfortable and very easy.

3) Disadvantages of using Firefox Portable + Private Proxy for Stealth Accounts:

  • Hard to give Remote Access to it (bad for VA’s):

Well, when you are working with stealth accounts using Firefox Portable and private proxies you can not give virtual assistants access to your private proxies and Firefox.

Because the Firefox is located on your computer, so you can’t give anyone access to your computer, or you can do that, but it’s not comfortable because your computer has to be in power 24/7. Without mentioning that you will be using your computer for your daily tasks, so it is not convenient at all.

  • One Firefox in parallel:

Also, you can work only with one Firefox portable in parallel so you can not manage two or more eBay stores in parallel, you will need to close the store’s A Firefox and then go to store’s B.

But in general, this is not a real problem because you don’t work on more than one store at the same time.

  • Confusing:

It might be a little bit confusing because you will have the regular Firefox and the Firefox portable along with Chrome in the same place, so it can be a bit confusing but if you only use Firefox for stealth accounts it will be fine.


Now, as we promised earlier that we would share with you a combination of the two methods, which means that you will buy AWS VPS. Then on the VPS, you can use many different Firefox portables. In this way, you can enjoy both method benefits.

First, you can give access to your virtual assistants, and on the other hand, you can save money if you have many stores. Because you will only pay $15 for one server, and you will buy a proxy for every eBay account.

So this way you can create many different stores on one VPS and you can enjoy both benefits. Therefore, you can give virtual assistants access to your store, plus you can manage different stores from the same computer.


So, we know there was a lot of terminology used in this article that was probably new or confusing. But, don’t worry, because we’re here to help you understand and achieve ultimate business success! With that said, here are more articles explaining stealth accounts and how to grow your business to new heights: