Are you tired of struggling to find a profitable eCommerce business model? Look no further than dropshipping! Not only is the dropshipping market projected to reach a staggering 476.1 billion U.S. dollars by 2026, but it also allows you to create a customized online store with WooCommerce.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up a successful WooCommerce dropshipping store. On top of that, we’ll also provide tips on how to scale and grow your business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to finally achieve eCommerce success with dropshipping. 

What Is WooCommerce Dropshipping?

What is dropshipping

Dropshipping is a low-risk, low-investment eCommerce model with high-profit potential. To explain, we, as dropshippers, don’t hold our own inventory. Instead, we work with reliable dropshipping suppliers. In short, the business model is a retail fulfillment method.

As mentioned above, the best choice is to create our own dropshipping website, and a great place to do that is WooCommerce. Now, WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. To elaborate, WordPress is an open-source web hosting platform. In fact, we can customize our website with various plugins, widgets, and themes.

On the other hand, with WooCommerce, we can create and customize a dropshipping store. Plus, it has a number of menu options that help us successfully run a store. We have customer service options, payments, coupons, and much more that cover every facet of an online store.

With all that in mind, WooCommerce is a great platform to use when creating our dropshipping store.

Is Dropshipping With WooCommerce Worth It?

Since Dropshipping on WooCommerce requires a (small) budget to start, is it worth it in the long run? Absolutely! Dropshipping with WooCommerce is a great way to make money with minimal investment.

For starters, it’s important to remember that running a successful dropshipping business with WooCommerce requires effort and time. We’ll need to source reliable suppliers, set up a website, market our products, and handle customer service and returns.

Also, we may face competition from other dropshipping businesses. And, there can be challenges in managing the relationship with our suppliers.

On the other hand, once we find our winning niche, create, and market our products the right way, dropshipping with WooCommerce will be a worthwhile venture. As long as we’re willing to put in the work and have a clear plan for our business, the scalability and profitability are endless.

All in all, WooCommerce is an awesome choice for building a dropshipping store. Interestingly, WooCommerce is the eCommerce platform with the highest market share, coming in at 36.68% as of 2022. So, it’s obvious that WooCommerce is not only worth it but highly recommended for starting a dropshipping business. 

Prepare yourselves, because that’s what you’re going to learn to accomplish in this article. With that said, let’s take a deeper look at the advantages and disadvantages of WooCommerce dropshipping.

Advantages of WooCommerce Dropshipping

What makes WooCommerce worth it

To start, here are the advantages of WooCommerce dropshipping:

  • Fully customizable
  • High scalability
  • Easy to start
  • Tons of free & paid plugins/themes 
  • Content management system

Fully Customizable

Importantly, WooCommerce allows us to create a fully customized dropshipping store. And, since it’s fully customizable, we can build it in relation to our brand. So, we can brand our store and build recognition. Plus, we can differentiate ourselves from the competition and leverage our recognition to boost sales. 

High Scalability 

Another great advantage of WooCommerce dropshipping is that we can easily scale our business. Essentially, even the cheapest WooCommerce subscription offers us more than enough freedom and tools to scale. Thus, we can list thousands of products and easily manage our store. As such, we can scale our business and open the doors to more profits. 

Easy To Start 

Undeniably, it’s easy to start dropshipping with WooCommerce since we can leverage the WooCommerce Wizard. But, what is it? To clarify, the WooCommerce Wizard is a plugin that helps us set up and configure our WooCommerce store.

In fact, it guides us through the process of setting up our store step by step. And, we can choose from a range of options, including which products to sell, shipping methods, payment methods, and more.

Tons Of Free & Paid Plugins/Themes

We can take advantage of tons of free and paid WooCommerce dropship plugins and themes. Consequently, by leveraging these numerous plugins, we can improve our store and manage it better.

On top of that, there are many different store themes that we can further customize. Ultimately, having these plugins and themes alleviates the process of creating and running a store. 

Content Management System

WooCommerce has a content management system that allows us to have full control over our content. The content management system is an application used to manage content, allowing multiple contributors to create, edit and publish. Typically, the content is housed in a set of templates and displayed on our website.

With this system, we can manage and improve the content we want to publish, which will ultimately boost our website traffic and optimize our store. As such, we can easily manage all our content efficiently.

Disadvantages Of WooCommerce Dropshipping

When diving into WooCommerce dropshipping, we need to consider every aspect of the platform. Thus, we must look at some disadvantages we may encounter with WooCommerce.

With that in mind, let’s look at the disadvantages of this platform: 

  • Learning curve 
  • No organic traffic 

Learning Curve

Notably, with WooCommerce, there is a learning curve since it is not readily available. As a result, we have to set up everything from A-Z, which can be challenging. However, we can rely on guides like the WooCommerce Wizard to navigate the setup process. Plus, this article teaches us how to create and run a WooCommerce store step by step. 

No Organic Traffic

As with any customizable eCommerce website, there is no organic traffic. So, we won’t be able to tap into an existing customer base. On that note, we can use different marketing methods to drive traffic and target our customers to generate sales.

How To Start Dropshipping With WooCommerce

Now that we’ve learned what WooCommerce is and why it’s profitable, it’s time to learn how to start dropshipping with WooCommerce. Comparatively, starting to dropship with WooCommerce can get a bit more technical. But, as we follow this guide, we’ll have no problem setting everything up properly.

With that said, there are a few steps we need to follow:

  1. Find Trending Products To Dropship On WooCommerce
  2. Select A Reliable Dropshipping Supplier
  3. Set Up Your WooCommerce Dropshipping Store
  4. Connect Your WooCommerce Store To AutoDS
  5. Import Your First Product To WooCommerce
  6. Market Your WooCommerce Dropshipping Store
  7. Fulfill Customer Orders On WooCommerce
  8. Stay In Touch: Provide Customer Service

1. Find Winning Products To Dropship On WooCommerce

Product research with AutoDS Marketplace

First and foremost, we need to find trending products to dropship on WooCommerce. Importantly, it’s beneficial for us to do product research before opening our store because we can customize our store based on our product catalog/niche. Consequently, we can create our domain and choose our themes based on the type of products we offer.

Plus, product research is crucial when dropshipping since it’s the key driver for sales and profits. As a result, we need to find winning items with high demand. And, to do that, we can utilize different product research methods and tools:

Most notably, we can automate our product research with a dropshipping automation tool like AutoDS. Uniquely, AutoDS’ Product Research tool helps us find best-sellers in minutes which we can automatically import in a click. 

To note, AutoDS has a new Marketplace feature that enables us to see relevant dropshipping ads and complete product analysis. Plus, it makes it easier to find products by category and a number of different filters.

Additionally, we can keep track of social media trends on platforms like Instagram and TikTok by analyzing trending hashtags. Some examples include #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt or #InstaGood. Moreover, we can keep an eye out on our supplier’s best seller sections to see what’s in-demand.

Lastly, by analyzing dropshipping ads from our competitors we can gain insights on what products are selling well. To do so, we can track Facebook ad engagement to see how popular a product ad is, then we can import the same one to our stores.

After collecting a solid list of in-demand items, we can use the AutoDS product research spreadsheet. To explain, the spreadsheet covers specific questions and dives into product research in an organized fashion. Thus, ensuring that we build a killer product catalog when looking for items.

2. Select A Reliable Dropshipping Supplier

WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers

Great, we have our best-sellers! Now, we need to find reliable and trustworthy suppliers to source from.

With that said, we need to find a dropshipping supplier that checks all of the following boxes:

  • International warehouses
  • Wide & affordable product range
  • Practical shipping, return, and payment policies
  • Positive reviews
  • Excellent customer service

We should note that it’s best to work with multiple suppliers. As such, we can compare prices and shipping times. Plus, if one supplier is out of stock, we can quickly fall back on another.

Furthermore, it’s best to source from AutoDS-supported suppliers. This allows us to automate everything from sourcing to order fulfillment and more. Therefore, enabling us to run our business efficiently.

3. Set Up Your WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

After finding our supplier, we need to set up our WooCommerce dropshipping store properly. Interestingly, there are two ways we can set up our WooCommerce store. The first one is directly through WordPress. On the other hand, with the second method, we will purchase a unique domain on GoDaddy and connect it to a hosting service.

For the first method, we need to first sign up for WordPress, which is free. To clarify, WordPress allows us to host and build websites. After signing up, we get a generic domain and generic hosting.

However, with WordPress, we can’t choose a unique domain. Additionally, the WordPress hosting service is relatively slow, with limited bandwidth. But, it’s enough to get started before moving on to more advanced steps.

Then, we need to purchase the ‘Business Plan’ on WordPress to gain access to download and install the WooCommerce plugin. Up until now, everything was free; however, now we need to pay $25/month for our WooCommerce plugin.

Some benefits of the Business Plan include more hosting space, access to numerous plugins, advanced search engine optimization (SEO), and more. After that, we should register our domain which costs about $20/year. We can do this directly through WordPress. However, doing everything separately is recommended (more on that below).

Now, the second method will give us more bang for the buck. Since we won’t be creating our accounts directly through WordPress, the process can get a little technical, but it’s not complicated.

With that in mind, to set everything up with the second method, we need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up To A Hosting Service 
  2. Register & Connect A Domain
  3. Create The WooCommerce Store
  4. Add A WooCommerce Blog Page
  5. Set Up Policy/Legal/Contact Pages

Sign Up To A Hosting Service

First, we must sign up for a hosting service. To clarify, a hosting service offers the facilities required for us to create and maintain a site. In addition, it makes our website accessible on the World Wide Web.

We need to ensure that the service provides both WordPress (WP) and the WooCommerce (WC) plugin in its subscription. We can use hosting services like BlueHost, Siteground, and Hostinger, which are more cost-effective than going directly through WordPress. Plus, these services provide us with the WordPress and WooCommerce plugins.

Then, we need to register a domain. We recommend using GoDaddy for this. As such, we can have more control over the name of our domain. For example, we can add our unique name, like ‘’ Then, we can connect it through a hosting service like Siteground.

Register & Connect A Domain

Manage domain on GoDaddy

Now, to have a functional store on the internet, we need to register a domain and connect it to our hosting service. Notably, it’s better to separate our domain and hosting service from our WooCommerce platform to have more control over it.

Then, we should use a separate hosting platform like Siteground to register our unique and custom domains. In our example, we registered a domain called ‘‘ from GoDaddy. Now, we want to connect it to SiteGround so that we can install WordPress and WooCommerce on our hosting service to start building our store.

To do this, we need to go into the ‘My Products’ section on the GoDaddy dropdown menu and find our purchased domain. After that, we can choose the DNS button to connect our domain to our hosting service, Siteground.

Connect Siteground servers to GoDaddy domain

Next, scroll down and find the section for ‘Nameservers.’ Now, we need to copy the server names from Siteground and add them here. To elaborate, this tells GoDaddy which domain servers to use from our hosting service. In other words, it connects our domain name to our hosting service, so we can begin working under our new domain.

Add new website to Siteground

Next, we need to go to Siteground and add our domain from GoDaddy. To demonstrate, we click on ‘New Website’ and add our custom URL from GoDaddy.

Add new website to Siteground

We need to select that we’re adding an existing domain and paste the URL in the section below. After this, we are given options from which we choose ‘Start A New Website’.

And, in the end, we need to go on WordPress and add our unique site address and WordPress address with the domain URL from GoDaddy. We simply log in to our WordPress dashboard and go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘General.’

Here, we can change our WordPress site URLs in the ‘WordPress Address’ and ‘Site Address’ boxes. However, domain transfers can take a few hours to complete, so be patient while the gnomes in the background do their work.

Site tools on Siteground

After setting everything up, we can access WordPress and WooCommerce through Siteground. To clarify, we need to go to ‘Site Tools’ on Siteground and install our WordPress+WooCommerce plugins.

Install WordPress + WooCommerce from Siteground

From the ‘Pinned Tools’ selection on Siteground, we have various tools we can install to get started. Click on ‘Install & Manage WordPress.’ Then, choose the WordPress+WooCommerce plugin.

It’s important to note that connecting a domain is not an absolute must at this stage if we’re still determining what domain to choose or which niche to sell. However, it is recommended that we begin with product research first to understand better in what way to customize our WooCommerce dropshipping store.

Create The WooCommerce Store

Finally; we get to the good stuff! Now we can start building our very own WooCommerce dropshipping store. In the WooCommerce onboarding process, we’ll get a step-by-step guide to creating our store.

If we don’t get the onboarding process, we can access themes by clicking on Appearance/Themes on the left menu.

Choose store template in WooCommerce

To start off, we get an assortment of eCommerce website templates. Interestingly, the templates are optimized for various types of businesses. So, we can choose whichever one best fits our dropshipping store.

As such, for this example, we can choose the ‘Clothing Store’ template and get started. We are choosing this template because our store example will sell in the clothing niche. So, the ‘Clothing Store’ template is perfectly set up to optimize our store and encourage conversions.

Because of this, our store name is ‘Cool Cloth,’ and our domain is ‘productchasers’ for those looking for the coolest and latest clothing. Alternatively, we can choose the default storefront and work with a blank canvas. However, it’s always best to customize our store according to our niche.

WooCommerce store details

Now, we need to access the WooCommerce plugin on the left side of the WordPress panel.

Here we can start setting up our store. To begin, we need to set up our store details like country, address, postal code, and city, as shown in the above image.

WooCommerce payment options

Next, we need to add products to our WooCommerce dropshipping store. The best way to do this is by connecting our store to AutoDS first. As a result, we won’t have to import products manually; instead, we can automate the process with AutoDS Product Importing. With this tool, we can import thousands of products with a click of a button.

Automating this process saves us time and effort since we won’t have to copy/paste each product detail one by one to create a listing. But, don’t worry, both of these processes (connecting to AutoDS and AutoDS Importing) are explained later on in the article.

WooCommerce payment options

Now, let’s set up our payment options. Notably, the WooCommerce platform has a few options we can choose from. So, we can use one or all of the following methods: direct bank transfer, check payments, and cash on delivery. 

In this section, we can provide a description and instructions on how to proceed to ensure our customers don’t struggle or get confused.

Add taxes with WooCommerce

Now we need to add our tax rates. And, through WooCommerce, we can have real-time sales tax calculations. By installing Jetpack, our taxes will be calculated and added automatically to every order.

WooCommerce marketing options

What’s more, in our setup process, we have the step to ‘Get More Sales.’ To clarify, WooCommerce gives us various marketing options to boost traffic and conversions. For example, we have Google Ads, Mailchimp, TikTok, and many other options. As such, we can manage our marketing through WooCommerce. 

Personalize WooCommerse dropshipping store

Lastly, we get the chance to personalize our store. First, we must create a logo for our store to help us become recognizable and build a brand. This is where we can get creative with the help of a logo maker like Canva. After adding a logo and setting a store notice, we can set up our homepage and more.

Here we can change the background, the images, the text, the placement of the elements, and much more. For example, we can add a background image and change the text on our homepage. Plus, we can decide if we want to add a button or not.

Additionally, we can add certain effects and simply personalize them to the fullest. As a matter of fact, when we edit our pages, we can fully customize them to fit our brand. 

Customize WooCommerce store

As mentioned before, we can brand our store, add our logo and provide our own personal touch. We recommend using the Elementor plugin (paid tool), a premium or block editor that comes free with WordPress.

WooCommerce store homepage

Interestingly, when personalizing our store, we can change the placement of the site elements to our desired structure. For instance, we can set up featured products, testimonials, and more sections.

In addition, we can change the color and font to match our chosen brand identity. On top of that, we can add our logo to complete the branded makeover of our website.

After tidying everything up, we can stand out from the competition, attract customers and become recognizable.

Add A WooCommerce Blog Page

WooCommerce store blog page

A blog page is an incremental part of our WooCommerce setup because it can help us generate organic traffic. But first, we need to clarify that a blog page is a page that displays valuable content about our product or service while elegantly marketing it.

As we mentioned, WooCommerce does not have organic traffic. So, having a blog page helps us increase the perceived value. In our store example, we can find the blog page in the ‘News’ section. Plus, when creating this blog page, we must pay attention to our search engine optimization (SEO).

The key factors of SEO include relevant keywords, phrases, and structure so that we can rank better on search pages. As a result, we can generate organic traffic and market our store for free. We’ll go over how to improve our SEO with Yoast SEO in the plugins section further below.

Ultimately, our WooCommerce blog pages will generate free traffic that can help us boost recognition. Consequently, we can use that recognition and traffic to increase sales. 

Set Up Policy/Legal Pages

WooCommerce store policies

Lastly, we need to set up our policy and legal pages. These pages are most important for running our business smoothly and according to relevant laws and regulations. Plus, we can protect ourselves by informing our customers about our policies beforehand.

Regarding the legal pages, we need to create terms & conditions and policy pages. Additionally, we can create a cookie permission page or even an age verification page if needed. However, most importantly, we need to set clear policies and conditions.

This way we let our shoppers know what to expect regarding shipping times, return policies, privacy, terms and conditions, etc. Thus, we can reduce the amount of returns/order cancellations that we as sellers have to put up with because of uninformed consumers.

WordPress has a plugin that generates these pages for us. It sets up a standard terms & conditions page. In addition, it helps us set up our policy pages. In the policy pages, we need to include our shipping, payment, and returns policies to be transparent with our customers. Additionally, we can set up a privacy policy page as well.

Alternatively, we can create the pages ourselves instead of using the plugin. We can do this by opening a blank page and filling it with the right content about any policies or legalities.

To specify, our shipping policy page should be placed both in the header and footer. Furthermore, our privacy and refund policies should be placed in our footer. This kind of distribution is optimal because it’s intuitive for our customers.

Set Up ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ Page

WooCommerce store FAQ section

Notably, we should include a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) section on our website. As a result, this offers concise and immediate information to our customers.

Moreover, the ideal place to place the FAQ is in the footer. From there, our customers will be redirected to the page. Plus, we can also optimize this page with SEO as an additional outlet for organic traffic.

Set Up Contact Pages

WooCommerce store Contacts Us page

Lastly, we should include contact pages to make it easier for our customers to reach us. Actually, we can create a Contact Us page. This will make it easier for our customers to reach us with any questions or concerns they may have. Additionally, they can bring up any issues with our products or services. As a result, we can build credibility and trust with our customers.

If our WooCommerce store lacks these pages, it will diminish the customer’s shopping experience. In fact, customers may be reluctant to make a purchase if there is no way to reach us with any potential issues or questions.

Ultimately, to build an optimal and fully functional WooCommerce dropshipping store, we need this page. And, we should add them to our store header or footer for legibility and convenience.

In our store example, we don’t only have a contact form for customers, but we also provide social media platforms. As a result, we can add more credibility around our store and build a brand that becomes recognizable. In addition, this helps us reach a more extensive customer base and grow our business.

Finally! We’ve done it! We have created Cool Cloth, our WooCommerce dropshipping apparel store. Now we can get started on selling our products and reaching our customers. 

4. Connect Your WooCommerce Store To AutoDS

Besides the high-profit potential, an excellent aspect of dropshipping is that we can automate our processes. So, we won’t have to spend much time and effort manually doing everything ourselves. On that note, the best dropshipping automation tool we can utilize is AutoDS.

So, we can connect our WooCommerce store to our AutoDS automation software and let the system do all the work for us. Plus, by automating our dropshipping operations, we can optimize our business and reduce errors.

To demonstrate, first, we need to navigate to the AutoDS platform and register. Then, for us to connect our WooCommerce store to AutoDS, we need to select ‘Add Store.’ We can find this in the store selection section in the left menu bar.

Then, we need to select what type of store we are adding. And, in our case, we will choose a WooCommerce store. 

Select type of store added to AutoDS

Now, we need to ensure our store is already connected to WordPress. After this step, we just need to add our WooCommerce dropshipping store URL, and we’ll be good to go.

Add WooCommerce store URL

Finally, we connected our store to AutoDS. Now, we can start optimizing our WooCommerce dropshipping business and save a bunch of time and effort by automating it. In fact, we can use a multitude of amazing dropshipping automation tools: 

  • Quick & Easy Product Imports
  • Complete Order Fulfillment
  • Price/Stock Monitoring
  • Inventory Management
  • Automatic Price Optimization 

…and more!

5. Import Your First Product To WooCommerce

Now, we’ve come to the point in the process where we need to import products to our WooCommerce store. And, since we know the benefits of dropshipping automation, we can also automate this process.

With that said, AutoDS has 4 different product importing options we can use: 

  • One-Click Importer
  • Single Product Importer
  • Multiple Product Importer
  • Bulk Upload With CSV file

To illustrate, let’s import one of our bestsellers into our store with the AutoDS automated single product importing tool. To begin, we can click the ‘Add Products’ button on the AutoDS dashboard and choose the ‘Single Product’ option.

Add products in AutoDS product importing tool

Then, we can go to our supplier’s website and copy the URL or product ID of the product we want to import. Next, we’ll paste the URL into the product importer, and it will import the product and all of its details to our store.

Lastly, we can publish it directly to our store or edit the listing. In reality, it’s always a good idea to edit the product listing to optimize it. 

Add product URL to product importer

Alternatively, if we import products manually, we have to copy/paste every individual product detail one by one to create our listing. All in all, when importing hundreds of products, it takes up an incredible amount of time when done manually. So, by automating the process, we are optimizing our business.

Beginner’s Tip: Add multiple variations of winning products quickly with the AutoDS product importer.

6. Market Your WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

Market your WooCommerce dropshipping store

As we know, with a WooCommerce store, we won’t have any organic traffic, so we have to rely on marketing. With that said, good marketing translates into sales.

Plus, we must navigate the competition and do our best to stand out. Also, marketing helps us build a brand and become recognizable. With this in mind, getting the right message in front of our target audience at the perfect time is key.

Now, let’s take a look at the best marketing strategies for WooCommerce dropshipping:

To emphasize, our best bet to boost traffic is through pay-per-click ads (PPC). Essentially, with PPC, we can adjust our targeting parameters and reach our ideal customers.

As a result, we can boost sales by appealing to our target market that is most likely to convert. Some examples of PPC ads are Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads.

Tip: To help us target the ideal audience for our ads, we can use the AutoDS Audience Research Spreadsheet. Generate an optimal audience and receive a profitable return on investment.

7. Fulfill Customer Orders On WooCommerce

 AutoDS automated order fulfillment

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we must fulfill orders immediately. With manual fulfillment, we have to manually fill in every detail of our customer’s shipping information. As such, we go on our supplier’s website and fill in our customer’s addresses, shipping information, and product specification one by one.

However, automation tools allow for a significantly more optimized process while reducing errors. With AutoDS Automatic Orders, we can automate this process entirely. The whole process from getting to shipping an order and everything in between is fully automated, saving us time and reducing errors.

Additionally, we can use Fulfilled by AutoDS. This tool protects our personal buyer accounts using AutoDS accounts when sourcing our items. Plus, Fulfilled By AutoDS automates the entire fulfillment process. And we can also use the one-click returns to make things easier.

Notably, both AutoDS Automatic Orders and Fulfilled By AutoDS have automatic tracking updates. Thus, we can easily keep our customers up to date on the entire delivery process.

8. Stay In Touch: Provide Customer Service

Provide customer service

Without a doubt, one of our biggest responsibilities is ensuring our customers have a pleasant shopping experience. Thus, offering excellent customer service helps us gain credibility and grow customer loyalty. Ultimately, this enables us to stand out from the competition.

With that said, there are a few different ways in which we can offer excellent customer service. For example, we can have a live chat option in our eCommerce dropshipping store. This will allow for speedy responses and customer queries to get resolved timely.

Plus, we can offer support when someone reaches out through our Contact Us page or our linked social media channels. If we’re offering these services, then we must ensure to reply to our customers as soon as possible. As such, we’ll attain customer satisfaction.

Another option is through email. However, if we opt for this, we must respond quickly to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

Additionally, a less direct strategy is to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. With that said, we can provide answers to commonly asked questions and enhance the user experience on our WooCommerce store.

Wow! We did it! We have covered everything to start and run a successful WooCommerce dropshipping business. 

Getting To Know The WooCommerce Menus

Now that we’ve started our dropshipping business on WooCommerce, we need to familiarize ourselves with the WooCommerce menus. Notably, these menus will help us run things smoothly and provide us with analytics and insight. Furthermore, they help us set up incremental facets of our dropshipping business.

With that said, let’s get to know the WooCommerce menus: 


In the ‘Orders’ section, we can see all of our dropshipping orders. Thus, we can keep track of and manage our orders. On top of that, we can understand the sales volume we are generating. 


Next, the ‘Customers’ section presents a list of all our customers. Additionally, it offers information such as their contact information, count of orders placed, and lifetime spending.


Now, in the ‘Coupons’ section, we can manage our discount coupons. This will give us better control and visibility when we want to offer a coupon for our store. 


‘Reports’ in WooCommerce allow us to see our store’s performance from month to month using graphs and stats. It has four sections: Orders, Customers, Stock, and Taxes.


Notably, ‘WooCommerce Analytics’ is a data analysis tool with nine new reports, advanced filtering, and segmentation tools. In addition, we can download all data to CSV, and customize our dashboard to monitor all the important key metrics. 


The ‘Payments’ menu allows us to handle payment gateways. This means that in this menu, we can control which payment gateways are enabled and can be used in purchases. Plus, the payment processor allows us to collect payments, track cash flow and manage recurring revenue. 


Excitingly, WooCommerce offers ready-store themes and templates that we can use to build our online store. Moreover, it allows for extensive customization options and the ability to create custom menus. 


Next, we have the WooCommerce plugins. In this section, we can choose from several free and paid plugins. These plugins will help us optimize our WooCommerce dropshipping store and run it more efficiently. 


Lastly, in the ‘Settings’ menu, we have all the necessary settings to configure our store. From the various options, we have product page setup, tax, shipping and payment gateways, accounts and privacy, and emails.

Ultimately, the WooCommerce menus allow us to manage our store efficiently. As a result, we can run an optimized business and scale. 

5 WooCommerce Plugins To Help You Scale

Alright! Let’s talk about plugins. To clarify, a plugin is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing system. It acts as an additional add-on and extends the functionality of the existing software.

So, plugins are a great way to increase the functionality of our WooCommerce store. We can include numerous plugins that make our store more convenient for users and more functional for us.

To note, we can add a plugin by finding the ‘Plugins’ option in the left sidebar on WordPress. Then, we click ‘Add New’ and choose our desired plugin.

With that said, there are many awesome plugins that we can add. In fact, there are both free and paid plugins that we highly recommend: 


MonsterInsights WooCommerce plugin

To grow our business with confidence, we need to use the MonsterInsights plugin. Undeniably, it’s the best analytics plugin for WordPress and, by extension, for WooCommerce.

Notably, this plugin gives us a thorough look into the performance of our store with detailed insights. Consequently, it gives us a deeper understanding of our website traffic and customers so we can cater to them better.


Redirection WooCommerce plugin

Next, we have the most popular redirect manager for WordPress, Redirection. With it, we can easily fix loose ends, reduce errors and improve sight ranking. As a result, our WooCommerce store will have better reach in search results. Plus, it’s free. 


Jetpack WooCommerce plugin

Now, we have the Jetpack site security tool. Interestingly, it provides easy-to-use, comprehensive WordPress site security. Notably, site security is vital for protecting our customer’s sensitive information. So, we can focus on running a safe business where both our customers and we are protected.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO WooCommerce plugin

To ensure our site meets the highest technical SEO standards, we have Yoast SEO. It helps us optimize our content and overall readability. This free version is enough to improve our website’s SEO without having to go for the paid version.

Notably, the Yoast SEO plugin is always on the bottom of every page we create. It provides tips on how to improve the on-page content to rank higher on search engines, ultimately increasing our website’s organic traffic.


WPForms WooCommerce plugin

Lastly, to alleviate the process of creating forms on WP, we have WPForms. Uniquely, it works on a drag-and-drop basis, making it easy to create surveys, contact forms, and much more. Notably, the tool is user-friendly, meaning that any one of us can easily include any type of form in our store.

Ultimately, we can optimize and complete our WooCommerce dropshipping store by utilizing these useful plugins. So, we must find which of these best fit our needs and take full advantage of them.

Ready to start making money?! Undoubtedly, the products are the most important factor for making significant profits with dropshipping. Having trending and profitable products ensures we are catering to a demand. As a result, we can boost sales and easily scale.

With that said, let’s explore some of the best trending products to dropship on WooCommerce: 

Water Resistant Outdoor Cushion

Water resistant outdoor cushion WooCommerce dropshipping

To begin with, one of the best-selling products to dropship on WooCommerce is the water-resistant outdoor cushion.

Product img
Water Resistant Outdoor Cushion
Retail Price
Item Cost
Potential profit:
Shipping time: 14 Days

To note, it’s made out of quality materials to ensure its resistance to water. As such, the cushion is quite durable, convenient, and perfect for an outdoor seating area. Its durability allows us to mark up the price and boost profits.

Wall Mounted Make-Up Mirror

Wall mounted make up mirror WooCommerce best-seller

Undeniably; mirrors are a great product to dropship because they can get costly. Because of that, we can set higher prices to increase our profits. Plus, mounted make-up mirrors have become very popular in recent years. As such, they are in high demand, making them quite profitable. 

Digital Meat Thermometer

Digital meat thermometer WooCommerce best-seller

Interestingly, during the pandemic, people had to start cooking more because of lockdowns. So, kitchen gadgets have become more in demand. Thus, the digital meat thermometer is a kitchen staple everyone must have. To clarify, the digital meat thermometer shows the internal temperature of a cooked piece of meat. 

Cleaning Car Gel

Cleaning car gel WooCommerce dropshipping best-seller

The car cleaning gel is a product that has been on the market for a long time and is still a best-selling product. Undeniably, it’s a great all-in-one car care product that cleans, shines, and protects our car’s exterior. As such, it’s an item that generates demand, and as a result, it’s very profitable. 

Microfiber Bedsheet Set

Microfiber bedsheet set

Next up, we need to include microfiber bedsheet sets in our WooCommerce product catalog. To elaborate, the microfiber bedsheet set usually includes sheets, pillowcases, and a duvet cover. Microfiber bedsheets are synonymous with quality and softness, so we can afford to mark up our profit margin. 

Mini Portable Heater

Mini portable heater WooCommerce dropshipping best-seller

With winter on the horizon, mini portable heaters will be on everyone’s shopping list. Now is the time for us to leverage the demand for this product and boost sales. Since it works well, it’s affordable, and is useful; the mini portable heater is an excellent choice for our WooCommerce product catalog. 

Round Donut Pet Bed

Round donut pet bed WooCommerce best-seller

Unsurprisingly, pet products are always a profitable niche to tap into. With this in mind, one of the best items to dropship on WooCommerce is the round donut pet bed. Pet owners are willing to pay top dollar for quality pet products, so this item is a surefire way for us to enjoy good profits. Plus, it’s made from quality materials and keeps our furry friends comfortable. 

Anti-Theft USB Backpack

Anti-Theft USB Backpack

Now, we have the anti-theft USB backpack as a killer choice for our WooCommerce store. How is a backpack anti-theft? In contrast to garden-variety backpacks, anti-theft backpacks are constructed with security in mind. Typically, they employ tactics like slash-proof or reinforced materials and shoulder straps, hidden pockets, or lockable zippers.

Fluffy Bedroom Rug

Fluffy bedroom rug WooCommerce best-seller

Assuredly, everyone wants to keep their bedroom cozy and pleasant. So, it’s obvious why the fluffy bedroom rug is a clear best-seller. The fluffy bedroom rug gives our bedroom some character while adding to the cozy feeling. And, with a winning product like that in our WooCommerce catalog, we can definitely make a solid profit. 

Bathroom Vanity Mirror Lights

Bathroom Vanity Mirror Lights

Last but not least, we have bathroom vanity mirror lights. Undeniably, these vanity mirror lights give our customers a better environment to pamper themselves. Additionally, it’s a useful and convenient product that doesn’t have to be super expensive. However, it still allows us to rake in cash because of its high demand.

The Top WooCommerce Dropshipping Suppliers

Importantly, we need to find the most reliable and trustworthy suppliers for our WooCommerce dropshipping store. It is essential that we find multiple supplies with domestic and international warehouses.

As a result, we can reach a larger customer base and make more sales. Additionally, by working with multiple high-quality suppliers we can sell more products across more categories. And, if one supplier runs out of stock or has shipping delays, we can always rely on others.

With that said, let’s take a look at the top WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers:



Walmart WooCommerce dropshipping supplier

First up, Walmart. Primarily used to source products for the American consumer, it offers a wide range of products and next-day delivery.

However, it has other key aspects worth noting:

  • Price match policy 
  • Free & fast shipping
  • Savings and deals

Uniquely, Walmart has a great price match policy. To clarify, if a product goes on sale within the return period, by reaching out to customer support, we can get a refund of the price difference. In addition, with the big sales and daily deals, we can earn a higher profit by offering competitive prices to our customers.

Additionally, we can offer next-day delivery and free shipping with Walmart as our supplier. However, as mentioned above, those options only apply to our US consumers.


AliExpress WooCommerce dropshipping supplier

Undeniably, AliExpress is one of the most famous WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers. Their warehouses all around the world make them a great supplier for our WooCommerce store.

Here are some great features when working with AliExpress:

  • AliExpress Dropship Center 
  • Extensive product selection 
  • Low prices

First and foremost, AliExpress has a Dropship Center making it dropshipper-friendly. Ultimately, this helps us improve our store catalog since the dropshipping center helps with product research.  Especially when considering AliExpress’ huge product selection, this can come in handy when finding our best-sellers.

Moreover, since AliExpress is a Chinese supplier, its product pricing is low. As such, this enables us to increase our profit margin and remain competitive.


CJDropshipping WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers

Next, we have CJDropshipping. With eight international warehouses enabling fast shipping, CJDropshipping is a great supplier for WooCommerce. Moreover, their product range is so extensive that we can definitely find winning products.

Additionally, CJDropshipping offers the following key features:

  • Quality control
  • White-label products 
  • Print-on-demand products

Most importantly, CJDropshipping does product quality control, ensuring that we sell good quality products. As a result, we can guarantee high-quality items to our customers without compromising our integrity.

Uniquely, CJDropshipping offers a white-label solution. To clarify, CJDropshipping’s white-label solution is great for branding our products. We can also provide custom products by utilizing their print-on-demand option. To break it down, print-on-demand is a process where we can customize our phone cases and list one-of-a-kind products.


Overstock WooCommerce dropshipping supplier

Overstock is a great American WooCommerce supplier. Notably, Overstock offers high-quality products in the home niche. Additionally, this supplier has reliable shipping, good prices, and daily deals.

On top of that, it has great features like: 

  • Good return policy 
  • Club 0 program
  • Price match guarantee

One of Overstock’s most attractive aspects is its outstanding price match guarantee. How this works is when we find a product with a lower price from another supplier, Overstock will refund us the difference.

And, we can also take advantage of their great 30-day return policy. Finally, for their loyalty program, Overstock’s ‘Club 0’ program offers attractive benefits like 5% cashback on all purchases. Moreover, with the program, we can also take advantage of free shipping. 


Banggood WooCommerce dropshipping supplier

Finally, we have Banggood, a major Chinese supplier. Banggood has a vast range of products for us to source from. On top of offering huge product varieties, it’s a great international supplier. To clarify, it covers locations globally like Asia, Europe, the US, and Australia.

Additionally, Banggood has several advantages to consider:

  • Certified dropshipper website
  • Dropship center 
  • Low costs

Uniquely, Bangood provides dropshipping contracts and support for dropshippers because it’s a certified dropshipper website. What’s more, we can enjoy personalized product recommendations, cashback sites, and a credit point accumulation system from its dropship center.

Furthermore, Banggood is characterized by low prices because it’s a Chinese supplier. Actually, this is common with most Chinese suppliers, like AliExpress. As a result, Banggood is a great supplier to source from.

Undeniably, it’s crucial to work with reliable WooCommerce dropshipping suppliers. As such, we can utilize various suppliers to find the best fit for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between WooCommerce & Shopify Dropshipping?

Both platforms are customizable eCommerce websites for creating a dropshipping store. But, WooCommerce is a plugin on WordPress which means it’s open source, while Shopify is not.

Since Shopify is not open source like WooCommerce, while we can customize our store, we can’t optimize everything as we can on WooCommerce. Plus, WooCommerce is a bit more technical but offers more flexibility and customization. 

Is WooCommerce Good For Dropshipping? 

Of course! WooCommerce dropshipping allows us to build a fully customized store. Plus, it has various plugins and menus that allow us to optimize our business and scale. 

How Do I Start WooCommerce Dropshipping? 

To start WooCommerce dropshipping, you first need to do product research and find your best-sellers. Then, you need to register and connect your domain to your hosting service. Now, you need to set up your WooCommerce dropshipping store. Afterward, import your products and start fulfilling orders.


Hooray! We’ve done it! We’ve gone through all the processes and information necessary to run a successful WooCommerce dropshipping business. Equipped with these tools and knowledge, nothing is stopping us from rocketing to success.

In conclusion, WooCommerce is a great platform to start dropshipping. Plus, we know the best and most cost-effective ways to start utilizing it. And finally, we’re ready to take on the dropshipping world with our WooCommerce store.

With that said, to further improve our dropshipping knowledge, we can gain information from the following articles: