Launching a Shopify Facebook ad is the most exciting step in any dropshipping campaign. It is where you put all your hard work to the test and see whether the product you’re promoting is interesting.

Assuming you’ve studied your audience well and configured your campaign and ad set settings correctly, the ad itself should be a rousing success.

Let’s take a look at how to launch a Facebook ad with the best possible results.  

Configure Your Facebook Ad Settings

Facebook ad example Shopify Dropshipping

When launching an Ad Campaign, there are three sections you need to configure: the Campaign, Ad Set, and Ad.

If you’re holding at the ad settings stage, it means that you’ve already configured your campaign and ad set settings. Those who haven’t completed these steps should get them out of the way before proceeding.

Remember, though, that we’re configuring settings for the particular campaign goal of Post Engagement. We’re spending $5-$10 a day, a relatively low budget, and targeting a worldwide audience to gauge interest in our product.

On the other hand, to start a conversion campaign, we’ll need to go back and edit some of the campaign and ad sets.

In our case, all that’s left is to choose a final ad copy, configure the launch settings, and launch the ad. 

How To Begin

So without further ado, let’s start. Go to the Facebook Business Manager, and log in. Then, click on ‘More Tools’ on the left side, followed by ‘Ads Manager.’

facebook ads manager Shopify Dropshipping

On the Ads Manager, we’ll be able to see the existing campaigns and ad sets. So under the campaign you’ve already worked on, click ‘Edit.’ 

edit facebook ad campaign Shopify Dropshipping

You’ll see the two prepared sections: Campaign and Ad Sets, and the third tab will say ‘Ad.’ Click on the Ad Tab, and you’re all set to begin the configuration process.

Choose An Ad Name

The first section asks us to name our Shopify dropshipping Ad. Consistent with the name we chose for our campaign and ad sets, let’s use “Doggy Dog Club Ad.” 

name facebook ad

Select A Facebook Page For Your Ad

Following the ad name, there is an ‘Identity’ section where you choose which Facebook Page to use for the ad. Every Facebook ad is essentially a post that we instruct Facebook to promote. Therefore, the ad must have a specific location; otherwise, the ad cannot launch.

Continuing with the example of our pet store, we’ll use our Facebook business page

‘Doggy Dog Club.’ 

choose facebook page for ad Shopify Dropshipping

Choose An Existing Post Or Create A New One

Some of us already have a post where we want to place the ad. Such is the case if you’ve already launched an ad and want to change the goal. However, since we’re demonstrating how to create a first Engagement ad, we’ll create a new post. 

On the same page, scroll down until you get to ‘Ad Setup,’ and select ‘Create Ad.’ 

create dropshipping ad facebook Shopify Dropshipping

If you already have a post you want to use, click ‘Use Existing Post.’

Design Your Facebook Shopify Dropshipping Ad

Here comes the most significant part of the ad settings, where we decide how the ad looks and what goes in it.

Keep scrolling down to the ‘Ad Creative’ section and start with ‘Media.’

Click on ‘Add Media,’ then ‘Add Video,’ which opens a new window where you choose and upload a product video.  

add video to facebook ad

In general, your video should be anywhere between 15 to 30 seconds, enough time to get the audience’s attention and showcase the product. However, don’t go with a long video.

For example, we’re advertising a double dog leash product called Duoleash and going with a video that is only 14 seconds long.

On the popup, click ‘Upload,’ select a video and click ‘Open.’

upload facebook ad video Shopify Dropshipping

The video you selected should upload in short order. Once it finishes uploading, you’ll see it in the Ad Creative section.

How To Launch Multiple Video Ads Copies

three dropshipping ad variations Shopify Dropshipping

Generally, going with three video ad copies is a super effective way to test your product. Advertisers often launch variations of an ad and find that one of them takes off while the others lose interest. So three ad copies is not a bad idea at all.

However, testing variations of a video ad requires creating a separate campaign for each. If you have three video copies, simply duplicate the campaign and change the video.

For now, we’ll stick with uploading a single video so we can familiarize ourselves with the process.

I Don’t Have A Product Video – What Should I Do?

image slideshow ad Shopify Dropshipping

Some of us don’t have a product video available. If this is the case, we recommend using Waving Pandas to create engaging eCommerce video ads for your product.

You can also let Facebook create a slideshow from product images.  Click on ‘Create Video’ and follow the steps on the popup screen. 

create video ad from images

Assuming you have a good product and write a solid post, a slide show can yield pretty good results.

However, nothing beats an engaging video ad that showcases the product in live-action. So try your best to go with a video ad. 

preview facebook video ad Shopify Dropshipping

As you’re working on the ad, you’ll be able to see a preview of how the video looks on Facebook. It’s not a bad idea to click play and double-check that everything is in order.

Make sure the video shows the product, the problem it solves, and how it works. Additionally, there should be a soundtrack in the background to capture the audience’s attention.

Write Your Ad Copy

write ad copy dropshipping Shopify Dropshipping

Once we’ve uploaded a video, we want to write a short and engaging Ad Copy. This text appears on top of the ad and tells your audience why they should get the product.

Scroll down to ‘Primary Text’ and type in something short, to the point and add emojis for emphasis.

For example, since we are selling a Duoleash, here is what we wrote: 

facebook ad text Shopify Dropshipping

You can always add more text by clicking ‘Add Options,’ but keeping the text short and to the point is recommended, so try not to add too much.  

Add A Call To Action Button

The final part of the Ad Creative Section allows you to add a call to action button. Since we’re trying to get the viewer to take action, adding this button is indispensable.

Plenty of advertisers add these buttons on the bottom of their Facebook ads. It could be a link to sign up for an event or purchase an item in a store.

Even though our campaign is more engagement-based, there is no reason to miss out on potential sales. Therefore, we will add the call to action that directs customers to the product page on our store.

Click on ‘Call to Action’ and select ‘shop now.’ Next, provide Facebook with the product page URL, which is where the call to action takes customers when they click it.

add call to action button

Remember to link to the product page and not the homepage because you are promoting a specific product.

Before proceeding, double-check that the link sends customers to the right place by clicking on ‘Preview URL.’

What If Shipping Isn’t Available To Some Customers?

Since we’re reaching out to a worldwide audience, some interested buyers may find that they cannot complete the purchase.

In such circumstances, contact your supplier and inquire about shipping to the requested location. If shipping is possible, simply add that shipping zone on Shopify. 

Preview Your Completed Shopify Dropshipping Ad

After completing the Ad Creative section, it’s a perfect time to preview the ad to the right. Good job for creating an ad from scratch!

preview completed ad facebook Shopify Dropshipping

Double Check Ad Tracking

One of the benefits of launching a post-engagement ad is all the information our Facebook Pixel collects. It tracks which audiences interacted with the ad or visited our websites. Later, we can use that information to target them with conversion campaigns effectively.

That’s why it is super important to confirm that the correct Facebook Pixel is selected before you publish the ad.

Scroll down, and under ‘Tracking’ you’ll see a heading for ‘Conversion Tracking.’ If you only have one pixel, it’s going to show you the right one. 

choose the right pixel

Facebook pre-selects the rest of the tracking settings by default, so leave them as is. 

Final Review 

Congrats! You’ve finished with the ad settings, and it is time to launch the ad.

Take a deep breath, and do not be afraid. At five to ten dollars a day, this is a low investment for the high return of audience knowledge that you are acquiring.

Before you publish the Ad, review all of your settings one last time. Check your campaign goal, your ad sets configuration, and of course, the ad itself. Go over the earlier sections of this article to be sure you prepared your ad correctly.

Does everything look good? Great! Smile and click ‘Publish’ on the bottom right.

launch dropshipping facebook ad Shopify Dropshipping

You did it!

At the bottom of your screen, it should say ‘publishing 1 of 3.’ Not to worry, as this does not refer to three ads but rather each section of your ad settings: campaign, ad sets, and ad. 

Await Facebook Verification

facebook ad verification Shopify Dropshipping

Once the ad is published, it will say ‘three items published’ on the bottom. It does not mean that the Ad is live yet. Facebook first needs to verify that the ad and the general content comply with its policies.

Click on ‘X’ on the top left, which takes you back to the Campaigns page.  The ‘Campaign’ and ‘Ad Set’ tabs appear as “In review.” The Ad itself will also show as In Review a couple of hours after publishing.

After Facebook completes the review and approves the ad, it will go live worldwide. 

Measure Your Success

measure ad success facebook

As the days go by, Facebook pixel gathers valuable data about the audience we’re targeting.

Hopefully, if we’ve done your research right, the product will gain many interactions and go viral.

A viral ad means that the product is interesting, and we’ll be able to use the same existing post to place a new ad, except that this time it will have a conversion goal instead of engagement. 

Wrapping Up 

Congratulations on making it this far. Launching your Shopify dropshipping ad is an important step and the culmination of your efforts. You’ve picked a product, researched your audience, and now you’re putting out the message to the world.

If, for any reason, you feel like you missed something, feel free to refer back to the sections of this article. All the information about launching your ad is right here.

Don’t forget that Facebook ads are one method in a broader strategy to increase your Shopify dropshipping sales and profits. So try a couple of more at the same time to maximize your outcomes: