1. What do you need to become a top-rated seller on eBay?

To become a top-rated seller, we have many different criteria, and as drop shippers, we usually stand on these criteria.

But we have one specific criterion on which we can never stand on eBay standards when we do drop shipping from Amazon.com to eBay.com. This criterion is the valid uploaded tracking number. 

To become a top-rated seller in eBay.com, we need less than 5% of tracking numbers, which wasn’t uploaded on time or validated.

Here on the right, you can see an account that is working with Amazon.com to eBay.com’s business model.

As you can see, this account has only 55% of valid tracking numbers. It is very far from the 95 percent, which eBay request from us if you want to become a top-rated sellers

So actually, eBay wants us to have more than 95 percent of valid tracking numbers.

Now, when we do dropshipping from Amazon.com, it’s impossible to get this number.

2. Why you can’t?

Usually, when we work with Amazon.com, Amazon sends around 20 to 25% of our orders with Amazon’s own shipping company, which called Amazon logistics “AMZL.”

As all of us know, Amazon and eBay are competitors, which means that eBay can’t track or don’t want to be able to track this shipping company, which called Amazon logistics.

So this thing cause that at least 20 or 25% of our tracking numbers will not be valid on eBay.

Here is how it looks when we upload Amazon logistic tracking numbers to eBay.

As you can see, this tracking number has the carrier, it has the tracking number, but it doesn’t have the status of the shipment, which means that this tracking number is not valid on eBay.

It affects us in two places; the first is the top-rated seller status, and the second is that a buyer can open an item not received case. And we can’t prove that we sent the product and that the buyer received the item.

3. AMZL tracking numbers Solution:

So there is one magic company called blue care express, blue care Express is a company which replaces Amazon logistic tracking numbers with another tracking numbers which called blue care express.

eBay recognizes Blue Care Express tracking numbers, and it’s a valid tracking number on eBay. so how does it look?

As you can see, we got a tracking number from Amazon logistic; there is no shipping company on Amazon named Blue Care Express.

The trick is that we took Amazon logistic tracking number, replace it with another tracking number from Blue Care Express, and then we can see that this tracking number is valid on eBay. 

1) Becoming a top-rated on eBay

Now, in this case, this tracking number will be counted on eBay as a valid tracking number which is fantastic for us because now we can become a top-rated seller on eBay.com

It is actually like a dream for any Dropshipper who do drop shipping from amazon.com

2) Win the item not received cases

Another very fantastic thing is that with these tracking numbers, we can prove that the product got shipped to the buyer and that the buyer received the shipment.

In this way, buyers can’t scam us anymore with these tracking numbers, and we will not lose any more item not received cases.

Using Blue care Express, you can become a top-rated seller and avoid losing items not received cases.

4. How to enable this feature on AutoDS?

Blue Care Express charge per tracking number replacement from Amazon logistics to a blue care express tracking number.

If you work with AutoDS Auto Ordering System, you will get the service completely free.

Any auto-order which you do in AutoDS will automatically get the BlueCare Express tracking number when Amazon ships the product using Amazon Logistics.

Therefore, when you do an automated order, you can quickly and very automatically become a top-rated seller on eBay.com.

Any Amazon logistics tracking number will get replaced automatically with a blue care express tracking number.

You don’t need to touch any settings for this on AutoDS. It’s fully automatic. 

Now you have everything in your hands to become a top-rated seller when you are dropshipping from Amazon to eBay. 


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