Are you ready to start your most fantastic eCommerce adventure yet? With print-on-demand (POD) in Australia, you’re in for a profitable ride. Now, let’s pair that with dropshipping, and we can reap high rewards and enjoy low-risk business.

With that said, POD allows us to create uniquely crafted products. Thus, we can differentiate our store by offering one-of-a-kind items. By selling these distinct designs, we can remain at the top of the competition.

Remember, POD items help us brand our dropshipping business, which makes the venture more lucrative. So, in this article, we will uncover the top trending POD products to sell and discover where to source them.

Definitely! We can welcome a substantial flow of passive income by venturing into print on demand in Australia. In this regard, the eCommerce industry in Australia is continuously growing, paving the way for the success of online sellers.

As a matter of fact, Statista reports that Australia generated an online retail revenue of about 3.5 billion Australian dollars in April 2022 alone. With this significant figure, we are confident that our efforts in running our POD business can result in enormous sales.

Besides that, dropshipping is a low-risk and high-reward eCommerce model. As such, we don’t have to worry about losses due to unsold POD merchandise. Since these items are produced on a per order basis, we only produce them whenever customers place their orders.

All in all, we can maximize our POD dropshipping profits by considering some factors, which we’ll discuss as we go further in this article. Apart from its profitability, is POD in Australia acceptable? Let’s uncover the answer in the next section.

Yes, print-on-demand business in Australia is entirely legal. However, to manage our POD business legitimately, we must comply with Australia’s rules in eCommerce.

For one, online business platforms should adhere to the standards set by the Australian Consumer Laws (ACL). Primarily, this organization ensures fair business and protection for consumer rights. To illustrate, eCommerce sellers need to provide guarantees, such as the functionality and safety of products.

Another consideration in dropshipping POD items is the legality of our products. Remember, we must only offer products that don’t go against Intellectual Property rights. To mention, branded items are protected by their respective companies, so we’re not allowed to dropship them.

Similarly, eCommerce policies prohibit the dropshipping of hazardous, life-threatening, and age-restricted products. For instance, we must not sell weapons, supplements, tobacco, and other items that fall into the specified categories.  

In any case, if we fail to comply with these guidelines, our POD business can face sanctions and penalties. As an example, our stores can get suspended for selling illegal items.

Nonetheless, running a POD business in Australia is convenient as long as we adhere to eCommerce policies. Of course, selling the right products is essential to running a business hassle-free. With that said, we’ll explore the best POD products that we can offer to the Australian market.

16 Best Print On Demand Australia Products For Dropshipping

Perfect! Let’s get ready to learn about the best print-on-demand products to dropship in Australia. In this specially-made list, we’ll discuss the key features of each product and what makes them profitable.

Now, here are our top-notch POD products to offer to the Australian market:

  1. Backpacks
  2. All-Over-Print Hoodies
  3. Baseball T-Shirts
  4. Pencil Pouches
  5. Beanies
  6. Pajamas
  7. Hooded Baby Towels
  8. Car Seat Covers
  9. Luggage Tags
  10. Tablecloths
  11. Shower Curtains
  12. Bottle Opener
  13. Laptop Sleeve
  14. Journal
  15. Calendar
  16. Sports Water Bottle

Let’s keep going and explore what each item has to offer our POD business.

1. Backpacks

Whether for a weekend backpacking trip or everyday use, backpacks never go out of style. The versatility of this product makes it a best-selling POD item. Thus, we need to consider adding backpacks to our stores.

When selling backpacks, we must offer all-over-print, solid-colored, embroidered, and other designs. Plus, offer different sizes and styles fit for every age and gender to generate more sales.

Undoubtedly, Australian customers love to flaunt unique fashion styles. That’s why adding all-over-print hoodies can lead to huge sales in no time.

As such, we can offer various print designs for these hoodies. Likewise, we have excellent fabric options, such as nylon, cotton, wool, and more. These materials suit most print methods, enabling us to produce unique prints.

3. Baseball T-Shirts

Next up, we have baseball t-shirts. This POD dropshipping item is a sought-after piece of clothing in the Australian market.

Thus, there is a wide selection of baseball t-shirts we can choose to add. In particular, there are two-colored t-shirts or all-over-print ones. Finally, ensure to offer different size varieties so that buyers can find the perfect match for them.

Beginner’s Tip: Add a sizing chart to guide customers in choosing the right baseball t-shirt fit and reduce the chance of returns for your store.

4. Pencil Pouches

Bid farewell to cluttered writing materials by using pencil pouches. This dropshipping product is fully customizable, making it a great addition to our POD stores.

For pencil pouches, we should dropship different sizes and shapes. Then, we can offer a text or graphic personalization. Not only that, adding accessories like handles or keychains will add to the value of this product.

5. Beanies

As a popular accessory, especially for the Hipster crowd, beanies are in-demand in Australia. Thus, selling this item can potentially give us huge profits.

Therefore, we must sell beanies fit for adults and young ones. In addition, we can offer embroidered designs or add-ons like furs. Remember also to include a vast selection of colors to attract more buyers.

6. Pajamas

What could be more perfect than a good night’s sleep while wearing stylish pajamas? That’s why pajamas are among the top POD product choices of Australian audiences.

With that in mind, we can sell pajamas in attractive colors or creative prints. Plus, ensure to include variations like shorts or pants. On a final note, offering different materials, such as cotton or satin, will bring comfort and style to our customers.

7. Hooded Baby Towels

Little ones need tender loving care. With the attractive hooded baby towels, their bath times will become fun and comfy.

When selling these towels, ensure that the materials are hypoallergenic for the little ones’ protection. We can also add baby-friendly prints like animals or shapes. Moreover, offer vast color, style, and size options for every baby.

8. Car Seat Covers

Unquestionably, car seat covers are essential print-on-demand products in Australia. These covers protect car seats from spills and dirt, minimizing the inconvenience of cleaning the interiors.

With that said, we should add seat covers made of various materials, such as cotton, leather, and more. Additionally, these covers should fit seats of different car models. Finally, we should consider several color and print choices that will complement every car’s interior.

Beginner’s Tip: Offer car seat covers in sets at a bundled price to increase your average order value.

9. Luggage Tags

Mixed-up luggage can be a problem. With a luggage tag, customers don’t have to worry about unidentifiable luggage anymore.

Subsequently, we should add luggage tags that come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Also, we have leather, rubber, acrylic, and other material options to choose from. Since luggage tags are customizable, we can add a vast selection of printed text or graphics to suit customers’ preferences.

10. Tablecloths

Another POD product worth mentioning is a tablecloth. As this item is a home must-have, its demand is high year-round.

As such, we should add different shapes and sizes suitable for all kinds of tables. Plus, offering printed designs will add a fancy touch to our customers’ homes. Bear in mind, that we must dropship high-quality tablecloths for us to maximize our profits.

11. Shower Curtains

Just like tablecloths, shower curtains are essential products at home. Due to its functionality, dropshipping this POD item can help us achieve massive sales.

When dropshipping shower curtains, we can add solid colors or printed designs. Plus, we can offer variations with texts or images. In addition, they are made from a cotton blend, microfiber, or polyester, which are water-resistant and durable.

12. Bottle Opener

Our next trending print-on-demand product is a bottle opener. This superb product idea is a portable solution for opening bottles at home or while being outdoors.

As a customizable item, we can offer bottle openers with added features. For instance, as a keychain or with a magnet. In this way, users can maximize its use.

Beginner’s Tip: Bottle openers are excellent souvenir items. So, we can customize and sell them as packages.

13. Laptop Sleeve

From a wide array of POD products in Australia, the laptop sleeve is definitely a top-notch item. Essentially, these sleeves protect laptops and make them easier to carry around.

So, we must consider selling sleeve options that fit several laptop brands or models. Additionally, selling sleeves that come in various designs, styles, and colors will attract a sizeable Australian customer base to our stores.

14. Journal

Making it to the top print-on-demand items list is a journal. Whether for everyday note-taking or as a personal diary, journals are perfect for customizations.

In this regard, we must offer journals with colored, ruled, graphed, dotted, and more page designs. We should also add pages with personalized texts or graphics. Overall, we can explore more journal customization options to satisfy customers’ demands.

Beginner’s Tip: We can add unique features to journals, such as wrap-around strings or locks, for a more personalized experience.

15. Calendar

Yay, we’re almost done! But wait, calendars also claim a spot on our trending POD products list in Australia. Interestingly, this item comes in a vast selection of customizable options.

For one, we can sell wall-hanging or tabletop calendars. Some variations we can consider include personalized calendars with monthly images or texts. Furthermore, we can add poster board, acrylic, paper, and other durable materials that will last all year round.

16. Sports Water Bottle

Last but not least, sports water bottles are profitable product ideas to dropship. Likewise, they are excellent items to add to our print-on-demand business in Australia.

When selling these bottles, ensure to offer different sizes and styles. Also, these water bottles come in acrylic, aluminum, and other high-quality materials. To add aesthetics to these bottles, we can offer customized prints or designs according to our target market.

Beginner’s Tip: We can cross-sell stickers with sports water bottles to give users the creative freedom to customize these products.

The Top Print On Demand Australia Companies

Hooray! We now have a wide array of print of demand products to dropship in Australia. Our next move is to discover different print providers and explore the benefits they offer to our POD business.

So, presenting our top print-on-demand suppliers in Australia:

  1. AutoDS
  2. Teespring
  3. Gelato
  4. OGO
  5. Tee Junction
  6. Printify
  7. Imprint Merch
  8. The Print Bar
  9. Printful
  10. Jondo

Let’s get the ball rolling, starting with our first POD company.

1. AutoDS Print On Demand

Print On Demand Sites AutoDS Platform

Let’s kickstart the list with AutoDS, an all-in-one automation solution that saves time and effortlessly discovers, sources, researches, and imports winning products from private and retail dropshipping suppliers. The platform offers a diverse range of customizable products, categorized for easy navigation like accessories, decorations, clothes, and more. Plus, we can easily go back and make changes to our custom products using the simple editor. Also, AutoDS has a big selection of POD products that are always updated to evolving market trends. 

Besides Print On Demand, the platform offers a range of tools and features to help dropshippers manage their product inventories, listings, pricing, and order fulfillment processes. Some of its best features include:

  • Winning products hub: A curated list of proven best-selling products.
  • 25+ reliable suppliers: Over 500M trending products from trusted, global dropshipping suppliers.
  • Dropshipping automation: Instant product imports, price & stock monitoring, automatic order updates, and more.
  • Private suppliers: Access to exclusive products with fast shipping.
  • Customized branding: Add your brand logo to your orders to build brand recognition and increase customer loyalty.
  • Fulfilled by AutoDS: Automatically fulfills customer orders using AutoDS buyer accounts when sourcing.


AutoDS offers a wide range of pricing options depending on the targeted marketplace and the number of listings. Subscription plans start from $12.90 monthly for eBay, and Shopify plans start from $26.90. You can save 25% if you subscribe annually. Check out all the plans here.

2. Teespring

As a key player in the print-on-demand industry in Australia, Teespring is an easy-to-use platform that many dropshippers prefer. This online marketplace extends the following features to our online business:


  • User-friendly interface
  • Vast array of POD products
  • Quick order fulfillment 


  • High shipping fees
  • Inconsistent product quality

To begin, Teespring has an easy-to-use interface, where dropshippers can easily search for POD products. Plus, we can find a vast array of items, including home essentials, clothing, and more. Additionally, Teespring has software that allows for quick order fulfillment, resulting in faster shipping too.

However, the shipping fees are more expensive than other suppliers. Moreover, product quality can vary from one item to another. Nevertheless, we can test and select high-quality products to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


Fortunately, signing up with Teespring is free. When customers start placing their orders, that’s the only time that you pay for the items and their shipping costs.

3. Gelato

Next, we have Gelato, an international print-on-demand company that houses a domestic warehouse in Australia. So, are you curious about this supplier? Continue further as we uncover the advantages and disadvantages of working with Gelato:


  • Fast shipping 
  • No minimum order quantity requirement
  • Sustainable printing processes


  • Fewer POD item choices
  • Higher product prices

When sourcing from Gelato, we can deliver customer orders in Australia in as fast as 72 hours. Another benefit we can enjoy is the no MOQ requirement with this POD supplier. A MOQ is the minimum number of products that a supplier requires a buyer to purchase per order.  Thus, the no MOQ requirement aligns with the dropshipping business model, allowing us to scale our POD venture without worries.

Meanwhile, Gelato commits to sustainable processes and eco-friendly materials, making it an excellent choice for our business. However, the company has fewer POD item choices online, and most of these products are quite expensive. Despite these disadvantages, Gelato offers high-quality POD products that can attract more sales for us.


Interestingly, creating an account on Gelato is free. What’s more, we can enjoy a discount on our first order.

4. OGO

Our fourth POD print provider in Australia is OGO. This Australian-based company has the following benefits and downsides:


  • Custom branding
  • Efficient order fulfillment
  • Superb customer support


  • Limited product selection
  • New POD supplier

Primarily, OGO offers custom branding to its clients, allowing us to establish our POD business in Australia. Since OGO’s printing centers are located in Australia, order fulfillment is fast and reliable. Also worth mentioning, this supplier extends superb customer support, by addressing customer concerns efficiently.

On the downside, OGO provides a limited selection of POD products. Moreover, the company is relatively new in the eCommerce industry, thus, its presence is not widely known yet. Despite being unpopular, we can source great items from OGO and promote these products using effective marketing techniques.


Just like other POD suppliers, we don’t need to pay subscription fees when sourcing from OGO. In addition, upfront costs like shipping are clearly stated in every transaction.

5. Tee Junction

Another Australian print-on-demand company is Tee Junction. As a marketplace, this company offers a great selection of POD items. With that said, let’s go over other features of Tee Junction:


  • Wide range of printing methods
  • Free shipping in Australia
  • No minimum order quantity requirement


  • Costly express shipping arrangements
  • Sellers must provide their designs

When working with Tee Junction, we can select from a wide range of printing methods, such as digital and screen printing. We can also extend free shipping to customers all over Australia. Besides that, Tee Junction doesn’t require a minimum order online.

As a drawback, if we want to deliver customer orders fast, we must pay higher shipping costs. Also, OGO doesn’t provide pre-made designs. Therefore, the seller must provide their own. But then, we can take this as an opportunity to showcase our own designs, helping us build our branding.


As another POD supplier in Australia, Tee Junction doesn’t require any monthly subscription fee. You only pay for the production costs and shipping fee.

6. Printify

Undeniably, Printify is a highly-sought print-on-demand supplier in Australia. With a vast selection of items online, we can source the best POD items. Apart from that, here are the pros and cons of Printify:


  • Domestic fulfillment centers
  • Several customization options
  • Integration with eCommerce platforms


  • Limited branding solutions
  • Product quality varies depending on the merchant

By having local fulfillment centers in Australia, Printify produces POD products efficiently, leading to faster delivery times. In addition, the company provides plenty of customization methods, such as sublimation, digital print, and more. On top of that, this supplier integrates with various eCommerce platforms, allowing better transactions between channels.

Meanwhile, Printify offers limited branding solutions for our POD business. Also, different merchants provide varying product quality. That’s why, we need to conduct product research thoroughly, so we’ll know where to source high-quality items.


For Printify, we can opt for a free subscription that requires us to pay the product costs, design customization, and shipping costs. But, if we want to access unlimited designs and enjoy 20% off on our orders, we can subscribe to the Premium Plan at $29/month.

7. Imprint Merch

Joining the list of excellent print-on-demand suppliers in Australia is Imprint Merch. With a domestic fulfillment center in Australia, business processes become efficient. In addition, here are the attributes of Imprint Merch as a POD company:


  • Swift shipping
  • Pre-made designs
  • Flexibility in setting profit-margins  


  • Fewer POD product ranges
  • More expensive merchandise

With Imprint Merch’s domestic warehouse in Australia, shipping becomes faster. In fact, POD products are delivered in about four days. Besides that, sellers have the flexibility to assign prices to POD products so that we can achieve our target profit. Plus, we can choose from pre-made designs on Imprint Merch that we can utilize for our POD items.

In contrast to these advantages, Imprint Merch also has some downsides. For one, we have fewer product choices when sourcing from this POD company. Generally, products are more expensive, so we need to set reasonable profit margins when selling these items.


Just like most POD suppliers, signing up with Imprint Merch is free. However, more complex customization methods or designs can cost more than simpler ones.

And yet another Australian POD company, we have The Print Bar. As one of the top choices for dropshippers, this supplier offers a huge selection of POD products. Apart from that, let’s explore other features of The Print Bar:


  • High-end printing technologies
  • Integrates with several eCommerce platforms
  • Discounts and perks


  • Minimum order requirement for free shipping
  • Slow customer service

With The Print Bar’s high-end printing technologies, we can ensure that our products are top-quality and long-lasting. Plus, it integrates with popular selling channels like eBay and Wix, allowing us to import products easily. On top of that, Australian clients can take advantage of discounts on various shipping arrangements.

Meanwhile, The Print Bar requires a minimum of $150 worth of orders before Australian customers get to enjoy free shipping. Also, customer service can be slow, which can lead to customer-related issues.

Thus, we must ensure to extend fast and transparent customer support. As a result, we don’t lose out on sales even if our supplier is slow at responding to us.


In general, The Print Bar’s design generator and other features are free of charge. When customers place their orders, that will be the time to pay the production costs and printing fees.

9. Printful

Just like Printify, Printful is a highly-renowned print-on-demand company in Australia. From apparel to home needs, this POD supplier offers our dropshipping business a whole variety of items. Now, let’s explore other factors to consider when sourcing from Printful:


  • Easy-to-use mock-up generator
  • POD branding solutions
  • Practical fulfillment options


  • Profit-margin varies
  • Complex shipping arrangements

Interestingly, Printful provides an easy-to-use mock-up generator that can give us a preview of our POD products. Plus, this sought-after company offers branding solutions, helping us build our business’ presence in the market. Aside from that, the presence of local warehouses in the country paves the way for practical fulfillment methods.

On another note, profit margins vary depending on the product and service provider. Also, shipping arrangements are complex on Printful. Remember, delivering customer orders on time is essential to the success of our business. Therefore, it’s crucial that we provide our customers with several shipping options at reasonable costs.


As for the subscription costs, we can enjoy the features of Printful for free. But, we need to pay the fulfillment costs of products whenever customers place their orders.

10. Jondo

And we’re on to our last print-on-demand supplier in Australia, Jondo. This Australia-based print provider is a growing business in the eCommerce field. As such, here are the factors to keep in mind when working with this POD supplier:


  • High-quality products
  • Domestic distribution center
  • Reliable fulfillment order


  • Limited product customization
  • Pricey POD items

When sourcing POD items from Jondo, we can ensure high-quality and long-lasting prints. Additionally, its local warehouses help us serve customer demands easier and faster. On top of that, this supplier has the “Jondo Go” program that allows us to connect our selling channels and fulfill orders quickly.

Meanwhile, Jondo has limited product customization options for our POD products. Moreover, most of the items are more expensive compared to other suppliers. Nonetheless, many customers are willing to pay higher prices in exchange for one-of-a-kind and top-quality POD goods.


Like most POD companies, Jondo has no subscription fee. Instead, we only pay for the shipping fee and product cost.

How To Start Your Print On Demand Australia Business In 7 Steps

Are you excited to showcase high-quality POD products from excellent print providers? We definitely are! But wait, before we can do that, we have to establish our print-on-demand business in Australia first.

Let’s get straight into the action with these seven easy steps:

Get ready, as we begin our POD venture in Australia.

Step 1: Australia Product Research – Find Your Niche

Remember, our POD items play a significant role in our dropshipping success. Thus, we need to conduct comprehensive product research to get insights into the trends and preferences of our Australian market.

With that said, we can explore different product-finding tools to help us sort best-selling items:

  • Search supplier’s trending products
  • Google Trends
  • Spy on the competition
  • AutoDS product research tool
  • AutoDS’ blog & YouTube playlist

Below, we’ll discover how each product research method works.

Search Supplier’s Trending Products

Primarily, searching trending products on our Australian POD suppliers’ websites will give us knowledge of the latest top-selling items. By doing so, we can try out these products in our online stores and see if they’ll gain the same recognition. Nonetheless, product reviews on supplier websites will also guide us in identifying highly-rated items.

Google Trends

Meanwhile, Google Trends lets us access the market trends and consumer behaviors in Australia. By knowing these details, we can identify the suitable products that fit their preferences and activities.

Spy On The Competition

On the other hand, spying on our competitors is another convenient product-finding solution. We have several tools which uncover the products, marketing techniques, sales conversions, and more information about other sellers.

For instance, the Koala Inspector is a spy tool for Shopify stores, helping us analyze the successes of our competitors. In this way, we can learn and apply new strategies for us to maximize our sales.

AutoDS Product Research Tool

On top of everything, the AutoDS Product Research Tool is an all-in-one solution for our product-finding adventure. Using this tool, we can search for millions of products from different suppliers.

While searching for items, we can set filters to give us more relevant results. For instance, we have categories, ratings, retail prices, and more. Plus, this feature allows us to import products to our selling channel in just a few seconds.

AutoDS’ Blog & YouTube Playlist

Finally, AutoDS’ product finding blog section and YouTube playlist help us identify the most trending products under different categories. As the articles and videos are constantly updated, we are confident that we’re getting the latest dropshipping product suggestions.

With the product lists on these platforms, we’ll no longer worry about what items to sell. Subsequently, these products are specially curated, ensuring that they are in demand and optimal for dropshipping success.

Step 2: Select An Australian POD Supplier

To help us get started with our business, we need reliable POD suppliers. As these companies become our partners, we have to carefully choose which ones perfectly match our business.

However, we must be on the lookout for specific features to ensure the print partner we choose is the right one. For one, we can start with the top POD suppliers and their attributes presented earlier.

But, to ensure that we get the best benefits, here are the features that a reliable supplier must have:

  • Vast product catalog
  • Positive reviews
  • MOQ flexibility
  • Great customer service
  • Fast shipping times
  • Clear return policy

Let’s see what roles these features play in selecting a dependable supplier.

Vast Product Catalog

Initially, our product catalog must be vast enough so that customers can find POD products according to their needs. We can only achieve this if we’re working with top suppliers that offer a broad product catalog. In addition, starting with a more general store helps us better test and analyze our market to understand what sells best.

Positive Reviews

Another factor to look into is the reviews section. When a supplier gains a high satisfaction rating and good customer reviews, then we can conclude it’s reliable. In addition, it’s vital that we check the reviews, as these are real experiences of clients.

MOQ Flexibility

Preferably, our supplier should not have a minimum order quantity requirement. In this way, we can sell POD products as customer orders come. Thus, we don’t have to worry about any upfront investments when starting our POD dropshipping business in Australia.

Great Customer Service

Moreover, excellent customer service goes a long way. By getting over-the-top services and high-quality products from our suppliers, we can offer the same to our buyers. Remember that in running a dropshipping store, customer satisfaction is crucial for our business to thrive in the industry.

Fast Shipping Times

Then, fast shipping times are also an important feature to consider. Generally, delivering customer orders on time equates to a reliable business. Therefore, we must source POD items from suppliers that offer flexible and efficient shipping arrangements.

Clear Return Policy

Lastly, a supplier’s return policy must be practical. The company must have reasonable considerations for unsatisfactory or defective items. By having this policy, we’ll ensure that customers can return products if they need to, according to our policies.

Ultimately, our suppliers are an essential part of our POD business in Australia. Hence, choosing the right companies is crucial for the long-term survival of our business.

Step 3: Set Up Your Australia POD Store

Once we have suppliers, our next task is to set up our POD store in Australia. To achieve that, we need to choose a selling channel where we can sell our POD items.

In general, there are two types of selling channels: customizable websites and marketplaces. Particularly, customizable websites allow us to build our stores from scratch. On the other hand, marketplaces are avenues where we can add our products and sell them to the public.

Some examples of customizable websites are Shopify and Wix. On the other hand, we can join thousands of active sellers on one of the largest marketplaces; eBay. Now, let’s explore the benefits of these selling channels.


As a widely-used dropshipping selling channel, Shopify offers full customization of our stores, helping us build our business branding. This feature fits the nature of POD products being unique and one-of-a-kind.

However, Shopify does not have organic traffic. Thus, we must utilize effective marketing tools for us to drive traffic to our stores.


Another customizable selling website is Wix. Here, we can design our stores from navigation links to product presentations. By doing so, our websites become optimized, resulting in a great shopping experience.

But just like Shopify, Wix has no organic traffic. So, we need to invest in promoting our business to the Australian market. In this way, we can achieve substantial POD dropshipping sales.


On the other hand, eBay is a widely-used eCommerce marketplace. Here, we can enjoy significant traffic that lets us enjoy an increased presence in the POD dropshipping industry.

On the downside, selling fees on eBay are high, and competition is tight. Nonetheless, offering trending POD items will help us attain massive profits.

As a final note, we also need to establish our business policies on these selling channels. Now, what are these, and why do we need them? We’ll find out in the following section.

Business Policies

Generally, business policies are our roadmap on how to manage our business processes. Likewise, these guidelines help our customers understand how our online stores work.

So, to ensure a smooth-running POD business in Australia, AutoDS has created business policy templates to help us get ahead of the game:

Once again, having these policies on our websites is crucial. By showcasing these guidelines, our business branding becomes more professional and legitimate.

However, these templates generally work with customizable websites, such as Shopify and Wix. On the other hand, eBay has its own set of policies that we need to adhere to. Nevertheless, business policies are crucial factors in order for us to gain customers’ confidence in our business.

Step 4: Create Designs For Print On Demand Products

Once we’ve established our POD online store, it’s time to create distinct designs for our items. Remember that having unique product listings makes our business stand out from the competition. So, here are ways to create designs for our POD dropshipping products:

  • Create them yourself
  • Hire designers
  • Buy a template or design

Sellers who have creative minds and artistic hands can create designs themselves. For one, you can save from the additional costs and you have the freedom to create any design as you wish.

But then, not everyone can create unique designs. Well, don’t worry if you’re one of those sellers, as we have other ways of creating designs for our POD products.

With that said, another way is to hire designers. As such, we can hire freelancers from websites like Fiverr. Then, we pay for the services of these designers. In return, we get high-quality designs for our items.

On the other hand, buying pre-designed templates is also an alternative. Websites, such as Creative Market, offer a wide selection of templates that we can utilize for our business. Remember that a good design attracts many customers to buy our POD products, regardless of the price.

Step 5: Promote Your Print On Demand Australia Business

Now that we’re done with establishing our products and the platforms to work with, we’ll proceed with marketing our POD business. Essentially, marketing is crucial to attaining success because it helps build the presence of our business in the vast eCommerce scene.

Hence, we need to invest in effective marketing techniques for us to maximize our audience reach. By doing so, we can reap the fruits of our labor and obtain massive sales.

Remember that the kind of marketing methods we use depends on the selling channel. For instance, to increase our website traffic on Shopify and Wix, we can adopt the following strategies:

On another note, here are the marketing techniques on eBay, helping us stay ahead of the huge market competition:

Overall, utilizing the right marketing methods is a vital part of scaling our business. The initial costs of promoting our business are compensated once we start receiving massive sales.

Step 6: Fulfill Your Customer Orders

When customers start to notice our high-quality POD products, they will begin purchasing them. Once customers place their orders, we need to fulfill these demands swiftly.

To fulfill customer demands, we have to go to our supplier’s website, purchase the POD item, and set customer shipping details.

Remember, if we purchase printed stock in advance, then we’ll need to ship it out to the buyer. Otherwise, the supplier will directly ship the order to the customer.

Step 7: Launch Your Store & Start Earning Money!

At last! We’re ready to launch our POD store and start earning a passive income. However, even after we launch our business, we should keep these considerations in mind.

Primarily, we must continuously conduct product research to ensure that our product listings are up-to-date with the latest trends. Also, it helps our business address the needs and preferences of the Australian market.

Another thing is the customer support we extend to our customers. Remember that an excellent support system is key to long-term success and attaining customer loyalty. Along with effective marketing strategies, we can optimize our market reach and gain more profits.

Later down the road, if you decide to dropship both POD and non-POD products, you can try out dropshipping automation. With automation software, we can scale our eCommerce empire even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Easy To Start A Print On Demand Australia Business? 

Yes, starting a POD business in Australia is easy and can be done in seven simple steps. Generally, you can start by finding trending products and working with reliable suppliers. Afterward, we can open our store on our preferred selling channel and start gaining profits!

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity For Print On Demand Australia? 

The minimum order quantity varies depending on the source of POD products. In general, most POD suppliers have no MOQ.

How Much Can You Make Selling POD Products In Australia? 

In most cases, we are free to set the target profit we want to achieve when dropshipping POD items in Australia. To illustrate, say, a POD hoodie costs 15.99 Australian dollars from our supplier. Then, we can sell it at 26.99 Australian dollars, gaining us 11 Australian dollars in profit.


And, that’s a wrap! Venturing into a print-on-demand dropshipping business in Australia is easy and convenient. With the best-selling product catalog, our sales will skyrocket!

But our POD dropshipping journey doesn’t end here. We have to test the market needs and update our product listings accordingly. Additionally, we should add similar best-selling products and replace items that have low sales conversions.

Nonetheless, there is still so much to explore when doing business in Australia and getting into the POD market. Hence, here are articles that can help us attain more success in eCommerce: