If we’re dropshippers looking to create a simple and affordable website without any hassle, then Wix is one of the best options. The reason being is the Wix platform is easy to use for beginners and has a vast selection of Wix dropshipping apps to support our dropshipping business.

To illustrate, the Wix app market has several powerful apps that offer opportunities to expand our business and sell directly to customers with absolute ease. That’s why in this article, we will cover the 11 best Wix dropshipping apps that help operate our dropshipping business smoothly on Wix.

The Benefits of Wix Dropshipping Apps

Before we dive into the list of best Wix dropshipping apps, we need to understand the Wix app market. So, let’s start from the basics.

Wix is a website builder that allows us to easily create and host our eCommerce store. With its in-built features, we can build great websites that allow us to operate our dropshipping business efficiently.

While Wix itself has many features to support our dropshipping business, there are third-party dropshipping apps that we can integrate with the Wix platform. We can find many dropshipping apps on the Wix App market according to our eCommerce needs.

With this in mind, these third-party apps help us boost our Wix dropshipping stores. For example, dropshipping apps help us scale our business with automation, marketing, and customer support. All in all, they are a great tool that helps establish a successful Wix dropshipping store resulting in higher profits.

11 Best Wix Dropshipping Apps

Now that we know why dropshipping apps are beneficial, let’s take a look at the 11 best Wix dropshipping apps. Using these apps will help us build an excellent Wix dropshipping business:

  1. AutoDS
  2. Modalyst
  3. Spocket
  4. Wix Stores
  5. Wix Blog
  6. Salehoo
  7. Site Booster
  8. DSers
  9. 365Dropship
  10. Printful
  11. Doba

Let’s look at these dropshipping apps in-depth. Plus, we’ll analyze the pros and cons of each Wix dropshipping app to help us select the best one for our business.

1. AutoDS

Kicking off the list, we have AutoDS, an all-in-one dropshipping automation software. AutoDS allows us to operate a fully automatic dropshipping business while saving us time and effort.


  • Integrated product research tool
  • Automatic and bulk product importing
  • Price and stock monitoring
  • Complete order automation
  • 25+ suppliers and multiple regions
  • Dropshipping support (blogs, videos, courses, etc.)
  • $1 trial period

Integrated product research tool

Starting with the first benefit, AutoDS has an integrated product research tool. Without best-selling products, we cannot establish a dropshipping business.

That’s why the AutoDS Product Research tool helps us find in-demand products from our suppliers. By applying multiple filters such as price range, ratings, categories, and more, we can find products with high potential to sell in our store.

Product Importing

After finding suitable products, we need to import the products from our suppliers’ page to our dropshipping stores. To fulfill that purpose, AutoDS has an automatic Product Importing feature which allows us to import tons of products in a few clicks.

Price and Stock Monitoring Tool

The AutoDS’ Price and Stock Monitoring feature provides updates on our supplier’s price and stock fluctuations. Therefore, we can always track the price and stock availability changes allowing us to update it in our stores.

Fulfilled By AutoDS

When it comes to fulfilling customers’ orders, we can use AutoDS’ order fulfillment tool to fulfill our customer orders, handle returns and update tracking information automatically. Even better, we have Fulfilled by AutoDS, which offers complete order fulfillment.

Instead of using our buyer accounts (our accounts on supplier websites), Fulfilled by AutoDS uses the balance (Auto Credits) on our AutoDS accounts. Essentially, it prevents our accounts from being locked on supplier websites, and we don’t have to use our credit line at the bank. 

25+ Dropshipping Suppliers

Besides that, AutoDS integrates with 25+ suppliers like Amazon, Walmart, and AliExpress. Working with multiple suppliers allows us to have a broader selection of products and backup if one of our suppliers has product shortages. Additionally, we can use AutoDS to sell in multiple regions like the USA, Canada, UK, and more. 

Dropshipping Support

Another benefit of AutoDS is the everlasting support to dropshippers. As such, they offer resources like courses, mentorship programs, blogs, Youtube videos, and ebooks for us to learn.

Trial Period

To top it off, AutoDS has a trial period. With that said, we can try the platform and get our business automated with minimal investment.

All in all, AutoDS is a great platform that takes care of our business even while we are away from our screens. While it handles our business operations, we can instead focus on scaling our business. Therefore, AutoDS proves to be one of the best Wix dropshipping apps.


For Wix integrations, AutoDS has three different pricing plans: Import, Standard, and Advanced. The “Import” plan costs $24 per month. And, the import plan is more than enough to get started. Afterward, once we start scaling our business, we can choose advanced plans. Additionally, we can also design and choose a custom plan with our preferred features.

2. Modalyst

Up next on our list we have Modalyst. Used by around 350,000 online stores, Modalyst is one of the popular dropshipping automation platforms that support Wix dropshipping.


  • Collection of niche suppliers and affordable products
  • Bulk importer and editor
  • Automatic price updates

With Modalyst, we get instant access to many niche suppliers. In addition, they provide us access to a wide variety of affordable products, meaning we can find popular products to add to our store.

When we add products to our store, Modalyst allows us to import products in bulk saving us time. Plus, we can edit product images and descriptions if we want to make changes. Having an attractive product image differentiates us from our competition and optimizing descriptions can boost our search engine ranking.

Furthermore, the platform automatically updates product prices on our store if there are any changes on our supplier’s end. Doing so prevents us from incurring potential losses.


  • No free trial
  • 5% transaction fee
  • Lack of complete order automation

On the other hand, Modalyst doesn’t have a free trial. While there’s a free plan for up to 25 products, we have to subscribe to it to use it further. Additionally, there’s a 5% transaction fee for every order done through the platform. That means our profits remain slim with Modalyst.

Another shortcoming of Modalyst is the lack of a complete order automation solution. When fulfilling customers’ orders on Modalyst, we have to log in to Modalyst and manually pay our suppliers before the orders are processed.


Modalyst pricing plans start with a free plan for beginners with access to 25 products. Moreover, they have a Start-up plan which costs $35 per month, offering up to 250 listings. Finally, the Pro plan costs $90 per month and allows us to list unlimited products.

3. Spocket

The third Wix dropshipping app on our list is Spocket, a sourcing and inventory management platform. It is a popular dropshipping automation tool that partners with multiple suppliers to offer products to its users. 


  • Product sourcing
  • Fast shipping with domestic suppliers
  • Dedicated extension for AliExpress users
  • Individual and Bulk order automation

As Spocket is popular for product sourcing, we can request products on its platform. Thus, we can eliminate the need for manually searching for products on our suppliers’ websites. Moreover, it allows us to have products that are not readily available giving us a competitive advantage.

Additionally, most suppliers on Spocket offer fast shipping times as most domestic suppliers are in the EU and the US. Besides being a product sourcing platform, Spocket offers a separate offer for dropshippers who prefer products from AliExpress. So, if we love dropshipping AliExpress products, working with Spocket may be a good option.

Finally, Spocket automatically processes customers’ orders both individually and in bulk. With bulk order fulfillment, we can process and ship multiple orders simultaneously, helping us save time.


  • Difficult communication with suppliers
  • Does not include customs duty and taxes
  • Does not integrate with major dropshipping marketplaces

On the downside, we cannot directly contact our suppliers on Spocket. Instead, we have to communicate with our suppliers through Spocket’s customer support team. As a result, it can be an inconvenience if we need to contact our suppliers for questions regarding the product or returns.

Furthermore, product prices on Spocket don’t include custom duty and taxes. Since different regions have different customs duties and taxes, we must calculate and factor them ourselves when dropshipping, which is time-consuming.

And, although Spocket supports third-party platforms and apps, it doesn’t support major dropshipping marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. Thus, this is something to keep in mind when choosing a Wix dropshipping app.


Spocket has a free plan for beginners who want to search for products and suppliers. As for paid plans, the Starter plan starts at $24 per month offering features like e-mail support and listings up to 25 products. Second, the Pro plan is priced at $49 per month, where we can access up to 250 products and get premium searches and branded invoicing.

The third plan is the Empire plan which costs $99 per month with access to unlimited products and unlimited premium items. Finally, the Unicorn plan costs $299 per month, offering unique features like product requests and bulk checkout.

4. Wix Stores

Featuring many customization options, Wix Stores grabs the number four spot on our list. It is an app specifically designed for the Wix eCommerce platform to assist us to sell online.


  • Custom templates and product pages 
  • Single platform to manage inventory, shipping, fulfillment, etc.
  • Automated emails

The first benefit of the Wix Stores app is the custom templates, designs, and optimized product pages. Wix Stores enables us to create a professional Wix dropshipping storefront by optimizing our homepage and product pages.

Additionally, with Wix Stores, we can handle multiple business operations like inventory management, shipping, and order fulfillment all on one platform. Therefore, it saves us time since we can manage the operations with a single platform.

Furthermore, Wix Stores provides automated email services. An automated email is mainly used as a marketing tool. With automated emails, we can increase our customer retention by providing promotions, deals, and discounts to our customers.


  • We cannot receive payments with the free trial
  • Does not allow us to switch templates

However, the Wix Stores app has several drawbacks. The first shortcoming is that the platform doesn’t allow us to receive payments from our customers with the free pricing plan. As such, we have to subscribe to a costlier subscription to process payments, increasing our overall costs. Moreover, we cannot change our store’s templates once we create our website. Therefore, once we commit to a design, we will not be able to replace it even if we find a better one that suits our brand.


Wix Stores doesn’t have a pricing plan because it’s free to install. But we cannot access it without subscribing to the Wix platform. Accordingly, Wix has three different pricing plans for business and eCommerce companies:

  • Business Basic– $27 per month
  • Business Unlimited– $32 per month
  • Business VIP– $59 per month

5. Wix Blog

Fifth on our list of best Wix dropshipping apps is the Wix Blog. It is an app that helps generate organic traffic in our Wix stores. 


  • Higher ranking on search engines
  • Customization options 
  • Mobile app integration

Wix Blogs is a dropshipping app that enables our Wix websites to rank higher on search results pages. As generating organic traffic on our website is more important than ever, the Wix Blog app allows us to create blogs and articles with advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enhancements. To clarify, SEO is the process of optimizing our website to increase our brand’s visibility.

Once we create content, we also need to manage our website correctly. Therefore, Wix Blog helps us achieve a professional look by providing customization options and beautiful templates. A professional and good-looking dropshipping website helps us attract customers and engages our visitors, eventually leading to higher sales.

The final benefit of the Wix Blog app is that it works on mobile phones. With the mobile integration, we can post our content from anywhere or anytime. So, we will never miss a moment to update our customers.


  • Cannot implement our own design

However, the major shortcoming of the Wix Blog is that we cannot add a custom template to our Wix website. Instead, we can only choose from ready-made templates provided by Wix which may not suit our store.


The Wix Blog app is free to install & there’s no specific pricing plan for it. To add it to your store, you can go on to the Wix App Market and simply search for the ‘Wix blog’.

6. Salehoo

If you’re looking for an online platform with a massive directory of wholesalers, then Salehoo will not disappoint. It aids dropshippers in finding profitable products from verified suppliers at low prices.


  • Powerful product research tool
  • Huge supplier directory
  • Integration with AliExpress

Salehoo is a powerful product research tool that enables us to find products with high-profit potential and demand. Once we find in-demand products, we can source them from Salehoo’s verified list of 8000+ global and local suppliers.

Besides having a massive supplier directory, Salehoo integrates with AliExpress. As such, we can easily automate product importing from AliExpress to Wix.


  • Has a limited number of products
  • No free trial 
  • No demo videos

Although SaleHoo is popular for having an extensive supplier directory, it has a limited selection of products relatively lower than its competitors. Additionally, they don’t offer free trials. Generally, it is good to test out tools before investing and committing to them.

Moreover, they do not have demo videos on how to use their platform. As such, without a trial period and demo videos, we can have a hard time using their app.


In terms of its pricing plan, the platform has two different options. Either we can pay a yearly fee of $67 or a one-time fee of $127.

7. Site Booster

Since Wix is a customizable eCommerce platform, it doesn’t generate organic traffic on its own. Instead, we need to use different methods to boost our Wix site to ensure brand awareness. Likewise, the Site Booster third-party app automatically enhances our Wix site’s SEO and boosts its traffic volume


  • Rank higher in search results 
  • Drive traffic to your Wix store

The Site Booster app helps us rank higher on Google search results by implementing proper SEO techniques. Furthermore, Site Booster publishes our business details in relevant places online.

With a few steps, our Wix site can show up on various search engines, review pages, mobile apps, and more. As a result, our store’s traffic increases which thereby improves our chances of generating sales.


  • Difficult to use
  • Limited features with the free plan

However, the Site Booster app is difficult to use. According to many customer reviews, the app is hard to uninstall from our Wix dropshipping sites once it is installed.

Additionally, we cannot use Site Booster’s free plan to dropship right away. That’s because the free plan comes with many restrictions on its features. Therefore, we need to subscribe to a premium plan to enjoy all the features of the app.


Site Booster has two different subscription plans: Free and Premium. While the free plan offers minimal services, the premium plan has many. As such, the premium plan costs $4.95 per month.

8. DSers

If you want to dropship products exclusively from AliExpress, DSers is another viable option. It is a dropshipping tool designed especially for dropshipping AliExpress products. 


  • Monitor product inventory
  • Order unlimited products
  • Optimize shipping cost and delivery times

DSers has a product inventory monitoring tool that checks our suppliers’(AliExpress) inventory. Thus, we remain informed about the availability of stock.

Since we don’t want to list something that is out of stock, it is essential to update our store accordingly. Doing so will ultimately lead to a delay in fulfilling the order resulting in a loss of sales and trust.

Moreover, as DSers is an official partner of AliExpress dropshipping, it helps us process multiple customer orders from AliExpress quickly. Lastly, DSers also allows us to find the optimal shipping price and time available. It ensures that we choose the cheapest and fastest way to ship products.


  • Limited to AliExpress
  • No US product database

On the other hand, there are a couple of disadvantages of using DSers. To begin with, DSers only works with the AliExpress platform, which means that our product selection is restricted to AliExpress products. So, we cannot dropship products from other suppliers like Banggood, Amazon, and more.

Consequently, there is no US product database. That means that if we list any of their products, we will have to wait for the product to be shipped all the way from China.


There are four different pricing plans for DSers: Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Enterprise. The basic one is free for beginners, and the advanced plan costs $19.90 per month. On the higher end, the pro plan costs $49.90 per month, and the enterprise plan costs $499 per month.

9. 365Dropship

Grabbing the number nine spot, we have 365Dropship, an online dropshipping tool.  365Dropship helps us find products and manage inventory in our Wix stores. They offer around 70 unique suppliers and 200,000 products and services in almost 150 different countries. 


  • Stock management tool
  • Advanced user interface

Working with so many products requires an effective tool to manage them. As such, 365Dropship has a stock management system that informs us if the product is out of stock. Due to this reason, we can restock our products on time so our customers can always find the product they desire.

Equally impressive is the user interface of 365Drophip. With a user interface that is sophisticated yet simple, 365Dropship allows dropshippers to navigate through its system easily. Because the system is straightforward to use, it helps us save time in managing our Wix stores. 


  • Packaging limitations
  • Payment restrictions
  • Free trial

Nevertheless, 365Dropship falls short when it comes to its packaging limitations. When we are dropshipping with 365Dropship, we must package all products according to the company’s guidelines. That means the product packaging must not include the brand of the seller, which limits us if we want to build a brand.

Besides that, there are some restrictions on payments on 365dropship. For instance, the PayPal option through 365dropship only allows payments in US dollars, which can be a concern if we have a global audience.

Additionally, 365Dropship doesn’t offer a trial period or free plan. Thus, we have to pay an upfront fee to use the 365Dropship integration for our Wix stores.


365Dropship offers three different dropshipping plans for our business. Best suited for beginners, the “Starter 365” costs $19 per month. Similarly, the “Advanced 365” and “Pro 365” cost $39 per month and $79 per month respectively.

10. Printful

If you have a knack for designing your own products, Printful, the largest dropshipping supplier of print-on-demand products, will definitely grab your attention. This app integrates easily with our Wix dropshipping stores, which allow quick product imports, order processing, and shipping.


  • Print-on-demand products
  • Product mock-up generator
  • Fast shipping around the world

One of the significant advantages of Printful is that it supplies print-on-demand (POD) products. In fact, it is the largest print-on-demand supplier that ships around 1 million items every month.

Essentially, print-on-demand is an order fulfillment process where we can customize products with our designs and sell them. Before we start selling, we can use Printful’s advanced product mock-up generator tool. In general, advanced mock-up generator tools allow us to generate our store’s POD designs for the products.

Another perk is that Printful provides fast shipping to our customers. With multiple warehouses and distribution centers worldwide, Printful offers quick shipping in major countries.


  • Inconvenient return policy
  • Higher costs

On the downside, Printful has a problematic return policy. Since we design all the products, Printful doesn’t accept returns unless they are damaged or defective. So, we have to be careful about the designs and sizes we want to order.

Furthermore, Printful products are relatively more expensive than its competitors. Thus, there is a lesser profit margin for us.  


Integrating Printful’s app to our Wix dropshipping store is free. That means we get instant access to print-on-demand services with Printful. As such, the only thing we have to pay for is the products we order from Printful.

11. Doba

Last but not least, we have Doba, a dropshipping supplier directory and hassle-free dropshipping tool. Doba allows us to import best-sellers while automating inventory management and order fulfillment.


  • Reliable dropshipping tool
  • Dropshipping automation
  • 30-day trial period

With 20+ years of industry experience, Doba is a reliable platform that helps operate our dropshipping business. Moreover, the platform has served more than 600,000 online stores. Therefore, we can be assured that we can operate our Wix stores smoothly with this tool.

Additionally, Doba allows us to automate business operations like inventory monitoring, order fulfillment, and real-time order tracking. These automation features help us save time and effort while managing our Wix dropshipping business operations.

Lastly, Doba has a free 30-day trial period. Hence, we can use the platform and its dropshipping features without any upfront fees.


  • More expensive
  • Low-profit margins
  • Restocking fee

Despite its benefits, Doba has a few shortcomings. Since Doba connects suppliers with dropshippers, many retailers also join the platform to sell their products. As a result, prices on Doba are relatively more expensive than its competitors, leaving us with low-profit margins.

In addition, there is a restocking fee when we return products. While return policies differ from supplier to supplier, many suppliers charge around 15-20% restocking fee for product returns.


Doba has three different pricing plans: Startup, Business, and Enterprise. While the Startup plan is free, the Business plan, the most popular among the three, costs $49.99 per month. Finally, the Enterprise plan costs $299 per month, which we must subscribe to for at least six months.


Generally speaking, Wix is a powerful platform for starting a dropshipping business. And, Wix dropshipping apps help us unlock the full potential of our Wix dropshipping business.

To conclude, all of the apps mentioned above are the best tools to help you automate your Wix dropshipping business. With this knowledge, we are sure that you can take your Wix dropshipping site to the next level. So, why not start integrating your Wix store with the best apps on the market?

Overall, dropshipping tools help our Wix stores gain a competitive advantage. For more information on dropshipping tools, guides and strategies, check out these articles below: