Imagine this: you have a brilliant idea for a necklace design, a piece that perfectly captures a special moment or embodies a cherished theme. But the hurdle of transforming that vision into reality seems too much. Well, buckle up for this journey to shine on, you crazy dropshipper!

Jewelry print on demand offers a revolutionary path for jewelry designers and entrepreneurs. This innovative approach empowers you to bring your creative spark to life. In fact, it lets you bypass the traditional roadblocks and boost you straight into the world of online jewelry selling.

Key Takeaways

Print on demand jewelry opens up exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs, offering a way to sell custom designs without inventory hassles.

The process is simple: design unique jewelry pieces, collaborate with a POD supplier, and let them handle production and shipping when customers order.

Key benefits include no inventory issues, fast time to market, cost-effective production, and the ability to offer customization and personalization.

Trend awareness is crucial for success, and AI-powered tools like AutoDS can help identify fast-selling designs and market trends.

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What Is Jewelry Print On Demand?

The business of jewelry print on demand offers a seamless way to sell your custom jewelry designs without holding inventory. With the global online jewelry market forecasted to reach about $117 billion by 2027, tapping into this industry presents immense opportunities for growth and success.

The way the jewelry print on demand business works is very easy. Essentially, you take on the role of the creative force behind the brand. You craft unique designs and collaborate with a POD supplier to bring them to life. When a customer orders one of your designs, the supplier handles the production process, transferring your design onto the item. After the printing process, they package the customized jewelry item and ship it directly to your customer’s doorstep.

Essentially, you leave the production and fulfillment tasks to the POD supplier. As a result, you can focus your efforts on designing new pieces, refining your brand identity, and engaging with customers. This collaborative approach allows you to bring your vision to life while offering customers personalized jewelry that reflects their unique style preferences and aligns with current fashion trends

Pro Tip: Checking the latest trends in the jewelry industry can help you create fast-selling designs. You can do this with the AutoDS TikTok Spy Tool!

The Benefits Of Jewelry Print On Demand

jewelry print on demand word bracelet

The jewelry print on demand world offers vast benefits to online sellers. Let’s review the most important ones:

  • No More Inventory Issues: Say goodbye to the stress of unsold stock and storage limitations. With POD, you only pay for the jewelry that gets ordered.
  • Accelerated Time to Market: No need for lengthy production runs or minimum order quantities. With POD, you can launch new designs quickly and test market trends efficiently.
  • Cost-Effective Production: Diving into jewelry print on demand eliminates the need for expensive bulk manufacturing, keeping your startup costs low.
  • Customization and Personalization: POD allows you to offer unique, personalized jewelry pieces that cater to individual tastes and special occasions.
  • No Upfront Investment: Since there’s no manufacturing overhead, you don’t need to invest in equipment or raw materials. POD allows you to focus on design and marketing without the burden of upfront costs.
  • No Minimum Order Quantity: Experiment with new designs without worrying about meeting minimum order requirements from manufacturers.
  • No product restrictions: Unleash your creativity! POD lets you offer more jewelry pieces than traditional manufacturing methods.
  • No Storage: No more overflowing warehouses or cluttered stockrooms. POD eliminates the need for physical inventory storage.
  • Global reach: POD suppliers often have fulfillment centers strategically located worldwide, allowing you to reach a wider audience and reduce shipping times.

9 Best Print On Demand Jewelry Suppliers + Product Ideas

Moving on, we’ll start to break down the best jewelry print on demand suppliers. We’ll also discuss a few top products that could guarantee success in this field. Relying on trusted suppliers and trending items is vital for any dropshipping store to thrive.


ShineOn jewelry print on demand

ShineOn is a print on demand jewelry supplier specifically designed for e-commerce entrepreneurs. They offer a curated selection of high-trending jewelry pieces perfect for dropshipping. This platform boasts high average profit margins, customizable products, and extensive marketing support to help you build a thriving jewelry business.

ShineOn Pros

ShineOn Cons

  • High-Profit Potential: ShineOn offers an average profit margin of over 65%, allowing you to build a healthy profit margin.
  • Stand Out with Customization: ShineOn empowers you to create unique and personalized jewelry with messages, names, or dates.
  • Extensive Support System: ShineOn offers valuable resources like live chat support, weekly e-commerce training, and done-for-you product page templates to optimize your online store.
  • Low Barrier to Entry: With POD, you don’t have to worry about upfront inventory costs. You only pay for items when a customer orders, minimizing financial risk.
  • Limited Platform Integration: Currently, ShineOn only integrates directly with Shopify. This might be limiting for entrepreneurs who want to sell across multiple platforms.
  • Limited Product Variety: ShineOn specializes in jewelry, offering a diverse selection. However, consider additional POD suppliers if you want to expand into other product types.

Recommended Product: Customized Necklace

customized necklace print on demand

This customizable necklace features a chain and a pendant, allowing your customers to add a special message, name, or date. Perfect for dropshipping, this versatile piece caters to various occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to graduations and holidays. Boost your sales by bundling this necklace with other personalized jewelry pieces to create unique gift sets.

Pro Tip: If you choose to work with Shopify, leverage AI to build your store quickly. Use AutoDS AI Pre-built Shopify Store and have your platform ready in less than 2 minutes!


CJDropshipping jewelry print on demand

CJ Dropshipping is a general dropshipping platform offering a wide variety of products, including a jewelry print on demand section. They cater to entrepreneurs looking for a one-stop shop for sourcing, printing, and fulfilling orders from China. Overall, CJ Dropshipping boasts a user-friendly platform and allows for some customization of POD jewelry.

CJ Dropshipping Pros

CJ Dropshipping Cons

  • Extensive Product Selection: CJ Dropshipping offers a vast selection of products beyond just jewelry, allowing you to expand your dropshipping business into various categories.
  • Competitive Prices: CJ Dropshipping generally offers competitive pricing on its products, potentially increasing your profit margins.
  • Fast Shipping Options: While shipping times originate from China, CJ Dropshipping boasts faster shipping options than standard methods.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Their platform is easy to use, with clear instructions on uploading your designs and creating POD jewelry.
  • High Fees: CJ Dropshipping charges fees for their services, which can impact your profit margins. Be sure to factor these fees into your pricing strategy.
  • Limited Customization: While some customization is possible, CJ Dropshipping’s POD jewelry options might offer a different level of personalization than other suppliers.
  • Quality Control Concerns: There have been reports of occasional quality control issues with CJ Dropshipping products. Implementing a thorough review process can help mitigate this risk.
  • Limited Customer Reviews: Since CJ Dropshipping connects you directly with suppliers, you won’t have access to customer reviews directly on their platform. This requires additional effort to research product quality.

Recommended Product: Meaningful Bracelets

POD bracelets

These trendy bracelets allow buyers to design a unique combination of meaningful symbols and charms. The bracelets are perfect for telling a personal story or commemorating special occasions. An excellent option for dropshipping, this versatile product caters to a broad audience. Encourage mix-and-match purchases by promoting bracelet stacking! The POD functionality allows you to offer a diverse range of charms, catering to various tastes and interests. CJ Dropshipping’s POD service eliminates upfront inventory costs, enabling you to test new designs and expand your jewelry collection with minimal risk.


Beeoux jewelry print on demand

Beeoux is a jewelry print on demand supplier specializing in 3D printing and laser engraving technology. They offer a user-friendly platform designed explicitly for creating and selling custom jewelry. It caters to dropshippers seeking unique, customizable pieces focusing on high-quality sterling silver products.

Beeoux Pros

Beeoux Cons

  • Customization Powerhouse: Beeoux excels in customization, allowing both you and your customers to personalize jewelry with messages, designs, or initials.
  • High-Quality Focus: Beeoux prioritizes quality by using high-tech engraving and cutting machines alongside sterling silver materials. This ensures your customers receive beautiful and durable jewelry pieces.
  • Seamless Integration: Beeoux integrates with popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify, streamlining the process of adding POD jewelry to your online store.
  • Limited Product Range: Beeoux specializes solely in jewelry, which might not be ideal if you want to offer a broader range of POD products.
  • Platform Stability Concerns: There have been reports of past platform instability, raising concerns about potential future disruptions.

Recommended Product: Personalized Dog Tags

Beeoux POD dog tag

Beeoux’s high-quality materials and customization expertise shine with personalized dog tags. Let your customers create unique identifiers for their furry companions! These tags can be engraved with a pet’s name, contact information, or even a special message, adding a touch of personality and ensuring their furry friend’s identity.


Contrado jewelry print on demand

Contrado stands out for its focus on artisanal, high-quality, custom-made jewelry. They cater to entrepreneurs seeking unique, handcrafted pieces made with the finest materials. Essentially, Contrado offers a dynamic product mockup generator for precise design control, ensuring your vision comes to life.

Contrado Pros

Contrado Cons

  • Artisanal Quality: Contrado prioritizes handmade craftsmanship, setting your jewelry apart from mass-produced options and appealing to customers seeking unique pieces.
  • Direct Production: The absence of intermediaries streamlines communication and potentially ensures more control over the production process.
  • Precise Design Control: Their product mockup generator empowers you to visualize your designs on the chosen jewelry piece, allowing for precise design adjustments before production.
  • Limited Scalability: Their focus on artisanal quality might not be ideal for businesses looking to fulfill large order volumes quickly.
  • Potentially Longer Turnaround Times: The emphasis on craftsmanship might translate to slightly longer turnaround times compared to some faster-paced POD suppliers.

Recommended Product: Personalized Accessories

POD cufflinks

Contrado‘s artisanal quality ensures a beautiful piece that captures the essence of your cherished memories. Clients can customize these pendants with a beloved photo, a heartfelt message, or a memorable logo, creating a unique and meaningful gift for any occasion. While Contrado prioritizes quality craftsmanship, its user-friendly platform allows for easy design customization. In essence, this is an excellent platform if you’re looking to offer really unique pieces.


PrintBase jewelry print on demand

PrintBase is a comprehensive print on demand platform offering a user-friendly solution for launching and managing your online store. They handle everything from store creation and product printing to fulfillment and customer support, allowing you to focus on design and marketing. This platform boasts a wide range of customizable products, including jewelry options.

PrintBase Pros

PrintBase Cons

  • Effortless Setup & Scalability: PrintBase streamlines the process of setting up your POD business with a one-click store builder and easy scaling options.
  • Comprehensive Support: They handle printing, packing, shipping, and even customer support, freeing you to concentrate on design and marketing strategies.
  • Profit Potential: PrintBase offers competitive product pricing and a fast payout system, allowing you to maximize your profit margins.
  • Design Flexibility: PrintBase empowers you to personalize products with powerful design tools and mockup generators, helping your creations stand out.
  • Limited POD Jewelry Selection: While PrintBase offers jewelry in its product catalog, it might not be as extensive as some suppliers specializing solely in POD jewelry.
  • Focus on Broader Audience: Since PrintBase caters to a wide range of POD products beyond jewelry, their resources might be spread thin compared to jewelry-specific POD suppliers.
  • Potential Vendor Lock-in: While PrintBase offers a convenient all-in-one solution, it might limit your flexibility in terms of exploring other POD jewelry suppliers in the future.

Recommended Product: Customized Charm Bracelets

POD charm bracelet

Perfect for dropshipping, this trendy concept allows customers to design a bracelet that reflects their personality and interests. PrintBase‘s POD platform empowers you to offer a diverse range of charms, catering to various styles and preferences. Mix and match to create unique combinations! The user-friendly design interface allows for easy customization, making this product a perfect fit for both you and your customers. Focus on growing your business while PrintBase takes care of the rest, from printing to fulfillment.


Printify jewelry print on demand

Printify acts as a POD middleman, connecting you with a network of various manufacturers. They offer a user-friendly platform for managing your POD business, automating tasks like order routing and product customization. Printify integrates seamlessly with popular e-commerce platforms, allowing you to reach a wider audience effortlessly. While their jewelry selection is limited, Printify excels in product diversity across various categories.

Printify Pros

Printify Cons

  • Multi-Manufacturer Network: Printify connects you with a diverse range of manufacturers, potentially offering a wider selection of products beyond just jewelry compared to single-source POD suppliers.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Their platform automates tasks like order routing and mockup generation, streamlining your POD business operations.
  • Seamless Integrations: Printify integrates effortlessly with popular e-commerce platforms like Etsy and Shopify, simplifying product listing and reaching a broader audience.
  • Competitive Pricing: They offer competitive pricing models, allowing you to potentially maximize your profit margins.
  • Limited Jewelry Selection: Despite a diverse product catalog, Printify’s selection of POD jewelry might be limited compared to suppliers specializing in that category.
  • Customer Service Split: With multiple manufacturers involved, resolving customer service issues might require additional communication steps.
  • Mixed Customer Reviews: Printify has received mixed customer reviews, so thorough research and potentially requesting samples might be necessary before committing.

Recommended Product: Custom-Design Necklaces

POD necklace

While Printify offers a variety of POD products, these necklaces are perfect for showcasing creativity. Clients can choose from various styles like stones and personalized charms. This eye-catching product allows customers to express their individuality and caters to a broad audience, which makes it ideal for dropshipping. Printify’s platform simplifies product design and order management. Focus on building your brand while Printify handles the printing, fulfillment, and much more.


Shop3D jewelry print on demand

Shop3D is a POD supplier specializing in 3D-printed custom jewelry. They cater to entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking unique, personalized pieces with a focus on innovative 3D printing technology. Also, Shop3D offers low minimum orders and quality control checks, ensuring a reliable service for dropshippers.

Shop3D Pros

Shop3D Cons

  • 3D Printing Innovation: Shop3D leverages cutting-edge 3D printing technology, allowing for highly customizable and intricate jewelry designs. This sets you apart from competitors offering traditional printed jewelry options.
  • Quality Focus: Shop3D prioritizes quality with double quality checks on each piece, ensuring your customers receive well-made jewelry.
  • Perfect for Personalization: Their platform excels at customization, allowing you and your customers to create truly unique and personalized jewelry gifts.
  • Limited Scalability: Shop3D’s focus on small-business customization might not be ideal for dropshippers seeking high-volume fulfillment.
  • Restricted Integrations: Currently, Shop3D offers limited integration with e-commerce platforms, potentially requiring additional work to list products in your online store.
  • Potential Setup Time: For developers and large retailers using their API, there might be a learning curve and setup time involved.

Recommended Product: Unique Pieces For Personalized Gifts

POD custom rings

Shop3D’s POD technology allows you to create stunning and personalized jewelry pieces that people will cherish forever. In fact, this concept empowers you to offer custom necklaces, bracelets, rings, or even cufflinks. The design possibilities are endless. Shop3D’s commitment to quality ensures each piece is meticulously crafted and double-checked. Let your customers offer the gift of personalization with Shop3D’s innovative 3D-printed jewelry.


DropShipCN jewelry print on demand

DropShipCN offers a vast product selection (over 800 items) across various categories, including apparel and jewelry print on demand. They boast features like branding services, no minimum orders, and seamless integration with Shopify. While DropShipCN highlights high profits, be mindful of potential quality control issues based on customer reviews.

DropShipCN Pros

DropShipCN Cons

  • Extensive Product Range: DropShipCN offers a vast selection of products exceeding 800 items, allowing you to cater to a wider audience with diverse interests.
  • No Minimum Orders: Similar to other suppliers, there are no minimum order requirements, offering flexibility when testing new designs or catering to smaller orders.
  • Branding Services: DropShipCN provides branding services, potentially helping you create a more cohesive brand identity for your dropshipping store.
  • Shopify Integration: They offer seamless integration with Shopify, simplifying the process of adding POD products to your online store.
  • Questionable Product Quality: Customer reviews raise concerns about product quality, particularly regarding sizing inconsistencies and potentially unusable mockups. Thorough research and potentially requesting samples might be necessary.
  • Outdated Design Software: The customer review suggests their design software might be obsolete and challenging, potentially impacting the design creation process.

Recommended Product: Customizable Watches

POD watches

Elevate your product offerings with personalized timepieces that reflect your customers’ unique styles and preferences. With DropShipCN’s customization process, you can empower your customers to create exceptional watches tailored to their tastes. From choosing the dial design to selecting the strap material and color, the design possibilities are limitless. Dropshippers can capitalize on seasonal events like Father’s Day and anniversaries, offering customers the perfect opportunity to gift personalized timepieces.


ThisNew Jewelry Print On Demand

ThisNew is a POD supplier offering a user-friendly platform for designing and dropshipping various products, with a focus on personalized items. They boast features like no minimum order quantities, auto-order syncing, and fulfillment services. The company operates factories in the US and China, strategically placing warehouses for faster deliveries.

ThisNew Pros

ThisNew Cons

  • Design Platform: ThisNew offers a mockup generator to assist with product design, potentially simplifying the creation process.
  • Multiple Warehouses: Their US and China warehouse locations offer the potential for faster delivery times depending on your target audience.
  • Security & Technical Support: ThisNew emphasizes data security and boasts a technical team for platform optimization, potentially ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Mixed Customer Reviews: Despite their claims, there are reports of poor reviews and delayed shipping, particularly for US customers due to China-sourced products.
  • Limited Brand Recognition: ThisNew’s relative lack of popularity compared to other POD suppliers might indicate a lack of established features or functionalities.

Recommended Product: Custom Presents

POD custom present

Looking to offer unique and heartfelt gifts for baby showers, birthdays, or any special occasion? ThisNew’s user-friendly design platform allows you to create custom presents that are sure to be cherished. In fact, this platform offers a vast array of customizable products perfect for special moments. Think keychains, mugs, phone cases, and more, all transformed into personalized items with photos, messages, or logos. With ThisNew’s mockup generator, designing custom gifts is a breeze.

Pro Tips To Have A Successful Jewelry Print On Demand Store

To make any jewelry print on demand store really shine, there are a few key steps to follow. Each aspect is crucial in driving success in this industry, from working with automation to implementing effective marketing strategies. Let’s dive into some expert tips to elevate your jewelry print on demand store to new heights of success.

Work With An Automation Tool

AutoDS POD feature

Managing a jewelry print on demand store can involve juggling tasks such as product sourcing, order processing, and marketing. Automation tools like AutoDS can streamline these processes, saving you valuable time and effort. AutoDS offers a robust suite of features specifically designed to empower POD jewelry entrepreneurs:

  • Product Sourcing: AutoDS boasts a comprehensive product finder that connects you with a vast network of reliable POD suppliers.
  • Fulfilled by AutoDS: Say goodbye to order fulfillment headaches! This feature automates the entire fulfillment process. When a customer places an order, AutoDS seamlessly transmits it to your chosen supplier, who then handles printing, packaging, and shipping directly to your customer. This ensures a smooth and efficient experience for both you and your customers.
  • AI Product Title & Description Generator: Crafting compelling product descriptions can be time-consuming. AutoDS’s innovative AI tool takes the guesswork out of the equation. The AI generates unique, SEO-friendly product titles and descriptions, saving time and effort.
  • AI Pre-Built Shopify Store: Don’t have the time or technical expertise to build your online store? AutoDS has you covered! This AI-powered tool can create a beautiful and functional Shopify store pre-populated with your designs. This allows you to launch your business quickly and seamlessly, focusing your energy on design and marketing strategies.

Pro Tip: Check the AutoDS Print On Demand feature to elevate your store with custom-designed products. Jewelry print on demand items are coming soon!

Take These Into Consideration! 

Make sure you check all of the boxes below! In order to run a healthy and prosperous jewelry print on demand store, you have to keep in mind the following:

  • Product Quality: Don’t underestimate the power of quality! Since you’re not physically holding the jewelry yourself, ordering samples from your chosen POD supplier is vital. This allows you to assess the quality of the materials, craftsmanship, and overall finish of the jewelry pieces.
  • Product Size: Accurately representing the size of your jewelry is essential. Unlike a physical store where customers can try on pieces, online shoppers rely on detailed descriptions and sizing charts. Work with your POD supplier to obtain accurate measurements of each jewelry piece (e.g., necklace length, bracelet circumference, earring dimensions). Additionally, consider offering a customer-friendly return policy on jewelry if sizing issues arise. A generous return policy shows your commitment to customer satisfaction and encourages repeat business.
  • Style & Design: The beauty of POD jewelry lies in its ability to showcase your unique design vision. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles, from classic and elegant to trendy and whimsical. Consider incorporating personalized elements like names, initials, or birthstones to add a special touch. Explore current trends in the jewelry market while staying true to your brand aesthetic.

Offer Bulk Discounts

For jewelry print on demand businesses, offering strategic bulk discounts can be a powerful tool for boosting profits. There are a few different ways and benefits of approaching a bulk discount strategy. Let’s check them out:

  • Incentivize Larger Purchases: By offering attractive discounts for buying multiple jewelry pieces (e.g., necklace and earring sets, bracelet, and ring combinations), you entice customers to spend more. Adding “recommended products” below the check cart can increase your overall revenue!
  • Cater to Specific Customer Needs: Some customers might purchase complete jewelry sets for themselves, while others might be looking for thoughtful gifts. Bulk discounts cater to both scenarios, offering a cost-effective way to acquire multiple pieces.
  • Psychological Appeal: Bulk discounts can trigger a sense of value for customers. Seeing a reduced price per item when buying multiple creates the perception of a better deal. As a result, this encourages them to add more items to their cart.

“On e-commerce, product recommendations have a success rate of around 60%” – Forrester.

Provide Detailed Care Instructions

Equipping your customers with detailed care instructions is a crucial step in fostering brand trust and loyalty. Proper care ensures their cherished jewelry pieces hold their beauty and shine for years to come. 

In essence, detailed care instructions demonstrate your commitment to providing a positive customer experience. Customers appreciate the extra guidance on how to properly clean, store, and maintain their jewelry, ensuring it remains in pristine condition. On the other hand, clear care instructions can help prevent unnecessary returns or exchanges. By educating customers on how to handle their jewelry, you minimize the likelihood of damage.

Taking the time to provide detailed care instructions is a small investment that holds significant benefits. It fosters trust, reduces returns, and builds brand loyalty – all critical ingredients for long-term success in the jewelry print on demand industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Know That The Quality Of the Print On Demand Jewelry Supplier Is Good?

You can take several steps to ensure the quality of a print on demand jewelry supplier. First, ask for samples of their products to assess their craftsmanship and print quality. Additionally, check online reviews and testimonials from other sellers who have used their services. Another approach is to order a product yourself but have it shipped to a friend or family member’s house a few times to compare and ensure consistency in quality across multiple orders.

What Are The Returns Policies With Print On Demand Jewelry Suppliers?

Returns policies can vary among print on demand jewelry suppliers, so reviewing their specific terms and conditions is essential. Generally, reputable suppliers will have transparent and hassle-free return policies to accommodate issues such as defective products or incorrect orders. Ensure that you understand the timeframe and process for initiating returns and any associated costs or requirements.


In summary, diving into jewelry POD is a fantastic chance for those who want to start their own online business. Throughout this article, we’ve discussed how jewelry print on demand works and why it’s so cool. We’ve also looked at the best suppliers you can work with and some types of jewelry you can sell.

We’ve also shared some smart tips to help your jewelry business succeed. As you start your own jewelry print on demand store, remember to stay open to new ideas and keep up with what customers like. With hard work and creativity, you can make your jewelry business really shine. So, go ahead, get started, and make your mark in the world of print on demand jewelry! If you want more tips on how to start a business with the right foot, check these out: